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It's always a good thing to invest in your future. Good thing there are many ways you can invest your hard-earned money, as well as save and earn while you're at it.

Gold has always been an exciting investment, and one of the companies that allow you to invest in gold and earn as an affiliate is KaratBars.

But is it a worthwhile investment or is it something that is too good to be true?

Check out our KaratBars review below.

KaratBars Summary

Product: KaratBars

Price to join: Free (but!)

Rating: 30/100 

Do I recommend? No

Summary: KaratBars makes investing in gold more accessible to ordinary people. It offers small gold coins, as well as tiny gold bars encased in plastic like a chip card. Apart from its gold products, it also has an affiliate program in which distributors can sell KaratBars products and earn commissions for every successful sale.

KaratBars also has other ventures, and among them is cryptocurrency. But is KaratBars a scam or a pyramid scheme? Find out more below.  

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What Is KaratBars?

According to its website, Karatbars is a company based in Europe which offers gold bullion and tiny gold bars that you can purchase for investment or as a gift for friends and loved ones.

The company was founded in 2011 by businessman Harald Seiz. It headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany, while Nadir Gold in Turkey produces Karatbars' products. FedEx is the company's preferred shipping partner. Founder Harald Seiz also serves as the company's CEO, while Martina Tag serves as its COO.

Its main product includes the Classic Karatbars. Other products include the Country Karatbar, Collector Karatbar, Special Karatbar, and Create Your Own Card. All cards contain a tiny gold bar and come with a unique design. According to Karatbars, these tiny gold bars make a good investment and can be used as gifts to friends and loved ones.

Apart from selling tiny gold bars, Karatbars also offers an affiliate program so distributors can earn extra cash with the help network marketing/MLM. Check out its compensation plan below.

Karatbars is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Mr. Seiz's ventures. The company is linked to other ventures such as KaratBank, CashGold, and KaratPAY.

CashGold is a means of payment and exchange developed by the company itself. It has security features and is said to be counterfeit-proof. It is available on the website, and can also be purchased at K-Exchange partners. Pay online via KaratPay. This KaratBars very own platform where clients can transact using CashGold.

Is KaratBars A Pyramid Scheme?

I suggest you be wary of trusting Karatbars with your money because of the seemingly contradictory information it presents to the consumers. There are plenty of red flags which point to this company that some analysts have labeled Karatbars a pyramid scheme.

First, Karatbars has presented fraudulent evidence regarding the licenses of its gold mines in the African countries of Guinea and Madagascar. Thus, the products it offers are based on thin air. The compensation plan is also complicated and confusing.

Success is Rare at KaratBars

Gold has been used as a currency since time immemorial. Its significance as a currency over the years has not diminished, and plenty of people around the world are still willing to invest in this precious metal.

But investing in gold is not for everybody, and it can even be risky. According to Forbes Magazine, gold doesn't have an interest and you will not gain any dividends when you invest in gold. There's no assurance that its value will increase over time, and if you're thinking that it will protect you from inflation in the future, then think again.

The risks of investing in gold only increase when it is coupled with cryptocurrency investment, just like what Karatbars is doing.


How Much to Join KaratBars?

Joining Karatbars is free. But if you want to earn commissions, then you're required to buy a Business Package to jumpstart your career as an affiliate.

The Bronze Package costs €150. This starter kit contains a 0.1g Cashgold, an image brochure, a pin, gold brochure, and two profit card. It also includes a K-Exchange brochure, a Sticker K-Exchange, a Branding Card Brochure, a Presentation, and a Compensation Plan.

The Silver Package costs €699. It contains all the contents of the Bronze Package with some notable exceptions, such as six profit cards, and one classic card.

The Gold Package costs €1,493. It contains a CashGold, an image brochure, pin, and gold brochure. It also contains multiple profit cards, K-Exchange brochures, classic cards, branding card brochures, and Sticker K-Exchange. Compensation plan and presentation included.

Karatbars VIP Package costs €3,017. It contains a CashGold, an image brochure, pin, and gold brochure. It also contains multiple profit cards, K-Exchange brochures, classic cards, branding card brochures, and Sticker K-Exchange. Compensation plan and presentation included.

Keep in mind that the total price will depend on the daily value of gold. These packs, however, are not available in all countries.

What is KaratBars's Compensation Plan?

Karatbars offer several compensation options for their affiliates. Let's talk about these income options below.

* Unilevel Bonus

Earn points for each sale you make as a Karatbars distributor. This bonus is based on your sales or your downline's sales. €2 is equal to one point, while €100 is equal to 50 points.

You will also be eligible for a rank when you hit certain points in a specific period. Check out Karatbars hierarchy below.

* Generation Bonus

* Double Income

Earn double commissions on your first six weeks as a new Karatbars affiliate. This will be based on your direct sales of products within the 3D Metal Card product line.

But you are free to exchange this commission for a free Karatbars business package. Valid only after six weeks from registration.

* Direct Commission

Earn 10% on your first level, 3% on your second level, and 2% on your third level.

* Dual Team Bonus

Earn a dual team bonus when one side of your downline earn 25 units, while the other side earns 50 units. The payouts may go up to 180,000 every week.

* Matching Bonus

Earn a weekly payout from the cycles of your downline.

* Auto Save

Get paid in gold and cash when you make an automatic purchase. The total amount of converted gold will hinge on your commissions.

* Loyalty Bonus

You and the affiliates in your downline must buy at least 1 gram of gold from your accounts every month. You'll need to make this purchase regularly and over a certain period to qualify.

Some of the incentives you'll receive include the Karatbars Leather Bag, Ball Pen, Bracelet, and Rolex. Other incentives includes luxury cars and prime property.

Learn more about KaratBars compensation plan here.


What Products Does KaratBars Offer?

* Classic Karatbar

This 1 gram gold bullion encased in a special Karatbar card. According to the company, this product is perfect for people who want financial independence, as well as those who want to secure their future during an economic downturn.

The "bars" can also be bartered or used as a means of payment. Price starts from €64.61.

* Country Karatbar

A small gold bullion is also encased in a Karatbar but with one difference. Instead of the regular Karatbar designed cards, you'll get a specially designed card depicting the flag and important landmarks of a country.

Price starts at €69.61.

* Collector Karatbar

Commemorate your favorite celebrity or an event with the Collector Karatbar. The card contains small gold bullion. The picture of celebrities, events, and other topics are printed on the front-facing portion of the card.

Price starts from €84.61.

* Special Karatbar

The Special Karatbar is perfect as a birthday or wedding gift. Ideal for anniversaries, graduations, Christmas, and other special occasions. Like the products above, they contain one small gold bullion. It comes with a specially designed card that matches the occasion.

Price starts at €74.61.

* Create Your Own Card

Design your own cards with Karatbars. Each card has one gram gold, but you can request for unique designs to go with your card. Ideal as birthday, anniversary, or wedding gifts.

Simply email your preferred layout to Karatbar, plus any photos, logo, or dedication you want to be included in the card, and the company's designers will take care of it.

What I Like About KaratBars

* Fantastic website

KaratBars has a great website. It is uncluttered, easy to navigate, and all the information prospective investors need are easy to find on the website. It's easy to find the company's products, as well as how you can register if you want to become an affiliate.


What I Don't Like About KaratBars

* Karatbars or any of its affiliate companies are not registered with the German BaFin

According to its website, Karatbars is based in Stuttgart, Germany. But according to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), neither Karatbars nor any of its affiliated companies (KaratBank, KaratPay, etc.) are not registered with the German equivalent of Securities and Exchange Commission.

In fact, in 2015, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority had warned investors that the company is not authorized to operate and conduct business activities.

* Inconsistencies in KaratBars' stories

In summer of 2018, KaratBars opened the first Karatcoin Bank in Miami, Florida. The problem, however, is that there's no trace of KaratCoin Bank's presence anywhere in Miami even though it has been a year since the launch. Plus, the building which supposedly houses KaratCoin Bank's office is leased by Regus, a company which rents shared and virtual offices.

Another problem with KaratBars' story is that it cannot back up its claims that it has gold reserves in the African countries of Madagascar and Guinea. In fact, gold mines in Guinea are not affiliated with KaratBars. A license presented by the company turns out to be the license of another mining companies in Madagascar.

Is Karatbars A Scam?

To sum it up, KaratBars is a company that sells small gold bars that encased in plastic cards. Consumers have the option to purchase regular cards or they can have it customized. These cards can be used as gifts or memorabilia.

KaratBars also owns entities such as KaratCoin Bank, KaratPay, K-Exchange, and more. It is based in Stuttgart, Germany, but it allegedly has an office in Miami, Florida. It sources its gold from Guinea and Madagascar, but its gold refinery is located in Turkey.

But there is a lot more to KaratBars than meets the eye.

There are a lot of issues with KaratBars, chief among them is the fact that the German equivalent of the SEC warned the buying public that this is not authorized to operate or conduct business back in 2015.

It also cannot back up its claims about its partner mines in Guinea and Madagascar. Its KaratCoin Bank's office is purportedly in Miami, but up until now it can't be found on Google Maps. The office was said to be rented from Regus, a company that offers co-working spaces and offices.

For your peace of mind, it's best not to invest your time and money with KaratBars.


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