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Powur Summary

Product: Powur

Price to join: $99 to $299

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Powur is an network marketing company that serves as an affiliate of major solar panel installers in the country. It was founded in 2014 by Jonathan Budd, and its headquarters is located right in Del Mar, California. People interested in earning commissions and bonuses can apply as one of Powur's consultants. Learn more about this company by checking out our Powur review below.

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What Is Powur?

Powur was founded by entrepreneur Jonathan Budd in 2014. Although the company promises to provide sustainable energy through solar power, it is not a solar panel installer itself. Its role is to promote the products sold by its partners and find leads. Homeowners who become Powur clients can purchase solar panels for their homes to save on the cost of electricity from the company's partners.

According to its website, homeowners will reap many benefits when they purchase from Powur. The solar panels installed in their homes allows them to save money. Powur claims that an average customer saves as much as $26,000 per year when they switch to solar. The value of their home also increases. This type of energy also reduces pollution as it is not dependent on coal and fossil fuels.

Many companies offer the same product and service, but what sets Powur apart?

Well, Powur has a direct sales business model (also known as network marketing or multi-level marketing). In 2015, Powur partnered with SolarCity Corporation, one of the Subsidiaries of Tesla. In 2017, it partnered with leading solar installers and became the first platform for what the company calls as independent lead generators. Its members also grew to 5,000 in the same year.

By 2018, the company has launched solar sales all over the country. It also launched the Industry First Cost of Goods compensation plan in 2019.

In the traditional model, an independent associate works for a company or an EPC. They may also sell solar panels for an independent dealer. The commissions they receive are likely small, and they receive little support from the company, dealer, or EPC. These independent sellers also do not receive extra income, as well as equity or ownership.

In Powur's new model, independent sellers (officially known as solar consultants) can receive some of the highest commissions and passive income in this sector. They will receive extensive training and reliable support. Plus, there are opportunities to receive equity.

The process of transitioning from a traditional power source to solar power source is simple. Customers can make an appointment with a Powur Advisor for an evaluation. The consultants will then collect their utility bills so it can be evaluated by Powur experts. Powur evaluators will review the proposal, and choose the best option for the homeowner. Once the customer has agreed to the terms and conditions, the solar consultants will then schedule an installation.

Powur is a partner of leading solar companies, such as Baker Electric Solar, CAM Solar, Elevation Solar, and Skyline Solar. It has also joined forces with Solar Energy World, Solterra, SunPower, and Titan Solar Power.

What Products Does it Offer?

Powur doesn't have its own products to offer. What Powur consultants do is look for homeowners who are interested in switching to solar energy, and give them a quote of how much it's going to cost. They will then refer the customer to companies such as SolarCity, who will then install the solar panels in the customer's home.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Powur?

If you're interested in becoming a Powur solar consultant, then get ready to pay a quite hefty activation fee.

Powur sales consultants are classified into different ranks with different activation fees. There's the Advocate (lowest), Advisor (mid-tier), and the AdvisorPRO (highest level).

You need to pay a $99 activation fee if you want to join as an Advocate. As an Advocate, you'll get $30 to $45 for every solar appointment you make. You will also earn $500 for every successful installation.

If you want to register as an Advisor, then you must pay the $299 activation fee. This gives you a chance to earn overrides off of your team's sales.

You must pay a $299 activation fee and another $29 monthly fee if you want to join as an AdvisorPRO. As an AdvisorPRO, you will also have your own mirror website and landing pages. Consultants also have access to Powur's marketing team and lead generation system.

The Powur Compensation Plan

There are many ways solar consultants can earn with Powur. Before we take a look at these incentives, let's check out the different positions within the Powur organization and their qualifications.

Qualified Partner

Consultants are eligible to become a Qualified Partner when they submit at least three qualified leads to SolarCity. Keep in mind, however, that you cannot include your own household in those leads.

Senior Partner

To become a Senior Partner, you must submit at least 5 qualified leads to SolarCity. Your team must also acquire 25 qualified leads.

National Powur Partner

To become a National Powur Partner, you must submit at least 10 qualified leads to SolarCity. Your team must also acquire 75 qualified leads.

Game Changer

To qualify as a Game Changer, you must submit at least 15 qualified leads to SolarCity. Your team must also acquire 75 qualified leads in three separate legs.

National Game Changer

To qualify as a National Game Changer, you must submit at least 15 qualified leads to SolarCity. Your team must also acquire 100 solar installs in three separate legs.


To qualify as a Hero, you must submit at least 15 qualified leads to SolarCity. Your team must also acquire 300 solar installs in three separate legs.

Commissions and Bonuses

Fast Start Bonus

You will receive a $75 Fast Start Bonus when you submit three qualified leads to SolarCity. These leads must be submitted within 60 days after your registration as a consultant.

Solar Installation Bonus

Consultants can earn a one-off bonus of $200 for every lead that signs up for a solar installation. This is an unlimited bonus, and it is paid monthly.

Keep in mind that you will only receive this bonus once the installation is complete. The commissions are deposited into the account by the 10th of each month.

20 Year Solar Residual Bonuses

This is a residual bonus that you can earn if your customers retain their solar panels over 20 years. This is paid monthly for the next 20 years. Take a look at the chart below to know how much residual income you can earn.

Lead Acquisition Bonus Schedule

Consultants will receive the Lead Acquisition Bonus when the team member they personally sponsor becomes a Powur partner within 60 days.

There are two ways you can earn this bonus. First is through the Team Lead Acquisition Bonus, and the other is through Team Performance Bonus.

What I Like About Powur

Solar power is a clean energy source

Solar, wind, and other sources of clean energy are the future. Solar energy, in particular, is a great source of renewable energy. It can lower electricity bills, which something that many homeowners desperately need. Plus, the maintenance cost is low, and solar technology is continually improving.

Good compensation plan

Powur has a relatively good compensation plan. Plus, the commissions and bonuses are higher compared to other MLMs. You can earn a $75 for the fast start bonus, and monthly bonuses for successful solar installation. Plus, there's the residual income that you can earn for the next 20 years.

Powur provides training for its consultants

Being an independent consultant for providers of solar panels is not easy. That's why before you begin your career as a Powur consultant, you will receive some training from the company.

This training includes daily group coaching and lead generation training. Here you will be taught the basics of promoting solar panels through social media, networking, and workshops. Plus, consultants will go through Powur Sales Success System and Onboarding. They can also choose to have access to the company's lead generation program.

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What I Don't Like About Powur

The initial installation cost can be prohibitive

Solar energy can save you a lot of money in the long run, but the initial installation cost can hurt your wallet. Solar panels (6 KW system) costs anywhere between $10,000 to $15,000. If you want to purchase a 10 KW system, then be prepared to fork out anywhere between $15,000 to $24,000.This is not ideal for homeowners whose electric bill is already low.

Solar panels are also a source of pollution

Solar energy is a great source of renewable energy. Ironically, however, manufacturing solar panels can hurt the environment. Manufacturing these panels require the use of a lot of water and electricity, as well as chemicals that harm the environment. Read all about solar panels negative impact on the environment here.

Is Powur Energy A Scam?

Powur is perhaps one of the most unique network marketing companies we've covered here. Instead of the usual nutrition supplements or cosmetics, its associates promote solar panels and solar installation offered by affiliate companies. It has partnered with SolarCity and other solar panel installers in the country.

Powur is not a scam. It is a legit company, but it does have a network marketing (MLM) business model that makes people run in the opposite direction.

While there are people who have been successful in this field, prospective solar consultants should be realistic in their expectations. Solar panel installation costs have gone down during the past decade, but there are still homeowners who think that this is not a worthwhile investment, especially those who don't believe in renewable energy or homeowners whose electric consumption is already low. The rewards are great, but keep in mind that the road to success in this industry is not easy.

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