Mirror Trading International is a forex company that promises Bitcoin returns on investments..

If you're here you're probably wondering if this company is a scam or not.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you're going to find everything you need to know about Mirror Trading International including background information, price to join, compensation plan breakdown and more.

You'll know if this company is right for you by the time you're done reading. 

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Mirror Trading International Summary

Company: Mirror Trading International

Business model: Forex, MLM

Price to join: $100 to $10,000

Overall rating :  0 / 5

Mirror Trading is a multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunity in the forex niche.

There's a lot to not like here..

This company isn't properly registered which means it's operating illegally. There's pyramid scheme recruiting and no proof of returns as well.

This is a company you will definitely want to avoid.

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Mirror Trading International

1) What is Mirror International Trading? Mirror Trading International is a MLM that focuses on Forex. They use Bitcoin to payout members and claim you don't have to do anything to earn a return - everything is passive and done for you.

The company is based out of South Africa and the founder is named Johan Steynberg.

2) How do you make money here? There's two primary ways you make money with Mirror Trading International.

The first way is to invest money to get a return in Bitcoin.

The second way is to recruit people into the system and build your downline - you earn a percentage of the money invested by the people below you.

3) Are there any red flags? Oh yeah..

The biggest red flag is that this company isn't registered to offer a passive investment opportunity in any country. This means it's operating illegally and breaking security laws.

You can get in trouble promoting this company because of that. 

The reason they're not registered is they'd have to prove their members are actually earning money from their passive investment which isn't happening.

Additionally, there's no real product or service here to promote besides a membership. This means this is also a pyramid scheme (again illegal). I'll explain more about this in the next section.

4) Are there any similar companies? There's many similar MLM companies which include Crowd1, IM Mastery Academy, Tradera, Auvoria Prime and FBS

Is Mirror Trading International A Pyramid Scheme?


Not every MLM is a pyramid scheme but this one is.

To understand why look at the picture below: 

There's a few ways this can happen and it's happening at Mirror Trading International because there's no product to sell.

The only thing you can promote is a membership itself.

This is illegal in just about every country on earth and it's not sustainable either - it's guaranteed to fail.

Is Mirror Trading International A Ponzi Scheme?


The reason for this is Mirror Trading International is misleading investors about the source of the company's revenue.

They claim to give you automated returns without you doing anything - this makes it a security offering which needs to be registered in any country this company is promoted (it's not registered).

This is because Mirror Trading International isn't really getting returns from trading Forex.

Most, if not all, of the revenue Mirror Trading International comes from recruitment and new investment, making it a ponzi scheme.

Once new investment and recruitment slows down (which it inevitably will) the company won't have enough to pay out everyone.

Ponzi schemes are illegal because of this.

The company will collapse in the near future and most people will lose money. 

How Much To Join Mirror Trading International?

The minimum investment to join Mirror Trading International is $100.

However, the more you invest the more you get from the compensation plan (you earn more from your downline when you invest more).

$10,000 gets you complete access to the entire compensation plan. 

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Mirror Trading International Compensation Plan

The Mirror Trading International compensation plan is pretty simple to understand.

Here's a breakdown of exactly how you make money with them:

Recruitment Commissions

Whenever you personally recruit someone into the company you get a 10% commission on whatever they invest.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions is the money you earn from your downline. The payout structure is binary and looks like the following:

How much you make and how far you earn from depends on how many people you recruit, your recruit's recruit and how much you invest (the more you invest the further down your downline you earn from).

Here's what you get depending on your investment:

  • Invest $200 to $999 earn 10 levels down.
  • Invest $1000 to $4999 earn 20 levels down. 
  • Invest $5000 to $9999 earn 30 levels down.
  • $10,000+ earn from unlimited levels down.

Mirror Trading International sets aside 20% of company wide revenue and then your commissions are based on amount of people recruited/invested by your downline from that 20%.

Mirror Trading International Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about Mirror Trading International


There's nothing I like here.


  • No product offered here: When you incentivize recruiting and pyramid recruitng you need a product to offer or else it's a pyramid scheme. There's no product offered here and this is a pyramid scheme (illegal).
  • Not registered to offer securities: Anytime you're offering a passive investment opportunity you need to be registered in any country you're offering your services in. Mirror Trading International is not registered anywhere meaning it's breaking security laws.
  • Ponzi scheme: The reason this company isn't registered properly is they'd have to prove their investment claims. They're clearly lying about the source of income (the true source is new investment, not from trading). This makes this company a ponzi scheme. 

Is Mirror Trading International A Scam?


Everything about this company is a scam. 

It's not registered to sell securities, there's pyramid recruiting without a product and there's clearly a misrepresentation of their investments.

At the end of the day Mirror Trading International isn't designed to last - it's guaranteed to fail.

Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes always collapse and more people lose money than make money every single time. 

Once a ponzi collapses it's almost impossible to get your money back.


Here's A Better Opportunity

Mirror Trading International is a really bad opportunity and you should avoid it.

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Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

    • I fully agree with you. It’s usually people that never tested the opportunity themselves that always put out unfounded information and claims like this. I am in the business and none of MTI’s members had any complaints so far. I bet you most, if not all, of the bad reviews online are from people that have not even tested the platform.
      And then what they commonly do is, they promote their scams by bashing legit companies and businesses.
      I rest my case.

  • You’re unscrupulous and a real piece of shit. Funny, how I read people’s review only to plug their REAL AGENDA by marketing their shit. You’re a Real work of Art. KARMA IS A BITCH! You’ll get yours, too.

  • Dylan it looks to me you’d rather want the people to join you than MTI.
    Why do you say there is no product and no payout?
    I joined MTI only recently (12 April 2020) and up now I had no problems withdrawing money.
    As for the product: my Bitcoin grows a steady 9 to 11% per month. And you check your trading everyday.
    As for the bonus: you get a bonus from any company when you refer somebody. At MTI this paid out of the trading, not last ‘in’ pay the previous guy.

    But you are not liking this comment, so you are going to delete it. I actually wrote to you because you are a trader like me. I still have Financika and Avatrade accounts. But I think that kind of trading is something of the past. I am going to stick to MTI. O by the way. Scott signed up Mike Tyson two days ago.

  • Dylan, clearly you are only trying to promote your own scam!
    I don’t have spell it out to you about the BS negativity you are spreading here, just to enrich yourself.
    Hope it works for you and you feel good about it.

  • The one thing that concerns me is that they don’t have customer support it seems.
    No tel no. and only email. I’ve read a review of a customer trying to contact them and there was no response. Any feedback on this?
    I am extremely uncomfortable dealing with any company that does not respond or communicate.

  • Mirror Trading International is a scam company, I’m a victim of Mirror Trading International scam. they took away my life savings and left me frustrated, I met Donnas Lisa at a conference meet and she helped me through my fund’s recovery process. I’m happy and I feel is best I share my testimony so other victims can also get their money back, you can message her for help donnaslisathomas @ protonmail . com

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