Is Trivita a Scam? Nutritional Supplements MLM Uncovered! 

 July 4, 2019

By  Kat


You've probably heard about TriVita from your friends or a family member you have not seen in a long time.

You're curious about it and want to sign up as an affiliate, but you want to research first before you jump.

Congratulations! You've come to the right place.

We'll discuss the company called TriVita, its products, its compensation plan, and some of the things we like and don't like about it.

So, is TriVita a scam?

Read on to find out!

TriVita Summary

Product: TriVita

Price to join: Free

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: TriVita is a health and wellness company based in Arizona. It offers a wide selection of nutritional supplements, but its flagship product is Nopalea, a drink extracted from the fruit of the nopal cactus.

People interested in selling TriVita products can apply as to become affiliates/independent distributors. It has a multi-level marketing business model (as is typical with health and wellness companies). 

But is TriVita a scam? No, but it's not going to be easy for affiliates either.

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What Is TriVita?

TriVita is a health and wellness company founded by businessman Michael R. Ellison in 1999. The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to its website, TriVita's products are "science-based nutritional supplements." But in recent years, it has branched out to online webcast series where prominent medical professional are featured and it also hosts free live events. Moreover, the company publishes its own quarterly magazine.

Trivata is not just another nutritional supplement seller. It has its own TriVita Clinic of Integrative Medicine where physicians use a holistic process when treating patient illnesses. The clinic is one of the most unique things about Trivata.

Michael R. Ellison is still the company's CEO. Marcus Ellison serves as TriVita's chief marketing officer, while Don Kurtenbach serves as the company's Chief Financial Officer. Other members of TriVita's executive team includes Rich Henry (chief information officer) and Judy Beals (director of legal affairs).

Apart from the company's executives, affiliated healthcare professionals are an essential part of the Trivata system. It has a chief medical officer, medical and scientific advisor, and other healthcare professionals onboard.

TriVita has been in the business since 1999, a good indication that this is a stable and trustworthy company. Plus, it has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Is TriVita A Pyramid Scheme?

No, TriVita is not a pyramid scheme. For a health and wellness company, the products are actually pretty good and diverse. Plus, the company has been around for twenty years, so it's pretty stable at this point.

But that doesn't mean TriVita is perfect. In 2014, the Federal Trade Commission compelled TriVita to pay $3,500,000 in refunds to consumers for making deceptive claims about its cactus-based fruit drink, Nopalea. The FTC stated that TriVita's claims about the fruit-based drink was unsupported and therefore, misleading. You can reach more about this here and here.

Success is Rare at TriVita

Another problem with TriVita is its MLM business model. To understand TriVita's commission structure, take a look at the illustration below.

Imagine that you are looking for a little side income, so you signed up as a TriVita associate. It's a side hustle for now, but you're hoping to make it big with the company so you can leave your boring dead-end job eventually.

Now envision yourself as one of the people at the bottom of this hierarchy. It's true that the company's products are relatively good and it is stable, so maybe it's easy to market TriVita.

But its network marketing business model will not always work for everybody, especially for those at the bottom of this hierarchy. You'll have to hit the company's quota every month, as well as recruit a certain number of people just to earn a little commission. What happens is the people at the top will get richer and richer while you work harder and harder.

But will you get to the top of this pyramid? It depends.

Your success will depend on your personality, resiliency, and whether there a lot of people in your area who hasn't heard of MLM/health and wellness before. If you're the type of person who easily gives up or you don't like sales at all, then TriVita, or any MLM company, is not for you.


How Much to Join TriVita?

Becoming a TriVita Member is easy. Simply purchase just one product, and you're automatically a member. The membership fee is essentially free, but since you purchased a product, that amount covers the membership fee.

But what about affiliates?

The cost is free for prospective TriVita Affiliate Marketers. All they need to do is sign up and they can become an affiliate.

Affiliates will have their own personal TriVita member website where they can direct customers to purchase products. They can also use the company's social media content (graphics, videos, and blog posts) that they can share online.

What is TriVita's Compensation Plan?

The good news is TriVita has a pretty straightforward way to compensation plan if you are planning to become an affiliate. Here are some of the ways you can earn money when you become a TriVita member.

The first way to earn a commission with TriVita is the Weekly Bonus Plan or officially known as the Income Accelerator Weekly Bonus. This bonus is based on the purchases made by a new affiliate and members you have personally enrolled within a sixty-day period.

This commission can reach up to 70%. But keep in mind that the amount you'll receive will base on your rank within the TriVita affiliate hierarchy. This bonus, of course, is paid weekly.

Another way to earn a commission is TriVita's Monthly Total Group Compensation. This residual income is based on the total purchases made by your members, as well as your affiliate members up to seven levels deep. The compensation is immediately calculated when a new member or affiliate member makes a purchase 60 days after they were enrolled.

The third way you can earn as a TriVita affiliate is the Monthly Leadership Bonus. In this scheme, you'll earn monthly bonuses as you climb the ranks and reach the role of Director and beyond.

Qualified directors earn 4% out of 25,000 monthly total group sales volume. When you reach the highest rank which is Presidential Director Bonus, you'll receive 1% out of every 250,000 monthly total group sales volume.

The TriVita Affiliate hierarchy is as follows (ordered from lowest to highest):

Affiliate member

Affiliate members should have a personal qualifying order of 20.

1 Star Affiliate member

To qualify as a 1 star affiliate members, you must have a personal qualifying order of 40 and must have enrolled one affiliate member.

2 Star Affiliate member

To qualify as a 2 star affiliate member, you must have a personal qualifying order of 100 and must have enrolled at least 2 affiliate members. Plus, you must have a monthly TGV of 2,500.

3 Star Affiliate member

To qualify as a 3 star affiliate member, you must have a personal qualifying order of 100 and must have enrolled at least 3 affiliate members. Plus, you must have a monthly TGV of 5,000.

4 Star Affiliate member

To qualify as a 4 star affiliate member, you must have a personal qualifying order of 100 and must have enrolled at least 3 affiliate members. An additional monthly TGV of 10,000 is required for this rank.


To qualify as a director, you must have a personal qualifying order of 100 and must have enrolled at least 3 affiliate members. An additional monthly TGV of 25,000 is required for this rank.

1 Star Director

To qualify as a 1 star director, you must have a personal qualifying order of 100 and must have enrolled at least 3 affiliate members. An additional monthly TGV of 50,000 is required for this rank.

2 Star Director

To qualify as a 2 star director, you must have a personal qualifying order of 100 and must have enrolled at least 3 affiliate members. An additional monthly TGV of 50,000 is required for this rank.

3 Star Director

To qualify as a 3 star director, you must have a personal qualifying order of 100 and must have enrolled at least 3 affiliate members. An additional monthly TGV of 75,000 is required for this rank.

Presidential Director

To qualify as a presidential director, you must have a personal qualifying order of 100 and must have enrolled at least 3 affiliate members. An additional monthly TGV of 250,000 is required for this rank.

Some of the benefits enjoyed by affiliate members include:

a. Fast Cash Bonuses Paid Weekly
b. Free Visa/MasterCard Pre-Paid Debit Card or Direct Banking Deposit
c. Residual Monthly Compensation
d. Leadership Bonuses
e. Career Plan Recognition
f. Leadership Training Events
g. Special Team Building Events at Fun and Exotic Destinations
h. Periodic Promotions and Incentives


What Products Does TriVita Offer?

TriVita has a diverse array of dietary supplements in their catalog. They are divided into four categories, and we're going to discuss them here.

* Healthy Aging

There are many products under this category so we're going to discuss only a few of them here. The first product we're going to discuss is Nopalea, one of TriVita's flagship products. According to the website, the fruit drink is packed with a nutrient called Betalain that is extracted from prickly pear cactus or nopal. Betalain is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and can boost the immune system.

Other products include the TriVita Slow Dissolve B-12 tablets, various vitamins, and other nutritional supplements.

* Targeted Nutrition

TriVita does not just offer vitamins and other supplements you can find on the shelves of any nutritional supplements store. The company has created various products that target certain health issues.

One such product is Adaptuit, a nutritional supplement developed to combat stress-related illnesses such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

TriVita's Nerve Formula was created especially to keep nerves health, while the VisionGuard promotes eye health. There's Adaptuit Sleep, a supplement for those suffering from insomnia and other sleep-related issues. Joint Complex, on the other hand, was created to ensure healthier and flexible joints.

Other products include Promeric 95, NeuroShine, MyFloraDaily Probiotic, Prostate Health Formula, Balanced Woman, and more.

* Performance

Products such as MyoHealth™ Essential Amino Acid Complex Berry Crush, MyoHealth™ Vegan Capsules, and MyoHealth Lemonade 2 Pack belong to this category. These supplements contain essential amino acids to "build lean muscle mass faster."

This category also includes a book called The Building Blocks of Life.

* Herbal Supplements

This category includes Fiberzon Capsules, Zamu Protect, Rainforest Treasure Tea, Aqua Algae, Rejuvenate, and more. All of these herbal supplements ⁠— with the exception of Zamu Protect ⁠— are extracted from herbs harvested from the Amazon rainforest.

What I Like About TriVita

Here are some of the things I like about TriVita.

* Diverse product line

One of the great things about TriVita is its diverse product line. It has been around since 1999, so the company had a chance to develop and add more products over the years.

If you're simply a member or you're an affiliate who's looking to sell something unique, then there's something for you here.

The fruit-based drink Nopalea is a good way to start. Other products, such as the Slow Dissolve B-12 tablets, Cholestria, and Bone Factor Growth, can be sold easily to seniors or even people who are in middle-age.

Products under the Targeted Nutrition, Performance, and Herbal Supplements products line can also be easily sold. There are products that you can get from your local drugstore though. They just look more easy to sell because TriVita slapped some cool-looking labels on them.

* Stable company with a good reputation

TriVita has been around since 1999, and not many health and wellness companies can boast about longevity. There was a period between 2014 and 2017 when TriVita's reputation took a hit after it was forced to refund more $3 million due to misleading claims about its product, but it managed to bounce back after a couple of years. Overall, the company and its reputation remained largely unscathed.

* Simple compensation plan

You've got to hand it to TriVita for coming up with a relatively simple compensation. It is short and surprisingly easy to understand. This is in sharp contrast to other MLMs that seem to deliberately make it hard for their affiliates to understand what they're getting into and how they're going to get paid.


What I Don't Like About TriVita

* TriVita products are expensive

Take a look at some of the products offered by TriVita. (The price of the nopal-based drink is pretty much standard, so we're going to leave it at that.)

But check out other TriVita products that we can say are kind of generic, such as this 60-count TriVita Omega3 Prime and the TriVita CoEnzyme Q-10.

Now, let's contrast this with other products. Omega3 Prime costs $29.99. That's pretty expensive for simple fish oil which you can get for as little as $20 or less in other stores.

Another product is the TriVita CoEnzyme Q-10 which you can buy at $29.99 at the TriVita website. The cheapest 60-count CoQ-10 I could find costs $9.09, and there are plenty more that costs below $20.

The high price of TriVita products can be a barrier to success if you do decide to become an affiliate.

* At the end of the day, it's still MLM

MLM has received a lot of flak lately thanks to the unethical practices done by many individuals. It has been tainted, but that doesn't mean it's not going to work.

Many people have become rich thanks to MLM. The problem, however, is that they are few and far between. It is more likely that you know more people who did not succeed with MLM rather than those who did.

This kind of business model is only sustainable for people at the top, and not for people like you and me. Plus, your success will depend on how you can distinguish yourself and how good you are in selling products in an already crowded and wellness market.

Is TriVita a Scam?

No, TriVita is not a scam. It is actually a reputable health and wellness company with a diverse product line and solid reputation. Sure, it was hit by the FTC for issuing unsubstantiated claims about one of its flagship products, but it seems that the company has bounced back over the past couple of years.

But if you want to make it big or you're looking to leave your day job soon, then hold your horses because Trivata is probably not your ticket out of it. Apart from its MLM strategy, its products are expensive. Plus, there are a lot of health and wellness products out there (and many of them are cheaper). You'll need to work extra hard to make TriVita products more attractive to consumers.


Here's a Better Way to Make Money

Hopefully by now I've talked you out of joining TriVita. The products you'll be selling are too pricey, and the chances of success are too small.

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