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Rodan + Fields Summary

Product: Rodan + Fields

Price to join: $45

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Rodan + Fields offers cosmetics, skincare, and personal hygiene products to customers in Canada and the United States. Rodan + Fields offers cosmetics, skincare, and personal hygiene products to customers in Canada and the United States. Some of its products include facial cleansers, moisturizers, serums, and sunscreen, to name a few.

It was founded by dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields back in 2000. The company's business model is network marketing, so you can register as one of its independent consultants if you want to earn a little side income.

But is Rodan + Fields worth your time and money? Find out more in our Rodan + Fields review. 

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What Is Rodan + Fields?

Rodan + Fields (R+F) is a skincare brand founded by dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. It was founded in 2002, and quickly became a hit among skincare fans. 

Rodan + Fields products are categorized by different skin concerns. It has developed products to erase fine lines and wrinkles, as well as lift and tighten sagging skin. If you're still plagued by acne and the occasional breakouts, Rodan + Fields also has different products for you. 

R+F also offers products for people with uneven skin tones, dark marks, and dry skin. If you're plagued with itching and redness, you can also purchase R+F skincare products that will address that concern.

It became so popular than cosmetics giant Estee Lauder Companies acquired the company several years later, and its products became available for retail in department stores. Several years later, Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields bought the company back. They took the products off from department stores to relaunch it under a network marketing business model.

As mentioned, Rodan + Fields has an MLM business model. You can apply to become one of its independent consultants. Independent consultants don't just resell Rodan + Fields products. They also guide customers on which products are perfect for their skin type and skin concerns.

Its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California. Apart from the US, Rodan + Fields products can also be found in Australia and Canada. According to its website, R+F now has more than 2,000,000 customers and 300,000 consultants. 

Diane Dietz serves as Rodan + Fields President and CEO, while Amnon Rodan serves as the company's chairman.

Is Rodan + Fields A Pyramid Scheme?

No, Rodan + Fields is not a pyramid scheme. But what are the tell-tale signs of a pyramid scheme, and how did we determine that this particular venture is not one?

First, a business that in reality is a pyramid scheme doesn't have tangible or valuable products in its inventory. If it does have products, these are often of questionable quality (creams that cause allergies, serums that do not quite live up to the hype). Because the products are not profitable, the company's resellers are often forced to buy the inventory or aggressively recruit others who might buy the products.

You need to pay a registration fee to become a Rodan + Fields consultant. This fee, however, is not as steep as other MLMs. The presence of high up-front registration cost is one of the sure signs that a venture is not trustworthy.

Moreover, pyramid schemes typically do not last for many months. Sure, some scams evaded authorities for more years but they are an outlier and not the norm. In contrast, Rodan + Fields has been around for more than a decade and counting.

Success is Rare at Rodan + Fields

Despite its good reputation and its stellar performance in the skincare industry, success is rare at Rodan + Fields. Simply take a look at its income disclosure statement to learn why this is so.

According to this data, 60% of paid consultants earned an average annual income of $325. That amount is not even enough to cover a month's worth of groceries. If you're thinking about quitting your dead-end job to become a full-time Rodan + Fields consultant, then reconsider that decision.

While it's true that there are people who truly made it big with Rodan + Fields, they are pitifully few. According to the income disclosure statement, the top 10% of consultants earned more than $4,955 every year, while the rest (a measly 1%) earned more than $29,056 every year.

How Much to Join Rodan + Fields?

You must pay the $45 registration fee to become a Rodan + Fields consultant.

You can enroll through the Rodan + Fields official website, or you can register through your sponsor's website. You must have a sponsor to be considered as a consultant. If you don't have a sponsor, you can request one when you register online.

Once you become a Rodan + Fields consultant, you can purchase the Business Portfolio and the optional Business Kit. The Business Portfolio is included in the $45 registration fee. The Portfolio includes Business-Building Materials, Product Guide, and Quick Start Business Guide.

The Business Kit is entirely optional. You can choose the Personal Result Kit which costs $395 or the Core Kit which is available at $695. You can also get the Ultimate Kit which costs $995.

You'll be granted access to PULSE, your back office management tool. Regular consultants are given access to PULSE Basic, while advanced consultants have access to PULSE Pro. Access to PULSE Pro requires another $24.95 fee that you need to pay every month.

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What is Rodan + Fields's Compensation Plan?

There are five ways you can earn as a Rodan + Fields consultant, and these include:

Retail Profit

Purchase Rodan + Fields products at wholesale/consultant price, and earn the difference when you sell them at retail price.

Consultant Commissions

Earn this commission when you maintain your status as an active consultant and reach a minimum 100 sales volume for each commission period.

Personal Team Commissions

This commission is earned when you enroll new team members in your downline. You can qualify as an executive consultant simply by earning a minimum of 600 personally sponsored qualifying volume within a specific commission period.

Generation Commissions

Advance to Level I Executive Consultant and earn this commission by maintaining your EC status and helping one of your team members advance to the EC status. You can advance to the Level II, III, IV, V, Premier Executive, Elite Executive, and RFx Executive when you help others in your team advance.

Performance Bonuses

Earn bonuses from Ronan+Fields when you hit a certain SV for each commission period.

Check out the entire compensation plan here.

What Products Does Rodan + Fields Offer?

Check out Rodan + Fields product lines below to see if these are something you'd want to sell to your family or friends.


The products under the Redefine product line includes the following products:

* Rejuvenation Mask
* Multi-Function Eye Cream
* Intensive Renewing Serum
* Triple Defense Treatment SPF 30
* Overnight Restorative Cream
* Daily Cleansing Mask
* AMP It Up Special
* Pore Minimizing Toner
* Lip Renewing Serum
* AMP MD System
* Acute Care
* Brightening Hand Treatment
* Age Shield Hand Balm SPF 30
* AMP Purification Tablets

The price of these products ranges from $22 for standalone products to $390 for Redefine product sets. By the way, you can also purchase product sets if you want to try everything.


This particular product line was developed to reverse skin discoloration which makes it perfect for those who spend many hours under the sun or has dark marks caused by acne or dermatitis. Products under this line include:

* Radiance Mask
* Deep Exfoliating Wash
* Dual Active Brightening Complex
* Skin Lightening Treatment
* Brightening AMP It Up Special
* Intensive Brightening Toner
* SPF50+ Sunscreen
* Skin Lightening Toner

Price ranges from $44 for a single tube of Reverse Deep Exfoliating Wash to $327 for a complete Reverse product set.


If you're still plagued by acne even when you're in your late 20s, then perhaps the Rodan + Fields Unblemish product line will do wonders for you. According to the website, these products are a good way to erase adult acne and prevent breakouts. Products under this line include:

* Clarifying Mask
* Gentle Exfoliating Acne Wash
* Dual Intensive Acne Treatment
* Clarifying Toner
* Shine-Free Lotion SPF 20

Price ranges from $31 for a tube of the Shine-Free Lotion SPF 20 to $320 for the complete Unblemish + Acute Care Special pack.


This product line was developed to address acne and breakouts experienced by teens and young adults. Products under this category include:

* Spotless Regimen
* Daily Acne Wash
* Acne Clearing Treatment

The cheapest products under this line are Spotless Daily Acne Wash which retails at $34. The complete Spotless Regimen costs $89.


Don't you just hate it when you see some redness after a shower or simply by washing your face? Erase redness and smoothen dry skin with the Soothe product line. It hydrates and protects your skin. Products under this line include:

* Rescue Mask
* Gentle Cream Wash
* Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30
* Sensitive Skin Treatment
* Moisture Replenishing Cream

The cheapest products (Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30) costs $43, while the most expensive is a complete Soothe product set which retails at $302.


This product line was developed to target specific skin concerns. They can be used as a supplement to your existing skincare regimen. Products under this category include:

* R+F Lash Boost
* Active Hydration Serum
* Active Hydration Body Replenish
* Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex
* Micro-Dermabrasion Paste
* Mineral Peptides SPF 20
* Mineral Peptides SPF 20 with Brush
* Mineral Peptides Brush

You can purchase a product under this line for as little as $28 or as expensive as $155.


If you don't have specific skin concerns, and you just want something to ensure that your skin is flawless, then the Rodan + Fields Essentials was developed for you. Products under this line include:

* Instant Makeup Remover Wipes
* Complete Eye Makeup Remover
* Lip Shield SPF 25
* Gauze Pads
* Foaming Sunless Tan
* Body Sunscreen SPF 30
* Daily Body Moisturizer
* Maximum D3 Vitamin D Supplement

The least expensive product under this line is the Essentials Gauze Pads, while the most expensive is the Instant Makeup Remover Wipes and Complete Eye Makeup Remover.


Supplement your makeup routine with these products under the Dermacosmetics line. These include the Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid SPF 30 and the Radiant Defense Liquid Brush.

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What I Like About Rodan + Fields

Diverse skincare products

Rodan + Fields probably has one of the most diverse product lines among the companies selling skincare products. It has developed and offers products that were formulated to address skin concerns such as acne, as well as dry and sensitive skin.

Middle-aged and older ladies can also enjoy younger, supple-looking skin again thanks to Rodan + Fields's rejuvenating skincare products. Check out this page for more details about Rodan + Fields's products.

Its longevity

Rodan + Fields has been in the skincare business since the early 2000s. This longevity is a testament that its products are effective and that they are profitable.

Option to become a customer or a consultant

With Rodan + Fields, you have the option to either become a simple customer or an independent consultant. If you love Rodan + Fields products but don't have the personality or the inclination to become a consultant, then just simply be a customer.

But if you have the skills, the guts, and the grit to sell Rodan + Fields's products, then go ahead and sign up to become a consultant.

What I Don't Like About Rodan + Fields

Skincare products are too expensive

The downside to these products is that they are often too expensive. For example, a single tube of Soothe Gentle Cream Wash costs $44, while a bottle of Soothe Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 costs $43.

In contrast, facial washes and sunscreens that you can buy at drugstores or online cost less than $10 and they are just as effective. Even high-end brands cost no more than $20.

Rodan + Fields allow their consultants to advise their customers regarding skincare

A consultant might seem well-informed about a product, but nothing can replace a dermatologist's advice. While it's true that some consultants have their customers' welfare in mind, many are just in it for the money and are only upselling products to squeeze more money from their customers. Some products are even unnecessary or are bad for their customers' skin.

Its MLM business model

MLM has been lucrative for many people, but that doesn't mean it's for everyone. Even Rodan + Fields itself has issued a disclaimer that income is not guaranteed. Your success will depend on your experience and skills as a seller, and the size of your network.

Is Rodan + Fields A Scam?

Rodan + Fields is not a scam. It is a legitimate skincare product manufacturer and seller based in San Francisco, California. It offers a wide selection of skincare products, from simple facial washes to sunscreen. If you're a skincare fan or you suffer from acne or sensitive skin, you'll be dazzled with the number of products available for people like you.

The company has been around since 2000. It was acquired by the prestigious Estee Lauder Companies back in the mid-2000s, but the founders had a chance to buy the company back and turn it into what it is now. The products are formulated by dermatologists, so customers know they're in good hands.

But that doesn't mean everything's just peachy with Rodan + Fields. The products are expensive, and its network marketing business model makes people sometimes mistake it as a pyramid scheme.

It has an A+ rating with BBB, but Rodan + Fields is plagued with issues, such as fraudulent credit card charges, delay in refunds, and such. So, make sure that this is something you want to get into before you sign up.

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