PTCShare is a website where you can earn money for doing small tasks like watching ads. 

If you've come across this site you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not..

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about PTCShare including background information, how you make money and any other information that's important.

You'll know if the site is worth your time by the time you're done.


PTCShare Summary

Company: PTCShare

Price to join: Free + upgraded option

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: PTCShare is a typical Paid To Click (PTC) site where you earn money watching ads, completing tasks and playing games.

While this does look to be a legit PTC site and they are paying out members, I still wouldn't waste my time here.

There's very little to make and you'll literally be making less than a penny for watching ads.

The opportunity is just limited and you'll be lucky if you get $10 from this site. 

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1) What is PTCShare? PTCShare is a PTC site where you do small tasks like watch ads, fill out forms, take surveys, and more to earn money.

Additionally, you can get paid for referring people to this site and you can pay to run ads on the platform (I'll go more into this later).

2) When was this started? The domain for this site was registered in January of 2019.

3) How many active members are there? According to PTCShare they have 15,950 active members as of 3-18-2020.

4) How much has PTCShare paid out so far? On PTCShare's website they claim they have paid out $387,817 since they started. 

5) How much can I make here? The top earned seems to make between $3 to $9 per day but that can be a little misleading. There's a paid option where you earn more for your activity.

I doubt the people making $5+ per day are doing so with free accounts. 

6) What is BAP? BAP is known as Bonus AD Points and it's how they rank members inside of PTCShare.

The more BAP you get the more bonuses you get and the more you can make. 

BAP can be earned through activity or you can basically just buy your way to higher BAP.

I, however, wouldn't recommend that you spend any money on this site until you've tried it out and received payments already.

How Do You Make Money Here?

There's 5 different ways to earn money here and they are:

1) Paid Offers

A paid offer is where you fill out forms, sign up for a newsletter, play games, etc for 3rd party websites.

The offers here are all third party options, however, and not actually offered by PTCShare.

Because of this what you can earn is always going to be different and usually means you can earn less than other paid offer websites who have their own paid offers.

2) Paid Surveys

Paid surveys are exactly what they sound like - surveys that you get paid for to complete.

The surveys here are also 3rd party options and you have to select surveys from other sites to complete.

Some people have had issues loading surveys, however.

3) Paid Ads

This is the main way to make money with PTCShare and the ads you watch will be in house ads (ads people paid to have shown to the members at PTCShare).

In order to watch these ads you will need BAP. 

Each ad costs 5 BAP to watch and you get 40 BAP for free everyday.

You can also pay money to buy BAP so you can watch more ads.

The more BAP you have and the higher rank you achieve, the more you can earn from the ads you watch.

4) Click Grid

The Click Grid is a game you play where you choose a grid and this gives you a chance to win money.

It looks like the following:

You get 20 chance daily to win prizes that range from $10 to 100,000's in BAP. There's 100 grids in total.

Once you use your 20 chances you can use your BAP to open grids as well.

This is very similar to other PTC sites like Optimalbux and Ojooo Wad

5) Referral Program

You can also earn money by referring people to PTCShare (you get a unique link you can share with people and if they use it to sign up you'll get credit).

You will earn 7% on any money your referrals pay and you will earn 3% commissions on all the money earned by your referrals by watching ads, taking surveys, etc.

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You Can Also Pay To Run Ads

This isn't a service you'll most likely be interested in but I'll describe it quickly.

The reason you get paid to watch ads is because people are paying to advertise their websites.

If you have a website I definitely wouldn't pay to run ads here.

While the traffic is super cheap it's not going to convert because most people at PTCShare are there just to make money.

They don't care what's being advertised and most people at this site are not looking to spend money.

They're looking to make money!

So while you might be able to get thousands of views a day to your site, it's going to be practically worthless traffic. 

There's Not A Lot To Make Here

I started making money online 4 years ago and researched all the different ways to do so.

The thing is, though, I wasn't looking to make a couple bucks a day..

I wanted to make a full time living online. I wanted to make thousands a month, not just an extra $5 a day.

There's plenty of ways to make money online that you can earn thousands a month with no special skills and without spending a lot of money.

I personally do affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has allowed me to make OVER six figures online and I spend about $50 a month to do so.

I also had no clue what I was doing when I first got started either.

The point I'm trying to make is set your goals bigger and you'll see better opportunities.

PTCShare really only allows you to make very little. At most it looks like you can get around $5 a day.

And I'm almost positive you'll have to spend your own money to get to that point. 

How Do You Withdraw Earnings?

One thing that's disappointing is you can't have your funds transferred to Paypal.

You can withdraw your funds using the following methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Payeer
  • SolidTrustPay
  • Crypto Wallet
  • PerfectMoney

Payeer doesn't work in the USA and if you try to go to Payeer from an IP address in America you'll receive this message:

It can also take up to 7 days to process your request and if you use a processor you will have to use that processor for 14 days before switching. 

What I Like About PTCShare

Here's what I like about PTCShare:

It's free to try

While there's an option to pay for BAP at PTCShare you can try it for free.

It's important that you try the free option before you decide to spend any money.

If you think spending money is a good idea after you've made a little money that's fine.

What I Don't Like About PTCShare

Here's what I don't like:

Little money to make here

At the end of the day there's just not a lot of money to make with PTCShare or other PTC sites like this one.

It's going to take hours and hours just to make $10 or so dollars.

My guess is most people won't even make that much.

Third party surveys and offers

The reason I don't like this is it usually means less money for you to make and you don't really know the quality you're going to get.

Instead of just trusting one site you're going to have to trust hundreds of third party sites. 

This can lead to issues and many of the third party surveys don't load.

Is PTCShare A Scam?

I don't think PTCShare is a scam.

From everything I've read they're paying people watching ads and there hasn't been many issues with people not getting paid.

Everything seems pretty secure as well (this may not be true for the third party surveys and offers, though).

The problem here is there's just not a lot to make.

Just because it's not an outright scam doesn't mean that you should waste your time here. 

There's ways to make life changing money on the internet and that's where you'll want to spend your time.

Not spending it making less than a penny per ad you watch.

Here's A Better Opportunity

Hopefully by now you've decided PTCShare isn't right for you.

However, there's still plenty of legitimate ways to make money online.

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Creator of The Affiliate Doctor. I earn a full time income online and love teaching people to do the same!

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