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R Network Summary

Product: R Network

Price to join: $50/month

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: R Network is a new website that offers a long and impressive list of products and services. These products and services include travel deals, medications, mortgage applications, auto loan applications, and more.

It even has its own bank! It has an MLM business model, and you need to be a Charter member and pay $50 every month to be eligible to earn commissions and bonuses. Read more about it in this R Network review.

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What Is The R Network?

There are a lot of businesses that employ the network marketing/MLM business model. The first businesses that come to mind are nutritional supplements and cosmetics companies. Companies that sell personal care products, protein shakes, and even kitchenware and food ingredients also come to mind.

But there's a brand new company in town that has also entered the network marketing/MLM niche, and that is R Network (stylized as "r network"). So, what is R Network exactly?

R Network is a business entity that offers several products and services. But you have to be an R Network member or affiliate to get the benefits of these "products/services."

These products and services are designed so R Network members can save money. Some of these products and services include the R Network product suits, R Perks, R Travel, R Network Concierge, and R Mobile. Members can also use the R Autos, R Mortgage, R Meds, R Bank, and Revv Card.

You need to become a Charter member or a FANN Club member to use these services. Charter members have the opportunity to earn commissions and bonuses, but they need to pay a $50 fee every month. FANN Club members do not have to pay a monthly fee, but they are not qualified to earn commissions and bonuses.

So, who are the persons behind R Network?

According to its website, five men founded R Network. The website mentions a lot of things about these men, but strangely, their names are never mentioned in the site's "Corporate" page. You have to dig deeper if you want to find the names of the people behind R Network. Three of the names we've found are Richard Smith (president), Trent Walker, Roger Taylor, Kevin Wiscombe, and Troy Muhlestein.

Richard Smith, who currently serves as R Network's president, has extensive experience in direct selling. He also claims that he has launched four companies that had revenues of up to billion dollars (don't they all claim this?).

Roger Taylor's background is in executive management and marketing, while Trent Walker is the founder and CEO of

Kevin Wiscombe's background is in the mortgage and finance industries, while Troy Muhlestein's background is in manufacturing and executive management.

Muhlestein and Smith co-founded the "social membership network" Divvee and Nui Social.

Is The R Network a Pyramid Scheme?

R Network is still in its earliest phases, so a lot may change as the months go by. But it does have some pyramid scheme elements that prospective Charter members and FANN Club members should watch out for.

First, some of its products and services are vague and still haven't been launched (considering the website was launched in March 2019), and some of its products are not that useful at all in the age of DIY travel and mortgage and auto loan applications (for example, R Travels, R Autos, and R Mortgage). Low-quality or even non-existent products/services is one of the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme.

Another issue I have with R Network is its compensation plan as the income its affiliates will receive is based on the number of people they recruit. It is not based on the sales of the products or services at all. In my opinion, you should be wary of R Network.

Success is Rare at The R Network

Success is rare at ventures like R Network. First, its lack of tangible, valuable, or verifiable products and services make it suspect. It very well may be a pyramid scheme masquerading as an MLM company.

Another important factor you should consider is R Network's commission structure. When you join an MLM or a pyramid scheme, there is always a high probability that you are going to lose money because of the way it is structured. Everyone at the top makes money, while the ones at the bottom lose money.

The creator of R Network skirts around the commission structure by creating a circular personal enrollment network and tiered team building structure. They can come up with all the fancy words, but at its core, the commission structure is still the same: a pyramid.

What is The R Network's Compensation Plan?

There are several ways you can earn as an R Network Charter member. (Keep in mind, however, that FANN Club members are not qualified to earn commissions.)

T3 Bonus

Just enroll your first three team members (charter members) to receive the T3 Bonus. This bonus amounts to $50 per month.

Power3 Rank

You can receive this bonus if you can enroll three other Charter members within your first seven days as a Charter member. This will also unlock all ten tiers of your Team Building Structure.

Founder Rank

Charter members who have enrolled ten new affiliates have a chance to re-enter the Team Building Structure with a new Charter Member position.

You can also teach your first three team members to replicate everything you have done so you can earn an addition $50 bonus.

Power 3 Compensation Plan

a) Personal Enrollment Network (PEN)

The PEN is simply where all the affiliates you enroll are placed. Simply enroll three new affiliates to R Network so you can unlock three tiers and receive a T3 bonus of $50. Affiliates will receive this bonus as long as they and their team members in their PEN are active.

b) Synergistic Team Building Structure (TBS)

This is based on a 3x10 structure. Your first tier has three positions. The second tier has nine positions, while tier 3 has 27 positions. This goes on until you reach the tenth tier which has 88,572 positions.

Team members are added left to right on odd number tiers, and right to left on even number tiers.

c) Customer Structure (FANN Club)

Apart from Charter members, you can also enroll FANNs. These FANN members are also placed in your TBS position, and R Network has not placed any limits to the number of FANNs you can enroll.

How Much Does it Cost to Join The R Network?

Charter Members

Simply join as a Charter member so you can experience the benefits given by R Network. Charter members can join R Network's Facebook group. They can also find more about local gatherings, training, and calls. Members will also have access to the back office.

You need to pay $50 per month to maintain your status as an R Network Charter member.

Fann Club

Apart from joining as Charter Member, you can also join R Network's FANN Club. There are several advantages to being a member of R Network's FANN Club. You'll have access to R Mobile, R Mortgage, R Autos, R Meds, and R Petmeds.

Joining as a member of the FANN Club is free.

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What Products Does The R Network Offer?

Take a look at the products being offered by R Network.

R Perks

Become an R Network Charter member or FANN to take advantage of R Perks. This allows you to save money each time you dine, unwind, watch a movie, or play a round of golf. This is available for members living in the U.S. and Canada. Available for free for Charter members and for a fee to FANNs.

R Travel

This is an exclusive travel portal where members can get discounts and other deals whenever they want to travel. Membership to R Network allows you to save money on hotel bookings, car rentals, cruises, and flights.

R Network Concierge

When you become an R Network member, you will have access to an R Network Concierge. This person is an industry expert who can assist FANNs and Charter members on how to get the best deals and discounts.

R Mobile

Save on your mobile phone bill with R Mobile. This is R Network's concierge mobile service for FANNs and Charter members. R Network promises that it can reduce your monthly phone bill significantly.

Just tell your concierge the plan you're currently subscribed to so they can offer options on how to save money on your next bill. Keep in mind, however, that this is not available for Sprint customers.

R Autos

This is a concierge car buying service created by R Network. With this service, you don't have to leave your home and meet with salespeople to buy a car. You can purchase the car right in the comfort of your own home with the R Concierge.

You can tell the concierge your ideal make, model, color, and other specifications. The concierge will locate your ideal car, inspect it, and purchase it at a much cheaper price. This will be delivered to your home when the sale has been finalized. Keep in mind that you still need to inspect the vehicle before you finalize the sale. This is important especially if you're buying a pre-owned vehicle.

R Mortgage

Apply for a mortgage right in the comfort of your own home or while working in your office with R Network's R Mortgage concierge. When you apply for a mortgage, you must fill out an application form and provide supporting documents.

The concierge will provide you with the best rates available. The entire process is done online.

R Meds

Save money with R Meds. With R Meds, you can purchase medications without insurance requirements, health restrictions, deductibles, and co-pays. When you join R Network, you'll be given a pre-activated card that you can use immediately. It never expires and is accepted in pharmacies nationwide.

R Bank

At the time of writing, R Bank is still unavailable. According to the website, the R Bank will offer banking services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, debit cards, and bills payment.

Revv Card

This is R Network's very own rewards card. This card allows you to earn rewards and get discounts on different transactions.

What I Like About The R Network

Flexible membership option

The good news is R Network offers flexible membership options, so you can either join as a Charter member or a member of the FANN Club. There are several advantages to being an R Network Charter member (you can earn commissions and bonuses when you recruit and enrolls others to R Network), but if you're not interested in the MLM aspect of R Network, then join it as a FANN Club member.

What I Don't Like About R Network

Confusing bag of products and services

R Network has an impressive list of products and services. There's the R Network product suite, the money-saving R Perks and R Travel, and personalized R Network Concierge.

Want to save money on your phone bill? Then there's R Network's R Mobile. Want to apply for a mortgage or car loan? Then get your supporting documents ready because R Network can facilitate the process for you. It also offers R Bank, R Meds, and Revv Card.

But it seems that R Network offers everything and nothing all at once. Each service is so different and poles apart from each other that you'd have to wonder if R Network has enough manpower or knowledge to accomplish all these.

Its banking arm

Building a bank from the ground up is no joke. It requires an extensive knowledge of how the banking industry works and years of experience and expertise that entrepreneurs in other ventures do not possess. As far we know, none of the five men who founded R Network have any background in banking specifically, so be extra cautious when entrusting your money in this new bank.

The "savings" part isn't true

Maybe it's true if you're going to join the FANN Club, but it's definitely misleading if you're going to join as a Charter member. You must pay $50 each month if you want to participate as a Charter member and affiliate, thus negating the savings part.

Is R Network A Scam?

The list of products and services the R Network offers is impressive. Whoever thought that apps, auto loan applications, medications, savings, rewards, flight deals, and more can be consolidated by one company.

Sadly, the R Network's confusing mix of services and its network marketing business model harm it more than propel its growth. Its mish-mash of services is incomprehensible (what's banking, auto loans, and medications got to do with hotel and cruise bookings?). Its network marketing business model also harms it because it has the hallmarks of a pyramid scheme. The affiliates' income is based solely on the number of people they recruit, and the products/services are vague and do not make sense.

Do yourself a favor and save your money for more important things.

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