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If you're interested in MLM but you don't want to sell makeup and diet pills, then this Life Leadership (or Life) is for you.

But you're wary that this might turn out to be another scam, so you're investigating whether it is one or not.

Well, you've come to the right place because today we're going to give you the lowdown about Life Leadership, who owns it, what it offers, and whether it is a scam or not.

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Life Leadership Summary

Product: Life Leadership

Price to join: $19.95

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Life offers videos, books, and audios that promises get you out of debt and help you control your finances. You can simply be a Life Leadership customer. But if you want to earn more, you can also sign up to become an affiliate and sell Life educational materials and tools.

But is this a worthwhile venture or do you need to get a life and look for better opportunities elsewhere? Find out more below.

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What Is Life Leadership?

Thousands of credit card debts. A student loan that you won’t be able to pay until you're well over your 30s. An empty savings account. If this sounds like your predicament, then you're not alone. Millions of people around the world are also in the same sorry situation, and things are not getting better.

That's why many Americans turn to finance gurus and books about financial literacy in hopes of solving their financial problems. One of the organizations that offer such products is Life Leadership. This organization was founded in 2011 by Orrin Woodward, Dan Hawkins, Chris Brady, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis, Tim Marks, and George Guzzardo.

The men's respective spouses have also joined the organization over the years, and now work as fellow content creators. Two of the newest members/content creators are Thierry and Marie-Maud Laplanche and Rob and Kenyon Robson.

So, what does Life Leadership offer? Is true that it help you break free from debt and control your finances?

Life Leadership aims to educate its members on how to get out of debt and better manage their finances through books, audio, videos, and events created by the organization's leaders. Life Leadership products are divided into different categories: financial development, professional development, and personal development. The training programs and materials are ideal for people who are in sales or even ordinary people who just want to ensure that their finances are on the right track.

Apart from training materials, Life Leadership also offers tools that can help people monitor their credit, track expenses, and more. The organization also holds live events around the world.

Life Leadership’s first headquarters was located in beleaguered Flint, Michigan. The organization has since relocated to Cary, North Carolina in 2014.

There are two ways you can earn some extra cash as a member of Life Leadership. The first way is to sell Life Leadership products and tools. The second way is by recruiting others to become a Life Leadership affiliate. By the way, we have discussed Life Leadership’s compensation plan and products below, so read on to learn more about this organization.

Is Life Leadership a Pyramid Scheme?

Life Leadership's founders and content creators have a strong MLM background. In fact, Woodward and Brady cut their teeth on Amway and Quixtar as independent business owners before a contentious lawsuit put a rift between the companies and the former IBOs. So, it's not surprising that they had carried on the tradition and patterned Life Leadership after Amway's network marketing business model.

But the big question is: is Life Leadership a pyramid scheme? The simple answer is no, it is not a pyramid scheme. Having an MLM business model does not necessarily mean an opportunity is a pyramid scheme.

First, Life Leadership offers several products its affiliates can offer their customers. Second, affiliates are compensated mainly from sales and not from recruiting others to their team.

Success is Rare at Life Leadership

Success, however, is rare at Life Leadership. You only have to look at this income disclosure statement to find out why this is so.

Take a look at the data. The majority of Life’s affiliates are stuck on the student rank (37%). Between February 2015 to January 2017, a Student’s average monthly income only reached $0.05 (for apprentice and non-qualified members) and $21.67 (for customer qualified member).

Coordinators were some of the highest earners with an average monthly income of $5,592.74 (for apprentice and non-qualified members) and $7,231.03 (for customer qualified member).

According to Life Leadership itself, the majority of the organization's affiliates only earned an average monthly income of $56.43. Customer qualified members, on the other hand, earned $783.76 every month.

Keep in mind that more than half of Life members did not continue after their first year. In fact, nearly half of the affiliates did not earn anything at all.

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How Much to Join Life Leadership?

If you want to become a Life Leadership member and earn commissions from promoting the organization’s training materials, you need to pay $19.95. This is a one-time annual fee.

If you wish to continue as a Life Leadership affiliate, you need to pay another $19 every year. The one-time membership fee goes down to $15 if you opt for auto renew.

To become a successful Life Leadership affiliate, the organization provides monthly training audios. Affiliates will also have customized emails and personalized web pages so they can market the organization’s products better. They are also provided web and mobile apps to track their business sales, as well as show Life Leadership presentation to customers. Affiliates have access to Life Training radio station, Life Line mobile communications app, and Life Training video library.

What is Life Leadership's Compensation Plan?

Here are some of the ways you can earn extra money when you become a Life Leadership affiliate.

The 16 (and ½) Ways of Making Money

Some of the ways you can earn money with Life Leadership include the retail sales commission, customer pool bonus, cumulative customer bonus, and the “3-for-free” customer referral program. You can also earn more by increasing your personal volume, customer volume, and group volume. affiliates can get a personal bonus customer bonus and differential bonus.

Other incentives include scholarship development bonus, product scholarship program, Fun in the sun cruise, balance business bonus, and leader bonus. Climb the ranks so you can get annual cash awards and depth bonuses.

Rank Achievement

Life Leadership affiliates are ranked as follows:

Student 150 through Student 8000
Senior Performer
Senior Coordinator
Senior Advisor
Life Coach
Executive, Double, Triple, Crown, and Crown Ambassador
Life Coach

Retail Sales Contest

Sell a lot of Life Leadership products to get retail sales incentives. Some of the incentives include cash, a 3-night stay at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Resort in Arizona, and a 4-night stay at an exclusive hotel in Hawaii.

Check out this page to learn more about Life Leaderships compensation plan.

Check this out to learn more about Life Leaderships compensation plan.

What Products Does Life Leadership Offer?

Life Leadership offers several "products." These include:

The Life App

Pretty strange product for an organization such as Life Leadership. The Life app allows users to receive cash incentives and Life's virtual currency whenever you shop. The app also contains financial literacy advise that users can follow.

If you're a frequent customer of merchants such as Chipotle, IHOP, Domino's, Best Buy, and more, you'll find the Life App extremely useful. 'Dibs,' which is Life's virtual rewards is similar to frequent flyer miles. You can redeem dibs for purchases or trips.

You can also get coupons, rewards, and offers through the Life App. The app also partnered with Groupon so you can get offers in your area. According to its developers, the life app is secure it uses a localized encryption method, so you can use it like a regular debit or credit card to purchase with your favorite merchant.

The Life app also offers financial literacy programs to app users. Users have access to different financial services and tools through the app. This will help users get out of debt and have a better financial life.

Financial Fitness

Life leadership offers three different programs. These include:

Financial Fitness Basic Program ($109 to $164.99)

This program teaches you how to play offense, defense, as well as how to playfield when it comes to handling your finances. This program includes a book, a workbook, and eight audio files you can listen to any time, anywhere. This is also available digitally. All materials are available in French and Spanish.

Financial Fitness Master Class ($164.99 to $246.99)

This program includes 6 videos in 15 audio files. The Financial Fitness Master Class is ideal only if you have already purchased the Basic Program. This program is also available in French and Spanish. You can study it on your own or you can have your friends join in a group study. All videos and audios are available digitally, so you can watch and listen to the training materials at home or in the office.

Beyond Financial Fitness Program ($22 per month)

The beyond financial fitness program teaches you how to increase your earnings and how to grow various income streams. This package includes a book, an audio version of the book, a workbook, 2 DVDs, and audio files of the training materials. it also includes a bookmark and a decal.

When you sign up for financial fitness you'll get your website and take your custom assessment test. The financial fitness personal website allows you to build your profile share milestones with your audience post videos and photos and receive daily Info nuggets.

LLR Corporate Education Program

The LLR Corporate Education program offers different subscription options. this is based on the book entitled Launching a Leadership Revolution. This program is designed for employers who want to develop their employees’ existing leadership skills and innate talent. The LLR Corporate Education Program has three different courses. Each of the courses has six sessions. You can choose to purchase one course or you can purchase all the courses (a total of 18 sessions).

The program also includes books and audios developed by Life Leadership creators.

Total Personal Development

Some of the products included in the Total Personal Development course include Life Leadership, the Edge Series, Rascal Radio, Freedom, Total Access, and All Grace Outreach.

Subscribing to Life Leadership costs $22 per month, and you need to shell out $11 per month for the Edge Series. Rascal Radio costs $22 per month, while Freedom has an annual subscription of $11. Total Access costs $82.50 for a single subscription or $160 for a monthly subscription. All Grace Outreach costs $27.50 per month.

Click here if you want a comprehensive look on Life Leadership’s products.

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What I Like About Life Leadership

Affordable membership fee

If you want to become a member of Life Leadership and earn commissions, you only need to pay $19.95. This is a one-time annual fee.

If you want to continue being a member of Life Leadership, you need to shell out another $19 for the annual membership fee. You need to pay $15 when you set your membership to auto-renew.

This is one of the lowest registration fees we've covered thus far.

The wide selection of products

Life leadership offers a wide selection of educational materials and tools for members and customers. It offers books, videos, and audios that covers different topics from financial security to personal development. If you're the type of independent business owner who likes variety so you and your customers won’t get bored, then life leadership products are definitely for you.

No-questions-asked, 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee

If you don't like Life Leaderships product, then rest assured that you will get your money back after requesting a refund. This is one of the few companies that offers no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. But make sure to read the fine print before you request for a refund as conditions apply.

What I Don't Like About Life Leadership

Complicated compensation plan

The good thing about life leadership is that there are so many ways you can earn commissions and bonuses. In fact, there are 16 and a half ways Life Leadership members can be compensated. There's your regular retail sales commission, cumulative customer bonus, and customer pool bonus. Some of the bonuses include scholarship development, personal, customer, and differential bonus.

But affiliates can get bogged down in details, and not all of them will qualify for such incentives. This compensation plan is not for everyone, especially beginners. It is only ideal for people who have years of experience in MLM so they can easily understand what they're getting themselves into.

This type of business is not for everyone

Let's face it. MLM is not for everyone. People sometimes sign up as affiliates of MLM companies because of different reasons. Many were enticed to join MLMs by smooth-talking affiliates with promises of wealth and financial freedom. Others have trouble saying ‘no’ to pushy friends and family members.

They sometimes fail to take into account their lack of experience and their lack of skills or talent in selling. Some are not even interested in the products they are selling and are just in it for the money. That's why so many people fail in this market, and that's why MLM is not for everyone.

Is Life Leadership A Scam?

No, Life Leadership is not a scam. It is a legitimate business that has been around since 2011. The founders of Life Leadership have years of experience with MLM as they were formerly Amway and Quixtar affiliates, so you can rest assured that they know what they are doing. Amway and the founders of Life Leadership parted ways in 2007, but the rift had not been on good terms.

On the plus side, Life Leadership has an affordable membership fee and a wide variety of products you can sell. You don’t need to keep an inventory to start selling Life Leadership products. Plus, Life Leadership offers no-questions-asked 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

But nothing is perfect, and not every opportunity is suitable for everyone. Life Leadership has a comprehensive but complicated compensation plan. If you want to keep things simple and easy to understand, then this opportunity is not for you.

Network marketing or MLM is not for everyone. Before signing up as a member, take into account your experience in sales, as well as your skills and talent. If you’re the shy, introverted type, then selling is not for you. If you don’t want to bother people or you loathe being pushy, then find another opportunity to earn money.

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