Healy World is a MLM that sells various medical devices and apps.

If you've been approached to join this company you may be thinking it's a scam and this article will answer any questions you have.

Below you'll see everything you need to know about Healy World including background information, price to join, compensation plan breakdown, product overview and more.

You'll know if this opportunity is right for you by the time you're done.

Let's get into it!

Healy World Summary

Product: Healy World

Price to join: Cost of buying device ($497 to $2497)

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Healy World is a Multi-Level Marketing company that sells pretty expensive products that are very similar to Apple Smartwatches.

The difference is Healy World's products are more for different health issues like chronic pain, fibromyalgia, migraines, etc.

Their devices supposedly help with fitness, beauty, skincare, sleep and more.

The problem here is the devices are quite expensive and there's really no proof their products really work for any of this stuff.

Do you really think you'll be able to sell $2000+ watches and apps that really don't come with evidence of working?

My guess is they'll be a very hard sell. Because of this I think you should skip over this opportunity. 

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Healy World FAQ'S

1) What is Healy World? Healy World is a Multi-Level Marketing company in the medical device niche. This company seems to operating out of Germany and the inventor of the products is credited to Marcus Schmieke.

The CEO of this company is Dirc Zahlmann

Healy World is connected to another medical device company called Timewaver, however, there's no MLM opportunity at Timewaver (outside of Healy).

Apparently Healy saw good growth in 2019 as more people were brought in to sell their products and recruit people. 

As of right now Healy is sold in 42 countries with a North America launch expected in spring of 2020. 

2) How do you make money here? Like I mentioned this is a MLM which means you sign up for a fee to be able to sell their products. You earn a commission on every device you sell.

Also, you get rewarded for recruiting others into your downline as well. You would earn a percentage of every sale from someone in your downline.

There's also various bonuses for hitting certain goals as well.

3) Are there any red flags? This is a new company so there haven't been any lawsuits or anything like that. However, there's not really a lot of proof this technology does what it says it does.

Could it help? Maybe but I really have no clue. 

4) Are there any similar products? The most similar MLM company is ByDzyne

Is Healy World A Pyramid Scheme?

MLM's get a lot of hate and because of this some people think all MLM's are pyramid schemes.

Keep in mind pyramid schemes are illegal in basically every country in the world and while some MLM's are definitely outright pyramid schemes, others aren't.

Others have elements of a pyramid scheme but wouldn't be classified as an illegal pyramid scheme.

To understand the difference, look at the picture below:

An illegal pyramid scheme would look entirely like that picture.

This happens when:

  1. There's no retail opportunity and recruiting is the only way to make money (there's usually no product in this instance)
  2. Distributors are making up the majority of retail sales (so there's a product but customers aren't the ones buying, distributors are).

At Healy there's definitely products that you can sell and you sell without recruiting.

However, buying a Healy device is pretty much mandatory and if this is making up the majority of sales at Healy it would be a pyramid scheme.

You'd have to ask the person recruiting you how much of their money comes retail sales to customers outside of Healy and how much is coming from getting new recruits buying devices.

If retail sales to customers doesn't make up more than half of the income of the person recruiting you, you're in a pyramid scheme. 

Success Will Be Rare Here

It doesn't matter what MLM you join, one thing will always be the same..

There will always be a low success rate.

In fact, most studies show that up to 99% of people that join a MLM will LOSE money instead of make money.

And the people that do make money usually only make a couple hundred a month. Only a very, very, very, small amount of MLM'ers actually make a full time income.

The reason is simple: recruiting is very difficult.

To be successful with a MLM you need hundreds if not thousands of people in your downline.

How many people can you realistically recruit? How many friends and family members can you pester into joining your downline?

I guarantee it's not enough to make any real money. 

Most people don't consider this when they join a MLM. So despite what anyone tells you about Healy, just know most people that join are going to lose money.

Below is some even more eye opening MLM stats:

As you can see MLM's are just a bad way to making money. That's why I do affiliate marketing - there's better odds of making money and you can basically do it for free. 

How Much To Join Healy?

Healy doesn't really explain how much it costs to join Healy and I actually think it may be free to join BUT you get higher commissions when you buy a Healy product.

The more you pay, the higher the commissions you get which means this is kind of pay to play.

The retail commissions you earn shouldn't be based on how you pay in the beginning and should be based on performance.

Here's how much you earn in retail commissions based on initial purchase:

  • Affiliates who didn't buy Healy get 5% commissions
  • Affiliates who bought the $497 package get 20% commissions
  • Affiliates who bought the $997 package get 22% commissions
  • Affiliate who bought the $1497 package get 24% commissions
  • Affiliate who bought the $2497 package get 26% commissions

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Healy World Compensation Plan

Healy World's compensation plan is long..

Very long.

In fact, it's 50 pages long and is filled with MLM jargon and technical terms. If you're not familiar with these terms it'll almost be impossible for you to understand what is being said. 

It's not important to know every little detail and I'm just going to summarize the main parts for you.

Everything Is Measured In Points

Commissions are paid out based on how many points you sell.

Here's the amount of points you get for selling various Healy packages:

  • Healy Gold Package ($497) - 250 points
  • Healy Holistic Health ($997) - 600 points
  • Healy Holistic Health Plus ($1497) - 900
  • Healy Resonance ($2497) - 1400

Affiliate Ranks

At Healy there's 12 different ranks you can achieve and your rank is determined by how many points your downline accumulates every week.

In order to receive downline commissions (commissions from the sales of the people below you) you need to reach the second rank and have recruited two affiliates who each buy a Healy package).

Here's the various ranks you can achieve:

  • Member
  • Builder
  • Team Leader
  • Senior Team Leader
  • Manager
  • Director
  • Senior Director
  • Senior Manager
  • Vice President
  • Senior Vice President
  • President
  • Senior President

The more you recruit and the more your downline sells the higher the rank you get. You also get bonuses for going up in rank and higher downline commissions.

Retail Commissions

Retail commissions are based on how much you spend when you sign up. Commissions go from 5% to 26%.

The more you pay, the higher the commissions you get. 

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions is the money you earn from your downline sales. This is done in a binary commission structure which looks like the following:

You earn 15% commissions on your weaker binary team side. 

Matching Bonus

A matching bonus is the money you earn from the residuals your downline affiliates make.

This is paid out in a unilevel structure and looks like the following:

How much you earn depends on your rank. 

For example, if you're the second rank you earn 10% on all residuals earned from personal recruits.

If you make it to the 12th rank you'd earn 10% on all personal recruits and 5% on level 2 to 8 recruits.

Smaller Bonuses

The majority of your money will come through retail sales, residual income and the matching bonus.

There are smaller bonuses, however, that include Leadership Bonus, Car Bonus and Fast Start Bonus. 

Healy World Products

Healy World products are definitely unique.

They first started with the wearable device below:

According to Healy World this product "uses individually determined frequencies to stimulate specific areas in your body."

And that "through regular use of th selected frequency programs, Healy can support restoring the cell membrane tension to a natural level.

According to Healy this product helps with migraines, fibromyalgia, sleep issues and more.

It costs $497 for the device but you need to buy apps that can cost up $2497!

You can also buy specific programs that focus on problems like sleep ($54), fitness ($97), skin ($75) and more.

Recently they launched a fitness watch and it looks like the following:

This seems to be less focused on medical issues and just more focused on general fitness. 

The watch monitors steps, distance, calorie consumption, activity time, daily fitness goals and has a GPS tracker. 

It also has sport functions that are good for running, biking, gym workouts, hiking, basketball, football, badminton, tennis, dancing, yoga and more. 

There's also a SOS function which helps in case an accident happens when you're hiking or anything like that.

If you hold the control button a message gets sent out to your emergency contact with your GPS location.

There's really two problems here:

  1. There's really no proof the medical device works like it's intended to do. There's some testimonials but those aren't really enough. You need actual trials that show the device works the way it's supposed to.
  2. The price is too high on the watch. Do you really think this watch can do more or is higher quality than an Apple Watch? Because Healy World's watch is MORE expensive. 

These are definitely two issues you're going to run into when you're trying to sell these products.

What I Like About Healy World

Here's what I like about Healy World:

It seems to be growing

According to Healy World they sold over 300 million units in 2019. I'm not entirely sure what this means because they definitely didn't sell 300 million watches and medical devices. 

For instance, Apple only sells 40 million Iphones every year and there's no way they're doing 10X what Apple is doing.

Maybe units means dollars but I'm not sure. Either way it's double their 2018 numbers and it shows they're getting bigger every year.

What I Don't Like About Healy World

There's definitely more here not to like than to like and the main things I don't like are: 

Pay to play

A practice that a lot of MLM's do is make retail commissions based on how much you spent when you first sign up.

Commissions should be based on performance not how much you spend.

The only way you can get the highest amount of commissions is if you spend over $2400. 

Keep in mind most people LOSE money when joining a MLM so that would be a big risk.

Possible pyramid scheme

There's many ways a pyramid scheme can happen and forcing distributors to buy products is one of them.

If too much of revenue comes from distributors buying products, you're in a pyramid scheme.

Healy World really incentives distributors buying products too so it wouldn't surprise me if the majority of products sales were just distributors buying them when signing up. 

Too expensive

If you're selling a smart watch and it's more expensive than a smartwatch from Apple or Samsung you're going to have problems.

Why would someone spend a couple hundred extra for a brand they've never heard of when they can just buy an Apple watch?

This is definitely going to be an issue when you're trying to sell. 

No evidence the devices work

The fitness watch doesn't really claim to help with medical issues but the other device does.

Healy claims this product works for some pretty serious medical issues but never really offers any proof besides some scientific jargon.

I'd imagine someone will want real proof this device works before spending $1000 on it. 

Is Healy World A Scam?

It depends.

If the medical device actually works the way Healy says it does then it's probably not a scam.

But who really knows if the science they claim these devices uses actually works.

Also, I have a big issue with forcing new distributors to buy the device to earn commissions. 

This is pay to play and could lead to Healy just being a typical MLM pyramid scheme.

If you're products are that good you wouldn't have to force new distributors to buy them. 

At the end of the day I just don't recommend that you join this company. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

Hopefully by now you've decided Healy World isn't right for you.

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  • I grow up in a costal area and developed asthma over time seeing how bad it can get one of my colleague recommended me an alternative solution to my condition, I was introduced to biofeedback technology back in 2008 with the L.I.F.E Biofeedback Technology and experienced amazing results, I haven’t had an asthma attack since, the only downsize of it is that the machines are so expensive [personal use ranges from $11,900 to $14,900.00 and commercial $16,900 to$19,000.00] that the therapy rates are anywhere from $120.00 to $175.00 per 45 minute session depending how many session you purchase at one given time, the Healy uses the same technology and is as robust as the L.I.F.E , I can’t say anything about the business opportunity [ yet ] but I can speak wonders about this Technology.

  • I was and still am, extremely interested in the Healy product but I have heard too many disturbing comments recently about the organization of the company. People have had Healys arrive without the switch bands, commissions have not been paid out and no support at all from the company. All they get back is an automated email when they explain their problem. Obviously something is not working and I also believe Dirk who was the C.E.O of the company, resigned recently. One cant help but feel that “something is not right!”
    A shame as the product seems valid from the reports, but I am disturbed by the unethical workings of this company which purports to have ethical motivation in distributing a product that is supposedly to benefit mankind. I think this company should be checked on more thoroughly. Too many people have had these problems of commissions not being paid, NO support being given (which is vital,) and packages arriving without instruction books and also, without essential parts of the equipment e.g. wrist bands and when they query this, there has been no answer from the company. I think these problems should be looked into before diving into this venture.

  • Hi ! USEFUL synthesis ! I’m not in but years trying to explain my entourage they should understand everything before loosing money (and friends). you should monetize this with ads 😉
    Best regards

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