If you live in South Africa and you know someone who has joined Global Dream Network, then this review is for you.

Maybe you're just curious about it or maybe you want to become a Global Dream Network member so you can earn a little money too while you donate to others.

But is Global Dream Network legit or just another scam or pyramid scheme?

Check out our review to find out more about this South African peer-to-peer lending platform.

Global Dream Network Summary

Product: Global Dream Network

Price to join: Free (but see additional details below)

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Global Dream Network is a peer-to-peer lending network with an MLM business model. It is based in South Africa, but who operates the website or where it is located exactly is a matter of speculation.

Registration is free, but you need to "donate" first before your registration can be activated. The big questions, therefore, is whether Global Dream Network is legit or just another pyramid scheme that will keep you up at night.

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What is Global Dream Network?

In today's cash-strapped world, we're always looking for ways to earn a little money to fund a charity or an emergency. The good news is there are websites, such as GoFundMe, Kickstarter, Crowdrise, and others, that you can rely on when you need to raise funds for your business, a lawsuit, or some medical emergency. For those looking to fund their business ventures, you can always sign up to get a microloan or join a peer-to-peer lending organization which will lend you some much-needed cash.

Another site that wants to join the list of crowd sharing and peer-to-peer lending platforms is Global Dream Network. According to its website, Global Dream Network is a crowd sharing, peer-to-peer, and direct funding platform. This means that the website allows members to raise funds for a personal emergency, advocacy, or a business venture. If you are a GDN member, you can also "donate" funds to others to fund their dreams or advocacies.

Global Dream Network is not a company or a corporation. It is simply a platform for peer-to-peer lending or microfinance or whatever you want to call it.

So how do you join the Global Dream Network?

Easy. You must be invited by a friend or a family member who is a member of GDN. This member will serve as your sponsor. Once approved, you are now eligible to receive a donation.

There is no information about who owns this website or where its office is. Conducting a whois lookup doesn't help much either. Almost everything about this website is redacted for privacy, and the only helpful information you can glean from it is that its IP location is in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Other Things You Should Know About Global Dream Network

Joining the Global Dream Network is easy. But keep in mind that apart from your name and email, its operators also need your bank name, account number, and mobile number. If you're not comfortable giving out your bank and contact information to a shady website like this, then it's best not to join Global Dream Network.

So, you might be wondering where Global Dream Network gets its funds?

Funds the members receive are "donated" by other members. According to the Global Dream Network website, it does not collect administration fees. Everything is free — or so it claims. Any amount donated by one member is sent directly to another member.

But wait. This is not your simple peer-to-peer lending scheme. "Donate" a specific amount to get a return on your investment and climb through the ranks. The profit you will get will depend on where you are on the hierarchy. Note, however, that the currency being used by Global Dream Network is the South African rand.

Global Dream Network uses local banks as donation or payment processors. If you want to receive a donation, you need to confirm that you have received the funds in your bank account.

You need to approve the donation within the next 12 hours. If you do not approve the donation within that time frame, your account will be blocked immediately. You will not be eligible to receive or make any donations.

Another thing to remember is that you will not able to request a refund. Why? Because you have sent the funds directly to what GDN calls a person's processor. Keep in mind that the Global Dream Network does not hold the funds and does not facilitate the transaction.

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How Much to Join Global Dream Network?

Joining Global Dream Network is free, BUT you need to "donate" to activate your account.

As mentioned, you need to give them your name, the name of your sponsor, and your contact information when you register online. Plus, you need to give the company your bank account information.

You can have more than one account. The Global Dream Network encourages people to have more than one accounts. You can use one account to raise funds to expand your business or raise funds for your church or charitable organization. Strangely, Global Dream Network wants you to sign up two additional members for every new account.

What is Global Dream Network's Compensation Plan?

Here is a summary of how much you're going to earn as an "donor/affiliate."

Global Dream Network affiliates are divided into four different levels. If you're a Level affiliate, you need to pay 350 South African rands and you'll get R700 back. Upgrade by paying R600 to profit another R100.

Pay R600 to become a Level 2 GDN affiliate and get R2,400 back. Upgrade by paying R900 to earn another R1,500.

Advance to Level 3 by paying R900. You can expect a return of R7,200. Upgrade by paying R2,000, and get R5,200 in return.

Invest R2,000 to advance to Level 4. According to GDN projections, you will profit as much as R32,000.

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What I Don't Like About Global Dream Network

I've skipped the positive part of Global Dream Network because honestly, there's nothing positive about this platform. Here are some of the reasons why you should stay away from anyone who offers you this opportunity.

Website lacks essential information

One of the most obvious things about the Global Dream Network website is the lack of essential information. Although the website looks clean, professional, and easy to navigate, it is missing much critical information.

If you're looking for the person (or persons) who owns and operate this website, then you're not going to find it here. Scroll to the bottom of the landing page to check the platform's physical address or contact email or phone number, and all you have is a dead end. There's a chatbox at the lower right corner of the page if you want to contact customer support, but there's no assurance that someone will answer your queries.

The information about what the platform is and what it does were not explained sufficiently in the website. There's a FAQ section in the landing page, but the information on the page also feels inadequate.

It's a cash gifting scheme

It seems that Global Dream Network wants to be South Africa's version of GoFundMe. The problem is this venture is nothing but a hybrid version of a cash gifting scheme.

Cash gifting is a type of pyramid scheme. In an ordinary multi-level marketing business model, resellers or affiliates typically have some products or services to sell or promote.

In a cash gifting scheme, there are no products to sell or promote. All you need to do is to pay a membership fee and you're in. In Global Dream Network's case, there is no membership fee but you are required to "donate" a certain amount to activate your membership (that is why it's not truly free).

Donate to another member and be promoted to a higher level. But do you know who you're donating to and can you verify their stories? Let's say that one GDN member is raising funds to build a church. Remember that anyone can join this platform, so it can be hard to verify their story. How will you know that you're truly donating to a worthy cause?

Is Global Dream Network a Scam

Unfortunately, yes, Global Dream Network is a pyramid scheme. No one knows who owns the platform, where it is located in South Africa (physical office), or whether it registered with the South African FCSA. There is also a distinct lack of information about what the platform offers and how it will be able to pay off the "donors" in the long run. This is nothing more than a type of pyramid scheme that will crumble sooner rather than later.

The verdict? South Africans should stay away from this platform.

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