Hello, and welcome to the latest UpCrowdMe review.

In this review, we're going to take a deeper look at UpCrowdMe, one of the newest websites that offer free Facebook lead training, paid social media page creation, and more.

We're going to discuss some of the most important things about it, such as the products it offers, how much they cost, and more.

We're also going to talk about its affiliate program, as well as its compensation plan. Plus, we're going to determine if UpCrowdMe is another scam or if it is 100% legit.

UpCrowdMe Summary

Product: UpCrowdMe

Price to join: Free to $1,000

Rating: 10/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: UpCrowdMe (also known as UCM Social) is a new website that offers free Facebook lead training. It also offers other paid services, such as logo creation, website development, as well as social media and content page creation. But the highlight of the website is its affiliate program where one can earn money for promoting UpCrowdMe's services.

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What is UpCrowdMe and How Does It Work?

Note: Before we proceed with this UpCrowdMe review, you should know that you will see this security prompt when you try to access UpCrowdMe's website (see screengrab below). Be careful!

So, what exactly is UpCrowdMe and how does it work?

There are several reviews about UpCrowdMe, but it seems that the information they have needs to be updated. The creator(s) of UpCrowdMe have since changed the services they offer since the time the reviews were written. One of the most important changes is the departure from cash-gifting/donation. These changes are mentioned in UpCrowdMe's introduction video.

According to its landing page, UpCrowdMe can help you earn thousands of dollars every month simply by promoting its Facebook lead training. It can also teach entrepreneurs and their sales teams to maximize Facebook and make money off of it.

UpCrowdMe calls this training program "social media mastery." This training program has six levels.

Levels 1-3: Creating a Personal Brand

The first is the Training Level. This consists of a Facebook video training where you'll learn how to build your personal brand.

The second and third phases are called the Logo and Website Levels. In these sections, UpCrowdMe will create a logo and a website for its members.

Then there's the 2 Social Level. In this section, UpCrowdMe will build your social media pages (Facebook and Twitter). The pages are optimized, and members will be paid commissions when they promote it.

Levels 4-6: Setting Up Your Social Networking Profile Accounts

Next is the 4 Social Levels. This is where UpCrowdMe creates your Instagram page and LinkedIn profile. Again, you'll receive payment for promoting it.

Next is the 6 Social Levels. UpCrowdMe will optimize your Pinterest page and YouTube channel. The creators of UpCrowdMe will show you how to use it, and get paid in the process.

Keep in mind, however, that Levels 4 to 6 are optional. In these levels, UpCrowdMe will post relevant images and videos on your Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter pages. Posting happens daily, and you can choose whichever platform you want the social media manager can post.

Level 4 to 6 already come with a Social Ninja Inbox (valued at $69). This is an application that handles all of your social media accounts. You don't have to memorize all the passwords because according to UpCrowdMe, all you need is Social Ninja Inbox.

All you have to do is sign up online to become an instant member of UpCrowdMe. The signup process I came across is different from what other users have seen a few months ago. You can now sign up for free, whereas in the past, you need to pay a $5 fee via PayPal for you to become a member.

You will instantly receive access to the members' dashboard when you join UpCrowdMe. Before you can access the members' dashboard, you'll have to watch a very long introductory video where the presumed creator of the website explains what it is all about.

By the way, UpCrowdMe has been renamed "UCM Social." Perhaps this is the creators' way of distancing itself from UpCrowdMe's questionable tactics (it used to dabble in cash-gifting masquerading as "donation") and shady reputation.

The UpCrowdMe dashboard is where you will find the Technical Support, Free Facebook Training, and Buy a Domain page. You will also have access to the Intro Video, Drop Cards, and the How to Become an Affiliate page in the dashboard.

What is UpCrowdMe's Compensation Plan?

UpCrowdMe/UCM Social also has an affiliate program for its members. Simply promote UpCrowdMe, and you have the chance to earn additional cash.

It offers only two types of commissions for affiliates: sale price commission and affiliate override commission.

In the first type of commission, you'll receive 100% of the retail price on every product or service you resell.

The second type is the affiliate override commissions. This varies on each level, and the commission is paid every day at 5 PM EST. You will receive the affiliate override commission as long as the member in your downline maintains their status as a paying member.

UpCrowdMe used to use PayPal as its payment processor, but this is not true anymore. It has since used Stripe and Bitcoin to pay affiliates their commissions.

Who Created UpCrowdMe?

The man behind UpCrowdMe is Tim Bentley. You can check out this video to know more about UpCrowdMe and Tim Bentley.

There's not a lot of information on the web about Mr. Bentley except that he studied coaching and mentoring at the University of Phoenix. He also has a website (69Bentley.com) where the old UpCrowdMe is still alive and kicking.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here's a price breakdown of UpCrowdMe's products.


Training is available for free. In this section, you'll learn how to maximize the use of Facebook, as well as how t build your personal brand.


This, according to the creator of UpCrowdMe, is the first step in creating your personal brand. This is a custom-made logo that costs $20 (UCM processing fee) plus a $20 UpCrowdMe processing fee. The monthly fee is $20, and affiliates will get a $5 commission.


If you purchase a UpCrowdMe's custom-made WordPress website, you must pay a $100 fee and another $100 for the UpCrowdMe processing fee. This includes free lifetime hosting, a custom domain, copywriting, and more. The monthly fee is $10, and affiliates will get a $5 commission.

2 Socials

Get your own optimized Facebook and Twitter page with the 2 Socials service which costs $200. You need to pay another $100 UCM processing fee. Optional services include content creation and daily posting. The monthly service fee is $100, and affiliates will get a $30 commission.

4 Socials

Get your own LinkedIn and Instagram profiles with the 4 Socials. Optional services include content creation and multiple posts daily. You must pay $500 for this service plus a $160 UpCrowdMe processing fee. The monthly service fee is $150, and affiliates will get a $60 commission.

6 Socials

You can have UpCrowdMe set up your YouTube and Pinterest profiles with the 6 Socials service. Optional services include content creation and multiple posts daily on these social networking sites. It costs $1,000, plus $200 UCM processing fee. The monthly service fee is $200, and affiliates will get a $75 commission.

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What I Like About UpCrowdMe

It's easy to join

You don't need to pay a fee or verify your email or jump hoops if you want to become an UpCrowdMe member. All you need to do is sign up, and you'll have instant access to the members' dashboard. No need to verify your email or phone number to access it too.

Because the website doesn't have an FAQ page, you just have to assume that almost anyone can join UpCrowdMe. It doesn't matter if you're living in the United States or Canada, or if you're 29 or 59. It's safe to assume, however, that you need to be 18 years old and beyond to be able to use the website.

Extensive social media services

UpCrowdMe offers Facebook training, as well as logo creation and website development. The last two services are paid, while the Facebook training is free.

UpCrowdMe also offers social media page creation and optional social media page management. Its social media manager will cover Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. They will post multiple images and videos daily (as little as 12 and as much as 30).

What I Don't Like About UpCrowdMe

No information on refund

UpCrowdMe is a relatively new venture, so its website is sorely lacking in a lot of information. One of the vital information you won't find on its website is its refund policy even though it has terms and conditions published online. As always, be careful when dealing with online money-making opportunities that do not present in black and white its refund policies.

Its security issues

If you really want to visit the UpCrowdMe website, then make sure that you have a good antivirus or you're going to access it on the Incognito browser (if you're using Chrome). If you're using a regular browser, it will immediately prompt you of UpCrowdMe's security issues. Do not entrust any personal or financial information to such websites.

Too much emphasis on its affiliate program and recruitment

UpCrowdMe places too much emphasis on its affiliate program. Yes, it has several brand development and social media services, but you won't find samples of the logos or websites it has done in the past on its site. There's more information about its affiliate than its brand development and social media services.

Because of its security issues and its over-emphasis of its affiliate program, you need to be wary of money-making opportunities like this. They might turn out to be pyramid schemes thanks to the absence of products/presence of low-quality products and over-emphasis on the affiliate program.

Is UpCrowdMe A Scam?

If you're looking for someone to create a logo, website, or guide you through creating and optimizing your social media pages, then you can probably try UpCrowdMe. But if you're looking to earn some extra cash, then I'm afraid that I can't recommend UpCrowdMe. Its security issues, the price of its services, and its overemphasis on its affiliate program do not bode well for prospective members. There are better ways to earn money out there, and UpCrowdMe is not it.

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