You were drinking coffee and minding your own business when a lady wearing a chic business attire approached you out of the blue and complimented the earrings you were wearing. You thanked her, thinking that it will be the end of this nice little exchange.

But the lady suddenly sat next to you uninvited and asked whether you're free to chat. You can't extricate yourself fast enough from the conversation, and besides, you're not done with your latte so you listen to her babble about Amway and its products. Although she never mentioned the 'MLM,' you already know what she's talking about.

But the mention of an organization piqued your interest. It's called World Wide Dream Builders and you're curious about it.

You've come to the right place. In this World Wide Dream Builders review, we'll talk about what it offers, how it works, and how you can earn commissions by becoming a WWDB member.

Let's begin! 

World Wide Dream Builders Summary

Product: World Wide Dream Builders

Price to join: $5 for Basic Membership; $49.95 for Premium Membership

Rating: 30/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: World Wide Dream Builders or World Wide Group, LLC is one of the organizations which grew from the success of the MLM giant, Amway. It was founded by Amway IBOs Ron Puryear and his wife, Georgia Lee, in 1977.

World Wide Dream Builders was created as a support group for other high-ranking Amway IBOs. It also provides training for IBOs to help them build a successful Amway business. Just like its parent organization, World Wide Dream Builders also uses an MLM business model.

But is World Wide Dream Builders worth or a waste of your time and money? Find out more below.

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What Is World Wide Dream Builders?

Finding the World Wide Dream Builders website was tough — at first. Although Amway, its parent organization, was easy to find on the internet, you need to be more creative when searching for World Wide Dream Builders.

No, typing "World Wide Dream Builders" on the Google search bar won't do. That would only turn up some reviews published about the organization and some complaints against them. But the solution was so simple it was funny. Simply type 'WWDB' on the search bar, and voila! World Wide Dream Builders' website is the top of the first search engine result page.

But the mystery doesn't stop there. Although you can find World Wide Dream Builders at, its name is officially World Wide Group, LLC. Let's delve deeper into this lucrative yet mysterious organization.

World Wide Dream Builders or World Wide Group, LLC is one of the organizations which grew from the success of the MLM giant, Amway. It was founded by Amway IBOs Ron Puryear and his wife, Georgia Lee, in 1977.

At that time, the couple had just reached the Diamond rank and were eager to share with other independent business owners how to get to the top.

World Wide Dream Builders was created as a support group for other high-ranking Amway IBOs. It also provides training for IBOs to help them build a successful Amway business. Just like its parent organization, World Wide Dream Builders couldn't resist the allure of MLM. If there's a dream within a dream, then there's MLM within MLM.

Training and training materials are World Wide Dream Builders' bread and butter. It also offers all-in-one tools that will make an IBOs life easier. It also has a compensation plan, and it offers different bonuses and commissions to its affiliates.

Mr. Puryear died in the summer of 2016. The organization is currently managed by couples who have also made it to the Diamond rank. 

Is World Wide Dream Builders a Pyramid Scheme?

There are a lot of pyramid schemes that masquerade as MLMs. But let me be clear about one thing. An organization that uses network marketing or MLM as its business model is not necessarily a pyramid scheme. The structure might be the same, but there is a big difference between MLM and pyramid schemes.

MLMs are legitimate ventures, while pyramid schemes are completely illegal. Companies that use MLM as a business model have products or affiliates its affiliates can sell. Nutritional supplements, makeup, yoga pants, shirts, jewelry, etc., etc. You probably know all of that by now. These so-called products may also be an online training course or a book.

World Wide Dream Builders fits in this category. It offers books, DVDs, CDs, and business tools that you may need to build your Amway business. It is a training/mentorship program and support group rolled into one. You can think of it as an ultra-exclusive club in which you need to pay a fee so you can become a member.

Organizations that are outright pyramid schemes, on the other hand, do not have products their members could sell. The organization often relies on recruiting new members to pay off its initial investors (the people at the top). Organizations that use pyramid schemes often collapse under the weight of their deceit, or the authorities sooner or later bring the scheme down.

But there are times when the line between pyramid schemes and MLMs blur. One thing in common with MLM and pyramid scheme recruiters is their relentless tactics (which sometimes borders on unethical) in convincing people to join their organizations.

How Much to Join World Wide Dream Builders?

Before you can become a World Wide Dream Builder member, you need to be an Amway independent business owner first​.

There are two types of World Wide Dream Builders membership. First is the Premier membership which costs $49.95 per month. If the premier membership is too expensive for you, then you can opt for the basic membership which costs $5 per month.

Naturally, there are features and benefits Premium members enjoy that basic members cannot.

Premium members are given two free non-IBO tickets to Free Enterprise and Spring Leadership events. These tickets are worth $500. They also get discounts all WWDB support materials, as well as two customizable websites (one for retail and the other for prospecting).

Premier members also have access to Personal websites, interactive business plan, web training, and business support materials. They will be given access to the e|office,, and digital delivery standing order.

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What is World Wide Dream Builders' Compensation Plan?

World Wide Dream Builders also offer incentives to Amway independent business owners who will join them. Check out these incentives and trips below.

Eagle Club and Double Eagle Club

Join the Eagle Club and Double Eagle Club, and get front-row seats at major WWDB functions. You will also enjoy exclusive receptions from the Diamond independent business owners.

Moving Up Double Eagle Club

This is an opportunity given to Double Eagle, Platinum, and Ruby Platinum members to be mentored by Diamond IBOs. This is a 2-day event where Diamond IBOs spend their evening teaching qualified team members on how to grow their Amway business.

Taste of Diamond

This 3-day event will give Amway team members a taste of what it's like to be on top. This is hosted World Wide Group and includes a series of seminars in luxurious destinations. One of the speakers is no other than Christian author John Maxwell. Luxurious amenities and exciting activities are already included.

Exclusive World Wide Diamond Club

Qualified Diamond members are recognized during this exclusive event. They'll be given an Exclusive World Wide Diamond Club ring. Their names will also be etched on the World Wide Diamond Club Trophy.

Double Eagle Ruby Incentive

IBOs who qualify will be given a chance to speak at World Wide Dream Builders events, such as the Family Reunion, Spring Leadership, and Free Enterprise. They will also be invited to the Taste of Diamond event.

Emerald Incentive

Emerald IBOs will have a chance to speak at Spring Leadership and Family Reunion events. They will also be invited to the Taste of Diamond event.

VIP Member Recognition

Emerald, Sapphire, and Platinum members are given a chance to attend special meetings and events if they qualify.

What Products Does World Wide Dream Builders Offer?

Here are some "products" World Wide Dream Builders offer to Amway independent business owners.

Dreambuilders Membership

If you're an Amway independent business owner, you can sign up for the Dreambuilders Membership. This membership gives you exclusive access to all Amway training materials that will help you build your business. As a Dreambuilders member, you'll get discounts to books, CDs, DVDs, and software that will teach you how to grow your Amway business. You will also have access to IBO websites for retail and for finding new leads.


Want your own virtual assistant? Then use Communikate. This communications package is available only to World Wide Dream Builders independent business owners. This includes access to a virtual assistant who can help them with managing their appointments, voicemail, email, conference calls, and more.

World Wide Group - The System

Learn how to climb the ranks and join the high-ranking leaders of Amway with the World Wide Group - The System. This includes a 12-page booklet filled with illustrations about how to build a successful Amway business.

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What I Like About World Wide Dream Builders

It has been in the business since the late '70s

World Wide Dream Builders was founded in 1977. If longevity the measure of success, then World Wide Dream Builders definitely qualifies.

It has survived Amway's legal problems, economic crises, and even Ron Puryear's death in 2016. Today, World Wide Dream Builders is managed by a group of high-ranking Amway members. If you're an Amway member and you're looking for a support group/training program rolled into one, then this organization is perfect for you.

It serves as Amway IBOs' support group

Building a business is hard and lonely. Its gets tougher if you're building your empire alone. You have no one to talk to when something's unclear, and you have no one to vent to when things go wrong.

World Wide Dream Builders doesn't just offer books, DVDs, business tools, and other training materials. It can also be a support group for Amway members where they can be mentored and mentor others in return.

What I Don't Like About World Wide Dream Builders

It's MLM-ception!

Remember the movie Inception where the characters dream within their dream? World Wide Dream Builders is an MLM within an MLM (Amway). It's MLM-ception! And it seems like the people involved in MLM are caught in an endless loop they can't get out of.

Tactics to get IBOs to join them and get them to stay sometimes border on manipulative and unethical

If you're wet behind the ears when it comes to MLM, it's very easy to be convinced to join them. They'll seduce you with a combination of flattery ("oh, your blouse looks pretty"), prosperity gospel platitudes, and pop psychology buzzwords that seem very convincing especially if you're looking for support or if you're struggling with your business or work.

But these tactics sometimes border on unethical and manipulative. Many MLM 'hunbots' are so pushy that they often elicit annoyance. Others just give in and say 'yes' to becoming an IBO because they just want hunbots to get off their backs. Some IBOs even use family events to inappropriately hawk their products.

Is World Wide Dream Builders A Scam?

An organization that uses an MLM or network marketing as a business model is not necessarily a scam. But the fact remains that multi-level marketing remains a controversial business model and has received much (and often deserved) derision thanks to resellers manipulative tactics.

World Wide Dream Builders is a great support group and source of training materials for people who want a network of fellow Amway IBOs. But WWDB and even Amway is not for everyone. The majority of people who join such ventures end up losing money because they don't have experience or talent in sales (not everyone can or want to sell nutritional supplements or motivational books, Karen). Some were simply easy targets for MLM IBOs because they're easy to convince or they're truly looking to earn money or they just don't know any better.

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  • I was a member of WWDB and it’s more expensive than $49 a month. Its closer to $120 just for the membership and you are very pressured to spend at least $450 a month on product, attend all functions and all monthly meetings. Everything has a fee. Most functions are about $150 and I had to travel to them all. I spent closer to $500 to $1000 depending on distance (flights). You are expected to buy their books to give to prospects. I spent almost $6000 and made a total of about $1100 before I said enough.

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