Usana is a HUGE MLM and if you're here you're probably wondering if it's a scam or not.

If so this post is for you.

Below you'll find everything you need to know about this company including background information, price to join, a look at the compensation plan and product overview.

By the time you're done reading you'll know if Usana is worth investing your money in.


Usana Summary

Company: Usana

Price to join: $29.95

Rating: 70/100

Do I recommend? Depends how seriously you take this. 

Summary: I hardly ever recommend MLM's because most are shady and there's virtually no chance for success. While success may not be easy at USANA it does seem like the odds are better than in other MLM's.

There's some red flags when it comes to the products and in the history of this company but they've seemed to recover from all of these issues.

Today USANA generates over a billion in sales every year and it's very inexpensive to join them as a distributor.

If you really try here and treat it like a full time job there's a chance you can make some money here.

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1) What is Usana? USANA is a very large Multi-Level Marketing company that sells various nutritional and supplement products.

This is one of the longer running MLM's as well and it was started in 1992. It was founded by microbiologist Myron Wentz. 

2) How do you make money here? You sign up for $29.95 and this gives you rights to sell USANA to customers and earn 10% on each sale.

Because it's a MLM you also get rewarded for recruiting and building a downline. This means you earn money from the sales of people below you.

3) Are there any red flags? Any MLM that generates a billion in sales is going to have some lawsuits and other red flags like that. There was a lawsuit in 2007 claiming USANA was a pyramid scheme.

In the end evidence wasn't found that USANA was a pyramid scheme. The person who alerted the SEC and FBI to this was also shorting USANA stock and profited off the stock drop of these organizations investigating USANA (kind of sketchy).

Additionally, many of the executives at USANA were accused of making false statements about their qualifications.  

Lastly, Myron Wentz renounced his citizenship in America and become a citizen of Saint Kitts And Nevis. This is an island in the Caribbean that's known to be a tax haven for the rich. 

4) Are there similar MLM's? There are literally thousands of MLM's that sell nutritional supplements. Some include ASEA, Amare Global, Trevo, Tranont and more. 

Is USANA A Pyramid Scheme?

I personally don't like MLM's because I think they're a bad way to make money. However, there's some people that truly HATE these companies.

Because of this vitriol many people claim that all MLM's are scams and this isn't true.

To understand the difference between a real pyramid scheme and a legitimate MLM, look at the picture below:

The above is what an illegal pyramid scheme looks like. This happens in a few different ways but mainly happens when recruiting is the only way to make money and there's not really any retail sales going on.

USANA allows you to make money without recruiting if you don't want to recruit and their products are actually quite popular.

So while you do get rewarded for recruiting, USANA is NOT a pyramid scheme.

They were actually investigated by the SEC for being a pyramid scheme and were cleared of any wrongdoing. 

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Success Is Rare With MLM's

In the last section I said there's a lot of hate directed towards MLM's and a lot of it is perfectly justified.

The reason most people dislike MLM's is because the success is so low and people have been burned or have seen friends and family burned. 

The most shocking statistic is that only about 1% of people that join a MLM end up making money and the other 99% LOSE MONEY.

That's an astonishingly bad number and why I don't recommend that you join a MLM.

USANA seems to do a little bit of a better job and they released how many people are making money and what the average salaries are:

I'm not entirely what USANA considers full time and part time. It may just be the ranking system or have to do with the activity of an associate but again, not sure.

Now if you look the overwhelming majority makes less than $5,283 for the year.

A lot of these people aren't trying to make a full time with USANA and USANA reports more than 50% of people that become distributors claim they aren't trying to make a full time living and 83% joined to improve their health. 

That's definitely something to consider when looking at the numbers. 

According to USANA people that collect at least one commission check a month make on average around $23,000 a year which is pretty good.

So if you put in the effort it seems you get rewarded which isn't the case with all MLM's.

Additionally if you make it to the rank of Gold Director or higher, the average salary is over $96,000 per year. 

Gold Director is what they consider a full time distributor. 

In total 115 people have earned over a million dollars in their life working with USANA as well.

So the stats are definitely better here than usual. And if you really work hard and treat it like a full time job there's a chance you can earn 6 figure. 

Below is some even more eye opening stats about MLM's in general:

As you can see MLM's typically are a terrible way to earn money. 

How Much To Join

Another thing I really like about USANA is how cheap it is to join and it will only cost you $29.95 - you get a Welcome Kit with this fee.

There's no autoshipment costs forcing you to buy products every month either which is nice to see. They have an option to do autoshipment but it doesn't affect your standing in the company and it's customizable so you get what you want, when you want it.

Additionally you get an extra $10 discount on the products if you do autoshipment.

There's other fees to running a successful direct selling business that you have to account for as well like gas, expenses it takes to sell products and more.

I personally believe it's a good idea to have a couple thousand set aside to be successful.

USANA Compensation Plan

USANA's compensation plan will probably be impossible for you to understand if you're familiar with MLM terms and jargon.

If you want to take a look at it for yourself, click here

I'm going to summarize the main parts so you have a better understanding of how to make money here. 

Affiliate Ranks:

There are 12 ranks you can reach at USANA and they are:

  • Sharer
  • Believer
  • Builder
  • Achiever
  • Director
  • Bronze Director
  • Silver Director
  • Gold Director 
  • Ruby Director
  • Emerald Firector
  • Diamond Director
  • Star Director

You go from one rank to another by hitting certain goals (retail sales goals and downline sales goals) and you get incentives for going from one rank to another. 

The main incentive is you get to earn more commissions from your downline and earn from further down from your downline. 

Retail Sales: 

Retail sales are the sales you make directly to customers and you earn the difference between the wholesale price that you buy at and the recommended retail prices.

This comes out to 10%.

Residual Commissions:

Residual commissions is the money you earn from the sales activity of your downline. This is payed out in a binary compensation structure which looks like the following:

How much you earn depends on your rank and how much the people below you sell.

Matching Bonus:

A Matching Bonus is when someone in your downline reaches a certain goal in a period of time.

You earn a commission when they succeed. 


You earn various incentives for hitting certain goals. Some of these incentives include car payments, vacations and more.

Leadership Bonus

This is a bonus you receive if you hit the Gold Director rank. You earn weekly profit shares from USANA with this bonus. 

Elite Bonus

As you climb higher and higher and keep going up ranks, you'll receive even more bonuses.

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USANA Products

There's A LOT of products at USANA and there's too many to name individually. 

Here's the following categories of products they offer:

  • Nutroinals
  • Food and Energy
  • Skincare
  • Logo Merchandise
  • Healthy Living
  • Business Tools

And they claim their products help with:

  • Bone and Joint Health
  • Brain and Nerve Health
  • Heart Health
  • Immune Health
  • Digestive Health
  • Eye Health
  • Detox Support
  • Men's Health
  • Women's Health
  • Skin Health

Overall their products are on the pricey side but do seem to be well received (making the price justified).

Do I think their products are life changing? Probably not. 

But as far as ingredients there's never been any issues and they've been rigorously tested by many third party groups and have always passed with flying colors. 

What I Like About USANA

There's actually a lot to like here and the main things I like are:

Inexpensive To Join

Some MLM's cost thousands to join and others force associates to buy products every month. 

USANA only costs $29.95 and the autoshipment isn't required here. 

This minimizes your risk if you join USANA.

Good Products

An MLM with bad products or no products at all is a pyramid scheme. USANA has very good products, though, and they're well liked.

They also have been tested for quality as well.

Retail sales should be easier than with other MLM's because of this. 

Multiple Millionaires

Most people that join USANA won't find much success. Part of the reason is most people aren't looking for big success, though.

According to USANA they've created 115 millionaires and have a lot of people making over $96,000 a year.

That's pretty good. 

What I Don't Like About USANA

There's one thing I don't like here and that is:

Typical MLM Pitfalls

At the end of the day USANA is a MLM and this in itself is a problem.

You're going to have to approach family members and friends to buy products and you're most likely going to have to recruit them as well. 

This is very awkward and recruiting is quite hard. If you want to make serious money you're doing to have to recruit hundreds or thousands of people to your downline. 

At the end of the day most people will make very little here. 

Is USANA A Scam?

No and I actually think it's one of the better MLM's out there.

The best part is it's cheap to join so you'll only lose a couple hundred if things don't work out. 

Most people can lose that and be fine. 

There's a reason this MLM has lasted so long and is almost 30 years old where most other MLM's don't last more than a couple of years. 

USANA is as legit as you'll find in the MLM world.

I don't think you should get into the MLM world, though. MLM's are just a tough way to make money and there's better ways to earn on your own.

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USANA isn't the worst MLM but it's certainly not the best way to make money.

However, there's still plenty of ways to make money from home and online.

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