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Profit Point Autonomy Summary

Product: Profit Point Autonomy

Price to join: $47 + upsells

Rating: 10/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Profit Point Autonomy is a lot like a bunch of other low quality courses that I've reviewed in the last couple of months

This course is 100% a scam and should be avoided by everyone. It won't help you make any money online and is specifically made to sell you more courses and make the creator money.

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What Is Profit Point Autonomy?

Profit Point Autonomy claims it can help you make $500 a day by barely working and it "teaches" you affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is a completely legitimate way to make money online and is the way I make money online.

The problem here is Profit Point Autonomy is an extremely low quality course and you won't learn what's necessary to thrive online.

Making money online is work and it should be approached the same way you'd approach any other business.

Profit Point Autonomy tries to claim you can make money with minimal effort and with just a few clicks of a button.

These type of systems aren't real and just plays to people's laziness. If there was a real way to make $500 a day by just clicking a few buttons it would sweep the world and EVERYONE would be doing it.

Here's Why Profit Point Autonomy Exists

There's two reasons why this course exists:

  • Make the creator money
  • Upsells

Upselling is a sales technique where you sell someone a product after they've already initially bought something - people tend to buy again once they've already bought once.

Many companies don't make a profit at all on the upfront offer and only profit on the upsell. 

Now there's an ethical and unethical way of upselling. The ethical way is offering a product with real value and upselling complementary products to go with it. 

The success of the initial product shouldn't depend on buying the second product.

An unethical way to upsell is to offer a completely worthless product and they try to nickel and dime the buyer after they buy.

Profit Point Autonomy does the second way.

Once you pay the low price of $47 you're immediately offered courses that cost hundreds of dollars. You're sold in a way that makes these courses essential.

Some unsuspecting and naive people may end up paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars before it's all said and done. 

The Creator Is Unknown

One of the biggest red flags of a course is when you can't tell who the creator is. The sales page shows an obvious actor and you never get to see the true identity of Profit Point Autonomy. 

The main reason for this is the person who did create this course doesn't want his/her reputation hurt by selling an obvious scam and he/she has other courses too. 

They're are very similar to other scammy courses out there and one of them is known as Point 2 Click Profits. Below is a screenshot of that course as well:

As you can see it's very similar to the sales page of Profit Point Autonomy. Both have the exact headline "Click Play Now & Turn Up Your Speaks To Discover."

The design is very similar which leads me to believe this course is headed by the same person. 

Another scam course called Website ATM is also VERY similar to both these courses and it's clear they're made by the same person.

Who ever created Profit Point Autonomy is obviously very experienced in these kinds schemes. 

Breaking Down The Lies

Below is a picture of the sales page of Profit Point Autonomy:

Let's break down each part and why this course is so scammy/shady.

Actor In The Sales Page:

The first thing to realize is the person in the sales page is an actor and not the creator of the course. This is meant to make the course look more legitimate. 

Bottom Left Customers:

Another thing you'll notice is when you're on the sales page a pop up shows in the bottom right corner where you see "customers" that just bought the course.

Again, this is all false and meant to make the course look more legitimate (there's psychological reasons for this).

Here's the proof - the picture below is supposedly someone that bought Profit Point Autonomy:

There's programs where you can put a picture into it and it will find if the picture is used in other places.

One of these places is called Tiny Eye. So I put "Jacqueline" into Tiny Eye and got the following results:

As you can see "Jacqueline" is just a model and you can find her picture on various stock photo websites. You can check it out for yourself here

Remaining In Your Area:

This is a popup that shows up on the right side of sales page and is meant to create urgency for you to buy.

Point Profit Autonomy is a digital product which means there's unlimited amount of it to go around. 

It makes no sense that there would be "positions" left. 

So this idea that you have to buy now or this opportunity will be gone is laughable. It'll always say that.

Selling Your Information

I actually don't have proof of this but it's definitely something to consider. Below is what you have to type in to get this course:

There's a HUGE market for information - you probably know this by now and you've probably read about Facebook or Google selling off your data.

So the second you put your information into this it gets saved and will either be repurposed (your email will get flooded with different offers and other scam courses) or it'll get sold off for other purposes.

There's no reason your phone number would be needed to sign up for this course. Again, there's not a limited amount of positions so your phone wouldn't be needed to check your location.

If someone is willing to sell you a scam course and basically just steal your money would you trust them with your phone number and email address? 

No Community To Help You

If you want to make it online you need a community of people to help you along the way. 

I personally belong to the very best affiliate marketing community on earth and it's the number one reason I succeeded online.

When you're in a very active affiliate marketing community you can ask people questions and you can pick the brain of people that have already made it. 

Having people you can struggle along side with and having access to people who can help you is invaluable. 

Profit Point Autonomy has zero community and you will be out there all alone trying to figure everything out on your own.

Like I said, the course material this product offers is worthless and affiliate marketing can be difficult to master alone. 

No Cutting Edge Tools

I'm actually not a believer that you need the most advanced tools or programs to succeed online.

I've always gotten by as an online minimalist. 

However, some tools are absolutely essential to building an online business and can save you time/stress.

You get basically nothing with Profit Point Autonomy. 

There's programs out there that give you a website builder, keyword tools so you can find profitable search terms, support, and more.

Profit Point Autonomy just gives you the low quality training and that's it. 

What I Like About Profit Point Autonomy

There's nothing I like about this course. 

What I Don't Like About Profit Point Autonomy

There's so much here to not like and the main things that I don't like are:

  • Low quality course material: I can look over all the deceptive things about this course if it offered a good product. But the training is so terrible that there's zero chance it can help you make any significant money on the internet. 
  • Deceptive sales page: Where do I even begin. First off, you have the actor in sales page which isn't that bad. There's definitely room for that. However, there's also fake customers too which is very scammy. Additionally, there's false urgency being created by saying positions are running out.
  • Upsells: $47 for a course isn't terrible. This course is worthless but losing out on $47 isn't the biggest deal on earth. But you're aggressively marketed much more expensive courses once you sign up and this can cost you hundreds. Those courses are very low quality too. 

Is Profit Point Autonomy A Scam?


This is the kind of course that gives affiliate marketing and the entire make money online industry a bad name.

Unforetenly there's so many of these scam courses around and it can turn off people from trying to make money online. 

Whoever is behind this course knows exactly what they're doing and have done this with many other courses as well.

There's no value with Profit Point Autonomy and it exists solely to make the creator money and to sell their other courses.

Avoid at all costs.

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