My Daily Choice Summary

Product: My Daily Choice

Price to join: $59 to $599 and monthly inventory

Rating: 40/100

Overview: If you're reading this you're probably looking to make money with My Daily Choice and wondering if it's a scam - I'm not sure I would go that far but I DON'T recommend you joining this company.

My Daily Choice is a MLM which is a money making system that has a lot of problems. It's extremely difficult to be successful with MLM's and most people just lose money.

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Is My Daily Choice A Pyramid Scam?

My Daily Choice may not be an outright pyramid scam but it is really close. The reason this is true is because My Daily Choice is a MLM.

Look at this picture below:

This is how the commission structure looks when you join a MLM. Basically the people at the top or near the top make all the money.

This is because you earn a commission on all products you sell AND a part of the commissions of all people you recruit below you and from the people your recruit's recruit. 

The earnings flow upwards and the people at the bottom are left with very little to fight over. It becomes incredibly hard to find new people to sell to and recruit when you're at the bottom.

That's why people tend to lose money when joining a MLM - 90% of the sales go towards the top levels and very little goes towards the bottom (the majority).

Do You Want To Sell To Friends And Family?

If you're new to network marketing and you have $500 worth of inventory and no idea how to sell it - who are you going to try and sell to?

Family and friends..

This is what happens when people join MLM's and many relationships are ruined over MLM's. 

I personally would never join a system that required me to sell and recruit people close to me. I value the relationships more than I value earning money. 

There's multiple articles online written about how MLM's have ruined mother/son relationships, marriages, friendships, and more.

The people at the top of the pyramid care about one thing. Money.

They don't care if you have to sell to your grandparents or kids. They will pressure you to sell to anybody. 

This is for sure one of the worst aspects of MLM's and why most people avoid them.

My Daily Choice Products

A lot of MLM's offer the same kind of products. It's usually some all natural or herbal formula that does this or that. Most of the time it's pretty expensive, though.

My Daily Products offer two kinds of products. The first is different all natural sprays that do different jobs and the next line of products is CBD/hemp based. 

I'm not a scientist and despite being called The Affiliate Doctor I'm not a doctor either. So I can't 100% tell if these products are legit or anything like that.

But I can give you my take from reviewing different MLM's. 

If I had to guess I'm sure these products may have some small benefits but they're most likely over hyped and overpriced.

For instance, they offer an "anti-aging" cream that's made from apple stem cells. 

Again, not a scientists but apple stem cells? Doesn't that kind of seem a little out there? I just think products like that are scams or don't really do what they say they do. 

How Much To Join My Daily Choice

If MLM's have one thing going for them it's that it's cheaper to get into MLM than it is to get started with a brick and mortar business. A lot cheaper.

For instance, you can get involved with My Daily for as low as $59 to $599. Odds are you'll end up losing that initial invest but most people can live with losing $599.

Do you know how much it takes to start a brick and mortar business - $100,000! That's the average cost it takes to have a physical store.

$599 isn't that big of a risk. $100,000 is.

If you want to start a brick and mortar business you'll most likely have to take out a bank loan or dip into (or use all of) your life savings. 

So I'll never recommend you joining a MLM because it's just not worth it but it is less of a risk compared to more traditional business models. 

MLM's Have Horrible Success Rates

Like I said up top MLM's are very similar or in many cases an outright pyramid scam. Because of this success rates are very, very low.

How low? 99% of people LOSE money when joining a MLM. 

That is a staggeringly low number and is really an indictment on the entire industry - it's almost impossible to succeed with MLM's and that's going to be the case with My Choice Daily.

It gets worst too.

Of the people that do make money the median YEARLY salary is only $2400. If you work 40 hours a week and only make $2400 for the year, that's less than $1 a hour.

That's lower than people working in 3rd country factories. 

MLM's Are Only Hot For 2 Years

Let's say you actually decide to do MLM and you defy the odds and are making over $100,000 with the company you're working with. 

If this happens you shouldn't get comfortable.

Most MLM's only stay hot for about two years and then you'll have to start over with a new company. If you're a skilled network marketer this isn't the biggest deal on earth but it could be hard finding a reputable company again.

The reason MLM's stay hot for two years is the market gets saturated with the product and the pool of people to recruit dries up.

You're always starting over with MLM's. I'm personally not a fan of this and would rather get involved with affiliate marketing. It's much more stable. 

What Does The Compensation Plan Look Like?

MLM's always have the most complicated compensation plans on earth. Sometimes it feels like you need a mathematics degree just to comprehensive what's going on. 

I'm not going to go into every detail of the compensation plan but I'll show you the basics.

First off, you can make money by selling the product and you can earn 25% commissions on every sale.

As you go up levels, though, you have a chance to earn up to 85% per sale. Here's how it's broken down:

With MLM's, though, you make most of your money from recruiting people to sell underneath you. 

Here's the commission structure of how much you earn from your downlines:

You can technically earn 1 million a month but there's zero chance anyone is making that much with My Daily Choice. 

My Daily Choice also sets aside 2% of the company's revenue for some of the top earners as well.

Below is a graphic explaining that:

Also one time bonuses are given out when you reach different levels. Below shows that:

They also have a plan that pays car payments and travel expenses once you reach certain levels.

Remember, though, 99% of people lose money in MLM's. So while these numbers look nice it's EXTREMELY difficult to actually make money. 

What I Like About My Daily Choice

I'm not a fan of My Daily Choice or MLM's but there's a few things I like including:

1) CBD oil is a growing industry.

2) It's a fairly new company so the market isn't completely saturated.

3) Interesting/unique products.

What Don't I Like About My Daily Choice

There's a lot I don't like here.

My main complaints are:

1) Almost impossible to succeed in MLM - the success rate is less than 1%.

2) Products are overpriced and you'll have a hard time selling them.

3) MLM's are very close to pyramid schemes and all of the earnings stay at the top of the pyramid.

4) Products are overhyped and probably not very useful. 

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of working as a distributor for My Daily Choice. It's going to be extremely difficult to make any money and if you do it will be so small it won't really make a difference in your life. 

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