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My Online Startup Summary

Product: My Online Startup

Price to join: Free

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: My Online Startup is a training course/affiliate program developed by long-time internet marketer Chuck Nguyen. He offers a free training program for aspiring online entrepreneurs, and the program is affiliated with ClickBank. Mr. Nguyen is also the creator of The Digital Elites Academy and Easy Easy Commissions.

Check out this My Online Startup review to learn more about this free training course and affiliate program.   

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What Is My Online Startup?

My Online Startup is an online training course developed by entrepreneur Chuck Nguyen. In this training program, Chuck teaches aspiring entrepreneurs how to build and maintain a successful online business. The good news is that this online course is 100% free. All you need to do is sign up, confirm your account via email, and watch the training videos to learn everything about building your online business.

The training course has eleven steps. Every lesson or step contains a video created by Chuck Nguyen himself. The first step is the “Game Plan.” In this video, Chuck covers the things that you will learn as you go through the training program.

Step two is entitled the “Success Mindset.” In this video, Chuck discusses how the right mindset is everything and how you will find your strong personal “why” (for starting a business). He also discusses how you can make a clear income goal, how to project a powerful self-image, and how to come up with a personal success formula. You will also learn how to be more productive. Chuck also shares his success philosophy at the end of the video.

In step three, Chuck discusses affiliate marketing. He teaches students the basics of affiliate marketing, as well as reveals some of the most profitable niches in the market. Students also learn how to find affiliate products and how to pick a profitable product in this video.

Step four is all about lead generation. He teaches students how to generate leads and capture audiences, as well as how to track their conversions. He also shares his lead generation system.

Step five is all about building your website. In this video, he teaches students how to customize their blog, how to come up with the compelling articles, and some tips and tricks on writing. He also shares a blog post checklist at the end of the video.

If you're interested in Youtube marketing, then step six is for you. In this video, Chuck teaches students how to set up their own Youtube channel, find the best types of videos, and how to shoot and edit their videos.

Step seven is about forum marketing, while step eight is about targeted solo ads. In this video, he’ll tell you about the easiest way to drive traffic to your website through solo ads. He will also cover simple Udimi network and trusted solo vendors.

Step nine is all about traffic networks. In this video, Chuck discusses leased ad space, infinity traffic boost, and leads leap.

Step ten is all about email marketing and how you can use it to drive traffic to your website. He will teach you how to write emails that sell, as well as some proven strategies to jumpstart your email marketing campaign.

Uses are encouraged to join My Online Startup’s Facebook group to discuss what they have learned for the day, as well as find motivation from other My Online Startup Users.

My Online Startup used to be called Easy Easy Commissions. All information, however, have been scraped from Easy Easy Commission's website.

Before Easy Easy Commissions was created, Chuck also created a training program called The Digital Elites Academy. This venture also collapsed around 2017.

How Do You Earn Money with My Online Startup?

There are many ways you can earn as an affiliate of My Online Startup.

The first way is by sharing Chuck Nguyen’s free course. All you have to do is register and activate your ClickBank affiliate account, and share your affiliate link located on top of the video. (See below). The good thing is several modules created by Chuck Nguyen are also up on the website to help you get started. In these video modules, you’ll learn about Clickbank commissions, multiple income streams, and how you can promote your affiliate link. You will also learn about Facebook traffic, forum traffic, Google traffic, and email traffic. He will also discuss traffic agency, proven vendors, leads leap, and infinity traffic boost.

Affiliates can earn more when the people they refer to Chuck’s website sign up for his mentoring program. If the person you referred doesn't want to commit to Chuck's mentoring program yet, he or she can always try the 7-day trial which costs $7. If they want to continue, they will pay $47 per month thereafter. Affiliates will earn 50% off of every payment made by the people they refer.

Another way affiliates can earn through My Online Startup is by promoting what Chuck calls “must-have tools and products.” Some of the products include Super Affiliate System, Clickbank University, Kindle Money Mastery, and Affiliates Tuber.

Check this out to learn more about these tools and products.

How Much to Join My Online Startup?

My Online Startup training modules are 100% free. Signing up as an affiliate is also free.

But if you want to join Chuck’s mentoring program, you need to pay $7. After the 7-day paid trial, you have to pay another $47 every month if you want to continue. Chuck has also mentioned that there will be upgrades (the upgrades cost $147 and $497 for a lifetime membership).

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What is My Online Startup's Compensation Plan?

You'll get 50% commission for every payment made by the person you referred.

What I Like About My Online Startup

Comprehensive training program for would-be entrepreneurs

The training program Chuck Nguyen offers is pretty comprehensive. He covers everything from motivation ("Success Mindset" module) to affiliate marketing to email marketing.

The training program itself is free

One of the good things about My Online Startup is that its training program is free. This is perfect for entrepreneurs who want in-depth training on how to build their business but have limited capital. Plus, you can earn as an affiliate even as you learn how to create a profitable online business.

A reasonable fee for the mentoring program

In some training programs, you're basically on your own once you've watched all the video modules or read all the training files. But Chuck Nguyen offers a mentoring program where you can receive additional support as you build your business. The fee is also reasonable. You only need to shell out $7 for a week's worth of support and additional training, and $47 every month thereafter should you decide to continue.

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What I Don't Like About My Online Startup

It's not for everyone

Many people have this misconception that having a business online is easy. Sign up for the My Online Startup, set up a website, sell a few products (or services or courses), and you're good to go. You're finally on your way to financial freedom! Course creators will tout all those success stories. People who followed the instructions to the letter but failed to get their ventures off the ground are simply forgotten. But the reality is these types of training programs and online businesses are not for everyone.

No-refund policy for some products

According to My Online Startup's Refund Policy, you can expect a 60-day refund policy for products sold through ClickBank. This refund policy, on the other hand, does not apply to other My Online Products startup.

It is a relatively new venture

Mr. Nguyen is not new to the internet marketing world. He has two ventures under his belt (one of which was Easy Easy Commissions). My Online Startup is still a relatively new venture, so no one knows if it's going to be an effective and surefire way to earn money or it's just a waste of time.

Is My Online Startup A Scam?

There are plenty of good things about My Online Startup. First, its training modules for aspiring and existing (but struggling) online entrepreneurs is comprehensive. It covers everything ⁠— from how they can motivate themselves to how they can use the best online tools to build and profit off their websites. Plus, the training program is free, so entrepreneurs can save that much-needed capital for more important expenses.

The mentoring program Mr. Nguyen offers is reasonably priced. He offers a 7-day paid trial, so you can gauge if you like him and his style. Moreover, My Online Startup offers an affiliate program, which gives prospective affiliates like you a chance to earn some money on the side.

But the training and affiliate program Mr. Nguyen offers is not for everyone. Its refund policy is disappointing as he does not offer any refund for all My Online Startup products (Click Bank has a different refund policy). Although Mr. Nguyen seems to be a long-time internet marketer, the training program is relatively new (though the website isn't). No one knows if the training course is effective.

So, is it worth your time? Maybe, if you just want to learn more about how to build an online business. But be cautious and be realistic with your expectations when it comes to its affiliate program and what you can earn from it.

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