Are you looking into Prime My Body and wondering if it's a legitimate business opportunity or scam? 

This post will reveal everything you need to know about this company including company information, price to join, compensation plan and more.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if Prime My Body is worth it. 

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Prime My World Summary

Company: Prime My Body

Price to join: $39 per year + product pack (several hundreds) 

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Prime My Body is a hemp oil company that is a MLM (Multi-level marketing). There's several of these kinds of MLM's out there and Prime My Body is pretty similar to other ones.

I don't recommend that you join this company for many reasons and the main reason is the success rate is very, very low - you're more likely to lose money instead of making money. 

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What is Prime My Body

1) What is Prime My Body?: Prime My Body is a MLM company that sell various hemp products and nutritional products for different problems. The company is headed by Paul Rodgers and Rodgers has some experiences running various MLM's. He once headed the now defunct MLM CieAura 

2) What is a MLM?: A MLM is a type of business that doesn't' spend money on advertising or marketing. Instead, they allow people to sign up as distributors and allows these people to sell the products.

Distributors are rewarded with commissions when they make a sale and are rewarded when they recruit people into the system. This may sound good but it's an extremely flawed system that sees only a couple succeed and the rest lose their money. 

3) What is Prime My Body's most popular product?: Prime my body has a few different products and their most popular are their hemp extracts, vitality supplements for men, moisturizer, and different lotions. 

4) What year was the company founded: Prime My Body was founded in 2009 and means the company is 10 years old as I write this. This is pretty long for a MLM to be in business and indicates this particular MLM is pretty stable. 

Is Prime My Body A Pyramid Scheme

Prime My Body isn't a pyramid scheme and instead just has elements of one.

Look at the picture below to understand what I mean:

This is how part of the commissions structure at Prime My Body works and it's the part that rewards recruitment.

A pyramid scheme is when the only way to make money with a company is through recruitment and there's no real products to offer. 

In this type of system money is always flowing upwards and it's nearly impossible to make money if you find yourself at the bottom of the pyramid. 

The only reason Prime My Body isn't a pyramid scheme is they have real products and you can make money without recruitment - you can sell the products directly to customers for a commission.

Ask anyone who's involved with a MLM, however, and they'll tell you the money is in recruitment. 

Success Is Rare With MLM's

One of the reasons people don't succeed with Prime My Body or any other MLM is because the whole system is so flawed.

It's very difficult to sell enough products at the retail level to make any real money and it's also very hard to recruit enough people to make money.

This leads to most people failing and losing money.

Below are some pretty shocking statistics that should make you think twice about joining any MLM:

It's very rare to see someone make significant money with a MLM. 

How Much To Join Prime My Body

Prime My Body costs $39 per year to join but there's the cost of buying products packs to consider also (which costs between $199 to $1071).

Here's the various packs you get:

  • Personal pack ($199)
  • Starter pack ($357)
  • Business pack ($714) 
  • Premium pack ($1071)
  • Premium pack + ($1014)
  • Sample pack ($980)

You technically don't have to buy these packs but in order to be eligible for recruitment commissions, you need to recruit 2 people that do buy a product pack. 

This is definitely something to consider before jumping in. 

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Prime My Body Compensation Plan

There's a few different ways to make money with Prime My Body and if you want to see all the ways, click here

Keep in mind unless you're familiar with MLM jargon, you're going to have a hard time deciphering what's there.

You can watch this video below if you want to learn more too:

Instead of going over every single aspect of the plan, I'm just going to summarize the main parts:

Affiliate Ranks

Your affiliate rank at Prime My Body is determined by your ability to recruit and sell Prime My Body's products.

The higher the rank you are, the more you can earn.

There's 10 different ranks at this MLM and they start at the New Star rank and go all the way up to Black Diamond.

You achieve the first rank by recruiting and maintaining a commission eligible affiliate and maintain one retail customer and have GV (Group Volume) of 200.

The last rank would require you to recruit and maintain 15 commission qualified affiliates, maintain 8 retail customers, earn $100,000 in residual binary commissions a month and generate 1,000,000 in GV a month.

It's almost impossible to get to the last rank and very few get there. In fact, most people don't get past the first rank. 

Retail Commissions

You can earn anywhere from 10% to 30% on commissions retails. 

If a customer signs up to be a referred customer that means they automatically get products shipped to them every month and you would 10% on those products. 

Residual Commissions

This is how you'll be earning most of your money with Prime My Body and is the commissions you earn on the sales of people in your downline.

The compensation structure here is unilevel and looks like the following:

How much you make and how many levels you earn from is determined by your rank.

For instance, rank one gets 20% of all personally recruited affiliates (first level).

If you are a Bronze rank (3rd rank) you get 20% on level 1 and 15% on levels 2 and 3.

Smaller Bonuses

You also get a bunch of smaller bonuses for hitting different achievements. These bonuses including matching bonus, rank achievement Bonus, rookie bonus pool and more.

These bonuses aren't too important in the beginning and are more important as you improve your rank and sales.

What Products Does Are Offered?

Prime My Body offers various health and wellness products.

They offer:

  • NanoEnhanced Hemp Oil ($149 for 50 ml bottle)
  • Vitality Life Boost For Men ($97.90 a bottle)
  • Prime Protein Superfood ($60.50)
  • Hydrate Luxe Daily Moisturizer ($60 for ml tube)
  • Lift Firming Cream ($109)

Health And Wellness Is Crowded

 There's different health and skin care products everywhere.

You don't even need to go anywhere special to get them. Basically all grocery stores or other pharmacies have over the counter products you can buy.

Not to mention Amazon which has every product you can think of. 

It's going to be extremely hard to get people to switch to your products when they most likely already have their own favorites 

Aslo, keep in mind Prime My Body is not cheap and is fairly expensive. If you go to Amazon you'll see hemp oil for $30 a bottle, not $150 like Prime My Body's hemp oil costs!

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What I Like About Prime My Body

Although I don't recommend Prime My Body there's still a few things I like including:

  • Been around for a while: MLM's come and go very quickly and most don't last more than 2 years. Prime My Body has been around for 10 years and is a pretty stable MLM.
  • CBD is very popular: CBD is definitely gaining in popularity and there seems to be a boom in the CBD industry. 

What I Like About Prime My Body

At the end of the day there's more I don't like than do like and the main things I don't like are:

  • Low success rate: Many studies show that the success rate with MLM's is as low as 1%. This is terrible and most people just end up losing money, not making money.
  • Expensive products: Another thing that's going to hinder your success is how expensive the products are. It's going to be difficult to get people to buy a small bottle of hemp oil for over $150. 
  • Income relies on recruitment: The reason people tend to fail with MLM's is because recruiting people to sell for you is extremely difficult. 
  • Bothering friends and family: Another thing that's difficult with a MLM is having to bother friends and family to buy products. It can get awkward and can literally ruin relationships. 

Is Prime My Body A Scam?

Prime My Body isn't a scam per se. 

You get products to sell and you have to either sell them or recruit people or you end up losing money. 

While Prime My Body may not be a scam, it is a bad business opportunity. 

The success rate is so low and most people just end up losing money. Also, you can really only succeed by getting family members involved which is awkward. 

Here's A Better Opportunity

Hopefully by now you've decided Prime My Body isn't right for you.

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