MWR Life and MWR Financial are two different MLM's under the MWR umbrella. If you're here I'm guessing you've been approached to join one and want to know if they're a scam.

This post will show you everything you need to know to determine if either of these companies are right for you.

You'll see:

  • Background information
  • Price to join
  • Compensation plan
  • Product overview

And more..

By the time you're done reading you'll be a MWR expert!

Let's get into it.

MWR Summary

Product: MWR Life + MWR Financial

Price to join: $99 + $40 per month

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: MWR Life And MWR Financial are two different opportunities but are owned by the same company (MWR).

Although each company offers different products and services (MWR Life is a travel company and MWR Financial is a financial company) they're both MLM's and have many similarities.

At the end of the day my feelings towards both is the same - I wouldn't recommend that you join either.

Monthly fees to join add up over time and the odds for success are just too low (most people will lose money instead of make money).

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1) What is MWR? MWR used to be called My Warranty Rewards and rebranded/rebooted in 2015 as MWR Life. Then MWR focused on pre-paid phone services and warranty plans.

Reboots don't usually last too long because they fail to address the actual problems. This must have happened with MWR Life because they switched from phone services to a travel discount company in the last couple of years.

In 2018 MWR launched MWR Financial. This company offers different financial services like credit consulting, debt management and more. 

The founders of the company are Jay Tuerk and Yoni Ashurov.

2) How do you make money here? Both companies are Multi-level Marketing businesses so you make money with both in the same way.

You pay a fee and then you can make sales to customers and earn a commision on your own.

You also get rewarded for building a downline and recruiting people. This may sound good on paper but it's extremely flawed in practice.

3) Are there any red flags? The biggest red flag is the various reboots and the constant changing of products. For MWR Life it's not like the changes were minor either.

They went from warranty programs and phone services to travel. These kinds of MLM's don't usually last too long and are hard to succeed with.

What if you actually have a decent business going and MWR decides to completely change their product line again? 

4) Are there any other similar MLM's? There's many travel and finance MLM's like Tranont, FES, Ibuumerang and more. 

Is MWR A Pyramid Scheme?

Some MLM's are outright pyramid schemes and others aren't.

MWR is in the grew area of being a pyramid scheme.

To understand what I mean look at the picture below:

A pyramid scheme (which is illegal) looks entirely like the picture above. This usually happens when recruitment is the only way to make money - usually this happens when there isn't a product or service.

MWR in both cases has products but selling the products aren't necessary in the compensation plan. 

You can rise up the ranks and earn money by just recruiting. There are retail requirements but you can just pay for them yourself.

The reasons this is so bad and usually illegal is pyramid schemes always collapse. Recruitment will never stay hot forever and when recruitment slows down it brings down the whole scheme.

This is because there's no other source of income for the company (like retail sales). So when recruitment slows down there's not enough money to pay everyone out.

Success Will Be Very Difficult

MLM's are a bad way to make money and this pretty much is the case for all of them.

Across the entire industry it's estimated that 99% of people end up losing money instead of make money. This is absolutely terrible.

Even the lucky 1% that do make money don't usually make that much either (a couple hundred a month).

There's many reasons for this but it can usually be boiled to two main causes:

  1. The product offered is usually way overpriced or just plain unnecessary
  2. Recruiting is very difficult

Retail sales and recruiting is basically the only way to make money with a MLM and that's the case with MWR.

The product line for both is very unimpressive so retail sales is going to be hard (you'll never make a full time income with just retail sales).

That just leaves recruiting. In order to be successful with recruitment you have to have thousands of people in your downline.

How many people in your life could you actually recruit? Do you want to recruit family and friends?

Would you know how to get recruits outside your friend and family circle?

Probably not. Most people don't ask themselves these basic questions before jumping into a MLM.

Below is even more eye opening statistics regarding MLM's:

As you can see you shouldn't ANY MLM. 

How Much To Join

Both companies cost almost the same to join.

MWR Life costs an initial $99 and $30 per month after. MWR Financial is $99 and $40 per month after.

You technically don't have to pay the monthly fee but you won't get access to the full compensation plan if you don't pay.

Mainly you won't get rewarded for recruiting or any downline activity which is the probably the most profitable way to make money here.

So you basically have to pay the monthly fee.

That monthly fee definitely adds up and at the end of the year will cost you around $500. 

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MWR Compensation Plan

Both compensation plans are basically the same and if you want to check out MWR Life compensation plan click here. If you want to check out MWR Financial click here

I'm going to summarize the main points of the compensation plan now.

Affiliate Ranks:

Both companies have 6 different affiliate ranks you can reach and you go from one rank to another by hitting certain goals. You also get various bonuses for going from one rank to another.

The ranks are:

  • Manager
  • Senior Manager
  • Area Manager
  • District Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • National Manager

Most people won't get past the first rank and barely anyone gets to the last rank.

Retail Commissions:

For MWR Financial you get $80 per customer you get to sign up. However, if a customer cancels their membership before 3 months, you only get $40.

You also get bonuses for having a certain amount active customers.

Here's the bonuses you get:

  • 10 retail customers gets you a $25 bonus.
  • 25 retail customers gets you a $75 bonus.
  • 50 retail customers gets you a $200 bonus. 
  • 100 retail customers gets you a $500 bonus.

MWR pays out around 25% commissions and you make $25 per retail customer you get. This is paid out over a two month period. 

Recruitment Bonus:

MWR Financial calls their recruitment bonus Momentum Bonus and MWR Life calls the recruitment bonus Rising Star Bonus.

Despite being called different names they are the exact same thing.

If you recruit 3 people into the system in the first 30 days you get a $300 bonus for Life and $150 for Financial.

If you recruit 3 people who go on to recruit 3 people in the first 60 days you get $600 for Life and $450 for Financial. 

If you recruit 3 people that recruit 3 people who go on to recruit 3 people you get $900 in both companies.

Daily Guarantee Commissions:

You also earn bonuses based on the Customer Points you and your personally recruited affiliates generate.

Here's what you can earn based on the bonuses:

  • 9 Group Customer Points (GCP) gets you $5 a day
  • 36 GCP gets you $20 a day
  • 150 GCP gets you $30 a day
  • 300 GCP gets you $50 a day
  • 550 GCP gets you $100 a day
  • 1100 GCP gets you $150 a day
  • 1750 GCP gets you $200 a day
  • 2750 GCP gets you $300 a day
  • 4250 GCP gets you $500 a day
  • 9250 GCP gets you $1000 a day

Check Match Bonus:

You get a 25% check match on all residual commissions earned by people you personally recruited. 

Presidential Bonus:

The Presidential Bonus is a lot like the Daily Guaranteed Bonus except it pays out monthly. Here's how much you can earn based on GCP:

  • 225 GCP gets you $500 a month bonus
  • 750 GCP gets you $1000 a month bonus
  • 1750 GCP gets you $2500 a month bonus
  • 3750 GCP gets you $5000 a month bonus
  • 7500 GCP gets you $10,000 a month bonus
  • 11,250 GCP gets you $15,000 a month bonus
  • 18,750 GCP gets you $25,000 a month bonus
  • 37,500 GCP gets you $50,000 a month bonus
  • 75,000 GCP gets you $100,000 a month bonus

This pretty much sums up the compensation plan. There's smaller bonuses and you can learn more about them by looking at the full compensation plan.

MWR Products

Overall the products offered by both MWR Life and Financial are disappointing and pricey.

MWR life offers two options to buy into a travel discount service and this costs either $49.97 per month or $89.97 per month. 

Basically you're paying for discounts on flights, the ability to earn travel credits and vouchers, and the ability to promote the products for commissions. 

I don't really see the point of paying monthly for the services, though. This really seems like the type of program that you pay yearly or a one time fee for.

If you don't really travel a lot it's worthless to pay monthly for the services.

The same could be said for the Financial product too. MWR Finance offers one product, Financial Edge, and it costs $79.97 per month. 

With this you get CreditMax, QuityMax, MoneyMax, WealthyMax, and Debt Resolution center.

Again, no clue why you'd have to pay monthly for this. It kind of just seems like something you'd pay once for.

Either way the retail opportunity is a let down and it would be very hard to make a living selling these services. 

What I Like About MWR

There's not really much I like here.

What I Don't Like About MWR

There's much more here not to like and the main things I don't like are:

  • Monthly fees: You never want to join a MLM with monthly fees. You're more than likely going to lose money with a MLM and monthly fees really add up over time.
  • Low success rate: Like I just said - most people lose money with a MLM. In fact, 99% of people that join a MLM lose money. Even the people that make money only make a couple hundred a month. It's just not worth it. 
  • Low quality products: The products here aren't very impressive either. Good luck trying to get people to buy services like the ones offered here for a monthly fee.
  • Bothering friends and family: Who are you going to sell to? Do you have a large network of people to market to or are you just going to bother friends and family? It'll get awkward if you have to try and sell to friends and family.

Is MWR A Scam?

I kind of think it is.

I review MLM's and these types of companies all the time. When you see a MLM reboot, constantly changing product line and stuff like that it's a red flag.

MLM's are pretty bad to begin with but you mix in that extra stuff and you're left with a really bad opportunity. 

The worst part is the limited retail opportunity here which means MWR might be getting into pyramid scheme area. 

Even if MWR isn't an outright scam you should still avoid it. It's not worth your time or money.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Hopefully you see MWR for what it is by now.

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    • Of course he just want to promote and look perfect with his shit. I do not understand people like this, what they try to show with this. If hw does not like, then go away and do what you think is the best for yoy. But probably this guy only know how to write stupid things about others.

  • Hi, Dylan!
    You are writing absolute bullshit and wrong information. A person who does not understand anything about MLM should first find out and then show the world their stupidity and ignorance.

  • MWR Financial is a RIP OFF.
    Why would anyone that wants financial assistance join a company that offers you a home based business where you only get paid in commissions. How stupid do you look telling people hey guys I have a business, but all I do is try to recruit people, while still paying my monthly fees, and if I don’t recruit, I gain nothing. That’s not a business. If you think that is, your dumb. If its your business what do you do for the business, because you are not the ones teaching credit repair, taxes, land banking, and private reserve accounts. Which let me tell you is a bunch of bull. The land banking is a scam to get money and they give you some goofy award, the Private Reserve account is just universal life insurance sold through allianz through some company called calchoice. its loaded with tons of fees, and its terrible to buy whole life insurance. Also, you also have to pay an extra $20 a month for the credit repair services which is absolutely ridiculous. They have the same monthly conference where they waive around checks looking goofy talking about financial freedom, you are loosing money 95% of the time, you are better off investing all those monthly fees in a roth ira, and starting your own business doing doordash or something and learn financial literacy for free. All of the team meetings are about copying and pasting the same message to everyone for recruits, there is no true authentic care, its all for the money. These people are all very fake, they teach you how to adjust your paycheck, and get an extra $300 -$600 so you can give it to them, because that is ALL you will end up doing. Everything they teach, you can do for FREE. You do not have to pay into a company to get indexed universal life insurance, get credit repair assistance, and learn how to adjust your pay check. Literally your own HR department will help you with that if you ask the right questions, or youtube it. The only people making money in this company are the people very high in the company; and maybe a select few here and there. This is NOT your own business, this is a scam to pay other people to become rich off you, and promote financial freedom to the poor and middle class. You will become more poor then you were when you entered in, and you will work your butt off messaging and talking to strangers.

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