Are you thinking about joining Legends VIP Network and wondering if it's a scam?

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Legends VIP Network Summary

Company: Legends VIP Network

Price to join: $147

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Legends VIP Network is a streaming service that most likely operates illegally by broadcasting pirated content. 

This company is also a MLM and allows people to sign up to sell their services and earn commissions. I don't recommend that you join Legends VIP Network because the success rate is going to be low and this opportunity is a pyramid scheme. 

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What Is Legends VIP Network?

1) What is Legends VIP Network? Legends VIP Network is a MLM that's in the steaming niche. It was started in 2019 and streams shows from USA TV, NFL, MLB, NBA, Formula 1 and more. Nowhere on the website does it say if it has rights to stream these channels (it probably doesn't).

2) Who runs Legends VIP Network? The website doesn't say who runs the company but does feature a known MLM'er named Val Smyth. He's headed various short lived MLM's called Total Takeover, The Elite Networker and Mentoring Millionaire. All have eventually collapsed and are now defunct. 

3) How do you make money with Legends VIP Network? Like I mentioned before this company is a MLM. This means you sign up to be an affiliate and you get a commission everytime you recruit someone into the system. Usually there's retail commissions with MLM's but there doesn't seem to be that here. 

4) Is this legal? Promoting the services probably is but Legends VIP Network most certainly is operating illegally by streaming pirated content.

5) Are there any similar companies? TVizion operated in a very familiar fashion and was eventually sued by Dish Network. Eventually TVizion was ordered to pay 5.9 million as a result

Is Legends VIP Network A Pyramid Scheme?


And this is coming from someone that doesn't like to throw around the term pyramid scheme (I usually just say MLM's have elements of a pyramid scheme but aren't straight up pyramid schemes). 

To understand what I mean look at the picture below: 

Anytime you have a system that revolves around recruitment, it looks like the picture below. You make money based on your position in the pyramid and how early you got in, not how hard you work. 

Now, most MLM's have a retail option where you can sell the companies products without recruiting. 

But as far as I can tell there's not an option to sell Legendary VIP Network's streaming service and you can only make money through recruitment.

This is pyramid scheme 101 and could be flagged by the FTC as one. 

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It's Hard To Succeed With MLM's

Because of how MLM's are set up it's extremely hard to succeed with them. As a result most people just end up losing money (some studies show 73% to 99% lose money).

This is horrible and makes MLM's one of the worst ways to make money. 

It's even worse with Legends VIP Network because there's not an actual product to sell and the only way to make money is through recruitment.

Recruiting is extremely difficult and you're going to have a very hard time finding enough people to create a profitable downline. 

Check out the graph below if you want to see some more eye opening MLM stats:

As you can see you'll want to avoid not only Legends VIP Network but all MLM's. 

How Much To Join?

There's two prices at Legends VIP Network: the retail price to stream the channels and the cost to become an affiliate.

The streaming service costs $39.99 a month which you'll have to pay for and there's a $100to become an affiliate and be eligible for recruitment commissions.

For some reason you have to pay $47 for the first month when you're an affiliate and $39.99 after that. 

So right off the bat you'll have to pay $147 and then pay $39.99 each month after. 

Remember, though, you can only make money by getting people to sign up as an affiliate and not just a retail customer (pyramid scheme). 

What Is The Compensation Plan?

The compensation plan for Legends VIP Network is known as a 1-up compensation structure (which I'll explain in one second).

The commissions structure is unilevel and looks like the following:

You get $100 everytime you recruit someone into the system.

The 1-up compensation part kicks in when your personally recruited affiliate goes on and recruit's someone.

The commission of the first person your recruited affiliate recruits gets passed up to you.

So you recruit someone and get $100. That person goes on to recruit someone and you get that $100 too. 

Legends VIP Network Product

The product at Legends VIP Network is pretty straight forward - it's a streaming service that gives you access to different channels and events. 

Now, nowhere on Legends VIP Network's website does it say it has a license or contract to stream these channels and this leads me to believe the content is pirated.

This isn't anything new and you can by a streaming box and there's several different programs where you can pirate content.

Is it illegal for you to stream and own one of these boxes? I'm not entirely sure but it's definitely illegal to be one of these companies that does the streaming. 

Another thing to consider is these streaming services get shut down all the time. Most don't last more than a year and can get sued for millions of dollars. 

You certainly don't need to apy $39.99 per month for one of these streaming services. 

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What I Like About Legends VIP Network

There's nothing that I like here.

What I Don't Like About Legends VIP Network

There's way more not to like here and the main things I dislike are:

  • Low chance of success: MLM's are a tough business and most people just end up losing money. There's just not a lot of opportunity in these kinds of schemes.
  • Money based on recruitment: If you could make money just selling the streaming service without having to get people to sign up as an affiliate this would be a different story. By only being able to make money by recruiting means it's a pyramid scheme and most people will just end up losing money.
  • Illegal pirating: Another thing to mention is pirating tv is illegal. It may not be illegal for you to stream but the company is acting illegally and will eventually be shut down. 
  • Recruiting friends and family: The worst part about MLM's is not that you lose money. The worst part is you have to rope friends and family into the scheme and that can hurt close relationships. 

Is Legends VIP Network A Scam?


There's a lot of MLM's that come close but aren't scams - instead they're just bad business opportunities. 

Legends VIP Network is different, though. Usually a MLM has a product you can make money off of without having to recruit and they offer more money for recruitment.

Legends VIP Network is a legit pyramid scheme and I would avoid this company like the plague. 

Is Legends VIP Network A Scam?

Hopefully by now you've decided Legends VIP Network isn't for you.

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