Nevetica Summary

Company: Nevetica

Price to join: $225+

Rating: 40/100 (not recommended)

Overview: Nevetica is a new multi-level marketing (MLM) company and they sell different pet products.

If you're reading this you're probably wondering if you should join this company and try to make money with them. I definitely DON'T recommended you joining this MLM because it's extremely hard to be successful - there's a 1% success rate.

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What Is Nevetica?

Nevetica is a pet company that sells various products that focus on your animal's health. They have products that range from dental health, nutrition, hygiene, and more. 

In terms of a business opportunity they are a MLM. MLM's are growing in popularity and you probably know someone who's involved in one - they're usually on social media pushing a product and inviting you to demonstrations about makeup or a health product.

Nevetica is unique in that they sell pet products - there's not a ton of MLM's in this space. I couldn't find any lawsuits with this company either. This is probably due to the fact they're newer.

Most established MLM's usually have several law suits going at a time.

Is Nevetica A Pyramid Scheme

MLM's are often called pyramid schemes and plenty have been proven in court to be a pyramid scheme.

Nevetica may not be the worst of the worst but it definitely has elements of a pyramid scheme.

Take a look at the picture below:

This is what the commission structure looks like at all MLM's. The reason it looks like this is because you need to recruit to make any serious money with a MLM.

You can sell the product and get a commission but it's easier to make money if you recruit and have 100 people sell under you.

When you do that you get a piece of your recruits commissions and your recruit's recruits commissions and so on and so forth. Usually you get commissions 5 levels down from you.

Money is always flowing upwards and it can be EXTREMELY difficult to make any money if you find yourself at the bottom. 

Having to recruit to make money is pyramid scheme 101. So just know if you do plan on joining this company you better know how to get people to sell under you.

There's A 1% Chance You Make Money

This is the industry average across all MLM's - Yikes!

You might be thinking to yourself "it's only because people didn't try hard enough and didn't want it enough."

That's not really the case. MLM's are specifically designed so only people at the top make money, like I explained in the last section.

Of the people that do make money the average median salary is only $2400 FOR THE YEAR. 

That comes out to less than a $1 per hour in a 40 hour work week. Factory workers in third world countries make more than that. 

Your time is more valuable than $1 a hour.

This is why I don't recommend people join MLM's. You either lose money or you make money but not enough to make it worth it.

And if you're one of the few lucky ones that make a lot you'll be recruiting people that you basically know will lose money and you'll be selling a dream that's basically unattainable. 

How Much To Join Nevetica

Most MLM's have a page where you can just see how much it costs to join but Nevetica doesn't have that.

Instead you have to call them and then enter all your personal information to see how much it is to join. The minimum cost to join is $225 which gives you the Business Builder Pack and allows you sell Nevetica's products.

Here's the break down of the different prices:

Nevetica Business Builder Pack ($199):

This is the minimum product you have to buy to join. Included in this purchase is a training manual, banner, Nevetica Magazine and sales materials.

They aren't very specific in what products you get but it's most likely small sample sizes for one on one sales. 

Nevetica Product Pack ($475):

If you want to be able to sell all the products that Nevetica offer this is the package you'll want to purchase.

You definitely shouldn't buy this pack right away if you decide to sell for Nevetica. You should test out the cheaper pack first and see if this type of work is right for you. 

Nevetica Tech Pack ($24.99 per month):

There isn't much detail about what exactly this is but I believe it's a website Nevetica would provide for you.

You can make websites for as little as $5 per month and it's not necessary to pay $24.99 per month for just a website.

What Is Nevetica's Compensation Plan?

You know what's really difficult to understand? Calculus. You know what's almost as difficult to understand? MLM compensation plans.

I don't know what it is about MLM's but they have the most confusing compensation plans on earth. They're usually 20 pages long and use complicated language to describe everything.

They have a point system that makes no sense and it sometimes feels like you need a calculus degree just to know what is going on.

There's 9 ways you can make money with this company:

1) Commissions on personal sales

2) 1st order bonuses

3) Unilevel bonuses

4) Turbo infinity bonuses (presidents only)

5) Income match bonus

6) Leadership advancement bonus

7) Global pool bonus

8) Nevetica sponsored vacations

9) Executive leadership council

Here's a video that goes over everything more in depth:

There's really only two things you need to know, however. The first is you can make money selling the products (when you buy from Nevetica you get a discount) and the second is building a downline and earning 10% on the total sales volume of your team.

The second way is how you're going to be making your money. Below is how a unilevel downline looks:

As you can see you can really get a lot of people working under you if you can get to the third level and beyond.

It's hard, though. Like I said before only 1% make money. The rest dwell on the bottom of the pyramid losing money.

What Products Does Nevetica Sell?

Nevetica is a pet company they sells various pet products. In terms of overall quality they seem pretty good. The ingredients seem mostly natural. 

I have seen some people argue dogs and cats don't need these kinds of products unless a vet recommends them. So if you're planning on giving these to your dog or cat I would consult a vet beforehand. 

Here's a breakdown of the products:


In this section you'll find products that help the overall health of your animal. You can find products that range from $25 to $75 here.

The different products include:

  • Hip and joint for small animals
  • Hip and joint for large animals
  • Digestive
  • Multivitamin 
  • Calming
  • Skin and coat

Oral care:

In this section you'll find different chews for both small and large dogs as well as water additives.


In this section you'll find just a few items and you get anti-itch, dry shampoos and paw protector products. 


You can also get packages for your dog and cat that solve a few different problems. These bundles include digestions, oral and overall health products. 

What I Like About Nevetica

I definitely DON'T recommend you join Nevetica but there's a few things that I do like about this company including:

1) Relatively new company: MLM's usually have a two year hot period where the most money is made. Nevetica is new so there's definitely a chance to get in early and start building your downline.

2) Unique products: Most MLM's are in very crowded markets like natural health or makeup. Most people have a favorite brand in those markets and it can be hard to sell them on new products.

Nevetica, however, is different. There's not many pet product MLM's out there and you can have an easier time selling. 

3) No lawsuits.. yet: Most MLM's have various lawsuits against. Most come from distributors and people that work for the company. There's plenty pyramid scheme lawsuits as well. 

As of now there isn't any lawsuits against Nevetica. This is most likely do to it being a new company, though. 

What I Don't Like About Nevetica

There's definitely more I don't like about this company and the top things that bother me are:

1) Low success rate: The success rate for MLM's is so low it's almost hard to believe - 99% of people just end losing their money and the median yearly salary is only $2400. That's terrible and should make you want to stay as far from a MLM as possible.

2) Not necessary: There's plenty of evidence that suggests your dog or cat probably doesn't need these products. You DEFINITELY should check with your vet before giving them to your animals.

3) Expensive to get started with: This particular MLM costs over $200 to start with and can cost nearly $500 if you get everything. This is higher than most MLM's and might be too much for most people.

4) You'll have to sell to friends and family: If you're $500 in the hole - who are you going to sell to and try to recruit? Most people turn to their family and friends and it can literally ruin close relationships. At the very least people will be annoyed with you. 

Is Nevetica A scam?

I'm not sure I would call Nevetica a scam. You pay for products and it's up to you to either sell them and recruit people.

There's no indication that they just steal your money or don't payout.

Having say that it's going to be an uphill battle to make money with this company - it's going to be damn near impossible actually.

I don't recommend you joining Nevetica and to try out different ways to make money online 

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of joining Nevetica - it's hard to succeed with MLM's and you're more than likely just going to lose money. 

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