The travel and tourism industries are some of the most lucrative in the world. No wonder everyone wants a slice of this money-making pie. One of the companies that jumped on the bandwagon is PlanNet Marketing and its partner InteleTravel.

What's PlanNet Marketing, and how does InteleTravel fit in the grand scheme of things?

What does PlanNet Marketing offer and how will affiliates make money with it?

But the most important question is: is PlanNet Marketing a scam?

Find out the answer in this PlanNet Marketing review.

PlanNet Marketing Summary

Product: PlanNet Marketing

Price to join: $19.95

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: PlanNet Marketing is a company that offers travel deals, hotel bookings, and other travel-related services in partnership with another company called InteleTravel. The company has a direct selling/network marketing business model, so apart from the "products" offered by InteleTravel, it also offers an affiliate program in which you can receive bonuses for building your team and promoting the program itself.

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What Is PlanNet Marketing?

A week-long vacation in Bali. A luxury cruise in the Mediterranean. A winter getaway somewhere in Finland. These are some of the places you've been wanting to go to, but can't because you don't have the time or money. So, you're glued to your smartphone, staring longingly at your friends vacation pictures on Instagram or Facebook.

Domestic and international tourism has risen over the years, and there's no sign of slowing down. That's why the tourism and hospitality industries attract a lot of people who want to make additional cash or want to transition from full-time employment to entrepreneurship.

Enter PlanNet Marketing, an MLM company that is affiliated with another company called InteleTravel. PlanNet Marketing's travel reps promote and sell InteleTravel products and memberships. In return, they will get a commission for each successful sale.

Because it has an MLM element, the travel reps are rewarded whenever they successfully sell InteliTravel products and memberships. These products include flights, hotel bookings, cruises, and more. The incentives become bigger whenever they add another team member to their downline.

The company was co-founded by entrepreneurs Don Bradley and Andy Cauthen. Bradley serves as its CEO, while Cauthen works as PlanNet Marketing's president and chief financial officer.

Both men have been working in the MLM and travel industries for many years. Bradley used to work for Pro Travel Network. He also served as a VP of Marketing for Paycation, a travel company that also has MLM elements to it.

Cauthers, on the other hand, cut his teeth in travel and MLM with YTB International. He became president and CFO of the company in the fall of 2006. He finally YTB International in 2014.

PlanNet Marketing's headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia. It has been around since 2015, but it wasn't until May of 2019 when it was finally accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It has received an A+ BBB rating from its customers.

Is PlanNet Marketing a Pyramid Scheme?

PlanNet Marketing markets itself as a travel-based MLM company, but the way it is set up has some elements of a typical pyramid scheme you should watch out for.

PlanNet Marketing itself doesn't have any products or services that its travel reps can sell. What they can offer instead is InteleTravel's travel deals, flights, hotel bookings, and cruises. PlanNet Marketing reps are also encouraged to promote InteliTravel's affiliate program. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, if the company you're affiliated with doesn't have genuine products or services to sell, and emphasizes the importance of recruitment, then it's best to be wary of that company.

Plus, PlanNet's Director Bonus seems ridiculously far-fetched. There's no way anyone can recruit and maintain 100,000 InteleTravel agents, much less 100 agents.

Success is Rare at PlanNet Marketing

Despite its impressive compensation plan, success is rare at PlanNet Marketing. Take a look at PlanNet Marketing's Income Disclosure Statement for 2018.

The majority of active independent representatives are simple travel reps. They made up 97.52% of the total PlanNet Marketing active reps, and worked more or less two hours every week. Their average income is a disappointing $165.92 per year.

A small percentage of reps are Five Star Directors who earn an average annual income of more than half a million. The problem is these people only represent less than 0.01% of the rep population.

So, if you're going to join PlanNet Marketing, then make sure that you will manage your expectations when it comes to income. There is a high probability that you're going to be one of the people earning a measly $165.92 per year.

What is PlanNet Marketing's Compensation Plan?

There are two ways you can earn as a PlanNet Marketing representative. First is through retail sales, while the second way to earn money is by recruiting affiliates into your team.

With retail sales, you'll earn a commission for each successful sale of InteleTravel's products. With recruitment, on the other hand, gives you a chance to earn more whenever members of your downline sell InteleTravel's products.

Here's a more detailed look at PlanNet Marketing's compensation plan.

InteleTravel Agent Commissions

Because PlanNet Marketing and InteleTravel are affiliated, you will get a commission every time you enroll a new InteleTravel agent. The InteleTravel agent will pay a $199 fee, and this is where you will get your $50 InteleTravel agent commission. PlanNet Marketing will also get a 50% matching bonus ($25) every time their members bring in another InteleTravel agent.

Residual Commissions

PlanNet Marketing reps' commissions are based on a 3 x 9 matrix. Three recruits are placed on your first level. When these three team members recruit three additional members each, then you get another 9 individuals in your placement tree. You can earn $4 a month in residual commissions with the 3 x 9 matrix.

Gold Builder Bonus

This uses a unilevel commission structure. Let's say that you have recruited six agents. These six people are placed directly under you on the first level. You need to have at least 9 InteleTravel agents in your first level to qualify for the Gold Builder Bonus.

Reps can receive a $10 commission for every InteleTravel agent membership sold by their first level recruits.

Director Bonus

This bonus is handed out to PlanNet Marketing reps who can recruit and maintain a specific number of InteleTravel agents.

To become a 1 Star Director and qualify for the $500 per month commission, you need to recruit at least 100 InteleTravel agents.

To become a 2 Star Director and qualify for the $1,000 per month commission, you need to recruit at least 300 InteleTravel agents.

To become a 3 Star Director and qualify for the $2,000 per month commission, you need to recruit at least 500 InteleTravel agents.

To become a 4 Star Director and qualify for the $5,000 per month commission, you need to recruit at least 1,500 InteleTravel agents.

To become a 5 Star Director and qualify for the $10,000 per month commission, you need to recruit at least 4,000 InteleTravel agents.

To become a 6 Star Director and qualify for the $16,000 per month commission, you need to recruit at least 10,000 InteleTravel agents.

To become a 7 Star Director and qualify for the $30,000 per month commission, you need to recruit at least 25,000 InteleTravel agents.

To become an 8 Star Director and qualify for the $50,000 per month commission, you need to recruit at least 50,000 InteleTravel agents.

To become a 9 Star Director and qualify for the $100,000 per month commission, you need to recruit at least 100,000 InteleTravel agents.

Rank Achievement Bonus

Here are some of the bonuses you'll receive as you climb the ranks with PlanNet Marketing.

You'll get an authentic Rolex watch after you are promoted to 5 Star Director.

Receive a sapphire ring when your total sales reach $8,333 per month.

Receive a ruby ring when your total sales reach $20,833 per month.

Receive a diamond ring when your total sales reach $41,667 per month.

Receive a double diamond ring when your total sales reach $83,333 per month.

How Much Does it Cost to Join PlanNet Marketing?

You need to pay $19.95 to join PlanNet Marketing as a rep. Plus, you will need to pay $19.95 per month for the administration fee.

As a PlanNet Marketing Rep, you will get a replicated website and access to the company's mobile app. Reps are also eligible to earn commissions for each successful sale of InteleTravel products.

You don't have to purchase a product to be eligible to earn commissions or become a member. You can also sponsor other travel reps to the website, and earn commissions from their sales.

What Products Does PlanNet Marketing Offer?

So, what do PlanNet Marketing reps offer?

PlanNet Marketing is affiliated with another company called InteleTravel. Because of this, PlanNet Marketing reps promote and sell InteleTravel Products. These include members-only deals on flights, hotels, and cruises. Travel reps can earn commissions whenever their customers purchase these deals from them.

Reps will also be trained about the ins and outs of the destination, so customers can make an informed choice whenever they travel. They also have in-depth knowledge of destination events, and can also provide customer support.

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What I Like About PlanNet Marketing

It has a good reputation among reps and customers

PlanNet Marketing has been around for several years, and its reputation among reps and customers is considered stellar. It was granted an A+ rating by customers on its Better Business Bureau page, which is something impressive considering only a few companies have been able to achieve.

But always be cautious. PlanNet Marketing's stellar rating on BBB doesn't automatically mean that you should trust it entirely. Always take positive claims with a grain of salt.

Inexpensive registration fee

You only need to pay a $19.95 registration fee to join PlanNet Marketing as an independent representative. This affordable registration fee is perfect for those who want to give PlanNet Marketing and the travel-MLM industry a try but don't want to invest too much just in case it's not as lucrative as it seems to be.

What I Don't Like About PlanNet Marketing

Few genuine products to sell

When you become a PlanNet Marketing rep, you immediately become affiliated with InteleTravel. You must promote InteleTravel's so-called products, which include travel deals, cruises, flights, and hotel bookings. Another thing you need to promote is InteleTravel's affiliate program and bring in as much recruit into the program as possible.

Except for the travel deals, the affiliate program is not exactly a genuine and viable "product" to promote. This excessive emphasis on the recruitment part of the business dangerously tips PlanNet Marketing into the pyramid scheme side.

Unrealistic director bonuses and too much emphasis on recruitment

According to its compensation plan, 1 Star Directors can earn a $500 bonus every month if they can recruit and maintain 100 agents to InteleTravel. Seems reasonable if you have a lot of friends in real life or on social media.

The bonus increases as the number of people you recruit increases. But it doesn't seem reasonable to expect people to be able to recruit 4,000 to 100,000 people as InteleTravel agents. Those numbers are too far-fetched because many people don't want to be involved with MLM, while others are already involved in the same scheme as you are.

Plus, receiving $10,000 to $100,000 simply by recruiting other people into InteleTravel sounds too fantastic and unrealistic.

Is PlanNet Marketing A Scam?

Despite its fantastic rating on the Better Business Bureau website and its sleek website, there are some elements of PlanNet Marketing that I'm uncomfortable about. These include its lack of tangible or valuable products or service it can offer to customers, its InteleTravel-connected affiliate program, and its emphasis on recruitment.

There are a lot of legit companies out there which you join so you can make money. But PlanNet Marketing is not high on my list of organizations that can provide you with the financial rewards that you need.

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