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I'm sure you've heard of inCruises from one of your closests friends or you've seen its ad or page on Facebook. Your dream is to go on a week-long cruise in the Caribbean, so you're sorely tempted to sign up as a member or a partner.

But there's seems to be something off with it, and you're wondering if inCruises is a scam.

Then you've come to the right place. We're going to talk about what inCruises is, what it offers, its compensation plan, and whether it is a scam or not.

inCruises Summary

Product: inCruises

Price to join: $100 for members; $195 for partners; $295 if you want to be both

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: inCruises is a Florida-based cruise membership club. To become a member of this exclusive club, you'll need to be invited or recruited by another member or partner. In order to become a club member, you'll need to pay $100 every month. Partners, on the hand, need to pay $195.

Although it seems legit at first glance, there are some issues with inCruises that we're going to discuss in this review. Find out whether it's a scam or not by checking out the review below.

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What Is inCruises?

A 15-day cruise along the west coast of Mexico. A month-long cruise from Australia and across East and Southeast Asia. A 10-day jaunt in the Greek isles of Mykonos, Santorini, and more.

An extended cruise across exotic destinations is the dream for many people. You get to stay in a nice cabin or a luxurious stateroom. Enjoy the overflowing food at the buffet and the drinks at the bar. Lounge by the pool on the deck until the sun sets. Visit the beaches of Cozumel or watch humpback whales breach the surface in the waters off the coast of Alaska.

But not a lot of people can afford a luxurious month-long or even a week-long cruise. Let's take a quick look at a couple prices of some of the world's most popular cruises to know why this is so.

A Mediterranean cruise offered by one of the leading cruise lines starts at $1,899 (at the time of writing). Then there's another cruise lines' 7-day Southeast Asia tour which has an average cost of $649 per person. The price I have quoted is not even inclusive of airplane tickets from the US to Europe or Asia, as well as taxes. Plus, you'll need to buy new luggage, new outfits, and new shoes. Then there's souvenirs, tips, and other miscellaneous costs.

The bottom line is, a cruise is not cheap and it will never be. It is beyond the reach of ordinary individuals who don't have extra income or are unwilling to go into debt for a two-week holiday.

If you're short on funds, but going on a cruise has been your life-long dream, then maybe, just maybe, a company called inCruises can help you reach it. inCruises is a membership only cruise club based in Pembroke Pines, Florida. So how does inCruises get you nearer to your dream cruise?

All you have to do is to pay inCruises a set amount per month as membership fee. By the way, membership is by invitation only. Members then earn what inCruises call Cruise Dollars or credits that can be used later on to reduce the total cost of their vacations. Every membership fee deposited is then doubled by inCruises as credits.

Note that the membership fee is converted into credits and not cash, so they cannot be redeemed as such and can only be used to book cruises.

But inCruises doesn't stop there. Members can also become an inCruises partner and refer others who also want to go on a cruise or want to become partners also. They need to pay almost $200 to earn commissions for every person who become a member or partner of inCruises.

According to its website, inCruises is a member of Cruise Lines International Association. It is also licensed and bonded in states where major cruise ships dock, and have partner members in different countries worldwide.

inCruises was founded and is currently being led by Michael "Hutch" Hutchison. He worked as a Tony Robbins VP for sales, and according to his bio, he is also a best-selling author. 

inCruises has a BBB rating of B+.

How Much to Join inCruises?

You can become an inCruises member by paying $100 every month.

If you want to become an inCruises partner and earn commissions, then you need to pay a one-fee of $195 (refundable only 14 days after the member has upgraded to become a partner). The annual renewal fee costs $95. This includes access to weekly live training and video training modules.

Partners will also be issued their own corporate email and mirror website to help them sell inCruises memberships. Other privileges include personalized referral links, marketing collaterals, access to inCruises app, and business cards.

Individuals who want to become both member and partner are required to pay $295.

What is inCruises's Compensation Plan?

To earn compensation with inCruises, you'll need to upgrade from member to partner. There are many ways inCruises partners can get paid and earn other incentives. Check them out below.

Compensation Program

* Daily Instant Pay Bonuses

Partner members are qualified to receive an instant pay bonus when they enroll a new inCruises affiliate. This bonus starts at $50 and increases steadily with every partner member enrolled. This is paid daily.

* Daily Residual Income

Enroll five members and make sure they stay active in the succeeding months to receive this compensation. Moreover, you should also help your recruited partners personally enroll and maintain five additional affiliates. You'll receive $5 for every membership fee paid by members you or by your team enrolled.

* Weekly Matching Bonuses

Teamwork is highly prized by inCruises, and it could also bring you additional cash. This bonus is given to partner members who help their team members make more money.

* Monthly Leadership Bonuses

This bonus is given to leaders who reach one of the seven inCruises ranks. There's the car bonus which amounts to $300, and then there's the $55,000 monthly incentive for top achievers.

* Monthly Worldwide Market Bonus

Qualified inCruises leaders are eligible to receive 5% of the company's total membership sales volume every month.


* Membership Free Incentive

inCruises members pay $100 each month for their membership fee. Partners who have personally enrolled and maintained five members or partner members get a free membership fee.

They can also use all of their accumulated Cruise Dollars with a single booking each year if they are able to maintain five members or partner members for the next three consecutive months.

* Cruise Dollar Bonus Incentive

Partners can earn 250 incentive cruise dollars for every five partner members they personally enroll within a compensation calendar month.

* New Partner Fast Start Incentive

Partner members who are able to recruit 30 members and 30 partners within a 3-month period from his or her activation date are qualified to become a Marketing Director. But that doesn't mean that the member partner should enroll them personally. They can fulfill the quota by recruiting five partner members who will then recruit another five partner members and so on.

The Marketing Director Bonus amounts to $300, while the additional New Partner Fast Start Incentive amounts to $700.

* Incentive Cruises

Earn incentive cruises by joining the weekly enrollment challenges and more. Partner members can finally take the dream cruise within the next five to ten years.

* Pin Recognition and Rolex Watches

Partner members who have reached inCruises' rank achievements are qualified to receive a custom pin.

If a simple pin is not fancy enough for you, then climb the ranks to become the Executive Director and get a sleek Rolex watch.


What I Like About inCruises

* Your dream of traveling in style to your dream destinations is within reach

You've gazed enviously at your friends' cruise pics on Facebook for far too long and dreamt of taking that cruise yourself. Unfortunately, you don't have enough money to book a ticket right now.

inCruises makes the dream of traveling in style to Mexico, Hawaii, or any other exotic destinations within reach thanks to its membership program. Simply pay the membership fee every month or become a partner to receive additional bonuses and incentives so you can take that dream cruise within the next five or ten years.

* Affiliated with the CLIA and major cruise lines worldwide

According to the inCruises website, the company is a member of the Cruise Lines International Association, Inc. It is also affiliated with some of the world's premier cruise lines including Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival, Princess Cruises, Holland America Line, Cunard, and more. Once you've accumulated enough cruise dollars, incentives, and bonuses, you can choose which cruise you want to book in any of these cruise lines.

What I Don't Like About inCruises

* Invite-only membership

You can only become an inCruises member or partner after being invited by another affiliate. You'll receive a prompt like the one below if you try to register as a member online but have not been invited by another inCruises affiliate to this ultra-exclusive club. Sorry, peasant.

* inCruises is still relatively new

The company was launched only in 2016, and the majority of inCruises members and partners are yet to maximize their Cruise Dollars. It will take many months before the members and partners could fully use the Cruise Dollars they have accumulated over the years.

* You don't really get to save money with inCruises

Let's say that you're planning to book a week-long cruise to the Caribbean and you have 12 months to save money for it. I checked one of the leading cruise lines plying the region and a stay in one of the ship's Balcony stateroom starts at $1,609 (taxes and other fees not yet included).

All you need to do to make this dream a reality is save $140 or more every month and you can take that cruise after 12 months. By the end of a 12-month period, you'll have $1,680. Plus, you'll have something extra for souvenirs, tips, and miscellaneous expenses if you forego unnecessary purchases during the months prior to your trip and save more money.

In contrast, inCruises requires you to pay a $100 fee every month. It doubles the value of your $100 membership fee to 200 Cruise Dollar credits every month. After 12 months, you'll have accumulated a total of 2,400 credits. But let's zoom in on the fine print.

According to the inCruises membership agreement, you can only use 60% of your Cruise Dollars during your first year as a member of inCruises. So if you have 2,400 Cruise Dollars with inCruises, keep in mind that you won't be able to maximize it during your first year. You can only use 60% or $1,440 to pay for your dream cruise. That will suffice if you want a more affordable cabin or stateroom. But if you want to experience all the luxury the ship can offer, then that would not be enough.

If you really want to use your inCruises credits during your first year, you might want to settle for a more affordable stateroom or destination or cut your trip short if you want to stay within your budget.

If that's the case, why not just save some money in your own bank account and splurge when the right time comes?


Is inCruises a Scam?

So, is inCruises a scam? The company is still relatively new so it's too early to tell.

That doesn't change the fact, however, that the company's MLM business model is deeply flawed. First, inCruises does not have a tangible product that its affiliates could sell, and without a quality product to sell, the business model is not sustainable in the long run.

What it does instead is act like a bank or an asset management company that keeps its clients' money (in the form of membership fees) for safekeeping or something like that. 

Therein lies the problem. Members are only allowed to use their membership fees to book a cruise 12 months after they signed up, so it makes one wonder what the company does with the money it pools. Does the company management invest the funds and wait for them to grow, then use a part of the money to pay for the cruises their members book and use a part of it to compensate top partners and company management? Or does it use the membership fees paid by new recruits to pay off so-called inCruises partners and for the board to enrich themselves?

If inCruises only takes money from members and partners to compensate its leaders, then it is not sustainable and it will only be a matter of time before this scheme collapses.

Do I recommend inCruises?

No. In my opinion, it's better to save your vacation money in your bank account or a time deposit instead. 

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