PureTrim is a health and wellness MLM that sells shakes, tea and weight loss products..

If you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or a legit money making opportunity.

That's what this review will answer.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this company including background information, price to join, compensation plan breakdown and more.

You'll know if PureTrim is right for you by the time you're done reading.

Let's get into it!

PureTrim Summary

Company: PureTrim

Price: $29 per month + $199 to $399 per month in products

Method To Make Money: MLM, recruiting

Do I recommend? No!

Overall rating :  1 / 5

MLM's are usually a pretty bad way to make money and PureTrim is one of the worst ones you can join.

Besides having products that over-promise on health results, this MLM costs a lot to join.

The annual cost is $29 which isn't bad but there's a hidden monthly cost too. In order to qualify for recruitment commissions you need to buy $199 to $399 worth of products every month.

Also, the compensation plan doesn't really reward retail sales which means this is nothing more than a pyramid scheme where most people lose money.

PureTrim FAQ'S

1. What is PureTrim?

PureTrim is a MLM that's a few years old and originally was called Awareness Corp (the name change happened in 2014).

The CEO is Mark Tahiliani. 

2. How do you make money here?

Because this is a MLM there's two primary ways you make money.

The first way is to make retail sales of PureTrim's products to customers and earn a commission.

The second, and more profitable way to make money, is to recruit people and build up your downline. 

You then earn commissions when the people in your downline makes sales.

3. Are there any red flags?

There's a few red flags but the biggest is with the CEO, Mark Tahiliani.

Back in 2001 the FTC sued Mark Tahiliani and a MLM company that he was running called Bigsmart

This scheme was nothing more than a pyramid scheme (which is illegal) and Mark settled for $5 million.

There's also serious problems with PureTrim's compensation plan that makes PureTrim a likely pyramid scheme as well (I'll get more into this in the next section).

4. Are there similar MLM's?

There's more health MLM's then I can name. Some popular ones are Amare Global, Usana, Nikken, Globallee, etc.

Is PureTrim A Pyramid Scheme?

I believe it is and I don't think all MLM's are pyramid schemes.

Many MLM's are perfectly legitimate and there's even a few that I'd recommend someone join if they really wanted to get into the business.

But that's not the case with PureTrim.

To understand why PureTrim is a pyramid scheme, look at the picture below:

Up top is what an illegal pyramid scheme looks like.

There's two ways a pyramid scheme takes place and they are:

  1. There's no product and recruitment is the only way to make money
  2. There's a product but sales mostly come from distributors and not retail sales.

There's real products at PureTrim so it doesn't fall into the first category but it does most likely fall into the second category.

There's almost no incentive to make retail sales and the entire compensation plan is meant to reward recruiting.

Additionally, to be eligible for recruitment commissions you have to buy $199 to $399 in PureTrim products PER MONTH.

This means most people will be just looking to recruit other people interested in recruiting and most product sales are tied to recruitment.

This means PureTrim is a pyramid scheme!

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Making Money Will Be Hard Here

Here's the thing the person recruiting you into PureTrim or any MLM will never tell you - 99% of people who join a MLM lose money instead of make money.

Many studies have proven this.

This includes the very best MLM's in the world too and PureTrim is definitely not in that category.

The reason for this is people underestimate how hard it is to make sales and recruit.

Most MLM's offer products that are very pricey and in some instances are 4 times higher than the products of the competition. 

Most people aren't going to want to pay hundreds a month for shakes and supplements.

Additionally, recruiting is really, really difficult.

In order to make anything significant you'll most likely needs hundreds of people in your downline.

How many people do you realistically think you can get in your downline? 5? 10? Can you even get that much?

Do you really want to recruit friends and family into a likely pyramid scheme where they're going to lose money?

These are questions most people don't ask themselves before joining a MLM. 

Below is some even more eye opening MLM stats:

This is why I stay away from MLM's and do affiliate marketing instead. 

With affiliate marketing there's no buying products or recruiting people - it's also very cheap to do.

How Much To Join PureTrim?

PureTrim has a few costs that really add up.

The first cost is the annual fee of $29 - if this was the only fee it wouldn't be a problem.

But there's more that adds up quickly.

In order to qualify for MLM commissions (the ability to make money from your downline) you have to buy $400 worth of products in a single month.

That's not the only cost either and you need to spend money to maintain your your MLM commissions.

If you have 3 retail customers that sign up for autoshipment (automatic monthly orders) you need to spend $199 per month to remain eligible for MLM commissions.

If you don't have 3 retail commissions you'll have to pay $349 per month in autoshipment to be MLM commission eligible.

You can additionally just buy $399 worth of products to remain eligible.

This can add up to over $4000 per year! 

PureTrim Compensation Plan

PureTrim's compensation plan is typical of a MLM which isn't a compliment. It's long, uses a bunch of technical terms most people won't understand and will be confusing for most people.

I'm going to highlight the main parts for you so it's easier to digest.

Affiliate Ranks

At PureTrim there's 7 affiliate ranks and you go from one rank to another by hitting certain goals.

You also get rewards for going from one rank to another. 

Here's the ranks:

  • Executive Promoter
  • Direct Promoter
  • 1 Star Promoter
  • 2 Star Promoter
  • 3 Star Promoter
  • 4 Star Promoter
  • 5 Star Promoter
  • President's Club

Basically you go up rank with recruitment and you get to the second rank (Direct Promoter) by buying $400 in products.

Once you do, you're eligible for recruitment commissions.

Retail Commissions

You earn anywhere from 10% to 35% commissions on every retail sales you make to customers.

How much you make depends on your rank.

Residual Commissions

Residual commissions is the money you earn from your downline and the compensation structure is unilevel, which looks like the following:

How far down the pyramid you earn from and the percentage you get depends on your rank.

Here's what you earn depending on your rank:

  • 1 Star Promoters earn 5% on level 1 recruits (personal recruits)
  • 2 Star Promoters earn 5% on level 1 and level 2 recruits
  • 3 Star Promoters earn 5% on level 1 to Level 3 recruits
  • 4 Star Promoters earn 5% on level 1 to level 4 recruits
  • 5 Star Promoters earn 5% on level 1 to level 5 recruits
  • President's Club earn 5% on level 1 to level 6 recruits 

Gold Bonus 

The Gold Bonus is for all people that reach the 3 Star Promoter rank and beyond.

This allows you to earn up to the 10th level and increases the percentage you earn on levels 4 to 10. 

All Star Matching Bonus

If you can recruit 7 Direct Promoters in the first 30 days you will get a $700 bonus. 

Fast Start Bonus

$100 bonus when you recruit an affiliate that qualifies for Direct Promoter. 

Frontline Bonus

You get a 10% bonus when your Direct Promoter recruits buy products.

Luxury Car Bonus

Depending on your rank you will get money to put towards car payments.

This can go from $150 per month to $1500 per month.

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PureTrim Products

PureTrim sells various nutritional products like shakes, supplements and teas.

Here's a few of their more well known products:

  • PureTrim products ($39 for 10 packets)
  • Liquid multi-vitamin ($39 per month)
  • TrimBar ($29 for 5 bars)
  • 10 day weight loss starterpak ($159)

and more. 

Overall the products seem pretty standard and they're a little pricey. For example, TrimBar comes out to about $6 per bar.

Are people willing to pay $29 for a 5 pack of the following:

To me $29 for 5 chocolate bar seems like a lot.

I did a quick search on Amazon for meal replacement bars and there were many options that cost $20 for 12 bars.

So TrimBar seems to be twice as expensive as other popular options. 

PureTrim Pros And Cons

Here's what I like and dislike about PureTrim


There's nothing to like here


  • Cost too much to join: PureTrim has prices that add up quickly if you join. In order to be eligible for MLM commissions you will need to buy $199 to $399 in products every month. This will cost you several thousand over the course of a year.
  • Pay to play: When looking at a compensation plan you want to see activity get rewarded - not how much you pay. PureTrim rewards based on how much you pay and this is known as pay to play. This is a bad practice and you should stay away from any MLM that does pay to play
  • Autoshipment: Another practice you'll always want to avoid is autoshipment. Autoshipment is when a MLM forces you to buy products every month to remain eligible. Most people just end up spending more on products then they sell when this happens. It also means means a significant amount of PureTrim's sales come from distributors which means it's a pyramid scheme. 
  • CEO has sketchy past: You know what's a bad sign? Having a CEO of a MLM that previously ran pyramid schemes which is the case with PureTrim. This isn't just me speculating either - the CEO of PureTrim was sued by the FTC and settled for $5 million for running an illegal pyramid scheme. It seems like nothing was learned from that experience because PureTrim is most likely operating as a pyramid scheme. 

Is PureTrim A Scam?

You add up everything and I'd say it's pretty safe to call PureTrim a scam. At the very least it's a really, really bad business opportunity.

Everything you don't want to see in a MLM, PureTrim does.

It has autoshipment which requires distributors to unnecessarily spend thousands a year on products, it has pay to play which doesn't reward success and it's run by a person who previously has run a pyramid scheme. 

Additionally, the products are expensive and there's competitor products on Amazon that cost half as much. This means retail sales are going to be difficult.

I personally would steer clear of PureTrim. You don't want to get yourself involved with this company and you DEFINITELY don't want to get family members involved.

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