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Vyvo is a one-of-a-kind company that offers smartwatches/activity trackers and other health and wellness products.

But behind the state-of-the-art technology lurks its garden-variety business model, multi-level marketing.

Maybe you're tempted to join Vyvo. But is Vyvo a scam or a legit company?

Read on to find out more.

Vyvo Summary

Product: Vyvo

Price to join: Free 

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Vyvo (not to be confused with the Chinese mobile phone manufacturer) offers smartwatches, smart bathroom scales, dietary supplements, and other health and wellness products. Like other companies we have reviewed here, Vyvo has an MLM business model.

But Vyvo's reputation is marred by multiple complaints about the products of its predecessor, World Global Network Corp. So is Vyvo worth your time, money, and energy? Find out more below. 

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What Is Vyvo?

Vyvo is a company that manufactures and sells wearable fitness trackers and other health and wellness products. Vyvo's flagship products include smartwatches and a weighing scale. But the company doesn't just offer gadgets. It also offers nutritional supplements and personalized health management.

But unlike Fitbit, Samsung, Moov, and other manufacturers of fitness trackers that sell directly to customers, Vyvo has an MLM business model. That's right, the company is looking for associates who are willing to sell Vyvo's products to customers, as well as recruit others to become associates too. 

Fabio Galdi serves as Vyvo's CEO and CFO, while Alessandro Senatore serves as its COO. Because this is a multinational company, American and Asian operations have different presidents. Each country where Vyvo has significant operations is led by a corresponding general manager. Vyvo has offices in Singapore, Dublin, and Miami.

According to its website, Vyvo was created in 2019. While it's true that Vyvo first appeared in 2019, the company, however, is not entirely new.

Fabio Galdi is the CEO and president of Wor(l)d Media & Technology Corp., as well as CEO of World Global Network Corp. These companies also offer wearable devices. Its flagship product was HELO wellness bands which were said to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG, and more.

World Global Network Corp., however, was plagued with many issues. In fact, its Better Business Bureau page is flooded with complaints from irate customers and has received an F rating. Customer service was active in replying to customers until early 2019 when World Global Network Corp. was rebranded and became Vyvo.

Is Vyvo A Pyramid Scheme?

Before I answer that, let's discuss what a pyramid scheme is and how Vyvo fits into this narrative.

A pyramid scheme is a type of business model wherein someone recruits others into a business or organization. The business doesn't have a product (or when it does the products are typical low quality and not profitable), and the recruiting member is promised payment for enrolling others. Their income is derived from "membership fees" and "renewal fees."

Here are some of the telltale signs that you've joined a pyramid scheme.

* You're compelled to buy plenty of products in the company's inventory.

* The company sells its products exclusively to members.

* Your income is based on the number of individuals you enroll as an associate/affiliate.

Vyvo does not fit into the criteria, so no, Vyvo is not a pyramid scheme.

Success is Rare at Vyvo

Vyvo is still a relatively young company. But World Global Network Corp., the company from which Vyvo sprung, is not without its problems.

Although World Global Network Corp. has been around for several years, it has accumulated a whopping 74 complaints posted in its BBB page. Complaints vary from delivery issues to advertising to billing and collections.

Most customers, however, encountered issues with the company's products or services. Helo, the company's flagship product, malfunctioned frequently or did not work at all. To make matters worse, the company still collected "loyalty" payment and refused to issue refunds to customers despite the fact that the device did not live up to the hype.

So the better question is not whether Vyvo is a pyramid scheme, but whether its smart watches are worth the investment considering World Global Network Corp.'s history of less-than-stellar products and crappy customer service.

Moreover, take a look at World Global Network Corp.'s income disclosure statement. Only a small percentage of affiliates earned substantially in 2017. 22.30% of Business Builders earned less than $2,000, while the majority earned less than $200 or none at all.

Success was truly rare at World Global Network Corp. With Vyvo, your chances of succeeding as an independent business partner might not be as high too. 

How Much to Join Vyvo?

The good news is joining Vyvo is free. Buying the products Vyvo offers, however, is another matter.


What is Vyvo's Compensation Plan?

* Fast Retail Bonus

Earn retail sales bonus every time one of your customers or team members purchase a Vyvo product. You'll get 10% of the sales amount, and you will receive the bonus in your debit card several minutes after the transaction has been completed.

Keep in mind that you will not receive this bonus from any purchases made by members who are already team builders.

* Cash Back Bonus

Get a 10% cash back from all purchases you make in your own Vyvo e-commerce store. This is only open to team builders. You'll receive the money within minutes in your debit card. Open for team builders and above only.

* Team Volume Commission

Earn team volume commission with every order made by your team members or your direct customers.

* Money Box

1% of your team volume commission common volume is set aside by Vyvo in your Money Box. Keep in mind, however, that you'll receive the accumulated amount if you had been active in the commission calculations for 12 consecutive months.

* Builder Brick Bonus

Personally enroll new customers and become a team builder to earn the brick bonus. The total amount you'll receive will depend on the sales volume purchased by the customer. This is open for Team Developers only.

* Generation Matching Bonus

According to Vyvo, you can earn a matching percentage of the team volume commission for each member of your team. This depends on the cycle rank you reach in any commission cycle.

* Business Development Bonus

Climb the ranks and maintain your Diamond status for two or four commission period to receive an additional bonus that will cover what the company calls your business development expenses. These include meeting venue rentals, fuel expenses, air fare, and more.

This bonus can reach up to $500 for two consecutive commission periods, and $1000 for four consecutive commission periods. Team developers are required to provide documentation of the expenses (receipts, etc.) and summary plus photos of the activities.

Other Rewards:

* Recognition Rewards
* Lifestyle Rewards
* Millionaire Club Rewards

Vyvo Ranks

Double Diamond
Grand Diamond
Double President
Grand President
President Millionaire
Double President Millionaire
Grand President Millionaire

Learn more about Vyvo's compensation plan here.

What Products Does Vyvo Offer?


Icon is a smartwatch manufactured and sold by Vyvo. It is equipped with a bioelectrical impedance sensor that provides some helpful insight into your health.

According to the Vyvo website, Icon is equipped with ECG chip that tracks your heart rate, breath rate, blood pressure, and energy levels while you exercise. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art air quality sensors that analyse public Air Quality Index.

Battery life lasts as much as 10 days and beyond, and it reaches full charge after 120 minutes. Water-resistant and uses Blockchain technology.


Keep track of your health with the Vista smartwatch. This smartwatch is the ideal companion whenever you hit the gym or go for an early morning jog.

It is equipped with modern technology that monitors your heart rate, breath rate, energy level, and blood pressure. It tracks seven modes for running (free, distance, duration, energy, fat burning, endurance, and CPET modes). It also analyses air quality index so you can stay away from environments with poor air quality.

Powered by Oracle A.I., and comes with a built-in GPS. Water-resistant, and powered by Blockchain technology. With 7 days of battery life.


Sense is a smartwatch that tracks every breath, heartbeat, and step. It is equipped with ECG chips manufactured by Texas Instruments that monitor heart signals.

Water-resistant so you can wear it while jogging while it is drizzling, surfing, or swimming. Battery life lasts seven days. Blockchain-enabled.


Monitor your weight and be healthy with the Vyvo Leggera. Apart from your body weight, Leggera weighing scale tracks body composition statistics such as fat, muscle mass, bone weight, and visceral fat. This state-of-the-art scale also tracks body mass index and basal metabolic rate.

Vyvo Smart

This is Vyvo's personalized health and wellness plan designed to keep track of your health so you can prevent the onset of various diseases. This customized plan guides you in developing a healthier lifestyle with the help of Vyvo technology, genomics, and assessment.

When you sign up and purchase the Vyvo Smart, you'll get an Oracle A.I. report and Nutrapak Supplements. Monthly subscription costs $59.90 for Loyalty members and $99.90 for Loyalty PRO members.

DNA Report

Vyvo offers a cutting-edge genetic test and DNA report. This genetic test will help you improve your health and control weight. This will also guide you in choosing which type of exercise or vitamin supplements are perfect for you.


Nutrapak contains prepackaged powdered vitamins that will supplement any deficiencies in your nutrition. Each pack contains Vitamin A, B complex, K1, Folate, Biotin, and more. Other ingredients include omega3, carnitine, ginger, sage extracts, and even CBD.

The powder is absorbed via sublingual delivery.


What I Like About Vyvo

* Great selection of wearable activity trackers and other products

Wearable activity trackers are some of the hottest tech products right now. Although Vyvo's product line is still rather limited, you can still find the perfect smartwatch for you.

There's the Vyvo Sense, a slim smartband that you can wear at the gym or when you go on an early morning job. Then there's the Vyvo Vista, a smartwatch that tracks your heart rate, blood pressure, and energy levels while you exercise. Lastly, there's the Vyvo Icon, a smartwatch that helps improve your health by monitoring your weight, body fat, muscle mass, and more.

Another fantastic product offered by Vyvo is the Leggera Smart Scale. Simply step onto the scale, and instantly get data on your weight, fat, moisture rate, muscle mass, BMI, and more.

What I Don't Like About Vyvo

* Expensive products

Vyvo products are expensive, and the price alone can deter certain buyers. Vyvo Sense costs $119, while Vyvo Vista costs $199. The most expensive Vyvo product is the Vyvo Icon which retails at $299. In contrast, you can buy smart watches from Amazon for less than $100 (you can even find one under $50).

Vyvo Leggera is also a fantastic product, but it's way overpriced (costs $149). In fact, you can get a smart scale from other retailers at half the price. The quality of more affordable products might not be up to par, but hey, so was World Global Network Corp.'s products.

* Products with questionable quality

The quality of the previous company's products was the biggest factor behind its demise. We don't know if the quality of Vyvo's products are better than its predecessors, but I would be cautious in buying them given World Global Network Corp.'s reputation.

* MLM business model

Multi-level marketing can be lucrative for some people, but not all. And this, unfortunately, applies to Vyvo and similar companies. Based on the previous company's income disclosure statement itself, only a small percentage of affiliates earned anything decent. So, you'll need to work really hard if you want to earn more commissions.


Is Vyvo A Scam?

The company itself is legitimate, but it has a tarnished reputation thanks to its history of low-quality products. Perhaps, if Vyvo's management wants to be taken seriously and compete with other smartwatch manufacturers, it should improve product quality before offering them on the market.

Then there is the MLM aspect of Vyvo's business. As we all know, MLM's reputation has taken a blow over the years thanks to many individuals involved in pyramid schemes and other scams.

In Vyvo's case, I believe that the MLM aspect of the business is not necessary at all as smartwatches are some of the most popular tech products right now. MLM seems to be just another way for the people at the top to squeeze money out of the people at the bottom of the pyramid.

So before you become a Vyvo team member or affiliate, make sure that you exercise due diligence and make sure that your expectations are realistic when it comes to income.

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  • I am agree with above information. It is a MLM Company and changes their Brands name every year. You can check their perilous product was Shit name as HELO LX. Don’t for it.

  • I have been working with Vyvo for a while now and I have to say some of this information is false. I went to buy the products for my family’s health precautions and got some amazing watches that have the same results as a hospital. Where I am from, an ECG and arterial fibrillation test cost a lot of money. If this function comes with the watch, I am very pleased. In addition, I was offered a business opportunity. I had to pay approximately $360 YEARLY for the subscription. I earned a lot more than that and it covered the subscription cost by a milestone. I think Vyvo is not as bad as you write out to be. People should definitely give it a try because at the end of the day, they are still getting amazing health watches that even pay you for wearing them!.

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