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Juice Plus has been around for a while and if you're skeptical this company is a scam or pyramid scheme, this post is for you.

You'll find everything you need to know below including company information, price to join, compensation plan, products and more. 

By the time you're done reading you'll know if Juice Plus is right for you.

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Juice Plus Summary

Product: Juice Plus

Price to join: $50 + $70 per month in autoshipment requirements

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Juice Plus is one of the more well known MLM's around and have been in business for nearly 30 years (a lifetime in MLM years).

Despite it's longevity I don't recommend this company for you to join. The main reason being the success rate is so low and most people just end up losing money and not making money.

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What Is Juice Plus?

What is Juice Plus? Juice Plus is a MLM company that sells various juice and nutritional products. They've been in business since 1993 which is pretty good considering most MLM's don't last for more than a couple of years. Juice Plus is actually a part of another company called the National Safety Associates (Juice Plus is the nutritional line for National Safety Associates).

Who founded Juice Plus? Juice Plus was started by Jay Martin who is also the founder of National Safety Associates. He's created many different companies through the years including companies based around fire detectors, water filters and air filters. 

How do you make money with Juice Plus? Juice Plus is a MLM which means you make money by selling their products as an affiliate and also recruiting (you get bonuses for recruiting and commissions based on your recruits/downline's sales). This may sound good on paper but in reality MLM is an extremely flawed system which leads to a lot of people losing money. 

Any major red flags? The biggest red flag about Juice Plus is that it's a MLM. But besides that there doesn't seem to be any major red flags or lawsuits. 

Comparable companies: Le-Vel Thrive, Rain International, Juuva

Is Juice Plus A Pyramid Scheme?

Many people consider all MLM's a scam but this isn't exactly the case. 

They definitely have some similarities and some shared elements (and some are definitely are pyramid schemes) but Juice Plus falls into the "close but not really" category.

Let me explain: Look at this picture below:

That's how part of the commission structure works at Juice Plus and most MLM's and it's the part that rewards recruitment.

In that type of commission payout income is always flowing upwards and how much you make really just depends where you are in the pyramid and how early you joined the program.

A true pyramid scheme is when recruitment is the only way to make money and there's no real product offered. 

However, at Juice Plus there's real products to be sold and you can make money without recruitment - you can just sell the products directly to customers and earn commissions that way.

Ask anyone successful with a MLM, though, and they'll tell you the money is in recruitment and not direct customer sales. 

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Success With Juice Plus is Rare

The MLM system is a very flawed one. The main reason being it's extremely hard to recruit people to sell for you and MLM's tend to have high priced, unnecessary products - this is the case with Juice Plus.

At the end of the day with Juice Plus and all MLM's you're more likely to lose money than to make any money. And the people that do make money usually make around $10 a day. Hardly enough to justify the amount of work put in.

Look at the graph below if you want to see more mind blowing stats about MLM's:

As you can see there's no reason to join a MLM. Your odds of success are low and you'll have to bother family and friends along the way as well. 

How Much To Join Juice Plus?

The price to join is only $50 for Juice Plus but there's a hidden cost: autoshipment.

Juice Plus requires you to buy a certain amount of their products every month to sell and the price for this seems to be around $70 per month.

It's extremely hard to sell when you just begin with a MLM and that means you're going to be paying every month without moving any products - stock will start piling up and you'll be going deeper and deeper into your pockets. 

This monthly cost can definitely add up over time. 

Juice Plus Compensation Plan

MLM compensation plans are very hard to decipher and if you're unfamiliar with MLM lingo it can basically be impossible to know what you're reading.

If you want to look at the compensation plan for yourself, click here

Below is a video that goes over the whole thing:

It's not that important to know everything about the compensation plan and instead I'm just going to summarize the most important parts.

Affiliate Ranks:

At Juice Plus there's various affiliate ranks you can reach and you move from one level to another by hitting certain goals - selling and recruiting goals.

The first rank you reach is the Independent Representative and this is the rank you get when you first sign up.

To get to the second rank, Direct Distributor, you must accumulate $2000 in GV (Group Volume) and $500 must be PV (Personal Volume). 

To get to the third rank, Virtual Franchisee, you must accumulate $6,000 in GV and $500 must be in PV. 

This goes on until you reach the 7th and last rank which is the National Marketing Director level and you must have $33,000 GV each month and recruit at least 5 performance bonus qualified Virtual Franchisee or higher ranked affiliates. 

I know, I know it's confusing. If it makes you feel any better the majority of people never gets past the first rank. 

Retail Commissions:

How much you earn by selling products directly to customers depends on the product you're selling and the rank the you've reached. 

For example, you get a base 6% commission rate when you reach the Direct Distributor rank (2nd rank) and you get 14% once you hit the Virtual Franchisee rank (rank 3rd)  and 22% for the Sales Coordinator rank (4th rank). 

Residual Commissions

This is where you'd make the majority of your money if you were to join Juice plus and is the part that rewards your ability to recruit.

You get a percentage of all the sales in your downline and the payout is in a unilevel compensation structure that looks like the following:

How much you make depends on how much your team sells below you and you can earn up to the third level below you.

Here's how this is determined:

  • Generate $1000 GV and you can earn up to level 3.
  • Generate 1000 GV a month and four unilevel legs with at least one performance bonus qualified affiliate in each and you can earn up to the 4th level. 
  • If you have at least 5 unilevel team legs with at least one performance bonus qualified affiliate in each and earn on up to level 5. 

Smaller bonuses:

There's various bonuses you can earn depending on various performance goals. These bonuses aren't that important to know about until you're already making money. To learn more about them watch the video up top. 

Juice Plus Products

Juice Plus sells various health and wellness products. Here's the different categories of products at Juice Plus:

Juice Plus Blends

The Juice blends are the most popular products here and they are capsules that have nutrition from 20 different fruits. 

You can only buy this product in a 4 month supply for $178, that costs $44.50 per month. 

These come in various different blends including fruit blend, vegetable blend, berry blend, and omega blend. 

Complete By Juice Plus

The Complete package is a combination of chew bars and shake mixes. The bars are made for protein and fiber and cost $130 for 4 month supplies.

The shake mixes come in chocolate and vanilla and costs $123 for 4 month supply.


There's also chewables that are available and are just the chewable version of the capsules. These cost $123 for a 4 month supply. 

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Juice Plus Is Expensive

MLM is hard enough to succeed with because of recruitment but Juice Plus makes it even hard because their products are so expensive.

The reason they're expensive is because they don't allow you to buy products individually or even in a month supply.

You have to buy Juice Plus products in 4 month packs. You don't get everything at once either and products are shipped to you once a month.

This HAS to effect sales. 

People are going to want to try the products out before sinking $100+ on them for a 4 month supply. 

There's too much competition and similar products out there as well. Why buy 4 months of Juice Plus when you can just buy a month supply from a competitor?

Remember you or your downline has to sell products to make money and I believe Juice Plus makes it difficult for you to and your team to do so because of the 4 month subscriptions. 

What I Like About Juice Plus

I definitely don't recommend that you join this company but there's still a few things I like including:

  • Been around for a while: MLM's come and go very quickly and most don't last more than a couple of years. Juice Plus has demonstrated it's not going anywhere which is good if you're looking for a stable option.
  • No lawsuits: MLM's are lawsuit magnets and you usually see a host of legal issues for these kinds of companies. Despite being around for nearly 30 years I haven't seen any legal issues in the past. 

What I Like About Juice Plus

There's definitely more I don't like here than do like and the main things that I dislike are:

  • Low success rate: MLM's are so hard to succeed with and most people just lose their money. The same will happen with Juice Plus as well. There's nothing special here to separate it from other MLM's and you'll most likely lose money. 
  • Expensive products: If you could buy Juice Plus products at a month supply or less the products wouldn't be so bad. But the only way you can buy any of the products here is with a 4 month supply. This pushes the price past $100 which is pricey.
  • Big focus on recruitment: The retail commissions aren't that high and that means you'll have to focus strongly on recruitment. Recruiting is very difficult and is one of the reasons people fail. 
  • Bothering friends and family: One of the worst parts of MLM's is you usually have to recruit or try to sell to friends and family. This can ruin relationships and get awkward. 

Is Juice Plus A Scam?

So I actually don't think Juice Plus is a scam and instead I think it's just a bad business opportunity.

Just because something is a bad opportunity or has a low success rate doesn't mean it's a scam.

There's real products here and a compensation plan that rewards certain actions - do the actions (which is very, very difficult) you can make money.

Again, you shouldn't join this company. Barely anyone makes any real money selling Juice Plus products. 

Is Juice Plus A Scam?

Hopefully by now you've decided Juice Plus isn't right for you. 

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