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Melius Summary

Company: Melius

Price to join: $45

Rating: 10/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Melius is a a trading company that trains people how to make money with Forex, crypto, and the blockchain.

With this subscription comes access to a trading app called iGoTrade where you invest money with Melius' trade signals. There's also another program called GoPro Forex that costs $3000 for a 90 day subscriptions (you supposedly earn returns through trading activities). 

The main problem here is Melius isn't registered with any regulatory agencies in any country which means it's most likely operating illegally (which means you can get in trouble for participating).

This is because Melius is lying about revenue and how money they make money, which would make it a ponzi scheme/pyramid scheme.

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Melius FAQ's

1) What is Melius? Melius is a Forex and crypto training company that also helps investors trade and earn returns. The CEO of the company is named Jeremy Prasetyo and this is his first time operating a MLM. 

2) How do you make money here? There's a few ways to make money here. The first way is to be a retail customer and take the trading courses. 

Then you pay thousands to get an account to trade on their GoPro Forex platform. Apparently you pay $3000 and get a $50,000 account to trade with (makes literally no sense).

The second option is to take advantage of the MLM opportunity and sell access to the retail products (you earn commissions when you do). 

Also, you'll get rewarded for recruiting people into the system and you'll earn on any money invested by your downline. 

This is a very flawed way to make money which I'll explain in a little.

4) Are there any red flag? Pretty much every part of this company is a red flag. First off, this company claims they make millions and millions from trading. 

If this is true why would they be wasting their time trying to get people sign up for a couple thousands? Wouldn't they just invest they capital they have into more trading?

The truth is the majority of the revenue comes from recruitment which is illegal.

This leads to the second major red flag - this company isn't registered with any government agencies. The reason for this is Melius would have to prove their claims with paperwork if they were.

They operate in 160 countries so they'd have to register and give paperwork to 160 different agencies!

The fact they're not registered anywhere means they're committing security fraud and you can be in trouble if you promote this company because of that. 

A third red flag is the address they give in the UK is a virtual address. Many scammers do this and it's meant to make the company look more legitimate.

The truth is there's really no way to know where this company is located from.

4) Are there similar companies out there? This company reminds me a lot of Crowd1. Both companies target Africa and have third party apps where you invest money. 

Is Melius A Pyramid Scheme/Ponzi Scheme?

It's both.

I'll tackle the pyramid scheme section first.

To understand what a pyramid scheme is, look at the picture below:

The picture above happens when recruiting is the only way to make money or the main way to make money.

There is a chance to make retail commissions by promoting Melius' products but recruiting is tied to this.

Once someone buys the course you get a cut of every dollar they invest into trading. This means you won't really be looking for retail customers - you'll just be recruiting people to invest. 

This is illegal.

This opportunity is also a ponzi scheme because Melius is lying about their trading activities. They're not making tens of millions from trading and instead (most likely) recruiting is the main source of income.

Recruiting schemes fail 100% of the time. The reason is recruiting eventually slows down and since there's no other revenue to pay everyone out with, no one gets paid.

The scheme collapses when this happens and most people lose money. 

Success Will Be Very Hard

MLM's are very, very hard to succeed with which Melius is. 

Even the very best MLM's that do everything right will have more people fail than succeed - the people that do make money usually don't make more than a couple hundred a month.

There's many reasons for this and the main reasons is the products offered are usually overpriced and recruiting is very difficult. 

This leads to 99% of people who join a MLM losing money.

Now Melius isn't even a legitimate MLM in my mind and is a typical ponzi/pyramid scheme.

This means the odds for success are even lower!

Because you have unethical people running the company there's even more at risk here. Most MLM's cost a couple hundred to join but this one will cost several thousands.

Add on to the fact Melius is targeting poorer countries and you really see how despicable a company like this.

Below is some more eye opening MLM's stats as well:

As you can see MLM's are not opportunities you want to get involved with. 

How Much To Join Melius?

To be an affiliate for Melius it will cost you $45 but there's more costs than that.

Remember the person that recruited you makes money when you invest money into the trading and when you buy one of their trading courses.

In order to get involved with their GoPro Forex platform you'll have to pay $3000 every 90 days.

Their courses aren't cheap either and they cost $450 to $1800 for monthly subscriptions (I'll go more into the products later on).

Additionally, in order to receive commissions you have to sell or personally invest 120 PV (personal volume that's equal to hundreds a month). 

So Melius will cost thousands to join which is a big problem considering this company will eventually fold or be investigated/sued. 

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Melius Compensation Plan

MLM compensation plans are very complicated and you almost need a law degree to understand what's going on.

I actually couldn't find the compensation plan for Melius on their site (red flag) but did find a video presentation explaining the whole thing.

It's 30 minutes long and you can watch it below:

I don't think it's important to know every single detail of this plan and instead I'm just going to summarize the main parts. 

Commission Eligibility:

Before you can earn any money with Melius you need to reach a certain amount sales per month. 

For some reason MLM's don't put thing in dollars and instead label it as PV (Personal Volume). In this case you have to sell 120 PV or invest 120 PV per month.

This would come out to $100+ a month. Most people just end up spending their own money in the first months just to stay eligible and most people never sell enough each month to make money. 

Affiliate Ranks:

At Melius there's 11 different affiliate ranks and you go from one rank to another by hitting certain goals. You also get different bonuses for going from one rank to another. 

The ranks are: 

  • IBO
  • Executive Team Trainer
  • Executive Team Leader
  • Executive Coordinator
  • Executive Director
  • Senior Executive Director
  • Vice President
  • Senior Vice PResident 
  • Ambassador
  • Senior Ambassador 
  • Crown Ambassador

It takes an incredible amount of effort to hit the last rank and would require recruiting multiple affiliates under you and having your team generate over 5,000,000 GV (Group Volume) a month. 

The truth is most people don't get past the first two ranks. 

Recruitment And Retail Commissions:

You get 20% commissions on all funds invested by retail customers and recruited affiliates. 

You get 10% commission on investments on second level retail customers and recruited affiliates. 

Residual Commissions:

Residual commissions is the money you make off your downline and how much you make depends on your affiliate rank and how much your downline sells.

The commission structure here is binary and looks like the following:

How much you can make is capped depending on your rank and here's the following caps with their rank:

  • Executive Team Trainers are capped at $4000 a week
  • Executive Team Leaders are capped at $8,000 a week
  • Executive Coordinators are capped at $16,000 a week
  • Executive Directors are capped at $20,000 a week
  • Senior Executive Directors are capped at $30,000 a week
  • Vice Presidents are capped at $40,000 a week
  • Senior Vice Presidents are capped at $160,000 a week
  • Ambassadors are capped at $400,000 a week
  • Senior Ambassadors are capped at $1,000,000 a week
  • Crown Ambassadors are capped at $2,000,000 a week

Various Bonuses:

There's smaller bonuses like the Matching Bonus, Rank Achievement Bonus, and Leadership Bonus. These are less important to know about and if you want to learn more about them watch the video up top.

Melius Products

At Melius there's 3 different training courses and packages for you to choose from. These products are basically there to get you in the door so you invest money (Melius' main source of income).

There's three packages to choose from and they are:

  • Melius Adventure - This is a Forex course and comes with trade strategies, analysis, daily live session and a video library ($450 for 90 days).
  • Melius Escape - This is a blockchain course that goes over coin analysis, weekly coin magazine, daily live cryptocurrency trading sessions and a video library ($450 for 90 days).
  • Melius Experience - This is a combination of the previous courses and costs $600 for 90 days, $999 for 180 days, or $1800 for 365 days. 

The other products this company pushes is the iGoTrade App and this comes with any of the subscriptions up top. 

Basically you trade on this app based on the signals you get in your subscriptions. 

There's also the GoPro Forex subscription where you get access to a $50,000 trading account for just $3,000. 

50% of the earning received on this training account you get to keep and 50% gets passed up the upline. 

Basically you have to earn more than $6000 with your $50,000 balance to break even.

What I Like About Melius


What I Don't Like About Melius

There's so much more here to not like than to like and the main things I dislike are:

  • Very expensive: You'll need thousands of dollars to make this work and even then you'll probably lose money.
  • Security fraud: This company isn't registered with any government agencies which is necessary if you're promoting a passive income stream. This company operates in 160 countries so there's a lot of trouble here if you promote Melius.
  • Low success rate: MLM's are almost impossible to succeed with because most people don't have a big enough audience to make a profit. There's only so many friends and family you can try to get to sign up.
  • Ponzi scheme: The reason this company doesn't register with agencies is because Melius doesn't want to hand over paperwork. If they did it would show they were lying about where the main revenue is coming from (recruitment no trading).

Is Melius A Scam?

I think it is.

There's a few things that make me believe this:

  • Not registered with regulatory bodies (illegal)
  • Targets poorer countries
  • Expensive
  • Business model makes no sense (why sell thousand dollar memberships when you're making millions with trading?).

I review these kinds of companies every single day and while there's some differences, they are all basically the same.

This company may seem confusing on the surface but it's not. The whole thing is a front to get you to recruit people into the system.

Eventually the company will collapse when recruiting stops and when this happens most people lose their money. Some will lose thousands and thousands.

The people at the top run off with millions and may or may not be targeted by law enforcement. 

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  • There are so many MLM’s out here and everything has a negative review. I think until you’ve actually been apart of the business you could judge it better. These business are not pyramid schemes(although I do understand the comparison) they’re just a way to help people become independent and make an income. I mean there was another trading course I saw that was 1$ and it made no sense because thats too cheap but his reasoning was he wanted multiple people to join so he can help them and in turn they help him. The world these days is all about making money. I’ve actually been doing some research into this company and this is actually the first bad review I’ve seen.


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