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Immunotec Summary

Product: Immunotec

Price to join: $45

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Immunotec is a health and wellness companies that is based in Canada. It offers nutritional supplements, as well as skin care products and company merch.

Its business model is network marketing, and consultants are encouraged to recruit team members while selling the company's products.

But is Immunotec a scam?

No, it's not a scam. But when it comes to income potential, it falls short. 

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What Is Immunotec?

Immunotec's story began with the discovery of the role of a whey protein isolate in the growth of a molecule and powerful antioxidant called glutathione. The whey protein isolate later became known as Immunocal, one of Immunotec's flagship products.

The scientists who made this breakthrough were Dr. Gustavo Bounous, Dr. Patricia Kongshavn, and Dr. Wulf Dröge. They later teamed up with a group of entrepreneurs in 1996 to establish a company called Immunotec.

The entrepreneurs behind this company were John Molson, Chuck Roberts, and Dieter Beer.

Charles L. Orr currently serves as the company's Chief Executive Officer and Director, while Patrick Montpetit works as Immunotec's Chief Financial Officer and Vice President.

Today, Immunotec is one of the leading health and wellness companies in North America. The company's wide selection of products include Omega-3, probiotics, and multivitamins. In recent years, the company added skin care and brain health products to its diverse product line.

The company's headquarters is located in Montreal, Canada. Immunotec, however, also has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic. The company also has a presence in 23 other countries worldwide.

Immunotec is a member of the Direct Selling Association and the Better Business Bureau.

Like other companies we have reviewed before, Immunotec, too, has an MLM business model. But is Immunotec any different from other MLM companies we've reviewed before or is it just another scam?

Is Immunotec A Pyramid Scheme?

No, Immunotec is not a pyramid scheme but does have elements of one. It is a legitimate health and wellness company that offers nutritional supplements, skin care products, and company merch. It is headquartered in Canada, but it has offices in other countries too.

Its marketing strategy is multi-level marketing or MLM, and therein lies the difficulty. MLM, at its core, is flawed.

Affiliates are nothing more than over-glorified yet unpaid sales representatives who need to hustle hard to make a sale. Apart from the selling aspect, they also need to recruit other people just to earn extra money.

Success Is Rare At Immunotec

Success is rare at Immunotec. Why do I say that? Take a look at the data below.

This data was taken from the company's income disclosure statement for the fiscal year 2016. As you can see, only a small percentage of Immunotec consultants in the US earned more than $1,000.

The overwhelming majority earned zero, while the rest earned somewhere between $1 to $1,000.

If you're looking to earn more money right in the comfort of your own home but you don't like the recruitment aspect, then Immunotec is not a good choice.

The bad news is you can only use it to supplement your income, and you won't be able to make it your bread and butter anytime soon (unless you're prepared to work really hard to make it to the top).

How Much To Join Immunotec?

You'll need to pay $45 to become an Immunotec consultant. Upon payment of the membership fee and after your application is processed, you'll have a replicated Immunotec website/e-commerce store under your own name.

As an Independent Consultant, you'll be trained and mentored by experienced Immunotec affiliates. You'll have access to sales tools and customer service team. Immunotec's own warehouse team will take care of all your customers' orders and returns.

Consultants are also invited to business events organized by the company. These events are organized so Immunotec affiliates can meet with the biggest names in the multi-level marketing business.

But what about the Starter Kits that you can use to jumpstart your business?

Immunotec offers several starter packs, and you can choose whichever suits your budget.

The most affordable starter packs are Health BBB 1000 PV, Elasense 1000 PV, and Elasense Health 1000 PV Packs. These starter packs all cost below $300.

Then there are the Summer Sizzle Starter, Elasense 2000 PV, Health BBB 2000 PV, and Health Booster BBB 2000 PV Packs. These kits cost between $495 to $530.

If you have an extra $1000 or more saved up, then the Silver Jump Start Pack is your best choice. It costs $1,130 and contains multiple Immunotec products for you and your customers to sample.

Consultants can also opt to purchase individual Immunotec products if they don't want to splurge yet.

Moreover, the Immunotec website also offers sales aids and other merchandise their consultants can purchase. These include flyers, compensation plan booklet, product catalogs, and training guides to name a few.

What Is Immunotec's Compensation Plan?

There are several ways consultants can earn income with Immunotec.

* Retail Profit

Simply buy Immunotec products at wholesale price and sell them at retail price to customers. Consultants will earn the difference from all orders made through their replicated website or when the products are ordered directly from them by the customers.

* Customer Autoship Wholesale Profit

Customers are eligible to receive a discount on products when they sign up for autoship. Consultants, on the other hand, can earn a wholesale profit on the customers' monthly orders.

* Customer Bonus

This bonus is based on the total amount of Customer Sales Volume or CSV accumulated by the Immunotec Consultant. Teams with higher Customer Sales Volume will naturally earn more.

(CSV is the total sales volume bought by the consultant's first level customers from the company.)

* Business Builder Bonus

This is a reward consultants receive when they help their team members sell the company's products.

* Residual Commissions and Rank Advancement

Residual commissions are earned based on the sales made by the consultants' downline. That is why Immunotec consultants are encouraged to mentor team members and grow their team, as well as help team members sell the products effectively.

* Moving Up Bonus and Accelerated Moving Up Bonus

Consultants who move up a rank and successfully stays there in the months that will follow will receive Moving Up Bonuses. These incentives are earned by consultants who sell a lot of Immunotec products and help their team members do the same.

* Upline Moving Up Bonus and Accelerated Upline Moving Up Bonus

These bonuses are earned by upline consultants who show good leadership skills by helping, supporting, and mentoring team members.

Apart from these commissions, consultants who have reached the DIamond, Executive Diamond, and Platinum ranks also have additional incentives. These include dinner celebrations, recognition events, business planning sessions, paid vacations, and more. 

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What Products Does Immunotec Offer?

Immunotec has several products lines. These include Health and Wellness, Elasense Skin Care, Personal Care, and Accessories/Merch.

* Health and Wellness

There are several products under the Health and Wellness category. There's Immunotec's flagship product Immonucal which is a glutathione precursor. According to Immunotec, Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum were formulated to boost the immune system and increase muscle strength.

Other products under this category include the On The Go Shake, Cogniva, Omega Gen V, Contralenta, and Seren-T200 to name a few.

* Elasense Skin Care

The Elasense Skin Care products are some of Immunotec's newest creations. The Elasense 3-in-1 facial wash, Protective Day Moisturizer, Rejuvenating Night Cream, and Age Defying Serum fall under this category. Other products include the Elasense Triple Action Eye Cream and various skin care sets.

* Personal Care

Immunotec's Immunocal Derma and Toothpaste with Synerg4 fall under this category. Immunocal Derma is one of the newest products developed by the company. This is an anti-aging cream which contains the antioxidant Immunocal and other skin-nourishing ingredients.

* Accessories

Apart from nutritional supplements and personal care products, Immunotec also offers a wide variety of accessories. The products under this category are usually extra merch that comes with Immunotec labels and marketing collaterals.

Products under this category include USB sticks, shaker cups, eco bags, and product catalogs.

Immunotec also offers bundled health packs and promotional products for customers who want to save more money.

What I Like About Immunotec

Here are of the things I like about Immunotec.

* Wide selection of health and wellness products

Unlike other health and wellness companies, Immunotec has been around for many years. Thus, it had the chance to develop many products. That's good news for consultants who want to focus on selling Immunotec products, but don't have the time, skill, or patience to build their team.

Immunotec offers something for every health and wellness buff on the planet. Those who want to increase their body's glutathione and boost their immune system can purchase Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum for their personal consumption or sell these nutritional supplements to customers. Plus, there are a lot of health and wellness products customers can choose from including Contralenta, Magistral, Calcium-D From Milk, and Multi + Resveratrol to name a few.

Immunotec has also developed Elasense Skin Care and other personal care products. Accessories and product catalogs can also be bought or sold via the website or personally.

With Immunotec, independent consultants will never run out of products to offers customers.

* Company has been around since 1996

Immunotec's journey began 40 years ago with the discovery of its flagship product, Immunocal. But It was not until 1996 that the company was finally established. The good news for prospective consultants is the company is still going strong. Unlike other companies, Immunotec has survived the cutthroat and saturated health and wellness market to emerge as one of the leading companies of its niche.

If you want to become one of the company's independent consultants, this is a good indication that the company is stable. It's not your ordinary fly-by-night company that leaves investors and associates high and dry.

* Provides training and support for consultants

Immunotec provides training and support for its consultants. The company even incentivizes leaders who train and help team members Immunotec products, as well as mentor them.

What I Don't Like About Immunotec

Just like any company, Immunotec has its shortcomings. Let's take a look at the downsides of working as an Immunotec consultant.

* The majority of so-called consultants earn nothing

According to the Immunotec Income Disclosure Statement published in 2016, the majority of consultants (up to 60%) generated a monthly income of $0. 11.36% earned somewhere between $1 and $25, while 6.41% earned somewhere between $25 and $50. Only 0.43% earned $2,500 to $5,000 respectively, while 0.38% of consultants generated $5,000 and beyond monthly.

Granted, a consultant's income greatly depends on the individual's time, effort, and skills -- and it's true. So if you're not one of those salesmen (or women) who could charm the socks off of people and get them to buy the products you're selling no matter how mundane, then it's best not to invest and waste your hard-earned money on Immunotec's membership fee and pricey dietary supplements.

* Products are too expensive

Products offered by network marketing companies are notoriously pricey (and often overpriced) and this can be a deterrent for many prospective customers.

Take a look at Immunotec's flagship product Immunocal. A box of Immunocal contains 30 pouches of specially formulated natural protein, and it retails at $106.50. Pricey, right?

The On the Go Shake costs $49.95 per pack for retail customers, while a bottle of Omega Gen V retails at $36.75.

A single bottle of Elasense 3 in 1 Facial Wash retails at $37.50, while its moisturizer costs $53.50 for retail customers. In contrast, a tube of a regular facial wash you can purchase from a drugstore costs less than $10, while a tube or bottle of high-end moisturizer costs less than $30.

In a market that is already saturated with thousands of affordable health and wellness products, how will pricey Immunotec products stand out?

* At the end of the day, it's still MLM

Make no mistake, MLM is a good business model. But in recent years, it has taken a lot of flak because it has been (and continues to be) used by unscrupulous individuals as a front for pyramid schemes.

MLM, as a business model, has always been flawed. It puts too much emphasis on recruiting new team members, and generating income just from selling products depends too much on how effective a salesman you are.

If you're fine with the recruiting part, then great! But do you really want to be the type of person your family and friends avoid during events just because you just babble on and on about how fantastic your products are?

Is Immunotec A Scam?

So the big question is: is Immunotec a scam?

No, Immunotec is not a scam.

Its primary product is Immunocal, but it has expanded in recent years to include other nutritional supplements in its product line. It also offers skin care products and other merch that Immunocal consultants can offer at a retail price to customers.

Immunotec was founded in the mid-90s by leading scientists and network marketing entrepreneurs. Since then, the company has grown and has become one of the long-time health and wellness companies in the market today.

But Immunotec's products are expensive, and the price alone might deter customers from buying them.

Apart from the price, direct sellers or Immunotec consultants are also encouraged to recruit new team members. Consultants can get a percentage of the total sales made by the team members in their downline. They also receive various incentives when they train or help team members make a sale.

Although it's not a scam, Immunotec is obviously not for everyone.

According to the company's income disclosure statement published in 2016, the majority of consultants did not earn anything on an average month. Maybe it's because they lacked skills or their interest in the products fizzled immediately, but the fact that the products are expensive may have played a large part in deterring customers from buying them.

Moreover, not everyone is excited about the recruitment aspect of the company. There are a lot of incentives for the best recruiters and leaders. But if you're reserved and you're the type of person who easily gets discouraged when rebuffed, then there's a great likelihood you won't be able to bring new team members and succeed in this company.

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of joining Immunotec. The products you'll be selling are too pricey, and the chances of success are too small.

However, there's still plenty of legitimate ways to make money online.

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