You have a lot of bills to pay, so you're always on the lookout for another opportunity to make money. You've come across Tastefully Simple's money-making opportunity for entrepreneurs, and you're so excited to sign up as a consultant.

But don't sign up unless you've read this Tastefully Simple review.

In this review, we're going to discuss Tastefully Simple's background, the wide variety of gourmet products it offers, the ways you can earn money as a consultant, and so much more.

But the most important thing we're going to discuss is whether this company is another scam or if it's legit.

Let's begin.

Tastefully Simple Summary

Product: Tastefully Simple

Price to join: Depends on starter pack you're going to purchase

Rating: 50/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Tastefully Simple is a company that offers a wide selection of gourmet products, kitchenware, and more. It also offers meal kits, as well as recipes where customers can use the ingredients being sold by the company.

Its business model is direct selling or MLM, and entrepreneurs can apply as a consultant to promote the products and earn commissions. Want to know if it's a scam or not? Then check out our review below.

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What Is Tastefully Simple?

Tastefully Simple is a company that offers different gourmet food products. These products include baking mixes, sauces, seasonings, beverages, desserts, oils, and dressings. It also offers snacks, soups, kitchenware, vinegar, dips, and gluten-free ingredients.

What makes Tastefully Simple different from other food products retailer is its direct selling business model. Interested individuals with an enterprising streak can join as a Tastefully Simple consultant and promote its products. ​

Tastefully Simple consultants also have a unique way to promote and sell their products. Consultants are encouraged to hold a party at home so their friends and family can sample the products and become potential customers. For those who don't want to hold a party at home, they can also lend a catalog to their friends or have them shop online.

Consultants can also promote the products through Facebook live events, fundraisers, or make frozen meals that can be given away as samples to customers.

Apart from selling meal kits and ingredients, Tastefully Simple has also created recipes for their customers. These are neatly organized into categories, such as dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, freezer meal, and more.

Tastefully Simple was founded in 1995 by Jill Blashak Strahan. The company is headquartered in Ms. Strahan's native Minnesota. Ms. Strahan and the company has received various awards from various institutions, including Ernst & Young® Awards, Twin Cities Business Magazine, Stevie® Awards for Women in Business, and Inc. Magazine.

This is one of the few companies we have reviewed that has a stellar rating with the Better Business Bureau and is accredited by the organization.

Is Tastefully Simple a Pyramid Scheme?

Tastefully Simple is a member of the country's Direct Selling Association. This means that consultants are not only required to sell Tastefully Simple products to ordinary customers but also encourage others to join as the company's associates. In this way, they can earn commissions from the recruit's sales.

But is it a pyramid scheme? The short answer is no, it's not. First, Tastefully Simple has a lot of gourmet food products its consultants can promote and sell. Recruitment is an important strategy to sell products, as well as build a team of consultants. But Tastefully Simple doesn't place too much emphasis on recruitment that consultants forget that they should be selling the products.

Tastefully Simple is a legit company, and it doesn't promise ridiculously high returns within a short period. Like any business venture, consultants need to work to earn commissions and bonuses. This is not a source of passive income.

Success is Rare at Tastefully Simple

Sadly, Tastefully Simple doesn't provide an income disclosure statement online so we can determine if it's really worth your time or not. But it's safe to say that it is like other MLM companies out there when it comes to the income you're going to receive.

If you're thinking about joining Tastefully Simple, keep in mind that you're going to be one of the people at the bottom of this pyramid.

You're going to earn some retail commissions as a simple team member, but that is not where the money is. If you want to earn more commissions and bonuses, then get ready to hound family and friends to get them to sign up as consultants in your downline. You can earn more by building your team and earning a commission from their sales.

The problem is there are only a few people who will be able to reach the top of the pyramid. The majority of people who join MLM are stuck at the bottom thanks to prevailing market conditions and their own lack of experience in sales.

What is Tastefully Simple's Compensation Plan?

Tastefully Simple offers a pretty simple compensation plan for its hosts. Let's say you earned $200 in party sales. You're going to earn $20 in free product. What if you earned $600 during one of your Tastefully Simple parties? Then you're going to earn $60 in free products. Those who have earned $1,000 in party sales will earn $100 in free Tastefully Simple products.

Tastefully Simple associates can also get any meal kit or any item in the company's catalog at half the price for each guest who books a future party. When you become a host, you can also receive monthly host special and free shipping (depends on the monetary value of the party).

How Much Does it Cost to Join Tastefully Simple?

To join Tastefully Simple, you need to choose a meal kit. There are two options for this. One is the 30-Meal Kit which costs $200. You also need to pay an additional $39.95 "join" fee.

The second option includes the Creating Magic 10-Meal Kit, 14-Day Reset Kit, and Better Than Take-Out 10-Meal Kit. The 14-Day Reset Kit costs $149.99, while the Better Than Take-Out 10-Meal Kit costs $69.99. The Creating Magic 10-Meal Kit, on the other hand, costs $69.99.

But wait, there's more! Because you're going to promote Tastefully Simple products, you need to have some marketing collaterals and other materials your customers can use. These add-ons include catalog and order forms ($11.95), Preview Invites ($2.95), and Party Food Kit ($8.95). These add-ons, however, are optional.

Keep in mind that shipping fees can add to the cost.

What Products Does Tastefully Simple Offer?

Here are some of the products Tastefully Simple offers.

Meal Kits

30-Meal Kit

This meal kit costs $200. It includes several seasonings, soup mixes, dressings, dips, sauces, and more. Bonuses include a free seasoning grinder top, as well as a free apple pie dip mix.

10-Meal Kits

This is an assortment of different meal kits tailored for your needs and lifestyle. These meal kits include Cutting Carbs 10-Meal Kit, Better Than Take-Out 10-Meal Kit, and Creating Magic 10-Meal Kit. All of these meal kits cost $69.95.

5-Meal Kit

The 5-Meal Kit costs $39.95. This pack includes recipes for slow-cooker meals. Serves 4 to 6 persons


These include the 14-Day Reset Kit, Game Day Kit, Brunch for a Bunch Kit, Holiday Bakit Kit, and Get Together Kit. Prices range from $69.95 to $149.99.

Other Tastefully Simple products include beverages, bread, muffins, desserts, dips, and kitchenware. Customers can purchase kosher and no-gluten ingredients here.

Other products include oils, vinegar, dressings, sauces, salsas, and spreads. You can also buy seasonings, snacks, and soups from Tastefully Simple.

If you don't want to purchase individual products or you want to give them as gifts, then you can also purchase them here. The Tastefully Simple catalog is divided by seasons, so you can choose the perfect product for your Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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What I Like About Tastefully Simple

Fantastic product range and quality

Tastefully Simple's range of products is impressive. Here you can shop for or promote kits that can last for 30, 10, or 5 meals. These meal kits are also divided by holidays or events, such as sporting events, backyard parties, family game nights, or simple barbecues.

If you or your customers are not the types of persons who buy in bulk, then you can also purchase Tastefully Simple's individual products. There's the Cherry Zinfandel Sauce, Magic Chicken Taco Seasoning Blend, Silicone Bar Pan, Honey Lemon Drink Mixer, and more. You can also purchase gourmet staples such as Honey Teriyaki Sauce, Onion Seasoning, Avocado Oil, and Bountiful Beer Bread Mix.

A unique way to promote products

Tastefully Simple's party is similar to Tupperware's (remember your mom's Tupperware party?). It's not innovative, but it's somewhat unique. Consultants can really showcase the ingredients (as well as their cooking skills) with each Tastefully Simple party. But this is probably not for you if you don't like cooking or hosting events or cleaning the house for guests. This is absolutely not for you if your cooking skills are horrendous.

Stellar reputation

The good news is Tastefully Simple has a stellar reputation among customers. There are some complaints from customers here and there, and a lawsuit filed by one of its former consultants. But the case has been dismissed, and the customers' complaints have been addressed.

What I Don't Like About Tastefully Simple

Say goodbye to this money-making opportunity if you're not a foodie

There's no way you can showcase Tastefully Simple's ingredients if you don't like or know how to cook. You also need to have even the most basic knowledge about the ingredients so you can answer any customer who's asking what it is for. If you're simply in it for the money and you're not interested in learning about food, then I'm afraid Tastefully Simple is not for you.

Income disclosure statement is not available online

An income disclosure statement is a great way to find out if a company is doing great or not. Sadly, Tastefully Simple's income disclosure statement is not available online. If it is, it is probably only available to its employees or executives.

The networking aspect of the business

I'm not saying no one has succeeded with MLM. It's just that the number of persons who have made money by becoming a consultant/associate/independent distributor of an MLM company is pitifully low. There's a high chance you'll be stuck at the bottom of the pyramid doing the grunt work for a little commission.

Is Tastefully Simple A Scam?

No, Tastefully Simple is not a scam. It is a legitimate company that's been around for more than two decades, and it seems that it is still going strong. The company offers a diverse array of gourmet food products online. Entrepreneurs can also join as consultants so they, too, can earn commissions just by promoting and selling Tastefully Simple's meal kits, kitchenware, and gourmet ingredients.

But it pays to be realistic when it comes to multi-level marketing. You're probably going to stay at the bottom of the pyramid and earn a little commission here and there, but you will never make enough money for you to be able to leave your soul-crushing full-time job or pay your family's bills every month. The glaring exception are the people who already have experience in sales or have been in the direct selling business for so long they can sell a pepper grinder with their eyes closed.

Another undesirable aspect of MLM is the recruitment part. Because a large part of your income will be based on your downline sales, you will have to hound people to get them to sign up and be part of your team. If you're the type of person who wants to maintain your friendship and have a good relationship with your family, then it's best to steer clear of MLM.

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