Is iBuumerang A Scam? Great Opportunity Or Pyramid Scheme?

Hey, how are you?

Did you recently come across iBuumerang and are wondering if it's a scam or a pyramid scheme?

If so, this post is for you. Down below you'll see all the information you need to decide if this opportunity is right for you - you'll see company background,  price to join, pros, cons, compensation plan and more.

Ready to see if iBuumerang is worth joining? 

iBuumerang Summary

Company: iBuumerang

Price to join: $49.95 per month to $1000

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: iBuumerang is a MLM company in the traveling niche and there's quite a few of these type of companies around. 

I DON'T recommend that you join this company for many reasons and the main one being the success rate is very low.

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What Is iBuumerang?

What Is iBuumerang? iBuumerang originally was named Countdown4Freedom but later launched as iBuumerang. This company provides travel discounts with their search engine called iGo.

How do you make money with iBuumerang? iBuumerang is a MLM company which means you can make money in a few different ways with them. The two main ways is actually selling the services to different people and recruiting people to sell the services - the second is much more lucrative. 

Who is the CEO? You can learn a lot about a company by looking at who heads it up. The CEO's name is Holton Buggs and he's headed different MLM's in the past. He was Organo Gold's Chief Visionary Officer which is a popular MLM. He also promoted a well known ponzi scheme called IQ Chain

So not exactly what you want to see in the CEO of a company. 

Are there any lawsuits? Since iBuumerang is such a new company (only a few months old) there aren't any lawsuits yet. I wouldn't be surprised if some happen later on down the road, though. 

is iBuumerang Pyramid Scheme?

Some people like to call all MLM's a pyramid scheme but that's not necessarily true. Some definitely are and the CEO of iBuumerang has been involved in pyramid schemes in the past.

But iBuumerang definitely isn't an outright pyramid scheme but does have some elements of one. 

Take a look at the picture below:

Part of your commissions from iBuumerang looks like the picture above and is why there's some similarities to a pyramid scheme.

You see with MLM's the majority of your income usually comes from recruitment and building a downline. 

The reason people do this is you get a slice of every sale of the people below - your recruits, your recruit's recruits, your recruit's recruit's recruits and so on.

You can sell the services of iBuumerang directly to customers and earn commissions that way. 

But you make a lot more when you have 100 people working under you then you do just working for yourself. 

Success Will Be Hard With iBuumerang

A lot of MLM's have an income disclosure where you can see the percentage of people making money and the percent losing money. You can also see how much people are making and the amount of time it took to get there.

It's usually very bleak and the number of people losing money far outnumbers the people making money. And of the people that do make money 99% are making less than $5000 per year with most just making around $2400 for the year (less than $1 per hour of work).

Because iBuumerang is so new (only a couple of months old as I'm writing this) there's not income disclosure yet.

There's nothing that's being offered here that would make the success rates any higher than other MLMs, though.

Just so you know most studies show 73% to 99% lose their money in a MLM. 

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How Much to Join IBuumerang?

Joining MLM's can range in costs with some being under a hundred and others being a few thousand.

iBummerang is sort of in the middle and isn't overly expensive but it's pricier than a lot of other MLM's.

There's various packages to choose from and all come with a monthly cost. Here's what you get to choose from:

  • Affiliate membership ($49.95 per month)
  • Coach class ($250 + $49.95 per month)
  • Business class ($500 + $99 per month)
  • First class ($1000 + $99 per month)

What you get with each package varies but the most important thing is you get higher commissions the more you pay. 

If you do decide to try iBuumerang out you should definitely start with the cheapest package and see what kind of results you get. 

What Is iBuumerang's Compensation Plan?

MLM's always have very complicated compensation plans and iBuumerang is no different.

When you look at the compensation plan, you'll see confusing charts, weird language and other things that aren't easy to understand - it honestly feels like you need a math degree to sort everything out.

If you want to understand it better watch the CEO of iBuumerang break the whole thing down below:

If you clicked on the video you'll notice it's over a hour long. 

There's really only a few things you need to know if you're just starting out and they are:

Retail sales

Usually when dealing with a MLM there's a physical product and the retail commissions is straight forward. You make a sale you get a certain percent based on your rank and a few other contributing factors.

The retail commissions are a little more confusing with iBuumerang because we're dealing with third party travel sites and more.

If you get the cheaper of the two packages when signing up, you only would $6.25 on a $250 flight. If you signed up for one of the two most expensive packages you'd get $25 commission on a $250 flight. 

Recruitment commissions

You get a bonus every time you recruit someone into the system. Your commissions depend on which package they sign up for. 

Here's what you get at different package levels:

  • Coach class affiliate ($20)
  • Business class affiliate ($40)
  • First class affiliate ($80)

As you can see it pays a lot more to get people to sign up for the highest package. Remember, though, the highest package is $1000 + $99 per month.

Residual Income

This is the section of the commission structure that looks like a pyramid scheme and it's when you recruit new people into the system. 

This is called creating a downline and you get a certain percentage of total sales of your entire team. 

What percentage you earn depends on your rank and which package you are currently enrolled in. 

What Products Does IBuumerang Offer?

The product you offer with iBuumerang is pretty unique and is called Boomerangs.

Basically when you sign up you get some Boomerangs which is a login to the iGo booking engine. 

How many Boomerangs you get depends on the package you got when signing up. With the first package you get 5, with the second you get 10, with the third you get 25 and with the forth you get 50.

What you do is provide customers with a Boomerang and it allows them to access the iGo search engine - the only way you can access this search engine is if your signed up with iBuumerang or with a Boomerang (you can only get a Boomerang from someone signed up from iBuumerang).

You get a commission every time someone books a trip with one of the Boomerangs you handed out. 

When you run out of Boomerangs you have to purchase more from IBuumerang (the price isn't disclosed for how much this will cost you). 

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What I Like About iBuumerang

I don't recommend this company for you to join but there's still a few things that I like about it, including: 

1) New MLM: MLM's usually have a short lifespan and many fail fairly soon after launching BUT it's a lot easier to succeed with a MLM if you get in early. If the market is saturated with other people in a MLM it can be difficult to find people to recruit. 

2) Interesting concept: I'm not necessarily sure what to make of the Boomerang's that you have to hand out to make money but it's at least interesting. It's probably nice not to have physical stock that you have to sell. 

What I Don't Like About iBuumerang

At the end of the day there's more not to like here than to like including:

1) Expensive to join: While there are cheaper options to join to get access to the highest commissions rates you'll have to pay $1000 + $99 a month. That's pretty pricey. 

2) CEO has a sketchy past: Holton Buggs is known in the MLM space for good reasons and bad. He's headed up more legitimate MLM's in the past but he's also promoted much more sketchier ones as well. 

3) Money relies on recruitment: While you can make money selling directly to customers the real money lies in recruitment. This is a horrible way to try and make money and is why so many people fail at MLM's. 

Is iBuumerang A Scam?

After going through this entire business I definitely don't think iBuumerang is a scam - I just think it's a bad business opportunity.

To be a scam there would have to be a zero percent chance to make money or if you do make money and the company just doesn't pay up.

iBuumerang is new but there's not signs of that yet.

However, it's going to be very difficult to succeed with this business and you should definitely skip it.

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now you've decided iBuumerang isn't right for you.

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  • Rutz says:

    Thank you for such a comprehensive review of Ibuumerang. I haven’t heard of it before but I am glad I got to know about it now.  Wealthy Affiliate has given us the opportunity to earn an income online and I am happy to be part of this mightly online system.  It makes me look forward to getting home every evneing and working on my laptop in an area of my passion.

    • Dylan says:

      Glad you’ve found Wealthy Affiliate has worked well for you too! It’s for sure a better opportunity than iBuumerang!

  • Cathy Cavarzan says:

    Only $6.25 on a 250 dollar ticket..incredible.You would be much better off just becoming a travel agent! I know I have sold travel before. I am glad however that I ran across your review and found out a bit more before possibly investing in iBuumerang myself .The CEO Holton Buggs I have hard of his mlm dealings before I did not until now know that he was involved with this. Big red flag for me. Thank you for informative article. I will be looking elsewhere.

  • Anna says:

    It’s me again. Can you advise on the compensation plan of WA?


    • Dylan says:

      Hey! Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a MLM. It’s a training platform. You get taught affiliate marketing. If you decide to promote Wealthy Affiliate you get recurring commissions of $25 per month per premium sign up.

      • Bobby says:

        You get recurring commissions of $25 per month per Premium sign up? Does that mean that for as long as a said person remains Premium, you will receive $25 monthly. Cool! How much is Premium per month? What makes WA “not” an MLM? I believe WA is an arena to learn about Online Marketing and more for sure. Assuming one has or chooses a product promote. It seems that nearly every review of any item is reviewed, and the obvious choice is to take the reviewers advise and stray from the offer they are considering and sign up with the blogger with WA. Jus sayin

        • Dylan says:

          Wealthy affiliate doesn’t have pyramid recruiting like a MLM does. It’s training so you can learn how to make money online. If you do sign up and become a premium member I don’t make money off people you bring in. Also, you don’t have to bring in people if you don’t want. You can use the training to create a business that has nothing to do with Wealthy Affiliate.

  • JOSHUA says:

    is organo gold a scam?

  • You have so much incorrect info in this article that you should delete it. How do you admit that iBuumerang is too new to collect any real data but assure people that they won’t be successful with it because YOU don’t understand the concept?

    Hopefully no one is stupid enough to listen to you. You made $100,000? 😂 Meanwhile, Holton Buggs has made over $150,000,000, but you’re the, “expert,” huh?

    • Dylan says:

      How much have you made from iBuummerang? My guess is nada or worst (you lost money). MLM’s have about a 1% success rate (and the 1% includes people making any money – $1 included). Yeah Houlton has made a lot of money. So did Bernie Madoff. He makes money of people like you. I understand the concept fully. It’s best you get out before you lose thousands.

    • John Jones says:

      Holton Biggs made $150,000,000 BUT how much have you made Eliane!! Form the presentation video and the fact that friends hard sell this should be red flags, warning signs etc.

    • Bobby says:

      Because he is promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

  • I as a member of ibuumerang i have not sold anything yet. We give away a free website which has guaranteed savings on travel and more. We only make money when our customers save money. All we do is give out good will and it comes back to us in the form of cash when our happy customers save. We do not have to recruit anyone unless they want to be a part of this game changing company, we are just different and people see that and has been begging for a change in the network marketing system and Mr Buggs has delivered.

  • Dima says:

    Hello Dylan,I appreciate your point of view, but i don’t find mlms schemes just different type of bussiness, I launched an mlm company Tupperware and made 1000$ a month, and now I launched my bussiness in ibüümerang and made in the first month 1000$,and my upline he has been in another mlm company and 234000$, and his upline from ibüümerang made 15000$ a month, it’s all a point of view, no facts here, that’s my story, and I would think a real professional in any bussiness wouldn’t put any other bussiness down. Thankyou

    • Dylan says:

      I just stated facts. 99% of people who join MLM’s lose money. I’m not putting a business down – I’m just making sure people have a clear point of view and are not just listening to hype.

  • Edel says:



    You just ditch all other companies that your own!!! Very very unprofessional and not to be taken very seriously. A website like this and these reviews can only come from someone who has no respect for other people and their work.


    • Dylan says:

      Haha Edel let me know when you actually make money with iBuumerang

      • Alejandro says:

        Hello, I’ve read some articles from you and I only have one doubt. Why is any other company not reliable but yours. I’m not judging anything, as a matter of fact I’m looking for info to earn money online, and I just wanna know your point and hopefully get a decision. Thanks in advance.

        • Dylan says:

          What I recommend isn’t a MLM. MLM’s won’t get a positive review from me. The truth is most online opportunities are a scam. You can try Wealthy Affiliate for free to see if you like it without a credit card. That’s the difference.

  • Sam says:

    I was with Ibuumerang for 7 months and they dont pay commissions….they keep saying they are working on the technology.

    • Dylan says:

      Yeah that’s why I wouldn’t join them. MLM’s are sketchy and they don’t care about the little guy (just their top guys).

  • It is too bad you didn’t do your research on iBuumerang, Holton Buggs, Edwin Haynes, and so many others in the company. Let alone new services that we are building. Company pays great commissions, trains, builds and supports. If you were worth your salt you would be building a business that is duplicatable and not just a “buy from me because I slander everyone else”. The company is a real opportunity for people. $100k online? 19 year old woman in Paris made that in November of 2019. I myself am building teams across the U.S., the Phillipines, and soon in India. Fastest growing home based company in the World. Receiving numerous awards from industries that we are involved in (travel, rideshare), booking more travel than any other company, and literally turning Network Marketing up on its collective ear.

    • Dylan says:

      More people lose money than make money. Sure some will make money and some will make a lot. 95% won’t make anything.

  • >