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Today, My Mobile Money Pages is up on the hot seat.

In this My Mobile Money Pages review, we're going to talk about what MMMP is about, as well as how you can earn money from it.

We're also going to delve deeper about who owns MMMP, how many years it has been in business, and whether My Mobile Money Pages is a scam or not.

So, if you're ready to learn more about this venture, then read on. Plus, you'll learn about a great alternative to MMMP if it turns out to be a scam.

My Mobile Money Pages Summary

Product: My Mobile Money Pages

Price to join: $39.95

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: My Mobile Money Pages provides software and training to people who are looking to make some money using affiliate marketing. The website My Mobile Money Pages is going to generate for you is pretty simple, but there's no much style or substance in it. It can be hard to make money with it, given that MMMP's SEO and affiliate marketing strategies are largely outdated.

Find out whether My Mobile Money Pages is a scam or not in this MMMP review.

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What Is My Mobile Money Pages and How Does it Work?

My Mobile Money Pages was created by an internet marketer named Andrew Davidson in 2010. My Mobile Money Pages or MMMP is a money-making application that is a combination of software and training program. It is affiliated with ClickBank.

According to its creator, you don't need any technical experience or coding skills to earn from it. He also promises that you don't need to create a website yourself to pull this off.

The MMMP website is pretty basic. It has a simple squeeze page with a promotional video and a section that will lead you to the checkout page.

It includes an email where you can presumably reach customer service at, as well as a disclaimer that My Mobile Money Pages is a part of ClickBank. It is also upfront that the video is just a representation of Mr. Davidson's experience. But the video presentation is not narrated by Davidson himself, but by a voice actor.

The video presentation starts with the usual "how do you like to earn X amount per day?" In this case, the amount is set at $547.43. According to the narrator, you can do this by using only a mobile phone or a computer. Plus, all it takes is 15 minutes of your time.

Mr. Davidson, or rather, the voice actor, then introduces a concept called 'mobile money.' Ordinary people can earn mobile money that is paid by Amazon, eBay, and Plimus. The mention of Plimus shows you how outdated this money-making scheme is. Plimus' name was changed years ago into BlueSnap.

The narrator then shows how to earn commissions from eCommerce giants Amazon and eBay, a strategy which is nothing more than affiliate marketing. But you need to use the Mobile Money Pages and the right tools to do that. You'll be granted access to the My Mobile Money Pages application after making a purchase.

All you need to do next is enter your chosen keyword(s), the main domain, a site title, your email address, and password. Once you click 'Start,' the system will then build your website. Wait for another 2 minutes or so, and voila! You now have an instant website. The URL will look like this.

The second stage involves keyword research using the MMMP software. Export the keywords to a text file, copy the keywords, and paste them on the software's keyword section.

The website looks like a regular eCommerce page. The products are listed on the main page and are complemented by obligatory ads at the side. You'll earn commissions when a site visitor clicks on the product link and buys it on Amazon or eBay.

So, what makes this particular website and My Mobile Money Pages different from ordinary affiliate websites?

According to the narrator, MMMP is optimized for mobile. It also offers domain and hosting.

If you're familiar with search engine optimization, you know by now that content is king. You need to have unique, fresh, and quality content to ensure that your website appears on the first page of Google search results pages. You also need quality backlinks.

Because My Mobile Money Pages touts that you don't need to write your content, it has rolled out a new feature to take care of that problem. The solution My Mobile Money Pages offer is simple: come up with a tool that translates your website's content into 40+ languages with a click of a button.

The website can also be created for 2 minutes or less, so you can make multiple websites. Easy, right? Now you have the potential to have multiple incomes from multiple websites.

But is earning commissions as easy as Mr. Davidson claims? Let's find out.

What Products Does My Mobile Money Pages Offer?

The My Mobile Money Pages software and training itself is the product. There's nothing else except these products Mr. Davidson allegedly created.

How Much to Join My Mobile Money Pages?

My Mobile Money Pages costs $39.97.

According to the narrator of the video presentation, MMMP originally costs a heart-attack-inducing $997. Then, out of the goodness of the creator's heart (allegedly), he lowered it to $497. Finally, he lowered to $39.97.

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How Do You Make Money With It?

An affiliate's website contains products related to the keywords they entered on the first stage of the process. It has a link which leads to Amazon or eBay. Once your website visitor clicks the link and makes a purchase, the affiliate will then get a commission. 

What I Like About My Mobile Money Pages

Affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money online

Mr. Davidson is right. You can earn a lot of money from affiliate marketing, especially if you can convince smartphone users to visit your website and purchase anything you're promoting.

Easy way to have a website of your own

If you want a website of your own but you don't know how to start or you're not tech-savvy, then My Mobile Money Pages may be the right way to do it. All you need to do is choose the products you want to promote, select some keywords, and you're good to go.

But don't expect too much when it comes to website quality. This is a pretty static and simple website that doesn't do much. In the end, you get what you pay for.

56-day money-back guarantee

Some good news about this pretty shady venture. It has a 56-day (so specific) money-back guarantee. If you believe that MMMP is not for you, then you can email its customer support to get your money back.

Making Money Online Is Simple!

If you have the right training, community and mentor making money online is easy. Click below and you can get all three:

What I Don't Like About My Mobile Money Pages

MMMP Tactics won't work now

My Mobile Money Pages was created in 2010. Years have passed since it was launched, and a lot of rules laid out by Google and other search engines have also changed. In short, My Mobile Money Pages' tactics are now outdated.

Low-quality content

The narrator of the video presentation says that you need unique and quality content to drive traffic into your website. Then he followed it up that you don't need to write your content or hire someone to write content for you because MMMP will do it all. It's the perfect done-for-you website.

The problem is Google can easily detect if your website contains content that is lifted from someone else's, and this will result in your site being penalized. There's no way you can reach the first page of Google SERP if your content is not fresh or high-quality.

Artificial scarcity

As mentioned, My Mobile Money Pages was created in 2010. When it was launched, Mr. Davidson boasted that he might close the registration once the limited slots disappear.

But it's now 2019 (as of the time of writing) and he hasn't taken it down yet and the video has not been updated since around 2012. It seems that there were only a few people who signed up, and many of them were dissatisfied with MMMP.

Income claims are unrealistic

Always be wary when the income claims presented to you are too high. There's no way you can earn $500+ per day with a mere $39 and a few clicks on your keyboard.

Is My Mobile Money Pages a Scam?

If you're looking for a good way to earn some extra money online and you've been very excited about My Mobile Money Pages, then I'm sorry because I have to burst your bubble. The sad truth is My Mobile Money Pages website is a scam.

You can indeed earn commissions with affiliate marketing -- if done right. But there's no way you're going to earn those commissions by having someone come up with a very simple and static website that doesn't do much and doesn't have much content.

Its internet marketing strategies are also largely outdated. It has been around since 2010, but its video presentation has not been updated in a while. The video presentation even contained some grammatical errors.

Some of the things that My Mobile Money Pages offers simply do not work and will not earn you money. You won't have quality content, and the MMMP tool that translates content to over 40 languages will not drive traffic to your websites and increase your income. Making multiple pages will also not land you on the first page of the Google SERPs.

So, is My Mobile Money Pages a scam? Yes. Is it worth your time? No.

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