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Pure Summary

Company: Pure

Price to join: $25 per year + optional Enrollment pack ($49 to $1899)

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Pure is a MLM company that operates in the health and wellness market (it was formerly known as Genesis Pure). Their products are different supplements, tonics, coffees and other health items.

There's many reasons not to like this company and the main reason you shouldn't join are:

  • Products are expensive, generic and have lots of competition
  • The success rate is extremely low (most people that join will just end up losing money)

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Pure FAQ'S

1) What is Pure? Pure is a MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company that sells different supplements and health products. The company was originally named Genesis Pure and launched in 2009.

2) Are there any red flags in the companies history? Oh yeah. The company was headed by Lindsey Duncan who was sued by Texas' Attorney General for fraud and Pure eventually had to pay $9 million in fines. 

Duncan has since been scrubbed from the company website and now the company is headed up by Daren Hogge.

Since then the company switched names to Pure as well, dropping the name Genesis Pure.

3) How do you make money with this company? Like I mentioned before Pure is a Multi-Level Marketing company and this means you sign up as a distributor to sell their products on your own.

Also, you get rewarded for recruiting people to sell under you.

This is a very flawed way to make money which I'll be explaining in the next few sections. 

4) Are there similar companies to this one? There's honestly too many health and wellness MLM's to name. Some ones I've reviewed in the past include Amare Global, Limu, QuiAri, and a ton more.

Is Pure A Pyramid Scheme?

MLM's may be one of the most hated things on this earth and for good reason to be honest.

However, with hate tends to come with a little exaggeration and misinformation. 

Many people are under the impression that all MLM's are pyramid schemes which isn't exactly true. Some definitely are but you have to keep in mind pyramid schemes are illegal in basically every county in the world.

Pure most likely isn't an illegal pyramid scheme but does have elements of a pyramid scheme.

Look at the picture below to understand what I mean:

An illegal pyramid scheme would ENTIRELY look like the picture above. This happens when the only way to make money is through recruitment and there's no real product to sell.

While you do get paid for recruiting at Pure you can make money without recruitment and there's real products here for you to sell. 

It really doesn't matter at the end of the day if Pure is a pyramid scheme or not, though - either way you shouldn't join. 

Success Will Be Rare Here

There's a reason people hate MLM's - most people that join one will lose money instead of make money.

In fact, many reputable studies show that up to 99% of people that join a MLM will lose money. 

The reason for this is simple: MLM's are just a very flawed way to make money. 

In many cases (and this includes Pure), MLM products are way overpriced, generic, and have a lot of competition. 

It's going to be hard to find someone who wants to pay $50 for a health supplement when there's so many other cheaper and equally as quality options.

Another reason for the low success rate is recruitment. It's going to be very hard for you to find people that are going to want to be in your downline.

In fact, many people will resent you for trying to recruit them and may even mock you (there's entire online communities devoted to making fun of people who join MLM's).

Below is some more shocking MLM's stats and figures:

As you can see you'll want to skip ALL MLM's and not just Pure).

How Much To Join Pure?

There's a few options when it comes to joining Pure. The first is to pay $25 per year to be an affiliate.

However, this option holds part of the compensation plan back and it will take you a while to have a chance at all bonuses and commissions. 

If you want access to the entire compensation plan right away you'll have to buy a Pure Enrollment pack which costs either $449, $699 or $1899.

The more you pay the more products you get to start off with and the bigger the discount you get on each product.

Pure Compensation Plan Explained

MLM compensation plans are always very confusing and are borderline impossible to understand if you're not familiar with MLM jargon and terms.

Pure's compensation plans falls under this description as well and if you want to read the entire thing for yourself, click here

You can also watch a video presentation of the plan below:

I personally don't think it's important to know every single detail of the plan and instead I'm just going to summarize the main points.

Affiliate Ranks:

At Pure there's 15 different affiliate ranks you can reach and you go from one rank to another by hitting certain goals. 

Here's the ranks you can reach:

  • Affiliate
  • Bronze Director
  • Silver Director
  • Gold Director
  • Platinum Director
  • Sapphire Executive
  • Ruby Executive 
  • Emerald Executive
  • Diamond
  • Blue Diamond 
  • Presidential Black Diamond
  • Chairman Black Diamond
  • Ambassador Black Diamond 
  • Crown Diamond

The ranks are pretty important at Pure because it determines how much you can make. 

If you're a Bronze and Silver Director you can make up to $1000 a week, Gold Directors can make up to $1500 a week, Platinum Directors can earn up to $3000 a week, Sapphire Executives can earn up to $4000 a week, Ruby Executives can earn up to $6000 a week, Emerald Executives can earn up to $8000 a week, Diamonds can earn up to $12,500 a week, Blue Diamonds can earn up to $25,000 a week and Presidential Black Diamonds and higher don't have a cap on what they can earn.

Keep in mind most people will never get past the first two ranks.  

MLM Commission Qualifications:

In order to be eligible for your commissions you must generate 100 PV (Personal Volume Sales) every month.

This is done through sales to customers or you buying the products yourself. 

Retail Commissions:

You can earn 25% commissions on retail sales. 

Residual Commissions:

This is the part of the commission structure that rewards your recruitment efforts and the overall sales of your downline. 

The commission structure here is binary and looks like the following:

Various Bonuses:

There's many smaller bonuses you can earn here as well including Enrollment Bonus, Sponsor Bonus, Generation Bonus, Leadership Bonus, Lifestyle Bonus, and Rank Achievement Bonus.

If you want to learn more about what each bonus is take a look at the full compensation plan up top. 

Pure Products

The products at Pure are very, very generic. Over the last year I've reviewed dozens of MLM's that sold health products and they're all pretty much the same.

The products claim they can do all these wonderful things and usually just have very common ingredients.

Most of the time you can find basically the same product, with the same ingredients on Amazon for half of the price. 

This is all true for Pure. You can find a product on Amazon with great reviews that does exactly what Pure promises their products can do for much less.

For instance take a look at their Acai product:

That's $43 for a bottle that's 25 ounces big. 

Here's an option from Vitamin Shoppe that 32 ounces and costs $18.99:

Vitamin Shoppe is one of the biggest online sellers of health products and supplements too. 

Why would someone pay more than double the price for Acai juice from Pure? The answer is they won't. 

Most people research products before making a purchase and I promise you 99% of the time they'll go with the cheaper price if it comes from a reputable place. 

This is the case for all the products at Pure. You can find cheaper products with the same ingredients, claiming to do the exact same stuff. 

What I Like About Pure

There's really nothing I like here.

What I Don't Like About Pure

There's definitely more not to like here than to like and the main things I dislike are:

  • Products are too expensive: There's plenty of name brand products that match Pure's quality that cost a lot less (in some cases more than half the price of Pure).
  • Low success rate: No matter what MLM you join the success rate will be low and that's the case for Pure too. Up to 99% of people that join a MLM will end up losing money instead of making money. 
  • Bothering friends and family: The low success rate isn't even the worst part. The worst part of a MLM is most people turn to recruiting and selling to friends and family. This can ruin close relationships. 
  • Sued for millions: Back when Pure was Genesis Pure they lost a lawsuit that cost them millions. They were accused of fraud which isn't something you want to see from a health company. 

Is Pure A Scam?

I don't know if I'd call Pure a scam.

The fact they were charged with fraud is a little sketchy because it had to do with health claims they were making. 

From a strictly business point of view I wouldn't consider it a scam because there's products here to sell and a compensation plan that explains how you get paid.

However, this is a bad business opportunity as basically all MLM's are.

The odds of success are not in your favor and you're more than likely just going to lose money and maybe even embarrass yourself.

Here's A Better Opportunity

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