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You've probably heard about it on Facebook or you've heard about it from one of your friends who is also into eCommerce. You're curious and want to join (its affiliate program seems great too), but you don't want to fall into another scam.

Don't worry, because we're going to delve deeper into Rise Network and the people behind it. We're going to cover its background, what it offers, its affiliate program, and how you can make money with it.

Best of all, you're going to learn whether it is a scam or not. Let's start!

Rise Network Summary

Product: Rise Network

Price to join: $47 every month

Rating: 20/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Rise Network is another eCommerce training and coaching program available online. It also has an affiliate program where members can join to earn commissions simply by promoting the Rise Network program. It costs $47 per month, plus additional fees if you're going to purchase a membership with the Unbox platform. Ready to learn whether it is a scam or not? Then check out our review below.

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What is Rise Network?

Disclaimer: This is not a review of the Australian or Colorado-based advocacy groups/NGOs with the same name.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to build your own business, then this Rise Network review is for you. Rise Network is a new (as of the time of writing) company that promises to help modern entrepreneurs build and grow their business. It doesn't just teach entrepreneurs. Its creators also provide tools and a support group for them.

It offers three products. First is the Platform Training which is focused specifically on the Unbox Platform. It will teach you how to utilize and optimize Unbox to develop a lucrative eCommerce business. Keep in mind however that Unbox is also an affiliate of Rise Network and it has its own affiliate program.

Another Rise Network product is the Inner Circle, a members' only group that gives you access to weekly training, bonus courses, and Rise Network's software.

Then there's Rise Network's Partner Program. A Rise Network membership gives you access to its team of instructors, business plan developers, writers, and more.

The Rise Network website was registered only in September 2019 by Hokoana Marketing LLC. Its headquarters is located in Cypress, Texas, and it occupies the same building occupied by DS Domination and Infinii Commerce LLC (you'll learn why this is important in the succeeding sections).

What Products Does Rise Network Offer?

Rise Network offers three products or so-called "pillars to grow your business." These include the Platform Training, Inner Circle, and Partner Program.

Platform Training

Rise Network claims that it can teach entrepreneurs how to use eCommerce platforms (with an emphasis on UnBox). The creators of Rise Network hold weekly webinars, teaching entrepreneurs how to build and grow a lucrative online store.

Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is a software and step-by-step training to help entrepreneurs grow their business through sales funnels and effective lead generation. This is a weekly training, so you'll learn a new tactic every week.

This software and training include a 6-week course on Rise Network's sales funnel.

Partner Program

Entrepreneurs can partner with Rise Network so you can have access to their pool of business plan developers, copywriters, developers, and more.

Tactic Tuesday

This is an ongoing weekly training held every Tuesday by the creators of Rise Network. They will teach you how to navigate the ever-changing world of Google, YouTube, and Facebook, as well as how you can use them to your business's advantage.

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Who Are The People Behind Rise Network?

Hitesh Juneja, Kevin Hokoana, and Dr. Jason Rose are the persons behind Rise Network. Let's take a look at each person's background to get to know them more.

According to his bio on Rise Network's website, Hitesh Juneja is a long-time entrepreneur who founded his first company at the age of 19. He claims that he was responsible for amassing billions in revenue for the companies he worked for or created.

Hitesh is the CEO and owner of Infinii Group, as well as co-founded of J & H Business Institute Corp, LLC and CEO/owner of DS Domination.

Kevin Hokoana is another person connected with Rise Network. He is a former USAF officer who has since transitioned to eCommerce since his retirement. He is also one of the founders of Infinii Group and DS Domination.

Dr. Jason Rose is also connected with Rise Network. Apart from working as an entrepreneur, he is also a chiropractor. He is also affiliated with different companies, such as banking institutions, global payment processors, accounting firms, and more.

DS Domination was a venture created by Hitesh, Jason, and Kevin back in 2013. Its main product was drop shipping, but it also branched out to affiliate/recruitment. The recruitment part did not go well, so the group (along with then-partner Roger Langille) created Options Domination. Langille left the group later on.

The group created Infinii in 2015, but it was accused of shady activities (particularly securities fraud) so the offering was dropped. Options Domination was revamped and relaunched as Infinii Digital Signal Forge around 2016.

It seems that the group has laid low until the rise of Rise Network.

How Much Does Rise Network Cost?

You must pay $47 to become a Rise Network affiliate. You also need to pay the same amount every month to maintain your account.

If you want to become an Unbox affiliate, then there are additional fees you have to pay.


The initial membership fee is $99. You will then need to pay $39 for each succeeding month.


The initial membership fee is $99. You will then need to pay $99 for each succeeding month.


The initial membership fee is $99. You will then need to pay $299 for each succeeding month.

Rise Network's Compensation Plan

Rise Network's compensation plan is pretty simple. Affiliates will earn a $25 commission per month for every new affiliate they bring in.

Because Rise Network is connected with UnBox, so it's only appropriate that we discuss its compensation plan here. Unbox affiliates pay three different membership types: Pro ($99 initial and $39/month), Elite ($99 initial and $99/month), and Enterprise ($99 initial and $299/month).

Affiliates are paid a full commission for every initial subscription fee paid by their recruits. They then get 40% every month on the monthly membership fees paid by the recruits.

Affiliate will also earn a 10% matching bonus on commissions earned by their team members. This is up to four levels deep.

What I Don't Like About Rise Network

It's one of the many eCommerce training programs right now

The concept of Rise Network is not unique. There are so many eCommerce training programs right now (and we have reviewed several here) and they seem to sprout like mushrooms after a torrential downpour.

There are fantastic eCommerce training programs out there, but the majority are just a bunch of generic tutorials by long-winded teachers who have a talent for never getting to the point. A lot of the information are outdated, while others are simply useless. Judging from the dearth of information about its products, I'm afraid Rise Network will be useless when it comes to training and will be all about recruiting.

Lack of information on the website

The Rise Network's website offers sparse information on what it is about. Considering that it has a pool of copywriters in its payroll (allegedly), it's strange that it doesn't even offer an in-depth explanation of what it offers, its products, and other important information about the company. Maybe it's because it's a relatively new venture, but its website has been up since September 2019 and that's more than enough time for it to come up with information potential affiliates could use.

The overpriced membership fees

The Rise Network membership fee alone costs $47 per month. If you want to use Unbox and earn commissions by becoming an affiliate, then you need to pay anywhere between $39 and $299 per month. That's kind of steep considering there's not a lot of information about what you can expect with the training program and the founders' questionable business history and practices.

Is Rise Network a Scam?

It's probably not a good idea to invest your hard-earned money in Rise Network and expect to profit from its affiliate program. You are not going to find a lot of information about what it offers, so you're going in blind and would probably end up wasting your money in a generic eCommerce training program. You're better off looking for a legit eCommerce training program that is cheaper and more comprehensive (and sometimes, free).

The membership fees for Rise Network and its affiliate Unbox are overpriced. Given the questionable reputation of its creators, it's best if you will dig deeper into Rise Network before committing to this eCommerce training program and coaching.

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