Have you been approached to join Genistar or buy their services and are wondering if they're a scam or not? 

If so, this review is for you.

Below you'll learn everything you need to know about this company including price to join, compensation plan, product overview and more. 

You'll know if this company is right for you by the time you're done. 


Genistar Summary

Company: Genistar

Price to join: $140

Rating: 50/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Genistar is a financial planning company located in the UK that allows people to sign up to make money selling their services and allows them to recruit people to sell under them.

Genistar is a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company and there's many reasons you should NOT join this company. The biggest reason is most people will end up losing money when joining a MLM instead of making money. 

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What Is Genistar?

1) What is Genistar? Genistar is a finance company that caters to the UK founded in 2007 (it's based off of similar companies in the USA). The CEO is Jeff Lestz. 

2) What services does this company provide? There's many different products including life insurance, medical insurance, regulated mortgages, debt solutions, pensions, wills, trusts and more. 

I'll go more in depth about these products later in the post.

3) How do you make money with Genistar? Genistar is what is known as a network marketing company or MLM. 

This means you can sign up to sell their products and earn commissions. Also, you can recruit and build a downline and earn money off your recruit's sales. 

This may sound like a good idea but it's horribly flawed and I'll explain why in the next two sections. 

4) Are there any similar companies? There's many financial MLM's out there and they're more popular in American than UK. Some popular ones include FES and Primerica

Is Genistar A Pyramid Scheme?

Pyramid schemes are illegal in basically every country in the world and to be an illegal pyramid you have to do pretty specific things.

A real pyramid schemes looks like the picture below:

In these scheme there's no product or the product is basically irrelevant - the only way to make money is through recruitment. 

The reason these schemes are illegal is because they are doomed to fail. You can't recruit infinitely and when recruiting slows down there's no money to pay everyone out because there's no other source of revenue.

When this happens the scheme collapses and most people lose money.

The reason Genistar isn't an illegal pyramid scheme is they offer real products and bring in revenue from those products.

I would say Genistar has elements of a pyramid scheme but isn't a straight up illegal one (it wouldn't have lasted over a decade if it was one). 

MLM's Are Hard To Succeed With

There's a reason many people hate MLM's and may get angry if you try to recruit them into one - it's almost impossible to succeed with them.

In fact, some studies show that 99% of people that join a MLM don't make money and instead lose money. 

There's many reasons for this and the main reasons are the products offered by MLM's usually don't deliver/too expensive/have too much competition and recruiting is incredibly difficult. 

This pretty much ruins your two ways of making money. There's plenty of competition for the services offered by Genistar from much more reputable companies. 

Plus it's hard to find people to be in your downline (the most profitable way to make money with a MLM).

Some people can do it but the overwhelming can't. Many people say you'd have to sell your soul to be successful with a MLM and I can't completely disagree. 

Below is some more eye opening MLM stats:

As you can see you'll want to avoid all MLM's, not only Genistar.

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Here's How To Sign Up Process Works

Most MLM's you can just sign up with a fee and start selling their products but Genistar is a little different because it deals with life insurance and financial services.

In order to sell these kind of products you have to pass certain tests and jump through some different hoops.

The first step in this process is to pay the fee to join Genistar and this costs $140. With this you get training materials, different background checks and more. 

Here's the remaining steps after paying your initial fee:

  • 5 days training 
  • Observe two live client interviews
  • Pass 50 question multiple choice exam

The test has a 70% pass rate and can be taken up to five times. There's a 50 page manual you have to learn before taking the test and preparation can take a few weeks to a few months. 

After this you can sell the various services provided by Genistar. 

Genistar Compensation Plan

Most MLM's have their compensation plan easily available to find online by Genistar doesn't.

You have to sign up with your email, phone number and speak with a representative to get it. 

This to me is a red flag and most MLM's that don't have their compensation plan readily available are usually hiding something.

Despite this I was able to piece together most of the important parts of the plan through a Guardian article about Genistar

Here's the major parts of the plan:

Affiliate Ranks

MLM's tend to have affilaite ranks that reward hitting certain goals and you make more money as you climb the ladder. 

At Genistar there's 5 different ranks that go from representative to executive vice-president. 

Most people, however, won't make it past the first affiliate rank. 

Retail Sales

You earn a commission everytime you make a sale and how much you make depends on your affiliate rank.

For instance, if you're a level one rank you get 25% of each sale and the rest gets passed up the pyramid.

The higher the rank you are the higher commissions you get.

Residual Rank

This is the part of the plan that rewards recruitment. Genistar doesn't give you money simply for recruiting people which is good and instead you only get paid when someone below you actually makes a sale.

Here's what this generally looks like:

How much you make and to what level you earn from depends on your rank and how much the people below you are selling. 

Genistar Products

Genistar's products and services are very similar to other MLM's I've reviewed in this market.

Genistar offers 12 different services including:

Personalized Financial Plan

This is just a questionnaire that helps you come up with a financial plan for yourself. 

Personal Protection

There's various protection plans available and they offer personalized plans.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is when you pay into a plan and if something happens to you, your family receives a pay out.

Serious Illness Cover

This covers yourself and your family from financial ruin if you get very ill. 

Private Medical Insurance

This is more of a wide ranging insurance and helps with regular doctor visits. 

Income Protection

This helps protect your income in case something prevents you from working like illness or disability. 

Regulated Mortgages

This is a service that helps you secure a mortgage.

Buildings and Contents

This is building insurance and protects your building and the content inside a building.

Debt Solutions

This department helps you pay off different debts. 

Wills and Trusts

These services deal with estate plannings and dealing with your assets after death.


This service helps you plan for retirement. 

Commercial Insurance

This helps you deal with workers comp and other issues like that. 

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What I Like About Genistar

While I don't recommend that you join this company there's a few things I like about Genistar: 

  • Retail focused: MLM's that focus too much on recruitment are pyramid schemes. However, with Genistar you don't get paid unless a sale is made so this requires plenty of retail sales. 
  • Various services: There's plenty of services and products to offer here and some are pretty essential. 
  • Easy testing process: In order to be eligible to sell these products you need to pass a test with a 70% passing rate. It'll take a little studying to pass it but nothing too bad.

What I Don't Like About Genistar

At the end of the day there's more here to not like and the main things I don't like are:

  • Low success rate: MLM's have a fail rate of about 90% to 99% and that's horrible. There's way easier ways to make money than join a MLM. 
  • No compensation plan: It's a red flag to have your compensation plan so hard to access. My guess is there's something they don't want people seeing.
  • Lot of competition: While some of these services are essential there's a lot of competition with them. My guess is most people will want to go to more well known companies for them. 
  • Bothering friends and family: The worst part about MLM's is you usually have to bother friends and family to make sales and recruit. This can ruin important relationships and I promise it's not worth that. 

Is Genistar A Scam?

No I don't think Genistar is a scam.

I do think it's a bad business/career opportunity but that's different than being a scam.

A scam would steal money or have a fake/scam product. That's not the case here and there's plenty of real services being offered.

There's a plan and training to help you succeed. It's going to be difficult and most people will fail but again that doesn't mean scam. 

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You should pass on Genistar.

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  • There are many MalM Companies around and has been for many years now.

    If they didn’t work, they would have all collapsed long ago

  • Weathy affiliate has larger start up cost and ongoing cost with no guarantee of any return and there ar millions competing for the same traffic. You can get sucked in to the online ‘systems’ that people tr to beckoon you into the vortex with, that drain you mentally, physically and financially, with absolutely no results, meanwhile you may end upstripping down to your soul on instagram to ge attention and traffic. I have no experience of Genistar at present, but this article is pure waffle and unhelpful, especially coming from someone with absolutely no experience of it themselves.

  • Dylan, although many of the facts to make are correct you have made a few comments with which I take issue. Firstly, in Britain there are, as far as I am aware, no other company like Genistar in UK.
    Secondly, there are many people, even during training, making money with Genistar. It takes very little effort to recoup the £140 registration fee.
    It’s true that not everyone makes money but the reality is that the system is very clear but will only work if you work. It is definitely NOT a get rich quick scheme.
    It’s good that you make clear that Genistar is not a scam but it is definitely a good business opportunity. Authorised and regulated by the FCA and the top distributor of one of the leading insurance companies in the world, it has proven to be good business.
    The compensation plan is far from hidden. It is explained clearly to people on their ‘interview’ so they know how it works BEFORE they join. No-one is coerced into Genistar – what would be the point since no-one ‘upline’ makes any Supervisor Override (FCA definition) unless the people they are supervising make money.
    To slam Genistar and in the same article advise people to join your business is, it seems to me, a little underhanded of you, but hey, perhaps that is an assumption and, as smart people know, you get ALL the facts rather than fill in the blanks with assumption.
    Genistar is very successful, almost 13 years in this country and growing exponentially. The American company you mentioned, Primerica, has been in business 45 years – hardly quick to collapse!

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