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Your credit score had been dismal lately, so you're looking for ways to improve it. Or maybe you're an entrepreneur who had been looking for a unique way to promote your company. Someone you know introduced you to ZBlackCard and you're excited.

But is ZBlackCard a scam? What is it and how can it help improve your credit score and your business?

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ZBlackCard Summary

Product: ZBlackCard

Price to join: Free for customers; $20-$70 for affiliates

Rating: 40/100

Do I recommend? No

Summary: ZBlackCard is a unique prepaid debit card offered by a Houston-based company called Ztegrity. It has a lot of benefits which include enhancing your credit score, improving your finances, and more. Unlike prepaid debit cards issued by banks, ZBlackCard also has an affiliate program.

Verdict? It's not a scam, but please be wary when dealing with MLM companies.

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What Is ZBlackCard?

ZBlackCard and the company Ztegrity is the brainchild of Houston-based entrepreneur Troy Mason. According to his bio, he is also the owner of businesses, such as Zsurveys, Zlicense, Zpettags, and WifiCinema among others. He is currently the president and CEO of the company he founded.

Troy Mason, Ztegrity owner

Its sole product is the ZBlackCard, a prepaid debit card that is said to be the first prepaid card made of metal. This card is available for individuals, as well as companies and organizations that want to make their brand more memorable.

ZBlackCard fees are lower compared to regular credit or debit cards, and it also doubles as a reward card. Recipients of ZBlackCards are qualified to receive discounts. Plus, it is supposed to increase your income, as well as improve your credit score. The cards can be customized according to individual or corporate taste.

You can top-up the prepaid debit card easily with the help of apps, such as Zelle, Ingo Money, CashApp, and Venmo. You can also load it via direct deposit, Western Union, PayPal, or Moneygram. 

What Makes it Different From Other Cards?

Mason markets the ZBlackCard as the "elite prepaid card for the masses." You can use it to pay purchases at the supermarket or pay bills, as well as help improve your credit.

But apart from these benefits, the persons behind claim that ZBlackCard will also help you get the car of your dreams for just $50 per month, as well as earn a substantial income just by using it.

You can also become an Elite Affiliate so you can promote the company's custom cards and earn money from them. Unlike other cards, you can take the ZBlackCard to any bank and request for a cash advance without paying any fee. 

Is ZBlackCard A Pyramid Scheme?

No, ZBlackCard is not an out-and-out pyramid scheme. Its product, the prepaid debit card, is actually financed by Metabank and insured by the FDIC.

But the fact that it has an MLM business model should make you wary. The product is actually legit and pretty good, so there is no solid reason for the members to engage in network marketing. Unless of course, the members' funds are being used to pay off affiliates instead of being invested.

Maybe it's good to purchase the prepaid debit card itself if you really want improve your credit score or simply make a good impression among your friends by having a metal card. But when it comes to MLM, always be wary and ask yourself if you really need it or it's just another scheme to part you with what little money you have.


How Much to Join ZBlackCard?

There is no monthly membership cost if you simply want to join the ZBlackCard program and have a ZBlackCard prepaid card.

But if you want to become a ZBlackCard affiliate, you'll need to pay a monthly fee that corresponds to the affiliate plan you want to become a part of.

ZBlackCard offers three affiliate plans. First is the VIP affiliate plan which costs $20 per month. The Auto affiliate plan costs $50 per month, while the Combo affiliate plan costs $70 per month. We'll discuss the benefits of these affiliate plans below.

What is ZBlackCard's Compensation Plan?

When you upgrade as a VIP affiliate plan member, your card is automatically converted into an Elite Rewards Card. You'll get a $5,000 secured tradeline, plus other perks such as shopping discounts and rank rewards.

Rank Rewards naturally depends on where you are on the matrix. Consultants get a movie night out for 2 which has a value of $50. The Highest Rank is Royal Diamond, and it has a rank reward of any luxury automobile of your choice when you reach this level.

You'll also get a 3x10 matrix bonus. With this scheme, you'll earn $1 every time one of your recruits pay his or her monthly VIP fee or buys a credit in the back office.

Auto affiliate plan members will receive an auto rewards bonus, 3x10 matrix bonus, and shopping discounts. This plan gives you a shot at getting your dream car. The secured tradeline increases to $10,000 for affiliates paying $50 every month.

But what do you need to do so you'll be closer to driving your dream car? All you need to do is refer at least 5 ZBlackCard holders to upgrade to the Auto affiliate plan. Your Auto Bonus will increase to more than $4,000 every month after four generations.

Check out the Auto Rewards Unilevel Bonus below.​

Last but not least are the combo affiliate plan members. Apart from the usual perks, they'll also get travel discounts, 100% matching bonus, and listing in zip code search. They will receive a $15,000 secured timeline.

The Elite Upgrade costs $200 per year, and it allows you to double your secured tradeline. This upgrade is entirely optional.

Affiliates who refer at least 10 card holders will be eligible to join the Founders Club. This entitles affiliates to the Infinity Bonus, as well as the Founders Card.


What Products Does ZBlackCard Offer?

This company has one product only and it's the customizable metal ZBlackCards. This is a prepaid debit card that is available wholesale for companies, groups, churches, and other similar organizations. What's unique about this prepaid debit card is that it is not made of plastic but of metal.

So what is the purpose of this prepaid debit card?

According to ZBlackCard, these prepaid debit cards can be used to promote one's organization or brand. Recipients of the card can use it to pay for expenses at establishments which accept magnetic stripe cards.

ZBlackCards has also claimed that it can be used to save or transfer money since it has account and routing numbers. Users can also cash advance at any bank using the card.

When you purchase these cards, you'll be required to pay an annual fee plus $25 as processing and shipping fee.

The costs of each card decreases as the number of cards you order increases. For example, when you order 100 cards, you'll be required to pay $18 for each. This brings the total cost for all cards at $1,800.

But let's say you want to order 500 cards. Then you'll be required to pay $14 for each card, and the total amount you're going to pay is $7,000.

These cards can be customized according to your preference. You can have ZBlackCards put your brand's colors, typeface, and logo in them. But keep in mind that the design part costs an additional $200.

What are the purported advantages of owning these prepaid debit cards? ZBlackCards claimed that it can

* Improve your credit score
* Improve your finances
* Impress your associates
* Lets your drive your dream car

It also has less fees than the cards issued by banks or other financial institutions. Moreover, you can flex everytime you "boss toss it on tables."

What I Like About ZBlackCard

* Card is made of metal

Unlike your regular credit or debit card which is made of cheap and easily damaged plastic, the ZBlackCard debit card is made of heavy metal. You and your associates will likely use the card for many without the need to replace them every now and then.

The downside, however, is that the card is heavier than its plastic counterparts. Each card weighs 1 oz.

* More affordable and with less fees

This prepaid debit card also has fees, but the good thing about its fees are lower compared to other cards. For example, ZBlackCards initial cost is only $100 to $500, while the annual cost runs at $100 to $840.

According to the website, it has no monthly fees, bill payment fees, POS fees, transfer fees, overdraft fees, and balance inquiry fees. You can also withdraw over-the-counter free of charge, and $1 for every ATM withdrawal at over 70,000 ATMs in the country.


What I Don't Like About ZBlackCard

* Non-EMV chip card

According to some images and videos of the ZBlackCard I found online, it is still a magnetic stripe card and is non-EMV. EMV chip cards offer more protection than its magnetic stripe counterpart against credit and debit card fraud, making the use of ZBlackCard risky.

* It has an MLM business model

ZBlackCard is the sole retailable product being offered by Troy Mason's company. While it may be a good product and it may improve your credit score, Ztegrity, the company that owns this venture, still need to rely on it multilevel marketing to get more people into it.

You have to wonder about the purpose of this particular business model is when the prepaid card in itself is already a good product. Plus, the card is geared towards people who are already in dire straits (that's why they could't get a credit card). What business do people have in joining a multi-level marketing scheme when their financial situation is dismal in the first place?

* It is still a prepaid card

You can "boss toss it on a table" as much as you want, but at the end of the day it's still a prepaid debit card. It might be made of metal and it might look classy, but it is just as good as the amount that is in it. If you want to "boss toss" it every time you dine out or go out for drinks with friends, then go ahead. Just make sure that you have enough money loaded into the card to prevent some sticky situations.

Is ZBlackCard a Scam?

ZBlackCard is actually a great product from Ztegrity, a company owned by Houston businessman Troy Mason. It is a great prepaid debit card geared especially towards people who have a low credit score and are unable to qualify for a credit card.

It is a unique magnetic stripe card made of metal, unlike its predecessors which is made of plastic. It is customizable, so you can pick the colors and the design you want for the card. Like a regular debit card, it can be used for different financial transactions, such as paying for food at the supermarket or paying bills online. It is also perfect for companies, churches, and other organizations that want to use the card for promotion. You can withdraw your money at any ATM or even over-the-counter with zero or nominal fee.

It's fine if you want to use ZBlackCard as a debit card solely, but there can be issues with its MLM business model and affiliate program. The ZBlackCard in itself is a great product, but there are so many prepaid cards out there (or even regular debit cards) out there that doesn't come with a risky MLM business model/affiliate program.

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