Have you been recently approached to join Le-Vel and are wondering if it's a scam or pyramid scheme.

First off, congrats on having the intelligence to research this opportunity before joining - there's definitely a lot to know about this company.

You'll learn everything you need to know about Le-vel in this review like company information, compensation plan, price to join and more.

You'll know if this company is right for you by the time you're done. 


Le-Vel Thrive Summary

Company: Le-vel Thrive

Price to join: Price to buy products to sell

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Le-vel Thrive is a MLM company that's in the health and wellness market. There products are pretty unique (although I've reviewed similar in the past) and this company has grown pretty large in the last few years.

However, most people lose money promoting Le-vel products instead of making money and for this reason I DON'T recommend working for them. 

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What is Le-Vel Thrive?

What is Le-vel? Le-Vel is a MLM company that's based in America. They've been around since 2013 and are one of the bigger MLM's out there.

How do you make money with Le-vel? You make money with this company through the MLM model (recruitment + retail sales). Basically you get paid on all the products you sell, plus the amount the people in your downline sell and through extra bonuses. This may sound like a good idea on paper but it's extremely flawed and I'll go more into this in the next section. 

What products do they sell? Le-Vel sells various nutritional products ranging from skin patches, supplements, drink and coffee mixes and more.

Who founded Le-vel? The founders are named Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. These two have experience running MLM's in the health field with Camper being the founder of IsXperia and Gravette founding Xyngular. 

Are there any lawsuits? The only lawsuits I could find was Le-Vel suing a blogger for their review of them. The case was thrown out and Le-Vel was ordered to pay the costs of lawyers. 

Similar Companies: Lifewave, IsXperia, Isagenix, Purium

Is Le-Vel A Pyramid Scheme

Not exactly but it is close.

Look at the picture below to understand what I mean:

This is what part of the MLM compensation structure looks like and it's the part that revolves around recruitment.

A pyramid scheme is when the only way to make money is through recruitment and there really isn't any real products being sold.

The main difference between Le-Vel and a pyramid scheme is there's real products and you can technically earn commissions by selling directly to customers without recruitment. 

Ask anyone that is successful with a MLM or Le-Vel and they'll tell you the money is in recruitment, however.

Success With Le-Vel Is Rare

MLM is a horrible way to make money and is about as flawed as legally possible.

The reason I saw this is because it involves selling expensive (luxury) products, requires you to recruit people to sell under you (hard to do) and often times leads to you bothering friends and family.

When you combine those three things you get most people losing money instead of making money. And the people that do make money make so little it doesn't justify the amount of work that was done.

If you want to see some eye opening MLM stats, take a look at this picture below:

These numbers are so horrible and I promise you you're better than this. You can find better ways to make money than with a MLM.

Price To Join Le-Vel

Le-Vel is apparently free to join.

However, you will need to buy products to sell and to give out as samples. This will likely cost a couple hundred. 

They have starter packs that cost between $16 to $141. 

There's also another hidden cost. If you want to be eligible for MLM commissions (the commissions you get from recruiting people) you need to generate 200 PV in sales and maintain 100 PV in sales a month.

A lot of people resort to buying the products just to be commission eligible. 

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Le-Vel Compensation Plan

MLM compensation plans are always very complicated to understand. I've reviewed over a hundred in the last 6 months and each one is complex in it's own unique way.

They use jargon and what seems like made up language usually. 

Le-Vel isn't the worst compensation plan out there but it can difficult if you're unfamiliar with the terms. You can look at here, if you'd like. 

Below is a video that explains the entire thing:

I don't think it's important to know every single detail of Level's compensation plan and instead I'm going to highlight the most important parts. 

Retail Commissions:

The first way you can make money with this company is through selling Le-Vel products directly to customers. 

This doesn't require any recruitment and you get paid 20% of the Business Volume (BV) generated by retail customers. Business Volume is a value "to calculate overrides and commissions, based upon the wholesale price of the items for which over­rides and commissions are being paid."

Like I said, the jargon can be difficult to understand. 

Affiliate Ranks:

At Le-Vel there's 6 different affiliate ranks you can reach and you move from one rank to another through hitting certain goals (usually sales + recruitment goals).

Here's the different ranks you can be:

  • Promoter: You reach this level when you maintain 100 Pv of sales a month.
  • 4K VIP: Maintain 100 PV a month, recruit 2 affiliates and have a downline generating at least 4000 GV a month. 
  • 12K VIP: Maintain 100 PV a month, personally recruit 2 affiliates and have a downline generate 12,000 GV a month. 
  • 40K VIP: Maintain 100 PV a month, personally recruit 4 affiliates and generate 40,000 GV. 
  • 80K VIP: Maintain 100 PV a month, personally recruit 4 affiliates (at least) and generate 80,000 GV a month.
  • 200K VIP: Maintain 100 PV, personally recruit 4 affiliates and have a downline that generates 400,000 GV a month. 

The truth is most people won't get past the first rank, let alone get to the 6th.

​Residual Commissions: 

This is where you'll be making the majority of your money and the compensation structure is paid out in an unilevel structure:

Residual commissions mean you get a percentage of all the sales below you and how many levels you can earn from depends on your affiliate rank (you can earn up to 8 levels).

Smaller Bonuses

There's smaller bonuses you can earn like unilevel matching bonus, car bonus and a couple other as well. 

These really aren't that important in the beginning and you'll want to pay attention to them the more progress you make. 

Le-Vel Products

Le-Vel offers various health and wellness products that some people may find interesting. 

Here's the various products/programs they offer:

Thrive Experience

This is a 8 week program and comes with various supplements, shake mixes and skin patches. There's a Thrive Experience package for men, women, weight management and more. 

The packs cost anywhere from $100 to $200. 

Thrive Plus

Thrive Plus is where you go to buy products individually and not in packages. For instance you can buy skin patches that help with skin, weight loss, mental ability, wellness and more.

You can also buy different drink mixes and supplements here.

You even get the option to purchase snacks called Thrive Bites. 

Thrive Fit

Thrive Fit is products that are geared specifically for fitness and exercise.

There's three products here:

  • Thrive Fit Circulate
  • Thrive Fit Build
  • Thrive Fit Recover

Thrive Skin

There's also various skincare products like soaps, charcoal mask and a kit for your face. 

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Remember You Have To Sell This Stuff

At the end of the day you'll have to sell the products that Le-Vel offers and your downline is also going to have to sell these products. 

People definitely buy this kind of stuff. I'm not going to make any claims about how effective they are or if they work but health and wellness is a multi billion dollar market. 

Do I think you'll have an easy time selling $100 skin patches? Probably not. 

You also have to keep in mind that health and wellness is a very competitive market and most people already have their favorite products.

You'll not only have to convince them to abandon the products they've been using for years but to trust these expensive products work.

There's a reason most people don't make money with MLM and Le-Vel and this is definitely part of it

What I Like About Le-Vel

I don't recommend this company for you to join but there's a few things I like including:

  • Been around for a decent amount of time: MLM is a notoriously unstable industry and you can see MLM companies rise and fall in a matter of two years. You're stuck if this happens to you and you'll have to start over. Le-Vel has shown it's going to stick around and it seems to be growing more and more. 
  • Experienced leadership: You can actually take it as a bad sign that the owners have been involved in previous MLM's because it shows they just jump from opportunity to opportunity. However, it also means they have experience in MLM's and hopefully learned things along the way.
  • Interesting products: I personally wouldn't buy anything at Le-Vel and I have no clue if they work but they're at least different. Not everyday you see skin patches that are designed to give you health benefits.

What I Don't Like About Le-Vel

There's definitely more that I don't like here than do like and the main things I don't like are:

  • Low success rates: MLM's suck. Many people are waking up to this fact too. It rewards the wrong things (recruitment) and most people just lose money, not make any. MLM's tend to promise the world but rarely ever deliver anything substantial. 
  • Expensive products: The last section I said the products are interesting but I don't think they're interesting enough to cost $100. You might run into problems trying to sell products that expensive. 
  • Possibility of you having to buy products to be commission eligible: In order to profit off your recruits you need to have a certain amount of products sold a month. It's hard to move products in the beginning which means you'll more than likely end up buying products just to be commission eligible. 
  • Bothering friends and family: One of the worst parts of a MLM is you'll more than likely have to bother friends and family to make sales and to recruit. This literally ruins relationships. In fact, most people quit MLM's because they don't like selling to friends and family. 

Is Le-Vel A Scam?

You came to learn if Le-Vel was a scam and I don't think it is one.

I do, however, think it's a horrible way to make money and you'll probably just end up losing money.

That doesn't mean Le-Vel is a scam, though. They have real products, a compensation plan and it's up to you to make it work.

Are the cards stacked against you? Absolutely. They are in every MLM.

This is why I never recommend a person join a MLM - it's just too hard to succeed. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

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