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Yoli Summary

Product: Yoli

Price to join: $39.95 (initial) + $20 annual membership fee

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: Yoli is another health and wellness company that offers nutritional supplements, as well as products for weight management. It was founded by Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, and Bobby Jones. Its headquarters is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Like every other health and wellness company, Yoli uses network marketing to gain more customers. But is it a scam or is this a legit company? Discover the answer below.

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What is Yoli?

You know how hard it is to be healthy and shed those unwanted pounds. You or someone you know have tried almost everything you could ever think of, such as exercise, diets, detox, and more. You've also resorted to nutritional supplements and diet pills in hopes of having a trim belly and banishing all that cellulite away.

So, you're understandably intrigued when one of your friends or your sister-in-law or a colleague introduced you to Yoli. You can purchase their weight management and nutritional supplements while earning commissions and bonuses as an independent reseller of the company's products.

Sounds exciting, right? But you're scared that this might turn out to be another scam.

Well, Yoli is another health and wellness company that offers nutritional supplements, as well as products for weight management. It was founded by Robby Fender, Corey Citron, Daren Falter, and Bobby Jones. Fender serves as its CEO and president, while Citron works as the company chief marketing officer. Falter serves as the executive vice president, while co-founded Bobby Jones works as executive vice president of strategy.

Some of its products include supplements and drinks for better weight management and performance in sports. It also offers nutritional supplements that will allegedly boost the immune system, maintain pH balance, and give you energy.

According to Yoli, its products contain all-natural ingredients so losing weight is safe and natural. Apart from its products, it also has a weight management program called Better Body System (more on this later).

Like many health and wellness companies, Yoli's business model is also network marketing (popularly known as MLM). If you've already worked as an independent reseller for other health and wellness companies, then skip this part.

But for the uninitiated, MLM is a business model in which a company uses existing members to recruit new members/resellers to increase their revenue as well as the number of people who promote their products to the public.

Yoli has been in business since 2009. Its head office is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, but it also operates in other countries. It has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Is Yoli a Pyramid Scheme?

There's a thin line between MLM and pyramid schemes. MLM also has a bad rap among consumers thanks to some shady activities committed by some individuals. But what exactly is a pyramid scheme, and can we classify Yoli as one?

Despite its reputation, MLM is a completely legitimate business model. Pyramid schemes, on the other hand, is a completely illegal business model and you should stay away from it.

One of the telltale signs that an opportunity is a pyramid scheme is its emphasis on recruiting other members so you can earn commissions from enrollment fees. So, you're stuck looking for and recruiting members just to earn some money.

Another sign that a business pyramid scheme is the lack of profitable products that you can sell. If the company does have products, they are often unappealing or of low quality so you can't sell them easily. Plus, the company compels you to purchase a significant portion of the inventory to ensure that you're still in good standing.

Yoli does not fit into any of these, so no, it's not a pyramid scheme. But that doesn't mean it's a good opportunity for everyone.

Success is Rare at Yoli

Success is rare at Yoli. But it's not just Yoli that at fault here. Success is truly rare in any business that uses MLM as a model. The only exception to this is the people at the top.

So, what is the problem with MLM?

First, recruiters fail to take into consideration the prospective reseller's skills, personality, and experience in sales. Those who are shy or those who are easily dissuaded when people tell them 'no' are not ideal salespersons. Individuals who do not have experience in sales or those who don't have the right skill set for sales are often roped into MLM because affiliates are desperate to recruit other people so they can earn commissions from every sale their team members make.

Another reason why many people fail at this venture is the fact that the health and wellness niche is a crowded market. There are just too many competitors for you to stand out.

Success is possible in the MLM niche, but it's rare.

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How Much to Join Yoli?

You need to pay $39.95 if you want to enroll as a Yoli affiliate. You also have to pay $9.95 for the maintenance of your back office, plus a monthly auto-ship. There's also a $20 annual renewal fee should you decide to continue your membership with Yoli.

What is Yoli's Compensation Plan?

Before we get to Yoli's compensation plan itself, you should know that there are qualifications you must meet to receive your commissions. You need to be an active Yoli reseller to qualify for some commissions. Others, on the other hand, need you to be both active and qualified.

Active members should have met 50 personal volume (PV) every four weeks. Resellers should also have generated a minimum of 50 PV every four weeks from preferred or retail customers.

Yoli resellers are required to sponsor two active members. One member should be positioned on each leg of your downline.

Unlike other MLM companies that use only a unilevel or binary plan, Yoli uses what it calls a hybrid compensation plan. Yoli members will receive their commission via Yoli Pay. Once they have received the commission, they can now transfer the amount to their bank accounts. Except for the Luxury Car Program, all commissions are paid every week.

Retail Profits

You must be an active member to qualify for retail profits. Buy Yoli products at wholesale price and sell them to customers at retail price. Keep the difference to earn retail profits.

Rebate Bonus Program

This is for active members who enroll retail and preferred customers. As a member, you can get a rebate when you reach a PV of 600 points and above.

Fast Start Bonus

Enroll new members and earn a 20% CV (commissionable bonus) when your new team members place a qualified initial order. This is for active members only and does not apply for auto-ship orders.

Refer 3, Get it Free

Maintain active status as a member to qualify for the Refer 3, Get it Free program. You will be eligible to receive free Yoli product when you enroll three preferred customers or members within four weeks.

Yoli Cash Bonus

If you prefer to receive cash, then make sure that you qualify for the Yoli Cash Bonus. This is for active members only, and you should have at least 50 personal volume every 4 weeks. You will be qualified to receive this bonus when your members or preferred customers buy eligible products within 4 weeks.

Binary Team Commission

This is for qualified and active members. Receive a commission as you build your Power Leg (the team with the most Group Volume) and your Pay Leg (the team with the fewer Group Volume). Your commission will be based on your leg's total pay leg volume.

Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus

Be an active and qualified member to be eligible for the Unilevel Executive Matching Bonus. You must also be a 5-Star Gold member or above to qualify. Check out the unilevel ranks below (ranked from lowest to highest).

5 Star Gold
Double Ruby
Triple Ruby
Double Emerald
Triple Emerald
Double Diamond
Triple Diamond+

Global Bonus Pool

Again, you need to be a qualified and active member to receive this bonus. Get ½% of the global bonus pool every quarter if you are one of the eligible and elite members (Diamonds, Blue Diamonds, Black Diamonds).

Travel Incentives

Active and qualified members can go on a luxurious vacation ​sponsored by Yoli.

Luxury Car Program

Be eligible to loan or lease a new car with Yoli's Luxury Car Program. Qualified and active members are eligible to receive as much as $600 applied to a vehicle loan or lease payment. If you don't want to buy a new car, then you can convert it to cash.

Here's a comprehensive look at Yoli's compensation plan.

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What Products/Services Does Yoli Offer?

Here are Yoli's products that you can sell should you decide to become one of its direct sellers. Note that the products are grouped by category, and some products may overlap into other categories.

Transformation Kits

Yoli offers Transformation Kits for people who want to lose weight and ensure that they are healthy all the time. The kit contains some Yoli products plus a customizable meal plan to ensure that your food intake complements the nutritional supplements you're taking. This kit costs $285.94 for Yoli affiliates and $340 for regular customers.

Weight Management

Shed those pounds and maintain your ideal weight with the Yoli weight management products. Products under this category include the Yes shake, Passion, Alkalete, Pure, Resolve, and Dream nutritional supplements.

Sports Performance

These products were created for athletes or anyone who has an active lifestyle. Products under this category include Fun Sports Hydration, Passion, Alkalete, Glow, Vegan Yes, and Flex supplements.

Total Nutrition

The products under this category were created to provide consumers with complete nutrition. Products under this category include the Enzyme, Vitamin, Mineral, Glow, Lean Greens, and Omegas nutritional supplements.

pH Balance

Products under the pH Balance category includes the Fun, Lean Greens, pH20, and Alkalete nutritional supplements. These products were formulated to ensure that your body maintains the right pH level.

Immune Support

Boost your immune system with the Pure, Truth, and Defend nutritional supplement.


Ensure that you have energy as you work throughout the day with Yoli products. Products under this category include the Passion, Passion Variety Pack, and Thermo Burn nutritional supplements.

What I Like About Yoli

The wide array of health and wellness products

There are plenty of Yoli products to sell if you're an independent reseller. There are the usual nutritional supplements that you can offer to customers who think they are not getting enough vitamins and minerals. You can also offer products that maintain a balanced pH level or support your body if you're an athlete. If you know of someone who is trying to lose weight, you can offer Yoli's weight loss and weight management product to them.

Affordable enrollment fee

The enrollment fee costs $39.95. Pretty cheap compared to other companies with the same marketing strategy and the same products. But keep in mind that this is just the enrollment fee, and you need to pay for the maintenance of your back office and the products you're going to use as samples.

What I Don't Like About Yoli

There's no guarantee that the products are effective

The problem with nutritional supplements is no one knows if they are truly effective. Yoli even put out a disclaimer that the products it is selling are "not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease." The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has asserted that many dietary supplements do not work.

Some of Yoli's most popular products are geared towards weight loss and weight management. The problem with this is that some people (such as those who are genetically predisposed to obesity or those who are suffering fibromyalgia or diabetes) will be unable to shed those pounds no matter how many diet pills they pop or weight management products they consume.

Products are expensive

Another issue with Yoli is that its products are expensive. For example, a single canister of Yoli Yes Essential Shake costs $80 for retail customers and $75.97 for resellers. The Yoli Vitamin supplement costs $40 per bottle (retail), while the Yoli Mineral supplement costs $35 per bottle (retail). You're going to have a hard time selling these products when people can find cheaper ones at their local drugstores or Amazon.

The health and wellness niche is already overcrowded as it is

The health and wellness niche is a crowded one. It's going to be difficult to stand out in a world where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar products available.

Is Yoli a Scam?

The good news is Yoli is completely legit. But being a legitimate business with a legitimate marketing strategy doesn't mean that you're going to earn a lot of money with it.

Yoli's products are in the health and wellness niche which is a market that is already crowded and so hard to break into. Some of the products are readily available from the internet and in local drugstores. Plus, the products are expensive so you're going to have a hard time selling them to prospective customers who know how to find cheaper alternatives or are unafraid to say 'no.'

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