They say that one of the easiest ways to earn online today is by having a website or blog. Well, that's true. But what if you're not tech-savvy? Worse, you don't even know one thing about creating a website or buying a domain, etc.

Website ATM sought to remedy that. It promised to teach you how to create a cookie-cutter website and other basic things to make that website work.

But was Website ATM legit? Did it really deliver on its promise? Let's take a look.

Website ATM Summary

Product: Website ATM

Price to join: $47

Rating: 0/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Website ATM was a training program and website provider rolled into one. It was created by an ex-accountant named Nick Harvey. Whether this is his real name or not, no one knows. The website is full of hyped up promises and fake testimonials. Read our Website ATM review to learn more about it.  

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What Is Website ATM?

Website ATM is another opportunity online that promises to make you money with just a few clicks on your keyboard. This opportunity is geared towards people who want their online businesses. It promises that the websites you'll create will spit out cash like an ATM (figuratively, of course) with just push of a button. But is making money online as easy as that?

Website ATM's sales pitch starts with a video that is strikingly similar to other scams we've covered before. At the top of the video is the usual introduction that you've probably seen before somewhere else. "Want to make $500 a day?" the creator of the website asks. Duh. Who doesn't want to earn $500 a day? So, you click play to watch the video.

The promotional video contains the creator's life story and how he got to the point where he can now earn a lot of money through his online ventures. The creator's name is Nick Harvey, but we don't know if that's his real name or a fictitious one because fake names are pretty much the norm in this business.

In this video, he also introduces his wife (Amanda) and his three kids (Caleb, Sara, and Stevie). The funny thing is the names of these people are also similar to another venture called Money Sucking Website. Nick Harvey's Stevie and Willy Handcocks' Steve (of the Money Sucking Website) both want to be internet marketers like their dads. Coincidence? I guess not.

Let's get to know Nick Harvey a little deeper to understand what he is offering. Nick used to work as an accountant. Everything in his life was going well until he lost his job. As is usual with these types of stories, he was unable to pay his bills as his unemployment lengthened.

Everything changed when he met someone called Sergey Popov. It was Sergey who taught Nick how to create a website in the gold niche and how to make money off of it. By the way, Willy Handcock's life story over at Money Sucking Website is also strikingly similar.

So, what will you get when you purchase Website ATM?

Simple. You'll get a done-for-you website that will allegedly make you as much as $500 a day. If you're not tech-savvy, don't worry about that because, as Nick claims, these are cookie-cutter websites that don't need a lot of tech know-how.

Once you sign up and pay up, you'll receive access to the member's dashboard. You'll come across several upsells which cost anywhere between $100 to $297.

Now, if you don't want to purchase additional Website ATM products, then you can just proceed to the video tutorials section. This section contains multiple lectures. The first section is the introduction, and it lasts 6 minutes long. It is followed by lectures including how to Setup Your Domain, Add Plugins, and How to Create a Website. These lectures last between 7 minutes and 12 minutes. This Basic Plan ($47) includes 5 domains and 2 plugins.

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Who Created Website ATM?

According to the video, a man named Nick Harvey created the website. But obviously, "Nick Harvey" is just a fictitious name, and no one knows who the creator is. Throughout the video, he doesn't provide proof of his identity. The pictures of his so-called family are also too picturesque and too good to be true.

In cases like these, it's best to proceed with caution.

How Much to Join Website ATM?

You need to pay $47 to join Website ATM and receive access to its training program. But keep in mind that these schemes often have upsells. Two upsells cost $297, while others cost $100. Pretty expensive, if you ask me.

What I Like About Website ATM

Its 60-day money-back guarantee

One positive thing about Website ATM is its 60-day money-back guarantee. That's the Website ATM promise. But good luck if you can reach customer service once you've paid for the product.

Even if you can reach Website ATM's customer service, you still need to ensure that you're eligible for a refund. And even if you're eligible for a refund, you still need a lot of patience because it can take months before the money is credited back to your bank account or credit card, if at all.

Making Money Online Is Simple!

If you have the right training, community and mentor making money online is easy. Click below and you can get all three:

What I Don't Like About Website ATM

Its website frequently changes

At the time of writing, Website ATM's website is down. But according to some sources, its URL frequently changes (maybe because of the multiple complaints against it). If its URL frequently changes, however, you might be able to see it (or an iteration of it) one of these days. Look out for Nick Harvey and his picture-perfect family!

The topics are generic

Website ATM teaches prospective entrepreneurs how to create a website, how to install a plugin, and more. But these topics are generic. These topics can also be found on Youtube, blogs, and ebooks. There's nothing you can learn here that you can't learn for free elsewhere.

Another problem with Website ATM basic plan is that it doesn't tell you how to increase your site traffic. We all know that without website visitors, there's no money. Say goodbye to $500 per day if you can't get anyone to visit your website.

"Nick Harvey" himself

"Nick Harvey" is a very common name. But there's a high chance that this name was only used to conceal the true identity of the person behind this. Who he or she is, no one knows.

There's nothing wrong with using a pseudonym. But if you want to invest your money, you should know who created the product and who is accountable if something goes wrong or if the product doesn't do what you expect it to. This is especially important in events when you want your money back or you want 

The use of fake testimonials and stock photos

The Website ATM page is full of testimonials from people who have purportedly made a lot of money with Website ATM. The problem is these testimonials were conjured only by the creator of Website ATM.

One of the most glaring evidence that these testimonials are fake is the use of stock photos. Just do a quick reverse image search, and you'll see that these pictures have been taken from stock photography websites.

Another problematic thing about Website ATM is Nick's use of stock photography in his family portrait. The picture was even edited to include the child in the middle. So, can you trust someone who creates a fictitious story and fictitious family to get you to purchase his products? The answer is a simple ''no.'

Inflated income potential

Website ATM's header says that making $500 per day is possible with its program and with a few clicks. Well, I say that's farfetched. No one makes money just by pushing a simple button or doing anything that doesn't resemble hard work. It's simply impossible -- except if you're an accomplished scammer or conman.

Multiple complaints from customers

There have been many complaints from people who purchased the training program. One of the most common complaints is Website ATM's refund process. Customers who have purchased Website ATM basic plan and upsells were unable to get their money back even after calling customer service. Some of them can't even get a response. If that's the case, it's not wise to invest your money in Website ATM.

Is Website ATM A Scam?

Maybe the point is already moot because Website ATM website is not around anymore. But maybe it will reappear with another name but the same modus, so it's good to know what to watch out for next time.

The bad news? Website ATM is not worth your time or money. It has a lot of complaints about the refund process. Plus, you can easily discern that Nick Harvey's story is fake. His family photo was purchased from a stock photography website, as are the photos of people who have supposedly purchased Website ATM basic plan and upsell.

If you want to have a lucrative website, look for legitimate tutorials online. You can also read some ebooks or watch a tutorial. Website Ads provide all of that too, but it doesn't tell you about how to drive traffic to your website, affiliate marketing, or any way to make your website lucrative.

In conclusion, Website ATM and other similar online ventures are not good for your wallet, so it's best to stay away from it.

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