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My Ecom Club Summary

Product: My Ecom Club

Price to join: $37 + Upsells (nearly $2,000)

Rating: 50/100

Do I recommend? Not really. 

Summary: My Ecom Club is a training course and platform that teaches you how to get started with Ecommerce and dropshipping.

I have experience with this type of of money making scheme and don't really like it. It involves finding products from Aliexpress (Chinese version of Amazon) and marking up the price to sell to other countries.

Dropshipping is more complicated than most people let on and you need thousands for an advertising budget.

Because of this I don't recommend dropshipping or My Ecom Club.

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What Is My Ecom Club

1) What is My Ecom Club? My Ecom Club is a training platform that teaches dropshipping and Ecommerce. Dropshipping was REALLY hot for a while but has recently died down after the hype passed. 

2) How much does it cost? You can sign up for free but need to pay for the good stuff. The second you sign up you get pushed on many different upsells like a personal coach ($37) and done for you Ecom stores ($1,997).

3) What is dropshipping? Dropshipping is a method of making money when you advertise products and markup the price. For example, you might look for a cheap product on Aliexpress, mark the price up $20 and then advertise the product on Facebook. To make money you have to spend less on advertising than you do on marking up. There's a lot of pros and cons of dropshipping which I'll get into a little later. 

4) Is there money to be made in dropshipping? At one point it seemed like everyone was making money with dropshipping and there were a bunch of gurus selling dropshipping courses. However, the hype has died out recently and I don't see many dropshipping gurus around anymore. My guess is most people made money by selling dropshipping courses and not from actually dropshipping. 

Dropshipping Is Very Tricky

I've been making money online for years now with affiliate marketing and I personally think it's the best way to make money on the internet - there's basically no start up costs, it's laid back and you can scale it to make a lot of money.

However, I've tried a lot of different ways to make money online besides affiliate marketing including dropshipping. 

Dropshipping EXPLODED over the last couple of years and many different gurus/Youtube channels popped up overnight. 

There were a lot of outrageous claims people were making like "I made $200,000 in one week from dropshipping" and similar stories like that (most likely lies).

I decided to give it a shot and tried a few different times. 

One thing I learned about dropshipping is there's A LOT involved. You have to handle advertising, finding products, writing descriptions, setting prices, customer service, returns, payments and more. 

I personally got into making money online to make my life easier NOT harder - dropshipping made my life harder.

Some people can definitely succeed with dropshipping but I found it to be overwhelming and way too much work.

Affiliate marketing is a much better and easier way to make money on the internet. 

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Here's How The Process Works

There's many different ways to do dropshipping but the most popular way to do it now is with Aliexpress and Shopify.

Here's the steps involved:

  • Create a Shopify Store. Shopify is the best Ecommerce platform to create a store on and costs between $29 to $299 per month.
  • Find products that you want to sell on Aliexpress. Aliexpress is China's version of Amazon and their products are very, very, cheap. 
  • Advertise the products on Facebook, Google and other places. 
  • Provide customer support and try to make sales.

The problem with this system, to me, is the advertising part - it can cost a lot to get customers.

The most popular way to advertise dropshipping products is on Facebook and this requires thousands of dollars. 

There's a learning curve and you're 100% going to be losing money in the beginning. So if you only have a couple of hundred bucks to spend it's not going to work.

I'd say $5000 is a good number to start with. 

Shipping Times & Returns

Another thing I wanted to point out with this kind of dropshipping is the shipping times and returns.

Aliexpress is a Chinese company and there's a deal between the US and China called E-packet. 

Essentially shipping is free from China which is why people tend to go to Aliexpress. 

So while that is nice there's a major flaw - the shipping times take FOREVER. 

Any product that a customer orders from your site will take 21 days to ship MINIMUM and can take over a month.

People tend to get very impatient when it comes to shipping times and a lot of your time is going to be dealing with customer complaints over shipping times. 

This is another major problem I have with dropshipping. 

Beware The Upsells

My Ecom Club actually gives a decent amount away for free and with a free account you get:

  • Overview of dropshipping
  • Picking a niche and products
  • Mindset training
  • Finding suppliers
  • Setting up shopify store and Oberlo
  • Getting traffic

Is this enough training for you to start making money with dropshipping? No, you need much more in depth training but it's a good start. You should at least know if dropshipping is right for you by the time you're done going through the free training.

Once you sign up for your free account, however, you're really pushed to upgrade to the premium services which get very pricey.

Some of these upsells include:

Coach ($37)

Having a mentor is a good thing to have and you can add one for $37. However, you typically want a mentor that's successful in the field you're trying to be successful in.

If you're a coach for My Ecom Club I'm guessing you haven't had much success with dropshipping.

Done For You Ecom Store ($1997)

This is the big sell and comes with:

  • Multiple Shopify stores
  • 100 products added in the niche of your choice
  • Description for those products
  • Traffic training 

While there's some value here I wouldn't pay that much for those services. It might save you a couple weeks of work but those are things that you can easily do for yourself. 

The hard part is advertising, not setting up your store.

If you want to get support with this you need to pay $97 per month. 

More Upsells:

Additionally you're sold on 3 more upsells that include a website template ($37), inner circle membership ($37 per month), Gold membership ($97).

Making Money Online Is Simple!

If you have the right training, community and mentor making money online is easy. Click below and you can get all three:

Fake Testimonials

I really, really don't like fake testimonials and you have a bunch of them here. 

If My Ecom Club makes all these claims about how successful they can help you be and they have all these successful students, why fake testimonials?

My guess is there isn't as much success as they claim.

Anyway, here's some proof of them faking testimonials:

Up top is a picture on the My Ecom Club website. Look below at this picture:

That picture is a stock image that you can buy. This means the picture isn't real and this most likely means neither is the testimonials attached to it. 

Here's some more stock photos being passed off as real testimonials as well:

Proof of stock photos:

Again, just ask yourself why they would need to do this if they were a great training platform. 

The answer should be pretty obvious. 

What I Like About My Ecom Club

While I don't recommend that you join My Ecom Club there's still things I like including:

  • Free training: I like that they give a bunch of training for free. While it's not enough to start a thriving dropshipping store, it is enough for you to decide if dropshipping is right for you. 
  • 30 day refund: My Ecom Club offers a 30 day refund policy. Whether or not they will honor the refund is one thing but they do claim to have one. 

What I Don't Like About My Ecom Club

There's more here not to like and the main things that I don't like are:

  • Fake testimonials: This is one of the scammiest things you can do. If My Ecom Club had as many success stories as they claim they'd be able to have real testimonials.
  • Expensive upsells: While I like that they give away some training for free the upsells are expensive. In the case of the most expensive upsell that costs $1,997 you definitely don't need it. 
  • Dropshipping is tough: Some people definitely make money from dropshipping. I suspect most people make money selling their own dropshipping courses, however. I've tried all the ways to make money online and dropshipping is definitely one of the hardest.
  • Shipping times: If you follow the training in My Ecom Club you'll see they recommend getting products from China. Chinese products are definitely cheaper but they take forever to ship. In many cases it takes more than a month. 

Is My Ecom Club A Scam?

There's definitely some scammy things about this course like the fake testimonials and expensive upsells.

That alone makes me question everything about this course.

Is it the worst scam that I've come across? No, definitely not. I've reviewed hundreds of courses and products and there's some really horrible ones out there.

I'd say My Ecomb Club is on the border of being a scam. If they didn't use the fake testimonials I would say it wasn't a scam.

But the fact they have to fake success stories is a huge red flag. 

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