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Truvision Health Summary

Product: Truvision Health

Price to join: $159 for the control kit + $35 annual fee

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No!

Summary: Truvision Health is a nutritional supplement company. It is not necessarily a scam or a pyramid scheme. It just resembles pyramid schemes because of similarities in its business model.

The company offers a wide variety of nutritional supplements ranging from weight loss products to products to help improve sleep. The products are mostly all-natural but there are some customer complaints regarding the negative effects they experience when taking the supplements.

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What Is Truvision Health?

Truvision Health is a multi-level marketing business that focuses on wellness and weight loss products. They first appeared to the public in 2014. But with regards to how and where it started, the company seems to have decided to keep these matters private.

Weight loss products are very mainstream and MLM's of this category will never run out of customers

The company has had good customer feedback for years now but you might want to think twice before you decide to invest in Truvision Health. 

The company has had some issues with the FDA regarding some of their products. Violations from the Food and Drug Association are not usually considered good signs.

Is Truvision Health A Pyramid Scheme?

When people hear 'network marketing' or 'multi-level marketing' they often assume that it is a pyramid scheme.

Since there has been a lot of instances where MLM's end up becoming scams and pyramid schemes, it's normal to feel skeptic about them.

This is why you shouldn't automatically dive in to these type of opportunities without knowing anything about them first. 

But this is not the case for Truvision Health. Truvision Health is not an outright pyramid scheme. It just has similar aspects with pyramid schemes, though but rest assured, this company is 100% legit.

To explain this, take a look at the picture below:

This is the typical image of what an MLM business hierarchy looks like. The ones on top usually gain the most, while the ones at the bottom either earn way less or lose all their money.

This scenario is not new in MLM businesses. The pyramid structure is what makes an MLM and a pyramid scheme similar.

The recruitment of downlines is what fuels your business at Truvision Health. The more your organization branches out, the more money you are able to take in.

But this process is tedious and time-consuming. Income doesn't come as fast as you spending your money to buy the required monthly volume of products to keep your membership active.

Ultimately, you might end up losing more money than gaining. Which is why your best option is to convince your potential buyers to either buy your products or join you as your downline.

Success Is Rare At Truvision Health

Even though Truvision Health has a very straightforward compensation plan, it can still be extremely difficult for you to succeed with their business.

Like any other MLM companies, you are placed at an advantage if you are among those who have joined their business during its early stages.

Truvision Health been around since 2014. More than that, the company is in competition against other MLM companies with the same types of products.

With MLMs, products can be a very significant factor to your success. Such is the case for Truvision. However, Truvision doesn’t have the best reviews for their products.

About half of those who use their products have an issue with them and only the other half rave about their products. This is because their products tend to have negative side effects for some people.

With that alone, you might already have an idea of how risky it can be to do business with Truvision Health. The company has also faced not just one but two lawsuits filed by FDA.

People are smarter now and they will know everything about a company’s reputation, their products and how they go about their business.

It'll be hard to succeed with a company with so many negative reviews. 


How Much To Join Truvision Health?

MLM businesses have started to grow in number over the past several years. Given its convenience and ease of establishment, more and more people choose this type of business instead of a traditional one.

You don't need to prepare capital and a venue. You only need enough money for the membership fees and products, and then you're good to go.

To join Truvision Health, you will need to pay a $35 annual fee. This fee will be included with the type of membership you would.

There are three choices for membership types:


The associate membership has its perks. You get to enjoy 20% discount on all of the products you choose to buy. Also, you get to earn commissions whenever a referral of yours chooses to join Truvision Health.

Aside from this, you will receive your own replicated website and are eligible to earn rewards from their SmartShip ordering service.

Also, if you choose to join their 10k Pledge, you can get free products. Product kits from this membership type may range from $125 to $159.

Preferred Customer

Preferred customers enjoy a 10% discount on all their product purchases and there is no need for them to pay the enrollment fee.

This type of membership is also eligible in earning rewards from the company's SmartShip ordering service and joining the 10k Pledge to get free products.

Retail Customer

Retail customers do not have any perks aside from the waived enrollment fee. All products are sold to them at retail price. So, you will get the products at an expensive rate compared to those from the previous two membership types.

What Is Truvision Health's Compensation Plan?

Compensation plans for MLM's are usually very complicated. 

If you want to see Truvision Health's full compensation plan, click here.

To understand how Truvision Health's compensation plan works, check out the video below.

Below is a summary of their commission plan and the parts you should definitely know:

Retail Difference (Sample Commissions)

One way to earn in Truvision Health is through Retail Difference. This is simply having your profit off of the customer cost minus the associate cost.

To give you an example, if the customer cost is $50 and the associate cost is $30, the profit will then be $20 since $50 (customer cost) - $30 (associate cost) = $20.

Fast Start 

Another way to earn in Truvision Health is through what they call the Fast Start. It is said to help earn back the initial investment but to be eligible, one still needs to upgrade their membership to an Associate.

What’s more is that they have to purchase the Fast Start pack within 60 days from their day of signing up or upgrading to an Associate.

More than that, associates are required to have at least 100 PV in the current month or the last month to quality for the Fast Start bonuses.

With the Fast Start, the first four upline associates that are qualified for this program will be paid a percentage of the PV from the Fast Start pack that they purchased.

Their earning will depend on the money generated by their uplines and from where they are placed. 1st generation will have 20%, 2nd generation will have 10% and the 3rd and 4th generation will have 5%.

Monthly Payout

Truvision Health also has a monthly payout. To be qualified, one must at least be an associate. They will then be eligible for this program if they can generate at least a 100 personal volume (PV).

Matching Bonus

Another bonus that Truvision Health offers is the Matching Bonus. Although they say that they offer this from day one, only those who are eligible can have its benefits.

To be eligible for the matching bonus, one must be a commission qualified associate. This means that you must come up with at least 100 PV for the current or previous calendar month.

With this bonus, you get 10% of all commission of the associates in your downline.

Bonus Pools

Truvision Health has a bonus pool but this is only for those who are at the top of their company. Their first bonus pool are for those who have at least achieved the position of a 5 star director or above.

The second pool is for those who have achieved at least 8 star or higher. This does not mean that once you’ve achieved 5 or 8 star you can then always be eligible for the bonus pool.

You need to attain the positions during the month. It is based on that and not on the highest rank you have achieved. 


What Products Does Truvision Health Offer?

Truvision Health is focused on health and wellness. The company offers supplements, essential oils, skincare products and more others.

They have divided their products into four categories. Namely, Core, Complementary, Skincare and Essential Oils. Their Core products are their popular items.

Their products do work. However, their products don’t always work for everyone. In fact, their they sometimes cause negative effects.

Some of these negative effects include dizziness and increased heart rate. If you do want to try out their products, it’s best to first do some of your own research if they are ideal for you or not. Maybe you should even ask a doctor beforehand. 

This is why a lot of their associates don’t succeed. It’s hard to sell products that are not guaranteed to work. Let alone a product that can do more harm than good.

Their products are also not the most affordable. However, they do provide a lot of information about their products.

For their system, they have 2 types of capsules; the TruFit and TruControl. Each of these 2 capsules have different ingredients.

TruFit contains dendrobium extract, caffeine, vitamin b6 and Iron. Meanwhile, TruControl has raspberry ketones, selenium and vanadium.

Both of these capsules promote weight loss and helps with boosting energy. While they can indeed help with weight loss and loss of cravings, nothing has been definitely proven if their supplements have a significant effect with metabolism.

Also, Truvision uses ingredient which is actually banned by some sporting agencies because of the potential risk it can cause. This ingredient is Octodrine. 

What I Like About Truvision Health

  • The Business is Legit

There are a lot of people that fall victim to fraudulent MLM companies. One of the good things about Truvision is that their company is legit and they have been around for quite some time now.

However legit, this does not mean you can make money with them.

  • Well Laid Out Compensation Plans

Truvision Health has sa good compensation plan including one that enables their associates to quickly gain back their initial investment.

With their Fast Start program, associates can gain a percentage of earnings from their uplines. Their compensation plan is also quite straightforward. 

What I Don't Like About Truvision Health

  • Products Are Hard to Sell

While the products of Truvision can be effective, they are not for everyone as they can cause negative side effects. Because of this, their products are hard to sell.

  • Lawsuits Have Been Filed Against Truvision Health

Although Truvision Health is a legit business, it doesn’t entirely mean that their operation is flawless. 

In 2015, they had a violation against FDA because of using synephrine and DMDA. These two are a dangerous combination. To make things worse, DMDA and synephrine becomes even more dangerous with the addition of caffeine.

In 2017, FDA confronted them again for a couple of violations. They had violations with the Current Good Manufacturing Process and the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Their containers didn’t have the number of servings, some had wrong serving sizes and they were even selling their products as drugs.

  • Products Are Not Definitely Proven to Have a Significant Effect on Metabolism

While others have stated that the products have worked well for them, no supplements were definitely proven to have a major effect on metabolism.

  • They Are Not Open to Criticism

Companies, no matter how hard they try, can never satisfy everyone. However, they can welcome constructive criticism to make themselves grow.

This is not the case with Truvision Health. Unlike many other companies that are open to criticism, they are not. More than ignore you, they can weed you out if you go and tell a bad story about their products.

Is Truvision Health A Scam?

Personally, I don't think that Truvision Health is a scam. Although some of their products might be misleading due to their claims, the company is a hundred percent legitimate.

Truvision Health does not fool their customers into investing large amounts of money. All distributors are compensated for every sale they make in the company. This is not the nature of scams.

While in the past they may have been advertising their products as medications which caused them to make violations within the FDA rules, they have rectified those mistakes.

Despite having negative feedback on their products, they still have a large customer base and are active in the market. But making stable income in this business will still prove to be challenging. 

It will probably take you a lot of time to earn as much as the distributors in the higher levels of the pyramid. 

There are a lot of better ways to make more money.

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