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Today we're going to talk about a company called Six Figure Stamp Club.

It has little to do with stamps and there's a large chance you won't be earning six figures anytime soon.

So, what is the Six Figure Stamp Club? What is its background and how do you earn money by joining this so-called club?

Is it a a scam, legit or just another pyramid scheme?

Find out more by reading our review.

Six Figure Stamp Club Summary

Product: Six Figure Stamp Club

Price to join: Depends on "level" or tier

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Six Figure Stamp Club sells lead packages at discounted prices to its members. Members can use these leads for their own business or they can resell these leads to others.

This is definitely not a  

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What is Six Figure Stamp Club?

As an older millennial, I am one of those people who still remember how to use rotary phones, cassettes, and pagers. I have an odd fondness for the post office, as well as sending and receiving letters and postcards.

But even as a holdout for the revival of postal services and writing letters, I have to admit that I haven't sent or received a letter or postcard since 2014. In fact, the postman rarely makes the rounds around our neighborhood these days.

So when I read about the Six Figure Stamp Club, I was puzzled. I can easily wrap my head around the words "Six-Figure," but I was bewildered when it was followed by the words "Stamp Club."

Is there a mafia somewhere hoarding antique stamps in someone's basement and selling them for lots of money on eBay? How do I join this highly profitable if somewhat sinister philately club?

So imagine my disappointment upon learning that it's not a postal service revival nor a super secret philately club but a direct mail membership program run by a shady company. Members can buy leads packages and "mailling materials" [sic], and become licensed resellers who can also now resell these leads. They can resell these lead packages to prospective Six Figure Stamp Club members or use these leads for their own businesses.

To put it simply, Six Figure Stamp Club affiliates will send a letter or postcards to their leads. Once received, the recipient will determine if they also want to be an affiliate and pay you a certain amount of money for the membership.

The leads packages are sold at discounted rates for members, while retail prices are available for non-members.

Once you resell these leads, you'll get cash and stamps by referring other people to the Club.

Once your recruit signs up, congratulations because you are now their sponsor. He or she will pay you, along with another sponsor, a membership fee plus a book of stamps. This new affiliate will then send those letters to someone else hoping that they, too, will take the bait. And it goes on and on and on and on...

How Much To Join Six Figure Stamp Club?

Once you create your web account with Six Figure Stamp Club, you'll need to print out a letter that is in PDF format. You will then send this letter, the stamps, and the payment to your first and second level sponsors, as well as to Six Figure Stamp Club itself.

Once the letter, the stamps, and your payments are received by your sponsors and the company, you'll get your own letter templates and you can start sending them out to other prospective recruits.

So how much should you pay if you want to be a member?

When it comes to Six Figure Stamp Club membership fee, there are several tiers.

First is the Red Level tier. If you want to become a member of the Red Level team, you'll need to send $50 and one book of stamps to one sponsor. Then you'll need to send $20 and another book of stamps to your second sponsor's address. But it doesn't stop there. You'll need to send another $10 to Six Figure Stamp Club itself. No, you're not going to send a book of stamps to the third address.

If you want to join the Blue Level, you'll need to send $150 and 2 books of stamps to your first sponsor, and $40 and two books of stamps to your second sponsor. Then you send another $20 to the company.

Then there's the Black Level where you need to send $300 and three books of stamps to your first sponsor, and another $100 and 3 books of stamps to another sponsor. Lastly, you'll need to send $40 to the company.

If you want to become a member of the highest or Pearl Level, you'll need to send in $1000 and $500 to your first and second sponsors respectively. You'll also need to send a whopping ten books of stamps to each person. Plus, you'll need to send $200 to the company itself.

Note that you need to send cash to all three addresses, and the worst part is, the company has a strict no-refund policy upon confirmation of the order.


What Is Six Figure Stamp Club's Compensation Plan?

Six Figure Stamp Club does not have a compensation plan. In fact, in its welcome letter, the company explicitly states that it "does NOT guarantee income." The company asserts that "your income will base on your experience, work ethic, time, and amount of effort you put into the program."

So, how will you, prospective Stamp Club member, recoup your initial investment?

You'll need to send out those letters in hopes that you'll be able to dupe someone else into signing up for the Six Figure Stamp Club and becoming their sponsor. You'll receive the membership fee and the book of stamps. Alternatively, you can use the lead packages you'll receive from the club for your business.

What Products Does Six Figure Stamp Club Offer?

According to its website, Six Figure Stamp Club only offers lead packages available at discounted and retail prices, as well as mailing materials. There are no other tangible or valuable products this company offers.


Is Six Figure Stamp Club A Scam?

Yes, Six Figure Stamp Club is a scam.


First and foremost, the company only has a PO box listed as its address. That's a red flag already.

Also, the company only has leads packages to sell to its members, and this is neither tangible nor valuable. You have no way of knowing whether these leads truly exist and are fresh or if the company is just sending you on a wild-goose chase. Additionally, if you visit Six Figure Stamp Club's website, the so-called product is described in vague terms that people will not easily understand.

The information on the site are also vague. I had to dig a little deeper just to find how one can become a member of the Club as the explanation on the website was not explained sufficiently.

It's basically a type of pyramid scheme.

To become a member, you'll need to pay two of your sponsors a set amount of money plus books of stamps each. You even need to pay the company a fee just to get access to the leads package. Then and only then you can begin to send out letters hoping that someone out there will sign up so you can recoup your investment and get those books of stamps too.

Another issue with Six Figure Stamp Club that the operators themselves cannot guarantee their members' income and they even have a disclaimer for that. You will only earn your money back if one of the persons you sent letters to register to become a member and send you the corresponding membership fee. What if no one signed up because they're smarter and could smell a scam from a mile away?

The harsh truth here is only the operators of the Six Figure Stamp Club will earn money with this scheme. The post office (heck, even the paper and envelope supplier) has a greater chance of earning money than you do when you sign up for this.

Here's A Better Way To Make Money

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of joining Six Figure Stamp Club— there's basically a zero percent chance you make any real money. Or you'll make money, but you'll earn that money by duping somebody else.

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