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isXperia Summary

Company: isXperia

Price to join: $60 to $600 + $60 per month in product inventory

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: IsXperia is a pretty typical MLM company and they sell various health and wellness products.

While I don't necessarily think isXperia is a scam, it's certainly not a company I suggest you join. It's pricey and the success rate is really low. 

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What is isXperia?

isXperia is actually two companies combined - isXperia and Xip4Life. Xip4Life was founded in 2015 by a shady character named Kalpesh Patel, who is known for being involved in scams.

Many people considered Xip4Life to be an outright ponzi scheme

Eventually (just like all pyramid schemes) Xip4Life crashed and the other owner of Xip4Life (and current owner of isXperia) took over all operations and re-purposed the company to sell CBD oil.

CBD oil is very popular at the moment and other popular MLM CBD oil companies include KannawayChanging The Future OutcomeHempworx and more. 

IsXperia was started in 2007 and is a pretty established MLM. It's pretty weird a MLM with a fairly good reputation would pair up with a ponzi scheme but actions have been taken to fix that.

Is isXperia A Pyramid Scheme?

Most people consider all MLM's to be pyramid schemes but that's not actually true. Some are and half of isXperia was a pyramid scheme for a period of time.

Now, though, this company isn't a pyramid scheme and instead just has some aspects that are similar to one.

Look at this picture below to see what I mean:

This picture represents what part of the commission structure at isXperia is. 

There's multiple ways to make money with a MLM but the two most common ways are through recruitment (the part that resembles a pyramid scheme) and making sales directly to customers without recruiting.

Of the two ways recruitment is far more profitable. The reason for this is you get a commission for every sale someone in your downline makes (your recruits, your recruit's recruits, and so on). 

It's way more lucrative to have 100 people selling under you then to try and just sell by yourself.

Success With isXperia Is Rare

Sometimes with MLM's they'll release an income disclosure that shows you how many people are having success and how many people are making certain salaries.

The numbers ALWAYS look bad with MLM's.

Usually an overwhelming majority make less than $500 a month (usually like 99%) and between 50% to 90% end up losing money.

You know what's worst than a bad income disclosure? When a company doesn't have an income disclosure at all. 

This usually signals that their stats are worst than an average. There's many reasons you'd expect this with isXperia because:

1) Health and wellness is an extremely crowded field. 

2) The products are very expensive.

Most people already have their favorite brand of skin care products or supplements - it's going to be very difficult to get them to switch to isXperia's products.

This is especially true when you factor in the cost of these products. More than likely you'll just end up losing money with isXperia.  


How Much To Join isXperia?

If there's one upside to joining a MLM it's that it's cheaper than starting a brick and mortar business. 

A brick and mortar costs on average about $100,000 and most MLM's don't even come close to that.

Still isXperia can get a little expensive when you add things up. Here's the various costs you'll experience when joining isXperia:

1) $60 fee if you're a new member


2) Sweet Pack bundle ($200)

3) Sweeter Pack Bundle ($400)

4) Sweetest Pack Bundle ($60)

The bundles come with products at a discount so you can resell them at retail price for profit. 

If you decide to just pay the $60 fee without a bundle you'll still need to buy products to sell. So you'll definitely need to spend at least $200 in the beginning.

Also, you need to purchase or sell $60 worth of products per month to be eligible for commissions. 

So if you're not making money right away you'll be buying $60 worth of products every month which can add up over time. 

What Is The Compensation Plan

MLM's ALWAYS have complicated compensation plans and isXperia is no different.

In their compensation plan, which you can find here, you'll find complicated looking graphs and charts and hard to understand language. 

Part of me thinks this is done on purpose to just confuse people into signing up and these companies could certainly do a better job explaining and simplifying things. 

Here's a video explaining everything in detail:

I personally don't think it's important to know every little detail and here's a summary of the 5 different ways you can earn with isXperia:

Retail Commissions

This is the part of the commission structure that isn't like a pyramid scheme. It's when you get products at discount and sell them at retail price. 

You can earn up to 20% on each sale this way.

Recruitment Commissions

You also get a bonus when you recruit someone into your downline and they order one of the 3 bundle packs I mentioned in the last section. 

You get a 50% commissoin which is pretty generous - if someone buys the $600 bundle you would get $300.

Residual Income 

This is where the money is and the residual income structure with isXperia is binary. A binary commission structure looks like the following:

You can technically have a downline that never ends because there is no limit to how many people you can recruit. 

How much you earn depends on your rank within the system and how much volume your left and right leg sell. 

Check Match Bonus

You also get a commission based on the performance of your two highest personally recruited affiliates in your downline.

How much you make depends on your rank and how much the two affiliates sels.

You can earn anywhere from 30% to 120% with check match bonus.

Diamond Bonus

The last way you can make money with isXperia is with the Diamond Bonus. How much you get depends on various factors and there's 7 different ranks you can achieve.

The easiest rank is to recruit and maintain two commission eligible affiliates and the hardest rank requires your team to generate 48,000 group volume and for you to have 3 ruby affiliates in your downline.

A ruby affiliate is the rank before the hardest.


What Products Does isXperia Offer

Remember there's technically two companies with isXperia (the second one being Xip4Life.

isXperia sells various health and wellness products that are broken up into different categories. 

The categories are:


In the energy section you'll find energy chews as well as coffees with Nootropics.


The passion section only has one product and it's geared towards libido and sexual energy.


There's only one sleep product and it's a natural sleep aid called Serenity.

Weight Loss

This section has 5 different products that are geared towards losing weight. You'll find drinks, shakes, supplements and patches here.

Skin Care

In the the skin care section there's products that range for creams for your skin, lip plumping products, products for your eyelashes and more.

Xip4Life focuses on CBD products which are definitely growing in popularity. 

There CBD products include:

  • CBD edibles
  • CBD tinctures
  • CBD topicals
  • CBD for pets

and more.

The biggest problems you'll experience when trying to sell these products are their price and how crowded of a market health and wellness is.

You can find lotions, supplements, sleep aids, etc. everywhere. Most people already have favorite brands and these products from isXperia are pretty expensive. 

I definitely don't think you'll have an easy time unloading your monthly stock. 

Is isXperia A Scam?

At the end of the day you want to know if isXperia is a scam - I mean it is why you read this entire review.

I personally don't think this company is a scam and instead is just a bad business opportunity. 

A scam is where you money is stolen or you're being mislead. You'll have a hard time succeeding with this company but you're not being ripped off.

You have to sell and recruit. If you're one of the few who possess the skills to do that (like .1% of the people involved with MLM's) you can make a lot of money.

Otherwise you'll just end up losing money or working very hard for only a few hundred a month. 

What I Like About isXperia

There's more that I don't like about this company then like but there's still a few things that are good, like:

Established MLM: MLM's come and go and many don't last for more than two years. It would definitely be a kick in the stomach to work hard for a company for years and then have it disappear overnight.

CBD is popular: CBD is everywhere and with new laws you can buy and sell CBD in just about every state in America.

What I Don't Like About isXperia

Like I said in the last section there's more to not like here and the main things I don't like are:

Low success rate: Few people have any real success with MLM's and it's just how the system is set up. A few people make most of the money while the rest lose money or make peanuts.

Expensive products: This is another problem you'll face. The products are more expensive than what you'd find in a store and it'll be hard to convince people to buy.

Money relies on recruitment: While you can make money by selling products directly to customers, that's not the best way to make money - recruiting people is. Just remember when your income relies on recruiting you're in a pyramid scheme. 

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of joining isXperia. Most people end up just losing their money working with this company. 

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