Are you looking to make money with Javita and wondering if it's a scam or pyramid scheme? 

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Javita Summary

Product: Javita

Price to join: $99 to $599

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Javita is a MLM company that's coffee based and I DON'T recommend that you join. The reason for this is the products are very expensive and the success rate is very, very low. Most people just end up losing money (and possibly friends).

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What Is Javita

Javita is a MLM company and is the sister company of another MLM Waiora. 

A sister company means the same people that created Waiora and lead Waiora are going to lead Javita. The original CEO of Waiora, Stan Cherelstein, is now the CEO of Javita. 

This is actually a positive thing. MLM's don't usually last long and you see MLM's come and go in a couple of year span.

So when you have an established MLM company create another MLM company you can be pretty confident it's not going to fold over night.


Something very common with MLM companies is a history of lawsuits. I couldn't find any lawsuits with Javita which is a good sign but I did find a very large lawsuit against Waiora.

In 2012 it was discovered one of their prodcuts was basically just water and it was advertised as not being watered down.

They settled in court for a whopping 12 million over this. Since the leaderships is the same with both companies it kind of raises questions over product quality and advertising claims.  

Is Javita A Pyramid Scheme?

Many people think all MLM's are pyramid schemes and that's not actually correct. Some are outright pyramid schemes and have proven to be so in court but other's just have elements of a pyramid scheme.

Javita is in the second group - there's aspects of a pyramid scheme and other aspects that aren't anything like a pyramid scheme.

Let me explain: Look at this picture below:

This is what part of your commission will look like if you join any MLM and if you join Javita.

This is the part that makes Javita have elements of a pyramid scheme. A pyramid scheme is when your income relies on recruitment of others into a system and that's what happens in Javita.

Every time you recruit someone to sell under you, you get a bonus and you get a commission on every sale they make. You get commissions on the sales of the people your recruits bring into the system too and so on. 

However, you can make money from selling Javita by directly selling their products to customers which is nothing like a pyramid scheme. 

Ask anyone who makes serious money with MLM, though, and they'll tell you the money lies in recruitment. 

The Success Rate Is Really Low

Because Javita is a MLM they produce a few people that make a lot of money and the majority lose money.

This really has nothing to do with the amount of work or effort a distributor puts in either - the main thing that determines your income is where you are in the pyramid.

If you can recruit and build a large team to build under you then you make money.

This is extremely difficult and is a system that needs losers. 

Because losers are required only 1% of people on average make any money when joining a MLM. 


And the majority of that 1% makes peanuts (less than $100 a month). 

When you look at the numbers on average (unfortunately Javita doesn't have an income disclosure so I can't know the exact figures) usually 1/5th of a single percent make an average American salary. 

This is what makes MLM's so horrible and why I never recommend them.


How Much To Join Javita?

If there's one positive about Javita it's that it's cheaper to join than it is to start a brick and mortar store.

Brick and mortar stores have a better success rate but the average cost to start one is $100,00. It's a pretty big gamble to sink that much into a new business.

Javita is actually more expensive than most MLM's but it's still cheaper to join Javita and have a very, very, very small chance of being a success than other more traditional options.

Here's the different costs of joining Javita:


This option only gives you access to the wholesale options at Javita and will only give you a small amount of samples to offer to people.


This is the option that unlocks all of the bonuses and commissions and gives you more coffee at a cheaper price.

It's pretty weird to only see two options from Javita. Most MLM's offer many that range from pretty cheap to more expensive.

With Javita you're pretty much forced to spend $599 or else you limit the amount of money you can make. 

What Is Javita's Compensation Plan?

MLM's historically have very confusing and long compensation plans and Javita is no different.

If you want to read the whole thing you can here

Also here's a video that goes over everything as well:

Here's a summary of the various ways you can get paid from Javita:

Retail Profits

This is when you actually make a sale directly to a customer and you earn a commission. When you join Javita you get their products at a discount and the difference between your discount and retail price is what you make. 

Customer Acquisition Bonus

Sometimes when a customer likes the product so much they'll enter into a autoship program and have the products delivered to them every week or month. 

When this happens you get a piece of the sale. 

How much you get depends on your rank and how many new members you can get. It ranges from 20% to 30%.

Personal Customer Commissions

This when you earn extra commissions when you sell products over 200 volume.  

First Order Bonus

When you recruit someone to sell under you they'll have to pay the $99 or $599 to join like you did. When they do this you get a commission when they sign up. 

Star Bonus

This section is only available to people that are new to the company (under 30 days). It gives you extra bonuses for getting off to a fast start and selling products and recruiting people. 

Fast Track

This is much like that last bonus and extends into the 60th and 90th day.

Team Development Infinity Bonus

I'm not actually a 100% what this section means.

Team Commissions

This is where you'll make the majority of your money and is why Javita is part pyramid scheme.

When you recruit people you get a piece of their sales and it goes on for 10 levels. Here's the various commissions and ranks you can get:

There's a few more bonuses like car and traveling expense bonuses but these are for people that advance far into the system. You don't really need to know about these bonuses until you're making good money with Javita. 

What Products Does Javita Offer?

Javita offers many different coffee, tea and weight loss products. 

I'm not a health fanatic and despite being called The Affiliate Doctor I'm not actually a doctor. I can't really tell if these products are legit or not but they don't get the best reviews.

Two very popular diet review websites rank their products pretty low. One site gives them a 3.5/5 and another gives them a 31/100

So at the very best Javita seems to offer slightly below average products.

Here's a look at the actual products:

Coffee and Tea

This is the main section of Javita and the products that they're most known for. You can get

  • Burn + Control ($40 for 24 sticks)
  • Energy + Focus Coffee ($40 for 24 sticks)
  • Lean + Green Tea ($40 for 24 sticks)
  • FocusFusion Cocoa ($45 for 30 servings)


These are different than the coffee drinks and are drink mixes. All ActiveBlendz products are $40 for $24 sticks.

Weight Loss Products/Supplements

Lastly they offer weight loss products like fat burners and different proteins and cleanse products. 

They even offer packs that cost several hundred dollars that come with multiple products together. 


Expensive Products And Crowded Market

Like I said in the last section I'm not a health expert so I can't really tell you if these products work (most reviewers say they don't work).

I am an expert in making money from home, though, and I understand prices and markets.

While the weight loss industry is huge, it's very, very crowded. 

There's so many different weight loss products and most people already have their favorites. Most people definitely have their favorite coffee as well.

Selling these products is not going to be an easy task - their results are minimal, they're expensive and you'll have to convince people to abandon their favorite brands. 

What I Like About Javita

I definitely don't recommend Javita but there's a couple things I like including:

1) Good leadership: MLM has a lot of sketchy companies and many come and go in just a few years. You won't find that with Javita because it has proven leadership and a CEO that's run a successful MLM company already. 

2) Interesting products: The products seem pretty interesting and may catch some people's attention. 

What I Don't Like About Javita

At the end of the day, though, I don't like this business opportunity and there's more not to like than to like:

1) Expensive products: Similar products from Starbucks cost less than Javita's products. Do you think people would rather go with Starbuck's or Javita?

2) Crowded market: Coffee and weight loss products - these products are literally everywhere. It's going to be very difficult to stick out in this market.

3) Bad reviews: As far as effectiveness goes, Javita doesn't get good reviews. Many people claim that basically nothing happened after drinking Javita for an extended period of time. 

4) Low success rate: Most people who join MLM's lose their money and that's no different with Javita. This is mainly because of the overall system and there needs to be losers.

Is Javita A Scam?

So to sum up this entire post I definitely don't think Javita is a scam because it has good leadership and there's no indication they stiff distributors or anything like that.

I do, however, think Javita is a bad business opportunity and that you should stay away from this company.

Their products are too pricey, it doesn't seem like they work all that well and your chance of being successful is so small - literally less than a single percent to make an average American salary.

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of joining Javita - the success rate is way too low and the products aren't that good.

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