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If you're looking to learn more about forex and digital currency trading, then iMarketsLive might appeal to you.

But don't be fooled. It is not what it seems to be. In spite of its fantastic website and business buzzwords, it has a skeleton in its closet.

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iMarketsLive Summary

Product: iMarketLive

Price to join: $15 for independent business owners ($15 every month to keep your account active)

Rating: 0/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: iMarketsLive is an online trading platform which offers training on forex and digital currency trading. It was founded in 2013 by Christopher "Chris" Terry and Isis de la Torre. It offers different training programs, including the FRX, HFX, DCX, and IBO academies. It also offers several products including the Swipetrades, Pivots, and Harmonics.

Its leaders have a checkered past, and the company itself has been labeled a pyramid scheme by financial authorities in Europe. Check out our iMarketsLive review to learn more about it.

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What Is iMarketsLive?

iMarketsLive claims that it is the "first forex online educational trading platform." It also creates tools and provides advice for people who want to enter the global financial markets. The company's goal, according to its website, is to empower and educate their customers and independent business owners.

iMarketsLive was co-founded by Christopher Terry and Isis de la Torre. Terry serves as its CEO, while de la Torre serves as the company's CFO.

You can be a simple iMarketsLive customer, or you can be an independent business owner to earn a commission by sharing the company's products and services.

iMarketsLive's training programs include the FRX, HFX, DCX, and IBO Academies. You'll be trained about trading currencies when you enroll in the FRX Academy and DCX Academy. You will learn about how to build a profitable home-based business when you purchase to join the IBO Academy. There is no information about the HFX Academy yet.

What Products Does it Offer?

Harmonics (Forex)

Officially called Harmonics patterns, this product allows you to identify potential reversals in the forex markets. This gives you insights and analysis so you can spot opportunities for additional income.


This is an algorithm that ensures that customers are always ready to take advantage of the right opportunities in the financial market.


The Steady algorithm is a useful tool that allows you to look for the best swing trades.


This is a tool developed to look for the best trade ideas. You don't need to analyze the markets when you have this tool.


According to the iMarketsLive website, this is an algorithm that indicates stop loss and entry points. It also allows you to take profits one level at a time.


Goldcup fuses strategies that allow you to look for trade ideas with high probability.


This is another tool that looks for and identifies the best way for you to enter the markets.


This tool gives you access to forex trade ideas and market analysis in real-time. This is going to be straight right into your phone.


The Pivot algorithm identifies the best reversals on multiple time frames by finding the right market opportunities.

Harmonics (Digital Currency)

This was developed specifically for digital currency markets. This tool gives you in-depth insight and analysis of the market so you can identify potential reversals.


This tool gives access to market education, analysis, and trade ideas. The information will be sent directly to your phone by an educator who has years of experience in the digital currency market.


This is a tool that lets you find trade ideas for binary options.

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How Much Does It Cost To Join iMarketsLive?

There are two starter packs available for people who want to join iMarketsLive Academy. If you want to join as a customer, you have a choice between a monthly plant option and a prime plan option.

The first starter pack is the Platinum pack. This is iMarketsLive Academy's introductory package. This includes the Mastery Academy, Harmonics Scanner, Piptalk, and goLIVE. This starter pack costs $225.

This includes the IML Forex and Crypto Academy, IML TV, Harmonic Scanner, Swing Trades and Night Owl Sessions, and basic Pip Talk.

With the prime plan option, you can choose to pay a 3-month plan (4 payment per year), a six-month plan (2 payment per year), and a 12-month plan (single payment). The 3-month plan costs $825, while the 6-month plan costs $1,600. Lastly, you need to pay $3150 if you want to purchase the 12-month plan.

The second starter pack is called Elite. This is ideal for people who want to "go all-in," according to the website. This includes all the tools that are included in the Platinum Package, as well as other tools created for Elite members. This teaches you how to master the financial markets. This starter pack costs $325.

This pack includes IML Forex and Crypto Academy, IML TV sessions, Harmonic Scanner, Swing Trades and Night Owl Sessions, and basic Pip Talk. It also includes Swipe Trades, Web Analyzer, Bounce Back, Gold Cup, and more.

If you want to become an independent business owner or IBO, there are two enrollment options for you. The initial payment is $15, and you need to pay another $15 every month thereafter. This allows you to earn commissions, as well as gives you access to tools and training.


Apart from the Platinum and Elite memberships, you can purchase exclusive add-ons from iMarketsLive. Check out these add-ons below.

Delorean website add-on

This add-on costs $21.95 per month and allows you to have access to the financial markets at the right time.

Bounceback website add-on

This tool looks for the best entry points in the market. It costs $21.95.

Swipecoin app/website add-on

This 2-in-1 tool provides digital currency education, as well as swing and scalping tactics. This product costs $49.95.

Liberty website add-on

This is a tool that helps you find high volume of trade ideas. It costs $21.95.

Pivots website add-on

This tool identifies reversal zones on different time frames. It costs $21.95 per month.

Goldcup app/website add-on

This add-on looks for great trade ideas while fusing strategies. This also costs $21.95.

Steady website add-on

This is a tool that looks for swing trade ideas. It costs $21.95.

Levels website add-on

This tool identifies entry points and stops loss. This costs $21.95.

Vibrata(t) website add-on, Vibrata(mf) website add-on, Vibrata(lp) website add-on, and Vibrata(tf) website add-on

All add-ons cost $9.95

The iMarketsLive Compensation Plan

Customer Refer 2 and It's Free

Platinum members have a chance to get the membership for free when they refer to other customers. These customers should purchase the Platinum Packages to so you can qualify.

Platinum Bonus

You are eligible for a platinum bonus each time you enroll in the Platinum package. This is down to three levels deep and is paid every week.

Weekly Residual Income

Climb the iMarketsLive ranks to receive the weekly residual income. You can earn anywhere between $37.50 and $125,000 per week. The payout, however, depends on your rank.

Chairman Infinity Bonus

You will eligible to earn this bonus when you reach the Chairman ranks. You can earn up to 2% of the total GV in your team.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Earn this bonus when you achieve a certain rank and maintain it for three consecutive months. This is a one-off bonus every time you achieve a rank.

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What I Like About iMarketsLive

Different training available

If you want to learn about forex, trading digital currencies, and how to build a profitable business, then iMarketsLive might be able to help you. You can study anywhere and any time you like because the courses are available online. Plus, you can supplement what you've learned thanks to iMarketsLive's mentorship program.

What I Don't Like About iMarketsLive

Expensive startup and monthly account maintenance fees

If you want to become an iMarketsLive independent business owner, promote its products, and earn a commission, then be prepared to fork out $15 for your registration fee. But your financial responsibility to iMarketsLive doesn't stop there. You need to pay another $15 every month to keep your account active.

The starter packs for IBOs and customers are also expensive. The Platinum package, for example, costs $225, while the Elite package costs $325.

iMarketsLive also offers a Prime plan option. You have the option to pay every quarter or make a bi-annual or yearly payment. But these, too, are expensive. The 3-month plan, for example, will set you back for $825. You need to pay $1600 for the bi-annual plan and pay $3150 for the 12-month plan.

The questionable history of its executives and the shadiness of the company itself

If you're interested in becoming an IBO or train under iMarketsLive, then you should be aware that the company is labeled by Belgium's Financial Services and Markets Authority as a pyramid scheme and has since been banned from operating in the country.

France's AMF has also warned investors and prospective IBOs to be wary of iMarketsLive. The French financial institution has stated that the company is not authorized to operate in France and that investors should ignore any attempts by its affiliates to get them to join the scheme.

Further, the United States CFTC also penalized iMarketsLive because of a product called FX Signals Live. The product has since been dropped, and iMarketsLive has settled with CFTC with regards to the issue. The company paid a $150,000 fine in September 2018.

One of its co-founders, Chris Terry, has a dismal track record when it comes to business. His first foray into trading ended in him and his business partner (Linda Raschke) going their separate ways after their day trading room went bust.

Terry then joined an MLM called ZeekRewards. It was eventually shut down by the SEC in 2012 after it was proven to be a pyramid and Ponzi scheme.​

Chris founded iMarketsLive the following year. Despite the company's dismal reputation and the caveats issued by Belgian and French financial authorities, it seems that this company is still operating.

The Better Business Bureau has also issued an alert against this company. Difficulty in canceling the service and issuing refunds make up the majority of the complaints.

Is iMarketsLive A Scam?

Yes, iMarketsLive is a scam -- a pyramid scheme to be exact. For your peace of mind, stay away from this company and look for another way to earn money online.

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