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It also has an affiliate or referral program, and we're going to discuss that here. We're also going to talk about its compensation plan and whether MLSP is a scam or not.

My Lead System Pro Summary

Product: My Lead System Pro

Price to join: $42-$250 (billed annually); $49.97-$299.97 (billed monthly)

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: My Lead System Pro offers a myriad of training, software, and other helpful tools for internet marketers and entrepreneurs. It offers standalone training, as well as monthly subscription. Apart from its products, it also has an affiliate program. Members can promote MLSP products and membership plans to earn commissions and bonuses.

But is My Lead System Pro a scam? Learn more about it here.  

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What Is My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) offers training, software, and tools to entrepreneurs and internet marketers. It produces workshops, as well as offers 1-on-1 mentorship programs. MLSP's core principle is called "Attraction Marketing."

It markets itself as the equivalent of the esteemed Harvard Business School, but the only difference is that it is for the online entrepreneurs. According to its website, its mentors will teach you how to build your business, grow your audience, get more leads, and convert them into paying customers. Apart from its workshops, training, and mentorship programs, MLSP members also have access to other useful tools and a support group.

MLSP has been around since 2008. It was founded by entrepreneurs Brian Fanale, Todd Schlomer, and Norbert Orlewicz. Today, Fanale serves as its CEO, while Schlomer work as its CTO.

But My Lead System Pro does not just provide internet marketing training. It also has an affiliate program which lets members promote MLSP products and membership so they can earn bonuses and commissions in return. Check out our rundown of MLSP's compensation plan below.

How Much to Join My Lead System Pro?

My Lead System Pro offers several plans for its members. You can either pay monthly or annually. Keep in mind that the annual plan is cheaper than the monthly plans, and you'll get two free months when you subscribe to annual billing. Check them out below.

Basic Plan

The Basic Plan includes training courses in marketing, training, and education. It also includes done-for-you marketing funnels, private community group access, CRM, MLSP sites blog platform, and Pro Media storage.

This costs $42 per month (billed annually). It costs $49.97 if you want to be billed monthly.

Professional Plan

The Professional Plan costs $125 every month (billed annually). It costs $149 for those who want to be billed monthly.

This membership plan includes all the benefits of the Basic Plan and other bonuses. These include ten additional courses, 25 product offers, 10 checkout funnels, custom domain, and membership level. You will also have access to pure profit products.

Premium Plan

Get all the benefits of Basic and Professional plans and more with the Premium plan. With this plan, you'll have access to MLSP's affiliate portal, premium membership training, live chat support, and the MLSP training vault.

This costs $250 every month (billed annually). If you want MLSP to bill you per month, you will have to pay $299.97.

If you're not quite sure that you want to commit, then you can take advantage of MLSP's risk-free 10-day trial for $10.

What is My Lead System Pro's Compensation Plan?

My Lead System Pro also has an affiliate program where it allows home business owners to earn when they successfully sell MLSP training, tools, and software. This affiliate program has been around since 2008.

So, how does this affiliate program work?

Promote MLSP to your friends and family members, and receive commissions every time they purchase any MLSP products.

Simply refer a new home business owner or aspiring internet marketer to My Lead System Pro. Bonuses can reach up to $200 for every new member you refer. You will also receive a monthly recurring commission from MSLP. This commission can reach up to $150 every month. Plus, there are MLSP products that can earn you as much as 100% commission.

Here are some of the ways you can earn with My Lead System Pro.

1. MLSP Referral Bonus

You'll receive this one-time bonus once the person you referred to MLSP makes their first payment. The amount you are going to receive is based on your membership level. The higher the membership level purchased by the person you sponsored, the higher the referral bonus.

2. Monthly Subscription Commissions

This is a recurring bonus which you will earn on your downline's monthly payments. The commission you're going to receive is based on your leader level. Refer more people to MLSP to go from leadership level L0 to L5. The commission also goes up as you climb the ranks. You can earn as little as 30% if you are still at the leadership level L0. You can earn as much as 50% when you reach L5.

3. MLSP Pure Profit Products

Promote MLSP products and funnels to that will also help you get leads and build your business. The money you're going to earn can be used to pay for ads, your business expenses, and more.

4. MLSP Flagship Product Line

Earn up to 30% commission by promoting MLSP flagship products. MLSP has more than 20 products that you can promote to other people.

5. MLSP One-Time Offers

Earn 30% commission when your customers buy an upsell.

6. MLSP High-End Mentorship Program

Earn up to 20% commission when your customers purchase one of MLSP's High-End Mentorship Programs. These programs cost anywhere between $300 to $30,000.

7. Locked for Life Referral Setup

Any customer you refer to MLSP is part of your downline forever. Anytime the customers purchase anything from My Lead System Pro, you'll be paid a commission for as long as both of you are members.

8. MLSP Annual Memberships

Earn 30% on a $3,000 annual upgrade made by your customers.

Learn more about MSLP's affiliate program here.

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What Does My Lead System Pro Offer?


My Lead System Pro offers live weekly training webinars to entrepreneurs and aspiring internet marketers. Topics covered in training include prospecting, leadership, lead generation, and more. Take a look at some training below.

Industry-Wide Weekly Webinar

This webinar is held every Wednesday at 9 PM EST. It is perfect for entrepreneurs and internet marketers but is open for anyone who wants to attend. Just register to join.

Daily Morning Wake-Up Call

This is held every Monday through Friday at 9 PM EST. This a wake-up call for MLSP members so they can receive their daily inspiration before they go to work. To receive your Daily Morning Wake-Up Call, just dial the phone number on the website.

Don't worry because you don't need a PIN to access it. You can also hear your daily inspiration through the MLSP website. Copy the conference ID to access. This is open to members and guests.

Fast Track to Success and System Overview

Entrepreneurs who sign up for the Fast Track to Success and System Overview will get an in-depth look at the My Lead System Pro System. Just register to join.

Eliminate Your Tech Challenges & Break FREE!

This is a live and interactive webinar with 'Techy Tony,' one of MLSP's leaders. He'll talk about topics such as Funnelizer, MLSP sites, autoresponder integration, and more. Just register to join.

Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit VIP All Access Pass

This includes lifetime access to the Attraction Marketing Virtual Summit videos. It also has 40 Top Earner Summit interview DVDs, 40 MP3 and PDF versions of Summit interviews, and other bonuses. It costs $197.

Messenger Marketing Pro

This products grants you instant access to 14 core modules, videos, and blueprint so you get leads via Facebook Messenger. It also includes other bonuses and costs $497.

Go Live Studio Pro

The Go Live Studio Pro will teach entrepreneurs how to develop their brand and grow their audience. It will also teach them how to get leads and more. This product costs $297.

3 Minute Expert - Attraction Marketing Edition

The 3 Minute Expert - Attraction Marketing Edition contains everything you need to know about how to get your blog off the ground and other MSLP bonuses. It costs $297 per month.

Copywriting Mastery

Master the art of copywriting to grow your business with this MLSP product. This product costs $497.

Total Recruiting Mastery

Learn how to recruit and earn more with Total Recruiting Mastery. This costs $297.

Social Retargeting Pro

Learn how to follow your prospects on Facebook the legal way with the help of Social Retargeting Pro. This product costs $299.

Attraction Marketing Intensive

You'll learn how to use the MLSP's Attraction Marketing strategy to your advantage with this product. It costs $297.

Mastering Sponsoring Series

A $50,000 a month entrepreneur shares his secrets on how to sponsor more effectively. This series costs $97.

MLSP Merchandise via the MLSP Shop

My Lead System Pro offers MLSP merch, such as t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, tucker caps, stress balls, and more.

What I Like About My Lead System Pro

The variety of products

If you want to be an affiliate, then rest assured that you'll have a lot of MLSP products to promote and earn commissions from. There's MLSP's signature attraction Marketing Virtual Summit, as well as the super useful Messenger Marketing Pro. There's the Go Live Studio Pro, 3 Minute Expert - Attraction Marketing Edition, and other products. You can also offer MLSP's three membership plans.

You learn and profit at the same time

You'll learn a lot of internet marketing strategies when you become an MLSP member. You can apply everything you have learned from MLSP in your internet venture and eventually grow your business.

But as you take what MLSP teaches you and as you grow your business, it also offers you the opportunity to earn commissions and bonuses simply by promoting its products and referring people to it. The prices of the products are considerably higher compared to others, so you can earn more when you become an affiliate.

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What I Don't Like About My Lead System Pro

The products and the membership plans are expensive

MLSP's single Basic membership plan costs $42 per month and keeps in mind that is billed annually. Its most expensive plan (Premium plan) costs $250 (billed annually). But if you want to keep it at per-month basis, then you have to pay $299.97.

Plus, its products can also hurt your wallet. Let's say that you want to purchase its Total Recruiting Mastery product. Then make sure that you have $297 right now. Keep in mind that My Lead System Pro does not have any products that are priced below $100, and this can be a deterrent for prospective customers.

Its affiliate program is not for everybody

MLSP has an affiliate program which you can join if you want to earn commissions and bonuses. But keep in mind that it has an MLM approach, and you need aggressively people in your downline and sell MSLP products to earn bonuses and commissions. If you're an entrepreneur who doesn't have the time or you don't want to sell products apart from your own, then this affiliate program is not for you.

Is My Lead System Pro A Scam?

No, My Lead System Pro is not a scam. It is a legitimate company which provides software, training, and tools to internet marketers and entrepreneurs. It has a wide selection of training and tools entrepreneurs can use to grow their business. Plus, it has an affiliate program members can join in so they can earn commission and bonuses.

But MLSP's products are expensive, so it can be hard to find people willing to purchase them. Its affiliate program is also not for everyone. 

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