Love cosmetics? Want to earn some extra cash? Then we've got a new and exciting company review for you.

Today we're going discuss a cosmetics company called MaskCara Beauty. This should be easy for all you ladies who are familiar with Avon or Mary Kay or other cosmetics company with an MLM business model.

We're going to delve deeper into what this company offers, its products, its compensation plan, as well as its various pros and cons.

Plus, we're going to determine whether this is a pyramid scheme or another MLM scam.

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MaskCara Beauty Summary

Product: MaskCara Beauty

Price to join: $199 or $399

Rating: 60/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: MaskCara Beauty is a Utah-based cosmetics company that uses an networking or MLM business model. It offers chic and affordable cosmetics with impressively modern packaging. Apart from the usual retail commission, there are other ways you can earn money when you join this company as one of its "artists." But is it a scam or is it legit? Learn more about this company below.

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What Is MaskCara Beauty?

If you're familiar with Avon, Mary Kay, Younique, and Oriflame, then MaskCara Beauty should be easy for you.

MaskCara Beauty is a cosmetics company with an MLM business model. As a customer, you can purchase these cosmetics online, as well as from your local MaskCara Beauty distributors. But if you're not content with just being a customer and you want to earn commissions, then you can apply to become a MaskCara Beauty Artist (this is the company's term for associates/distributors/affiliates).

The company sells a dizzying array of cosmetics, tools, and skincare products. Makeup fans will love its highlighters, contouring makeup, illuminators, bronzers, and setting powders. It also offers lip and cheek stains, as well as tins of eyeshadows.

Apart from cosmetics, it also offers the usual skincare products, such as toners, cleansers, moisturizers, and more. Makeup fans will love its double-ended brushes and nifty compacts that can be used to store eyeshadows and face makeup. It also offers fragrances and bundled merchandise.

MaskCara Beauty is the brainchild of makeup artist and beauty blogger Cara Brook. The company was founded in 2013, and is based in St George, Utah.

The company's flagship product is the IIID foundation. MaskCara Beauty claims that it has the power to mask blemishes, enhance your skin tone, and matches well with your skin tone.

Is MaskCara Beauty a Pyramid Scheme?

No, MaskCara Beauty is not a pyramid scheme. This is a legitimate company that sells cosmetics, makeup tools, fragrances, and skincare products. It has an MLM business model so you need to recruit other people to build your MaskCara Beauty business.

But that doesn't mean it is automatically a pyramid scheme. Operators of pyramid schemes usually don't have products to sell, or if they do, the quality is so dismal that distributors have trouble unloading them on the market. MaskCara Beauty has a lot of products its "Artists" can sell, and it seems that the quality of these products is fantastic.

Pyramid schemes also emphasized recruitment. Recruitment is a big part of MaskCara Beauty, but your primary income does not hinge on the number of people you enroll and their corresponding enrollment fee.

What is MaskCara Beauty's Compensation Plan?

MaskCara Beauty artists can be paid six ways. Take a look at the company's compensation plan below.

Retail Commissions

MaskCara Beauty Artists can purchase all products at wholesale prices and sell them to customers at retail prices. As an Artist, you can earn the difference between the wholesale price and retail price of the MaskCara Beauty products. This is the retail commission.

Artist-in-Training Bonus

MaskCara Beauty does not allow Artists to dive head-first into business without training. You will undergo a training period while you work to earn that 640 commission volume. You'll leave training after you earn 640 CV.

To be eligible for the Artist-in-Training bonus, you must be an active member, become an Elite and beyond, and help the Artists you have enrolled.

Enroller Bonus

Earn a 5% to 7% enroller bonus when you enroll new artists and help them succeed. This bonus is calculated based on the enrollee's personal CV. Keep in mind that you are eligible to receive this bonus for every level one team member you enroll. This is paid monthly.

Level Bonus

Receive bonuses when you bring in other Artists to build your team, as well as help your team members build theirs. You will be paid up to level five of the sales volume of your team.

Personal Leader Bonus

Artists who have reached the Influencer level immediately qualify for the Personal Leader Bonus. You can earn as much as 2% CV on your whole Personal Leader Group.

Generation Bonuses

Help one of your team members reach the Influencer rank to earn the generation bonuses. You can earn as much as a 3% CV generation bonus on that leg (the depth is unlimited.

MaskCara Beauty Ranks (from the lowest rank to highest)
Elite Ambassador
Top Ambassador
Elite Influencer
Top Influencer
Executive Director

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How Much Does It Cost To Join MaskCara Beauty?

There are two ways you can join MaskCara Beauty. First is by signing up as a Basic Artist, and the second is by joining as a Pro Artist. Note that you have to pay more if you decide to become a MaskCara Beauty Pro Artist.

The Basic Artist Kit costs $199. This kit includes several catalogs, host brochures, opportunity brochures, and postcards. These are marketing collaterals that you can use to promote MaskCara Beauty products or the company itself. 18 IIID foundation singles, powder, compacts, and other beauty tools are also included.

Now if you want to become a MaskCara Beauty Pro Artist, then get ready to fork out $399. Apart from the catalogs, brochures, postcards, and other marketing materials, you will also get an assortment of makeup tools, skincare products, and cosmetics in the kit.

There are two to become a MaskCara Beauty artist. First is by enrolling under a sponsor or artist. But if you don't know any MaskCara Beauty artists, you can simply register online even without one.

What Products Does MaskCara Beauty Offer?

Take a look at some of the cosmetics it offers.

Face makeup

This category includes a wide array of highlighters, contouring makeup, illuminators, setting powders, and bronzers. These face makeup are available in different hues that match your skin tone. Have dark skin? MaskCara Beauty has a highlighter, illuminator, and other face makeup that matches your skin tone.

Asian skin? Olive skin tone? Have pale skin? You'll find the face makeup that matches your skin color here. Plus, MaskCara Beauty offers several shades of lip and cheek tint. The colors range from pale pink to black cherry.

All makeup is stored in a beautiful tin decked out in modern graphics. This is not your grandma's makeup with its all-black plastic container.

Eye makeup

Get dolled up with MaskCara Beauty's wide range of eyeshadows. Whether you like to wear classic neutrals at work or dramatic dark colors for a night out with the girls, you'll find all your favorite colors here. According to MaskCara Beauty, these eyeshadows are highly pigmented and last longer.

MaskCara Beauty eyeshadows are available in glitters, shimmers, matte, and cream. Each eyeshadow is stored in a tin, and are available individually so you won't spend a fortune for a palette full of colors that you won't use.

Some eyeshadow tins cost $12, while others cost $14.

Skincare products

MaskCara Beauty helps its customers pamper their skin with their skincare products. Products under this category include MaskCara Beauty's lip conditioner, the Tres Leches Skin Care System, Setting Spray, MILK Toner, and MILK Moisturizing Creme. You can also purchase the MILK Cleanser, MILK Masque, and Microfiber Cloths.

MaskCara Beauty also offers MILK skincare products developed especially for men. These products are more expensive than MaskCara Beauty's face and eye makeup products. The price ranges from $16 to $140.

Makeup brushes and tools

MaskCara also offers compacts, brushes, and other tools to complete your makeup bag.

The compacts look like they are made of marble and were designed to fit eyeshadow tins. Some can fit in four eyeshadows, while double-decker compact can fit in 12 to 36 eyeshadow tins. This category also includes other products such as a clutch wallet and several makeup artist palettes.

You can also purchase MaskCara Beauty makeup brushes. These are not your ordinary brushes as they are double-ended. This lets you save space in your makeup kit.

MaskCara Beauty offers regular double-ended brushes for applying foundation, powder, bronzer, and blush. You can also purchase eyeshadow and brow brushes. It also offers a regular beauty blender.

Other products you can purchase from MaskCara Beauty include fragrances.

There are two to become a MaskCara Beauty artist. First is by enrolling under a sponsor or artist. But if you don't know any MaskCara Beauty artists, you can just register without having a sponsor.

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What I Like About MaskCara Beauty

The website has makeup tutorials!

If you're the type who spends a lot of your time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube or you don't know one thing about makeup, then you'll find the MaskCara Beauty website very helpful.

It features several video tutorials, including how to apply bright makeup, how to do a smoky eye, and how to contour your nose. It also features a makeover and other makeup tips.

You can also check out its tutorial on different eyeshadow techniques and the best way to contour your face.

The product quality is great and the packaging is fantastic

Whether it's the highlighter or the bronzer or the brushes, the quality of the MaskCara products is pretty impressive. The face makeup does cover blemishes, blends nicely, and enhances the skin tone.

The packaging is unique and pretty good too. The face makeup and eyeshadows are stored in a metal tin that easily fits inside the chic compacts MaskCara offers or in your tiny purse. The packaging is elegant and modern. This is not your grandma's makeup or even your mom's.

Different ways to earn commissions and bonuses

MaskCara Beauty offers different ways for its affiliates to earn commissions and bonuses. There's the retail commissions, artist-in-training bonus, and enroller bonus. Build a solid team of MaskCara Beauty Artists to earn additional bonuses, such as the level bonus, personal leader bonus, and generation bonus.

The products are reasonably priced

The price of the products is not at par with popular but inexpensive drugstore brands, but they're not beyond the reach of the ordinary girl either.

What I Don't Like About MaskCara Beauty

The MLM aspect of the business

I have nothing but praise for the company and its products. The product range and quality are fantastic. Plus, they are available in different colors, giving many ladies options when it comes to foundation and eyeshadow hues that match their skin color. Further, the packaging is just impressive. Anyone would buy MaskCara Beauty products in a heartbeat thanks to its beautiful packaging.

But it seems that MaskCara Beauty wants to be another Avon and Mary Kay, and that is where it falters. Sure, the MLM model may have worked for moms and grandmas, but millennials and Gen Z ladies would rather shop online or head over to Walmart or Sephora than join another MLM.

Is MaskCara Beauty a Scam?

No, MaskCara Beauty is not a scam. Its products are actually pretty impressive, and the prices are affordable too. Perhaps the biggest draw to these cosmetics is the packaging. The bronzer, contouring, and other face makeup are stored in beautifully designed tins that almost look like they are collectibles. The brushes are double-ended so you can save space in your makeup kit.

Plus the price is just right. If you're tired of Maybelline or Rimmel or Covergirl, but you're not quite ready for anything sold by Sephora, then these are the products for you.

But its MLM aspect doesn't do it justice. In the end, MaskCara Beauty "artists" will be reduced to chasing after friends, family members, and people they haven't talked to since high school in the hopes of making a sale or building their team.

Are MaskCara Beauty products worth your money? Yes, definitely. But success is rare when it comes to MLM, and MaskCara Beauty is no exception.

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