If you're here you're probably wondering if Lifewave is a legitimate business opportunity or if it's a scam.

I'll answer that question in this post and you'll see Lifewave information, price to join, compensation plan, pros, cons and more.

By the time you're done reading you'll know exactly how I feel about this company and whether or not you should try and make money with them.


Lifewave Summary

Company: LifeWave

Price to join: $25 to start and up to $1499 for product packages

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommned? No

Summary: Lifewave is a company that sells various health products and their most popular product is their skin patches.

I'm not a scientist so I can't tell if you the products are legit but I do know a lot about these kinds of businesses. MLM's have a low success rate and you'll have a very hard time succeeding - I definitely don't recommend you joining this company.

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What Is Lifewave?

LifeWave is a company that sells different health and wellness products and this company was started in 2004. 

The owner is named David Schmidt and he's tried starting several MLM companies before LifeWave.

There's not too much in the history that's bad in LifeWave. Many MLM's have a ton of lawsuits and LifeWave and its founder seems to have avoided them so far.

But there's still a lot not to like with this company.

Is Lifewave A Pyramid Scheme?

Some people mistakenly call all MLM's a pyramid scheme but that isn't necessarily true. Some definitely are but others just have elements of a pyramid scheme.


Let me explain - look at the picture below:

This is how the commissions work with MLM's and Lifewave and is why all MLM's and Lifewave have elements of a pyramid scheme.

The definition of pyramid scheme is when your income relies on having to recruit people into a system. 

This is exactly what goes on with LifeWave. In order to make any real money you'll have to recruit people because you make commissions off your recruit's sales. When your recruit's recruit people you get a piece of their commissions too.

And it usually goes on for 5 to 7 levels. 

The reason this isn't an outright pyramid scheme is because you can make money from selling the products directly to customers. 

But ask anyone that has success in MLM and they'll tell you the money is in creating a downline. 

Success Is Rare With Lifewave

MLM's have a really, really low success rates. I mean REALLY low - only 1% of people that join a MLM actually make any money and the rest lose their money.


The reason for this is just how MLM's are set up. If you go back to the last section you'll see that only the top couple levels in the pyramid make any money.

The people at the bottom may work equally as hard but there's just not enough money for everyone to win.

So hard work really doesn't determine if you make money and your position in the pyramid does.

This is why I hate MLM's and don't recommend you join LifeWave. Only a handful of people are successful and the rest aren't. 

How Much To Join Lifewave

There's really only one thing that I like about MLM's in general and it's that it costs less to join a MLM than start a brick and mortar business.

Honesty I wouldn't recommend a MLM or starting a brick and mortar - brick and mortars cost on average a $100,000 and their success rate isn't that high.

But losing your initial investment to join a MLM is much less than $100,00.

Here's how much it'll cost to join LifeWave: 

$25 initial payment:

This is just the fee to join the company. It's mainly just meant to sort out the people that are serious about making money and the people just looking to exploit the discount for personal use. 

Product Packs:

You can't really make money with the $25 investment, though, and you'll need to buy one of the product packs too.

Here's the various product packs you can purchase:

  • Bronze - $99
  • Silver - $299
  • Gold - $499
  • Diamond - $1499

You're going to be pressured to buy the most expensive pack if someone is trying to recruit you into the system. If you are going to give LifeWave a shot make sure you start with the least expensive pack and see if this type of work is right for you.


What Is LifeWave's Compensation Plan

MLM compensation plans are always complicated and LifeWave is no different.

I have no clue why MLM's do this - they use complicated and what seems like invented language, different levels, and it's just hard to understand.

Part of me thinks it's made this way on purpose. 

If you want to know every detail of LiveWave's compensation plan, click below:

It's not really important to know every single detail, however.

Here's what you should know:

Retail profits:

The first way you make money is through retail profits and this just means selling directly to a customer. When you buy products from LifeWave you get a discount and you make money buy marking up the products to retail price.

Recruitment commissions:

You also earn money when you recruit people to sell under you. This is a one time payment you get and depends on how much your new recruit buys when they sign up.

Here's what you can earn:

Bronze - $25

Silver - $50

Gold - $100

Platinum - $150

Diamond - $200

Binary Commissions:

This is the pyramid scheme part of the whole system and where you'll be making most of your money. 

A binary commission structure looks like the following: 

You get a commission on each sale your team makes and how much you get relies on various factors. 

What Products Does Lifewave Offer?

I'm not really going to comment on the effectiveness of the products offered by LifeWave. I'm sure you can find people who love the products and people who hate them - you'll probably find Dr.'s who say they're fine and others calling them a scam.

I'm more going to focus on the price and what kind of products they offer. 

Here's each category:


This is LifeWave's most popular line of products and they have several different patches. They have patches that help with energy, aging, sleeping and more.

These patches range from $89 to $249.


Although they're not really known for their skincare products they do offer 3 different kinds of skin care products. They range from $79 to $199.

Nutritional supplements:

LifeWave only provides one supplement and they are supplements for your mood. They are VERY expensive and cost $179.


LifeWave's Products Are Pricey

At the end of the day you have to sell LifeWave's products or recruit people to sell LifeWave's products to make money.

While I think the patches are different and unique, they really don't do anything amazing. They supposedly give you energy or help you sleep, or "fight" anti-aging.

There's plenty of these types of products that work probably just as fine if not better and cost a fraction.

Most people would rather get their energy from a $3 coffee than a $90 energy patch. 

This is something that plagues many different MLM's. Besides just having sketchy products, they tend to be very expensive.

What I Like About Lifewave

I don't think you should join LifeWave but there's a few things I like which includes:

1) Interesting products: I have no clue whether the patches actually do what they say they do - they're probably overpriced and overhyped but they're interesting. If you're a good salesman you might be able to sell them.

2) No lawsuits that I could find: Many MLM's have several different lawsuits from the FTC and former workers. I didn't look too hard but I couldn't find anything bad in LifeWave's past.

What I Don't Like About Lifewave

There's definitely more that I don't like than I do like and here's the main things I don't like:

1) Low success rate: MLM's and LifeWave have extremely low success rates and on average only 1% succeed. That is WAY too low and should be all you need to know about MLM's.

2) Products are expensive: I do think LifeWave's products are unique but they're expensive. At the end of the day they have pretty normal results and paying over $100 for energy or good sleep seems high. 

3) Pretty expensive to join: It technically only costs $25 to join LifeWave but you'll need products to make money. The lowest is $99 and the highest is $1499. There's only two option in between those two. 

Is Lifewave A Scam?

I personally don't think Lifewave is exactly a scam - it's just not worth your time, energy or money.

At the end of the day, though, you pay for products and it's up to you to sell or recruit under you.

The cards are stacked against you and it's going to be almost impossible to make money but there's no indication that LifeWave steals your money or fails to payout. 

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

I don't think you should join LifeWave. I just don't think it's a good opportunity and you're most likely just going to lose your money. 

However, there's still plenty of ways to make money from home and online.

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