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If you've been approached to join Lurralife (previously O2 Worldwide) and want to know if it's a scam, this review is for you.

You'll learn everything you need to know about this company and whether it's a good opportunity for you.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if it's worth joining.


Lurralife Summary

Company: Lurralife

Price to join: Free but you must purchase products to qualify for commissions

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Lurralife is a reboot of a MLM called O2 Worldwide and this company sells various health and wellness products.

In terms of a business opportunity I think you should avoid Lurralife for a lot reasons. The main reason is it'll be extremely difficult to succeed and most people just end up losing their money.

Plus the business model requires you to bother friends and family which can put a strain on relationships.

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What is Lurralife?

You can learn a lot about a company based on who runs it. The founder of Lurralife is Dan Putnam and he's run a lot sketchy businesses in the past (mostly MLM companies).

Since 2012 Putnam has started a half dozen or so MLM's with one or two being legitimate with the rest being pretty much scams.

The two worst companies he's headed were One80 which was a ponzi scheme and Modern Money Team which is a scam company in the crypto niche. 

All these companies have failed and Lurralife is probably on the same trajectory as Putnam's last projects.

Lurralife itself is a reboot of a company called O2 Worldwide (Lurralife sells O2 Worldwide's flagship product called O2 Drops).

I never recommend joining a MLM but if you're deadset on joining one you need to find one that's going to be around for a while.

Many MLM's come and go in couple year span and if you're apart of one where this happens, you'll have to start over from the beginning. 

Is Lurralife A Pyramid Scheme?

Some people think all MLM's are pyramid schemes but that's not necessarily true. 

Having said that the founder of Lurralife has run legit ponzi schemes in the past.

Do I think Lurralife is a pyramid schemes? Close but not really.

Look at the picture below to understand what I mean:

This is how the commissions work at your typical MLM. As you can see it's shaped like a pyramid and your place in the pyramid is the biggest indicator of how much you're going to make.

A legit pyramid scheme is pretty specific, though, and Lurralife doesn't exactly meet the standards.

For example, in a pyramid scheme the only way to make money is with recruitment. While recruitment is what is mainly focused on with Lurralife, you can make money selling their products directly to customers without recruiting. 

Anyone that has success with Lurralife is focusing on recruiting, though.

So, again, Lurralife definitely has elements of a pyramid scheme but isn't quite one. 

Success Is Rare With Lurralife

Sometimes MLM's will release what is known as an income disclosure statement that shows how much people are making with the company.

It's never good and it always shows most people end up losing money.

You know what's worst than having a bad income disclosure? Not having one at all and that's the case with Lurralife.

My guess is the numbers are worst than the typical MLM so they'd rather not share the numbers.

Here's some stats about MLM's that should make you not want to join one:

  • 73% of people the join a MLM lose their money
  • Half of the people that do make money make less than $5000 for the entire year (a few hundred a month)
  • 39% quit MLM's because they were forced to sell to friends and family and it made them uncomfortable
  • 62% of people that join a MLM say they will never join another one again 

There's definitely people making money with MLM's and some make a lot of money (millions). It's just so difficult and in a lot cases you have to sell your soul to make it work. 


How Much To Join?

Lurralife is technically free to join but there's a catch to this - you need to sell a certain amount of products before you're eligible to get your commissions.

So how do you get your commissions when you haven't sold enough products? You have to buy products.

A lot of MLM's have an autoship program where a certain amount of products are shipped to you every month. 

You are going to be pressured into joining the autoship program when you sign up and it could cost you a lot of money.

If you're having a hard time selling the products you'll just end up losing money every single month.

So again while it's technically free to join Lurralife you'll have to buy products from them every month. 

What Is The Compensation Plan?

MLM's historically have very complicated compensation plans and some can be over 20 pages long.

Lurralife is no different and they're compensation plan can be difficult to understand if you're not familiar with MLM jargon.

There's plenty of graphs and technical language used. If you want to see the entire compensation plan, watch the video below:

I don't think it's important to know every single detail of the plan and instead I'll summarize the plan for you.

Affiliate Ranks:

A big factor in how much you make at Lurralife is your affiliate rank. There's 9 different ranks and you have to hit certain goals to move up a rank.

For instance, the first rank is Free Associate and that's what you are when you sign up. You're not even qualified to earn commissions at this step.

To move to rank 2, Active Associate, you have to maintain a personal autoship order and have two retail orders each month.

To get to the third rank you must generate and maintain 15 PV a month (through autoship or retail sales) and recruit to Active Associate members under you.

If you wanted to hit the 9th rank you would have to:

  • Maintain 40 PV a month (autoship or retail sales)
  • Maintain two Active Associate members under you
  • Earn $50,000 in Sponsorship Volume for 5 weeks in a row.

The 9th rank is extremely hard to obtain and few people can reach that level. 

Retail Commissions:

You technically can make money by just selling Lurralife's product right to customers (even though the money is in recruitment).

You earn 50% on total sales volume.

Residual Commissions:

This is where the money is and is the money you make off your downline's sales and recruiting efforts. 

At Lurralife the compensation plan is binary and looks like the following:

How much you make depends on your downline's sales volume and your affiliate rank. You can earn anywhere from 5% of total sales volume to 10% of total sales volume. 

Matching Bonus:

A matching bonus is when you receive a commission for bonuses that your downline receive. 

This is done through a unilevel commission structure which looks like the following:

How much you earn depends on your rank and how many levels you have under you. 

For instance a One Star rank gets a 50% matching bonus on personally recruited members and nothing further.

A Black Star rank gets a 50% matching bonus on recruited members and 10% bonus on members 5 levels down from them. 

Rank Achievement:

This is the gifts/bonuses you get when you go from one rank to another. Some bonuses are as small as a certificate or wristband and the biggest bonus you can get is a "destination trip" with the Lurralife founders. 


What Products Are Offered?

If you're planning on working with Lurralife it's pretty important to know what you'll be selling.

Lurralife literally means earth life so you know what they're selling is going to be all natural.

There's not a ton of products offered by this company and they only have 4 products. They are:

  • Daybreak: Daybreak is an energy supplement
  • Nighfall: This product helps you fall asleep
  • O2: This is the main product and is a general health product
  • Thrive: This is a product that helps with heart health
  • Dr. Miller's Detox Tea: This is a tea that's designed to help your colon.

I have no clue if these products work as advertised. If I had to guess it would be that their health benefits are minimal. 

What I Like About Lurralife

There's not really much I like about this company and I definitely don't think you should enjoy. 

What I Like About Lurralife

There's more to not like here than to like and the main things that I don't like are:

  • Low success rate: Barely anyone that joins a MLM succeeds and there's nothing special about Lurralife that'll help you succeed. 
  • Autoship: In order to go up in rank and to get your commissions you'll most likely need to sign up for autoship. This can get pricey if you don't move products.
  • Bad leadership: The founders at Lurralife don't have a good track record and some of the leadership has been involved in legit ponzi schemes. 

Is Lurralife A Scam?

It's really close.

It may not be an outright scam but it's definitely a business opportunity that you should skip. 

The success rate is so low, the products aren't anything special and you'll more than likely just lose your money.

I would avoid Lurralife for sure.

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