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It's review time once again, and we're covering a group called Noble 8 Revolution.

We're going to check its background, the products it offers, its affiliate program, and its compensation plan.

We're also going to discuss whether this group lives up to its name or if Noble 8 Revolution is nothing but a scam.

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Noble 8 Revolution Summary

Product: Noble 8 Revolution

Price to join: $25

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Noble 8 Revolution is a one-of-its-kind organization. Its products are personal development courses geared toward entrepreneurs but they come with a twist. It stands out because it purportedly supports different advocacies, and these advocacies are said to be the foundation of the organization.

But it's too good to be true, and the irony is Noble 8 Revolution does not live to its name. There's nothing noble in this venture nor its ideas revolutionary.

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What Is Noble 8 Revolution?

If you think you've seen it all in the MLM world, then think again. This venture is probably one of the most unique (and perhaps one of the most cunning) MLM enterprises we've covered thus far.

Meet Noble 8 Revolution. This organization offers personal development courses aimed at achieving financial and personal success. Unlike other MLM companies which offer tangible products, Noble 8 Revolutions is unique.

It so-called products are e-courses designed to help students become financially independent, build their business, etc. Apart from e-courses, it also offers weekend retreats in luxurious resorts and cruises as part of its curriculum.

Some of the things students who enroll with Noble 8 Revolution's Life Mastery Academy will learn include communication skills, developing self-confidence, financial independence, and basic business practices to name a few. The organization promises that it "will change your life forever" after one year with the Life Mastery Academy.

Charity is a large part of this organization. The "values" of Noble 8 Revolution is based on the "8 Pillars of Noble Giving." Some of its advocacies include humanitarian causes, disaster relief, rescuing innocent victims of abuse and human trafficking, and supporting disabled veterans.

The organization also purportedly supports humane societies, youth programs, scientific breakthroughs, and more.

The website first appeared on December 2017, and its registrant organization is Coach Blaine. It was created by Mark Campese, Blaine Williams, and Jim Anderson (who had since left the organization in the middle of 2018).

Is Noble 8 Revolution A Pyramid Scheme?

Noble 8 Revolution is a pyramid scheme. Let's take a look at some of the signs that a venture is a pyramid scheme to know why we have labeled this particular organization as one.

The first sign that something is a pyramid scheme is the lack of potentially lucrative products affiliates or distributors can sell. Noble 8 Revolution has developed the Life Mastery Academy, a series of courses which customers and affiliates can enroll in to develop their confidence and hone their business skills.

The problem with these personality development courses, however, is the quality is really low and the topics so generic that you're going to have a hard time selling them to your friends or family members.

These so-called personality development courses are just hyped up and dressed up in self-help and pop psychology buzzwords and luxurious "leadership" retreats to make them look more substantial than they are.

Go to a bookstore and pick any self-help book about business development, success, financial independence, and confidence. There is a high probability that the things Noble 8 Revolution is teaching are also covered in these books. Plus, there are many self-help and business management books online that are cheaper than this course.

Another sign that a venture is nothing but a pyramid scheme is the existence of an affiliate program that has an excessive emphasis on recruiting other people. Check out our discussion of Noble 8 Revolution's compensation plan below and you'll notice that your commission will come from the number of people you recruit as students/customers.

Success is Rare at Noble 8 Revolution

There's no doubt that success is rare at Noble 8 Revolution. Its multi-level marketing business model is rife with flaws, and its affiliate program has an undue emphasis in recruitment that it's safe to say that it's just another pyramid scheme.

Another indication that you're going to waste your money and time in this scheme is Noble 8 Revolution's Earnings Disclaimer itself. According to this page, the company does not guarantee that affiliates will earn money using its IBL program or even the techniques and ideas shared by the company. Your success, the page says, will depend on yourself, as well as "the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances and knowledge."

Further, the quality of the courses the organization offers is not that great. As early as the second half of 2018, there was already trouble in paradise. Noble 8 Revolution failed to pay the commissions it owed its affiliates. Some of the reasons given were that the venture was still in the "launch" period, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rollout, technology security concerns, and modernizing their back office. After several months of delay, it has been apparent for many affiliates that this venture is nothing but a scam.


How Much to Join Noble 8 Revolution?

You only need to pay $25 to join Noble 8 Revolution.

What is Noble 8 Revolution's Compensation Plan?

Because we're here to make more money, we're going to discuss Noble 8's compensation plan.

The Noble 8 Revolution compensation plan is tied to its courses. Let's say you enrolled as a Noble 8 customer after paying the $25 enrollment fee. As a Novice Campus student, you can qualify to receive commissions by recruiting three other people to enroll in the Life Master Academy.

Check out the compensation chart below for additional commission information.

Apprentice Campus

You can be eligible to receive commissions from the Noble 8 network once you have completed Course 2 in the Novice Campus and have recruited two additional people to enroll in the Novice Campus (bringing the total number of people you have enrolled to five).

The purchase of $300 will be deducted automatically from course 3 profits in the Novice Campus. Take a look at the chart below for more information about the Apprentice Campus commission structure.

Mentor Campus

To be eligible for Mentor Campus commission, you should have completed Course 2 in Apprentice Campus. You should also add two additional enrollees in the Novice Campus (bringing the total of students you enroll to seven). The $3,000 initial purchase will be automatically deducted from Course 3 profits in the Apprentice Campus.

Take a look at the chart below for more information about the Mentor Campus commission structure.

Master Mentor Matrix

You should have completed Course 2 in the Mentor Campus and add one recruit in the Novice Campus to qualify for the Master Mentor Matrix. The $8,000 initial purchase will be deducted from course 3 profits in the Mentor Campus.

Check out the complete compensation plan here.


What Products Does Noble 8 Revolution Offer?

Noble 8 Revolution developed the Life Mastery Academy courses to help students grow and reach their full potential. This includes e-courses, weekend retreats at luxurious resorts and cruises.

Here are Noble 8 Revolution's products/courses.

Novice Campus

The first "product" is the Novice Campus. According to the Noble 8 Revolution website, this first course in the "Preparing for the Journey" part. In the second course, the team will discuss how you can pursue your dreams with [a] burning desire.

The goal of the third course is to improve your focus, motivate you, and help you execute your plans. The next course deals with the 8 universal laws of success. The team, however, have not come up with a topic for the last course yet.

Retail price for this course is $25. You also need to pay an additional $3 for the processing fee.

Apprentice Campus

There are five courses included in the Apprentice Campus. The first course is entitled "8 Steps to a Dynamic Life," while the second course will discuss your "Master Blueprint to Your True Purpose." The three succeeding courses are all live events. There is no retail price for this product at the time of writing.

Mentor Campus

There are no other details about this product except that there are five courses and yet to be announced live events. There is no retail price for this course yet.

Master Mentor Campus

There are no other details about this product except that there are five courses and yet to be announced live events. There is no retail price for this course yet.

What I Like About Noble 8 Revolution

In the interest of balance and fairness, we often try to find something good in every organization or venture we review no matter how shady they are. But it has been painfully obvious that Noble 8 Revolution is a complete waste of your time, so I'm not going to waste mine trying to find something good in it.

What I Don't Like About Noble 8 Revolution

* It's a bald-faced pyramid scheme

We've covered that above, but it's worth reiterating that you will only waste your time and money with this venture because it is nothing but a scam.

* The blatant exploitation of people's goodwill

In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of corporate social responsibility. Associating your company or organization with advocacy has become de rigueur and often expected.

There are many reasons why companies donate to their chosen charities. A few organizations truly believe that they can make the world a better place when they donate to a charity. Some do it for the PR, while others for the tax breaks. But there's nothing more disappointing when a group of people decides to use charities to exploit their customers' goodwill and enrich themselves.

You're not going to find Noble 8 Revolution when you look it up in charity watch organization websites such as Charity Navigator, CharityWatch, and Give Well, so why is charity such as big part of its marketing campaign?

* History of non-payment

As mentioned, Noble 8 Revolution has a history of stiffing its affiliates. So if someone tries to recruit you to become a member, hold on tight to your wallet and run.

Is Noble 8 Revolution A Scam?

Yes, Noble 8 Revolution is a scam. It might have dressed up its true intention with personal development buzzwords and purported charitable donations, but it's a scam nonetheless. Its history of payment delays, generic personal development courses, and excessive emphasis on recruitment all indicate that this is nothing more than a pyramid scheme.

The verdict? Noble 8 Revolution is not worth your money or time.

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