Mind.Capital is a crypto MLM and there's may similar companies that are almost identical to this one.

If you're thinking about joining or are being recruited to join, you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

If so, this post is for you.

You'll find everything you need to know about this company including background information, price to join, compensation plan and general overview.

You'll know exactly if Mind.Capital is legit by the time you're done.


Mind.Capital Summary

Company: Mind.Capital

Price to join: $100 minimum (paid in Bitcoin)

Rating: 0/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Mind.Capital is a MLM in the crypto niche that promises returns on investments. These returns are made through "secret algorithms" and you get money for recruiting people into the scheme.

The problem is there's no proof any returns are generated by this algorithm and it's more than likely revenue is coming from recruitment/new investment.

This makes Mind.Capital a ponzi scheme that is 100% guaranteed to fail (and most people lose their money).

Avoid at all costs.

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Mind.Capital FAQ'S

1) What is Mind.Capital? Mind.Capital is a Multi-Level Marketing company in the cryptocurrency market. Mind.Capital is based out of Spain and launched in December 2019.

The person running this company is Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo and he's a professional gambler (he came up with a system to beat roulette). 

There's more than likely other people behind the scene of Mind.Capital because Pelayo has no experience in MLM or crypto from what I can find. 

2) How do you make money here? The first way to make money here is to deposit Bitcoin and get a return (supposedly from their trading bot).

The second way to make money is to recruit people into the system and build a downline. You get a commission up to 10 levels below you.

Because there's not retail opportunity here this is a pyramid scheme which I'll explain in the next section. 

3) Are there any red flags? Loads of them.

The first red flag is there's no mention of this company being registered with any regulatory bodies in Spain. This means Mind.Capital is committing securities fraud and you can get it in trouble for marketing Mind.Capital. 

Another red flag is the claim Mind.Capital has a secret algorithm or trading bots making huge returns. 

If this were truly the case there wouldn't be a need for them to take $100 investments or reward people for recruiting (the real source of revenue).

They could just sit back and invest their own money and reap the rewards. 

4) Are there any similar products? There's many crypto MLM's with "secret trading bots" including Gominer, Weenzee (collapsed), Bittrain, Payasian, etc.

Mind.Capital Is A Pyramid Scheme?

Mind.Capital is a textbook pyramid scheme

The picture below is what a pyramid scheme is (which is illegal in basically all countries):

The picture above happens when the only way to make money is through recruitment and there's no product to offer separate from recruitment.

A lot of MLM's reward recruitment but also have a product you can sell without recruitment.

That doesn't exist in Mind.Capital. All you can do is recruit and you can't sell any products without recruitment.

This means only the people that get in early and recruit like crazy make money.

Mind.Capital A Ponzi Scheme?

A ponzi scheme is when you're misleading investors about where your revenue is coming from.

I've reviewed a lot of different crypto MLM's and all of them claim they have a secret bot or algorithm that gets high returns. 

There's two reason why this never turns out to be true:

  1. These companies never prove their revenue and aren't registered with any regulatory bodies where they'd legally have to prove revenue
  2. Mind.Capital could just invest their own money and make millions without recruitment.

Mind.Capital doesn't prove they have returns coming from their bots and they're not registered with Spain's security regulatory body (which is illegal and means they've never had to prove their claims).

Also, if they truly could get 1.5% daily returns they wouldn't be wasting their time with $100 investments.

The truth is there are no real investments which is why they pay people to recruit. New investment from new recruits is where the real revenue comes from and this makes Mind.Capital a ponzi scheme.

Ponzi schemes are illegal because they fail 100% of the time. When recruitment slows there won't be enough money to pay everyone out.

The scheme collapses when this happens and the owners run off with everyone's money (and usually never get prosecuted).  

MLM's Have Low Success Rates

The very best and completely legal MLM's have extremely low success rate and more people end up losing money than making money.

The people that do make money only tend to make a couple hundred a month as well.

MLM's are just a bad way to make money and Mind.Capital is the worst of the worst in terms of MLM's. 

It's going to be extremely difficult to find people that want to join. 

And this is such a terrible opportunity you wouldn't really want to find people to join. Do you really want to get your friends and family involved in a ponzi/pyramid scheme?

Below is some more eye opening MLM stats:

As you can tell all MLM's aren't worth your time.

How Much To Join Mind.Capital?

Mind.Capital costs between $100 to $100,000 to join.

You have to pay in Bitcoin and credit cards are accepted as well (must get converted into Bitcoin).

You're promised .5% to 1.5% daily returns and returns are paid in Bitcoin.

Mind.Capital Compensation Plan

Mind.Capital's compensation plan is 13 pages long but a lot of the material has nothing to do with the compensation plan. 

Basically you get paid for building a downline in a unilevel structure which looks like the following:

How much you earn and to what level depends on your ability to recruit and how much new recruits invest.

Below is the percentage you earn from each level:

Mind.Capital Products

There's no real products here that you can sell.

All you can do is sell the ability to invest while selling the ability to recruit.

What I Like About Mind.Capital

There's nothing I like here.

What I Don't Like About Mind.Capital

There's a lot here not to like and the main things I dislike are:

  • Pyramid scheme: The only way to make money here is to recruit and this means Mind.Capital a pyramid scheme. These are pretty much illegal everywhere and almost possible to make money with.
  • Ponzi scheme: There's no trading bot or trading algorithm here. All revenue comes from recruitment and new investment. This is ponzi scheme 101 and guarantees Mind.Capital will collapse.
  • Security fraud: Mind.Capital is also committing security fraud because they aren't properly registered with anybody. You can even get in trouble for promoting this company because of this. 

Is Mind.Capital A Scam?


This isn't even a unique scam either and I've reviewed a bunch of these companies in the past year.

They're pretty much all the same.

Each company claims they have some secret trading bot and they promise high returns for investment.

Here's the problem, though - why go after small $100 investments if you have a secret bot making high returns everyday. Wouldn't you just invest your own money and rake in the profits?

The truth is there's no trading bot.

This is why they reward recruitment and allow for a pyramid recruitment scheme to happen. New investment is the source of revenue which isn't sustainable. 

For a company to last there needs to be revenue coming from a different source than recruitment.

Eventually recruitment slows down (there's not unlimited amount of people to recruit) and the company collapses.

This is guaranteed to happen to Mind.Capital and when it does most people lose money. 

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