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If you're wondering if you should join Pure Romance, you came to the right place.

In this post I'll walk you through everything you should know about this company - background information, price to join, compensation plan, what I like, what I don't like and much more.

By the end you'll be able to make an informed decision on whether Pure Romance is right for you. 

Pure Romance Summary

Company: Pure Romance

Price to join: $149 to $799

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? Nope!

Summary: Do you really want to make money selling dildos and sex toys to friends and family?

Even if that doesn't bother you there's still plenty not to like about this Pure Romance.

The success rate is extremely low and most people just end up losing their money. 

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What Is Pure Romance

I review a lot of different MLM companies and most are in the natural health or beauty markets. This is the first time I've reviewed one in the sexual health and sex toy market.

Pure Romance was started by Patty Brisben in Ohio in 1993. The company has grown through out the years and Patty's own son became CEO in 2000.

Since then Pure Romance has grown into a $250 million dollar company and has over 30,000 consultants. They're also in many different countries. 

I couldn't find any lawsuits against Pure Romance which is a good sign and there's even a foundation that Patty started to promote sexual wellness among women.

Although, these facts may sound good, there's definitely some things that'll turn you off about Pure Romance.

Is Pure Romance A Pyramid Scheme

Many people consider all MLM's to be a pyramid scheme - this isn't true, though. Some are outright pyramid schemes and some have to pay multi-million dollar fines because of it.

Pure Romance has elements of a pyramid scheme but isn't an outright pyramid scheme.

Let me explain - look at the picture below:

This is why Pure Romance has elements of a pyramid scheme. The main way you make money is by recruiting people into the system which is textbook pyramid scheme

When you recruit someone to sell under you, you get money every time your recruit makes a sale. You get money when your recruit's recruits make a sale and so on.

So if you really want to make money you'll focus on creating a downline.

The reason Pure Romance isn't an outright pyramid scheme is because you can make money from actually selling the products Pure Romance offers. 

You technically don't have to recruit anyone. Just know you'll make a lot more money having a 100 people selling under you then trying to just sell products by yourself.

The Success Rate Is Really, Really Low

Guess what the success rate is with MLM's..

Ready to hear the answer?


Only 1% of people that join MLM's make money and the rest just lose their investment. This should be a really big red flag.

This really has nothing to do with effort or not wanting it enough either. The reason only 1% make it is because of how the system is designed.

Like I explained in the last section commissions are always flowing upwards and only the people at the top of the pyramid make any money.

If you're at the bottom you either need to recruit or lose your money - 99% end up losing their money.

How Much To Join Pure Romance

Even though 99% of people lose their money with MLM's the cost to join is usually cheaper than the cost of starting a brick and mortar store ($100,000 to start a brick and mortar business) - brick and mortar success rates aren't even that high either

Although, I don't ever recommend MLM's and if you wanted to start a business I would suggest affiliate marketing or something like that, it's at least not $100,000 to join Pure Romance.

There's a few different packages you get to choose from including:

Special Kit ($99):

This is the cheapest kit and with it you get access to some of the best selling products, a sales app and credit card reader. You get a 30% discount so you can make 30% commissions on each sale that you make. 

Standard Kit ($159)

You get a 30% discount here as well and you get all the same benefits as the special kit. The only difference is you get more products in this kit than the last one.

Deluxe Kit (319):

Here you'll see what Pure Romance calls their best selling pack. Basically you get all the benefits of the previous kits but you get more products and a bigger discount - 40% instead of 30%

Premium Kit ($479):

The last kit is the biggest one and comes with the most products and the biggest discount - this kit comes with a 45% discount. 

My advice is to start small if you really want to give it a go. Test out whether this type of work suits you and your ability to recruit people.

If you can make it work sink in more money. If not cut your losses before you lose too much. 


What Is The Compensation Plan

MLM's always have complicated compensation plans and I'm just going to make it simple for you to understand.

If you want to know every detail of the compensation plan of Pure Romance, take a look at the video below:

There's basically only two things you need to know.

1) You get paid when you make sales: The amount you make relies on the kit you buy and the commissions you get with this company range from 30% to $45%. This is a pretty high commission rate for MLM.

2) You get commissions on your downline: This is what I described above in the pyramid scheme section. You get bonuses and commissions when you recruit people into the business. This is called creating a downline and is how you will make most of your money.

The top people at Pure Romance make around $500,000 a year but this is extremely rare. Like I said, most people just end up losing money. 

What Products Does Pure Romance Sell?

The product line for Pure Romance is not for the faint of heart. This company revolves around sex and their products are made for female pleasure.

If this topic makes you blush or you just couldn't ever imagine yourself selling dildos, lubes and other sex toys, you'll want to look for a different opportunity. 

Here's the different categories of products:

Lubricants and creams:

This section ranges from lubricants used during sex to male enhancement creams to products that improve male "performance."


These products aren't really sexual in nature - they're more for relaxation and health. For instance, there's essential oils, skin creams, massage oils and other products like that. 

Sex toys:

This is probably the most explicit section and there's no shortage of different sex toys you can sell.

In fact, there's over 70 different vibrators and other sex toys in this section. These products are all for women and seem pretty expensive - most vibrators are $80 and above.


This section is a little more tasteful and it's different lingerie. I would definitely describe the items in this section as attractive.

Bath and beauty:

This section isn't very sexual in nature either. This is mainly different shaving creams and different products you would use in the bathroom/shower.  

This Is A Women's Opportunity

I really, really doubt there's too many men making money with Pure Romance by selling these products.

I imagine women wouldn't want to purchase a vibrator from a man. 

All the products are essentially for women too and this whole company is more focused on the sexual health for women.

I personally don't think women should get involved int his scheme but if you're a man and thinking about joining you shouldn't - this just isn't for us males. 


Selling These Products Might Get Weird

One of the worst parts of MLM's is you have to usually sell to friends and family and recruit from them too - this is especially true when you're starting out. 

Now this can lead to close relationships being ruined and there's plenty of stories where mom and son relationships were strained, friendships ruined and more.

Pure Romance takes this whole thing and makes it a little more awkward, though. Usually you have a little party with MLM's and try to sell your products to the guests or recruit them. 

How many people do you know that you can recruit to a party selling these kinds of products? I'm guessing a lot of people will be turned off by the idea of being sold a vibrator in a group setting. 

What I Like About Pure Romance

I don't recommend you join this MLM but there's still a few things that I like about this company:

1) No major controversies: Most MLM's have a pretty bad past. They have different lawsuits and have fines against them from the FTC. Many times these companies get hit with fines for false advertising too. There's none of that in Pure Romance's history that I could find.

2) High Commissions: Pure Romance offers pretty good commissions as well that range from 30% to 45%. This is higher than most other companies. 

3) Been around for a while: MLM's come and go and most only exist for a few years. This can be a bad thing if you're whole income is based around a MLM and it collapses. Pure Romance has been around for 20+ years and doesn't seem to be going anywhere.

What I Don't Like About Pure Romance

There's more to not like here than to like. The main things I don't like about this MLM are:

1) Very low success rate: MLM's are designed so only a few people succeed and the rest just lose their money - that's exactly what happens with Pure Romance too. You're more than likely to lose your money.

2) Women only: This may be a good thing or bad thing depending on how you look at it. From a women's perspective you could say it's an opportunity for a woman to start their own business but men are not going to succeed here. 

3) Pricey products: I'm not an expert on vibrator prices but I did a quick search (for research purposes only of course) and competitors seem to sell similar products for cheaper.

4) Awkward market: I'm not a prude when it comes to these kinds of things but I can't imagine it being a comfortable experience selling a vibrator to friends and family. Same with buying one. 

Is Pure Romance A Scam?

There's a difference between a bad business opportunity and a scam - I would say Pure Romance is the first and not the latter.

It's going to be extremely difficult to not only make your money back but to make any real money selling these products.

But at the end of the day you're paying for products and it's up to you to either sell them or recruit people.

So, no, I don't think Pure Romance is a scam. I just don't think it's worth your time, money or effort. 

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Don't join Pure Romance - it's success rate is too low and it's kind of a weird market to get involved in

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